Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nadia Kathleen Lim Ri-Anne - 3 Months Today!

My Beautiful Princess.

She is responsive since about 2 weeks ago. She would smile and laugh and would try to baby talk back to you when you do the same.

Her eyes will light up when anyone plays with her.

She is very much mummy's girl, able to smell her mother from a miles away, that would also meant that it would be unsuccessful if i were to bottle feed her IF wifey is around.

She is very much loved by everyone (and that including the Ryan the Rascal)and i can see how protective Ryan would be despite being bullied by her later as they grow up.

Taken this morning after her bath and feeding

Compared to the kids of yesteryears or to me more specific, Generation Y (ie my generation) and the Baby Boomers (My parents' time), kids of this generation are typically more alert and smarter. Their responsiveness and strength are just not possible with kids of the two previous generation.

Nadia were able to lift her head up a day after her birth - something unheard off even during the time when i was a baby.

We sort of able to figure out what Nadia wants by just listening to her cringe and cries. I guess there are truth when they say you can't lie to your parents, as they are the one that brought you up, and they knows what you are thinking.

Watch out World!

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