Monday, April 27, 2009

Nadia 10 Months and Walking

Nadia is walking already.

Wifey and Families are gonna have a hard time running after her.

Not only she runs. She climbs. Not only she climb stairs. She climb railings.

I got a potential extreme sports athlete in the family.

She is wifey's baby. She sometimes do not want me to carry her. Ryan sometimes shows extreme affection to her and i am always worried if he will hug her and suffocate her.

But of course, jealousy is still there and whenever i play with Nadia, he wants to be part of it too.

Nadia started walking about 1 week ago where she walked mroe than 2 steps unassisted. Then on the daily basis, her 4 steps turned into 8 steps and now, she could walk the whole distance of the living hall.

Ryan was 11 months when he started to walk.

This princess is a charmer.

And i know i will have an issue fending off suitors in 17 years time (well, at least of legal age la ;-)

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