Friday, June 02, 2017

Pirelli Angel CiTy Motorbike Tires - Review

I have an underbone motorbike that has been inactive and decided to revive it as another mode of transport for me. The bike is old and sort of gotten it from a neighbour after his beloved dad passed away. It was used to carry the kids to school, college and work by the late owner. Blame me for being sentimental; i see it as a mean to continue the legacy as well. 

I have previously sent (and spent) time to fix the piston seal and changed the clutch spring, fixed the brakes, speedometer cable and fixed a few bent items about a year ago. 
Due to the leaking piston seal, the bike dies off when idling and it is no fun keeping the throttle on. This repair/revivial involved change to the drivetrain which is the front and rear sprocket and the chain. It is best to change it as a set, and this is the highest wear and tear on a motorbike.

Front sprocket old vs new. Both 14 teeth
Rear sprocket - new is 36T, old was 40T. Not immediately noticeable, but the teeth on old sprocket has thinned out and sharper. Smaller new sprocket allows higher speed at same RPM (better final ratio)
While the sprockets were removed and the wheels were off, I asked for the wheel bearings to be checked and replaced as needed. Good move as the front bearing has seen better days.
These make great Fidget Spinner core - which I did
Heck, I even gotten the front fork removed and serviced, with the old seal replaced and new hydraulic oil - thinking back, replacing a new fork will just cost RM40 more (vs RM50 to service it).
All in the name of safety
As the underbone is under utilised and I want to sort of flush the engine oil it, best way is to run a liter of new engine oil for a few hundred kilometers or a tankful or two of fuel and then change the engine oil again. 
Shell Advance AX5, A Premium Mineral oil at 15-40 weightage

The Changing Of Tires
Well, of course, after all the repair done above, it is only logical that I consider to change the tires too. The old tire still looked very useable. 80% thread on the  rear Dunlop TT100 70/90-17 tires, the front though, need replacing having left about 40% thread.
The front Dunlop TT100 70/90-17 tires. Unidirectional. RM75 to replace new.
Upon removal of the front tires, we noticed that it had glue and likely residues from previous puncture sealants still in there! Which sort of explained the vibration at speed due to imbalanced inertia and the damaged front bearings!
The gunks
Underbone motorbike will often receive a change in the look once the tire are changed - and it can be a significant change - from an Uncle Commuting Bike to a Racing Machine (or look like one). I had a few choices but because my other bike was having a Pirelli Demon shod and I know how it ride and felt, I decided to ask if they have Pirelli stored at this humble looking local motorbike shop... and surprised that they did at a price I can't resist! They have the Pirelli Angel CiTy (written as Angel CT) at 80/90-17 44S TL sizing, which fits the underbone, and a good replacement of the original 70/90-17 tires. 
80mm widest, 90% Aspect ratio (72mm height), 17 inch rim, 44 speed rating (180km/h max), S load (not sure how many KG loading) and TL (tubeless)
This Pirelli is made in Malaysia and there is nothing shy about it as we do produce rubber as one of our commodity resources. First visual impression of the thread was impressive. Having a semi-slick rubber was pretty exciting for an underbone - i was right about the look like one fast bike.
Very nice!
    Here is a comparison of the old tire vs the new tire, a complete change to how it look. I am not sure about you, but I was sure excited and happy with the choice!
    Old vs New

    The Angel City is directional tire where there is a specific direction should it be installed at the back or the front. I made the decision to have both the tire rolling in same direction, instead having the front to be the other way around. May be detrimental on speed and control if the bike is being pushed beyond 120km/h - and I do not see myself pushing it past 90km/h on this smaller bike; but will change the direction if the road test proved it to be detrimental to both handling and safety.
    Wow! See what i said about changing the whole outlook of the bike?
    The front tire direction in reverse, after 60km
    The underbone comes with sports allow rim and it is a bit old due to dirt and accumulated road grime that embeded itself into the rim, so it's a bit unsightly
    Nothing a bit of sticker (reflective at that!) can't fix... and it's yellow, so that's good!
    Now, that's better!

    And nothing some tire polish can't fix to the look!
    Road Test
    As the new tire may be a bit slippery, I was advised not to ride it to aggresively until the tires after a few kilometers (like really?). But he is the mechanic, and he seems competent, and has "race" experience (scars to show on his arms/elbow), i took his advise. Despite the "new slippery" feel, the tire gave me a very high assurance of grip and speed. 
    I believe that the 'fast" feel is because of the serviced bike, and that the mechanic tuned the air-fuel mixture (again, his "race" experience helped), the bike felt lively. I now know the old mechanic did tune the bike to run leaner for fuel savings/consumption purpose vs this mechanic that tuned it to the near perfect ratio. The new chain and sprocket set may had added slightly more speed with lower drive ratio (higher 40:14 vs lower 37:14). If you make the drive ratio to be higher, you gain higher accelerations.I may just write one article to explain this separately...
    Great Dry Handling
    So, back to the Pirelli Angel handling - it's good and the slightly higher ride due to the aspect ratio (of 80/90 at 72mm vs the older 70/90 at 63mm), it did provide a plusher ride and gave the bike a slightly larger diameter, which also meant the speedometer will slightly under report the actual speed, not a lot, just slightly as the circumference of the wheel increased by approximately 5cm per rotation. (180.89cm vs 175.24cm - do you remember your maths? ;-)). After about 60km of riding on the road in KL, on straights and gentle corners, the tire gave me higher handling confidence when compared to the older tire handling, significantly. Riding over small uneven (read: small holes), has no issues except that the suspension did struggle to cope (upgrade next?).
    Great Wet Handling too!
    We live in Malaysia and we have rain that happens suddenly even during dry hot season. In Malaysia, when it rains, it pours - and that was exactly what happened after day 3 of the tire change. The Pirelli lives up to it's name on the wet as well. While this is NOT their top end motorbike tires, the rubber compound provides great grip in the wet over heavy rain and I was riding with a lot of confidence even through corners and roundabout in the wet. I would say this rubber compound provide good grips and assurance both wet and dry!
    Long Term Feedback
    I will likely be using this same tire over the next few years due to the shorter commute I may have to work and back. Will provide more update mid-wear and tear, or within the next 6-months with visual of how it has worn out over time. Meanwhile, this is the official page for Angel CiTy from Pirelli

