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Brooks Hyperion Max: Unboxing and Review

Hyperion Max
The Quest For A Worthy Trainer That Ain't Complicated

Carbon plated. Carbon Infused plated. Thermoplated. Rods. Plastic Rods. Air Pockets.

Running shoes are no longer as simple as they were. It is increasingly difficult to find a decent, lightweight, no-frill, get the job done shoe. Well, Hyperion Tempo sort of fitted into this space. I have since clocked no less than 1200km on Tempo since July 2022, or thereabout 200km/month. 

But this review isn't about Tempo. It is on the all newly launched in January 2023 Hyperion Max

Little does many people know, this shoe has been on the feet of a few Brooks Ambassadors since September last year. I sort of missed the boat as they do not have it in my size - in return, i was given the Hyperion Elite 2, not that I am complaining. 

So when the teaser for Hyperion Max finally came out on Brooks Running Malaysia site, I received my US12 just a few days ago before I write this. And it has been a while since I update my blog with a shoe review, so here we go!

RapidRoll featuring aggressive heel bevel
Hyperion Max - You Want It
The Brooks Hyperion Max is a lightweight (220grams for US8), highly rockered (RapidRoll for quick toe off), non-plated performance trainer and can be used for racing definitely if you do not have a racer already. It comes with Brooks  full-length DNA FLASH (nitrogen-infused EVA) cushioning that is both pillow-y and provide energy return, the ride is snappy, rolling, and quick. 
US 12. Sometimes 45, sometimes 46. 

The top is a comfortable, sock-like fit which is 3D print making it adaptable. True to size and I do have wide feet that still fit the D-width perfectly well. The tongue is lightly padded, though not gusseted or stitched down on the side, which is ok. There is the lace loop running vertically from the top to almost the bottom of the tongue. I decided to lace-through them the first time as I wanted to show the HYPERION MAX name - and it turned out to be a good decision as the tongue stay up even when I wasn't wearing the shoe. 
Brooks RapidRoll Technology - quick toe-off

The laces that came with this shoe is flat and not stretchy, which help greatly in securing the shoe and lock it down on your feet. Despite the D-width, there wasn't any issue in the toebox as it allowed for my toes to splay out and yet provide a lot of comfort. No hot spot despite running sockless, which I do 95% of the time. The heel lock was solid, no movement that may cause hot spot at the ankle/heel area, and it is also padded for comfort. 
Even the tongue allowed lights from overcast sky to come through
Breathability is not an issue as I never felt hot running in them under the noon sun and hot tarmac for the past few days I've use it for easy and hard runs. You may noticed in the photo right above, there is toe-guard to keep the shape and to protest against minor bumps. 
Padded heel collar, good heel lock, no slippage
Also, the 3D print upper really showed itself via many mini perforations for keeping the feet cool. The photo taken from outside doesn't show justice how breathable the shoe is actually. The 3D printing basically reduced the need for overlay and underlay, making them lighter, more flexible but at the same time, very supportive. 
3D printed upper which is highly breathable. Take note of the lightly padded tongue

The outsole is from green rubber aka recycled materials. Sustainability in mind, and it is generously thick at 5mm, similar to Tempo. It however doesn't cover the sole fully and favour those that strikes mid/forefoot and light heel-striker or those with pronation biased towards the midfoot, but somehow still may land on the heel. I reckon for a trainer, this will last as far as Tempo has been serving me, close to 1200km with a good 400km to go.
Sole pad from green rubber covers 60% of the sole

