Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Brooks Hyperion Max - 500km A Long Term Review

505km in 81 runs since Feb 2023. The Hyperion Max has technically reached half life service.

This is the condition of the Max so far; While it did felt a little flatter due to mileage, foam integrity stays same without any obvious collapse, bouncy feel remain including the rocker toe off.

Some fatigue sign on the upper-foam near my small toe area, expected sole wear pattern due to my running (left side more heel compared to right, right side more midsole compared to left), some evidence of separation at the toe area between the traction pad which is not critical just glue.
Still look fresh

Forefoot minimal wear. Midfoot wearing out

Rocker sole uncompromised

Evidence that the rocker sole remains without the shoe flatting out

significant wear on the heel for my left shoe (pictured right) and significant wear on the outer right of my right shoe (pictured left)
Just put into consideration that the Max has been used 81 out of 86 days; 2xHM, many Speedwork, fartlek, and companion for easy run days. Travelled to US and Singapore with me, ran in those ground, and still very much in service.

I believe I found my long term trainer.

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