Isn't Max then, just another Tempo reborn?
The heel counter, upturned
The answer is a both Yes and No. They are similar, but they are different. Same-same, but different vibe. Here are my observations (and measurements)
  • Max stack height is a good 36mm on heel and 28mm on the forefoot, giving it a 8mm drop. As comparison, the Tempo comes in at 32-24. Both gives a 8mm drop. Compare this with the plated Elite 2 at 37-29. 
  • So essentially, Max is the Elite2 minus the carbon plate!
36mm on heel at tallest and 28mm on forefoot at thickest
Also YES
  • Max is a neutral trainer, very much like Tempo. It doesn't have significant arch support for those that may need them. 
  • However, the upper provide the sock-like secure fit just like the Tempo, which meant it gives some level of stability. What Max has over the Tempo is a wider base. 
Max on left is visible wider sole vs Tempo on right
  • A Wider base meant upon landing, it resist a bit more outward movement towards your little toes, indirectly giving some stability. A wider mid-sole vs the upper which wrap your feet will do the same thing.
  • The Max heel counter or bevel is more aggressive, it may be less forgiving for heel strikers that run at a slower pace. Compared to the Tempo more "neutral" stance on the bevel and rubber (as seen on the photo above.
This then places the Max right in between the Tempo and Elite series. A Go-between. Something that will fancy those looking for more cushioning than the Tempo, but do not like to go down the path of carbon-plated for everyday training. Something more forgiving (and the Elite series is already a very very forgiving carbon plated shoes when compared to others as it is well known for it's wider sole flare and very neutral feel while providing the snap at take off) and yet able to enhance your tempo and fast workout days

249grams for US12/EU46
Likely No
  • Despite the wider and thicker DNA Flash and slightly more padded tongue, the Max came in (for the same US 12) just 10grams heavier than the Tempo. 10grams is two level teaspoon of sugar/salt/water. 
  • How is this possible? New upper material. They made it better despite a "bulkier" more aggressive silhouette
  • Max is the refined, finetuned version of Tempo.
The Hyperion Max as teased on in October 2022. Both colors not in Malaysia, yet.

Definitely a Yes
You may noticed the insole is similar to the Hyperion Tempo and even the Launch 8. It's the same EVA insole you find in Brooks that are marketed as Speed shoes. No complains on them after going through 3 different models using the same insole. Did not wish it to be thicker, and I would say it's just nice.
Same insole as the other "speed" version of Brooks model

I was told by Brooks Malaysia that the Tempo will just be Hyperion in 2023 with introduction of Max. Currently, they are on "pre-order" basis, but you can still see/feel/hold them in Sports Paragon and Brooks stores.
Lets Run In Max
I paced the Max over a few runs; a tempo run at Zone2 effort, a Fartlek with spirited strides up to 3:20pace, three easy run average of 5:00, all for a total of about 40km to date when I publish this. First feel of the Max can be summed up as follow
  • Secure feel with lacing to be very spot on
  • Socks-like inner and zero hotspot
  • Heel cup perfect and I hardly noticed the thicker than usual padding vs Tempo
  • Doesn't feel "tall", despite taller than Tempo
  • Stable with minimal lateral (side to side) movement
  • Due to stack height, the DNA Flash felt more pronounced vs Tempo
  • Cushioned comfort and yet eager to go thanks to RapidRoll
Fresh from Fartlek
  • Light and responsive fast trainer, even for long runs or races
  • You feel grounded, yet you know the shoe will provide very good cushioning with the DNA Flash.
  • RapidRoll aka rocker moves you forward fast
  • Stable with upper that help reduce lateral movement
  • Great fit and lockdown, secure heel. I dare to say same if not better than Tempo.
  • No noticeable hot spot, including heel bite
  • Very secure road-grip feel. No indication of slippage under faster pace.
  • Likely not ideal for heel striker due to aggressive heel bevel
  • May struggle on slower pace as you may have to catch up with the rocker motion
  • Relatively pricier compared to other range within Brooks
I dig this colorway wei! But they aint' showing up here in Malaysia, yet
The Hyperion Max is available in all Sports Paragon and Brooks store in Malaysia. It retail for RM799. However, you can own it by buying it online at and use my code EEVANOFF25 for 25% off, which net off at RM599.95. 

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