    • The new Angel™ CiTy is directly derived from the well-known and test winner Angel™ GT. Technology and tread pattern design have been reviewed and adapted to smaller displacement bikes, with a X-Ply construction and dedicated materials
    • The new tyre addresses the needs of sporty bikes up to 250cc, ‘underbones’ and other commuting bike
    • The robust tyre construction ensures high puncture resistance and performance consistency throughout the entire tyre life
    • The benefits of Angel™ CiTy are clearly perceived in any riding condition, especially on uneven road
    • The tread pattern guarantees optimal wear and improves water evacuation
    • Angel CiTy features a new compound mainly based on carbon black with a calibrated percentage of silica; it is able to deliver excellent grip on both dry and wet, tear resistance and mileage

    Tuesday, May 09, 2017

    Garmin Edge 1000 Unboxing

    Thank you sir!
    Thanks to the collaboration between Garmin Malaysia (AECO Technologies) and 2ndSkin Asia, I received my much anticipated and awaited cycling computer known as Edge 1000. This unit is the flagship model of the Edge-series and launched in April 2014. 

    My team mate, Azrul helped to collect the goodies for the team for distribution right before his Borneo International marathon (BIM) 2017. 

    In the bags were Fenix 5X which went to a few of us. With my Garmin Vector 2s and the Speed+cadence sensor in place, having the Edge-series is the next big upgrade for my biking experience. So I left F5x for the other team mates to experience...
    The Star of the Week
    The unit of Edge1000 I received is the full bundle set. Meaning it has the base unit (of Edge1000) and comes with the heart rate monitor (HRM) with premium strap (version 3), the speed sensor and the cadence sensor. All these are ANT+ compatible. Highly changeable from bike to bike (assuming you have more than just 1 bike). 
    First Impression
    "The unit is as big as a 90's handphone, only thinner." That was my first thought. In the (cycling) world where almost everyone worth their cycling-salt is a gram-granny, this unit is suprisingly light despite the width and length. If is declared at 115grams, which is about the weight of two packs of energy gel, definitely lighter than 1xCO2 canister and a fraction the weight of a spare tube. Only challenge is the size, as triathlete may find the size to be a challenge on the cockpit area. More of that later.
    The unit with the micro-USB cable and a elastic tether
    Out-front mount with attachment over various 
    diameter handlebar
    Under the unit packing is all the items you will need to install this unit on your bikes. To start with, the unit came with a Micro-USB cable with "Garmin" embossed on it. Nice small details, as they could had easily used a generic Micro-USB that are mass-produced for other electronics. 

    The elastic tether is for you to secure (read, loop over like a noose) over your handle bar as you clip the unit on the dedicated out-front mount or the quick release mount.

    The quick releases mounting, grommet and 2-sizes of silicon to secure the unit over handblebar
    With 3-mounting provided, you effectively able to install them on 3-different bicycles (see the N+1 equation?). So, i can see this being on my roadbike, my tribike and my mountain bike. One caution is to constantly check the silicon ring for wear and tear, as previous experience tells me that it may break over time (about 6-8months) and last you want is losing your gadgets or risk it becoming roadkill.
    Quick removable speed and cadence sensor!
    The bundle came with the newer speed and cadence sensor that allow for fast swap between your (N+1) bike. No complains here. The sensors are ANT+ compatible, meaning if you can strap this on your gym bike... you potentially have opportunity to collect data of your workout (just saying).
    HRM with premium strap
    The HRM that comes with it is the 3rd generation strap or premium strap that is known to be comofrtable as the HRM-run that I have. It is also ANT+, so it can be paired to any devices running on this format. 
    Lastly, the full manual is included to complete the bundle package. I did an unboxing video and uploaded to Youtube. So if you want to see how it was packed and what was really inside (again), here is the video. DO follow for more updates.

    Day 1 Simple Operation and Feel
    Edge1000 relative to my tribike setup
    As you can see from the photo above, the simple attachment of the Edge1000 on my tribar sort of takes up the whole hand section below my shifter. I choosed the left side as that is for the chainring, and seldom see much shifting. I ride on my big ring more often than smaller ring and shifting is minimal unless there is a big climb. I have not cycled outdoor for a long time, and likely to only know if this position is ideal before deciding to change it elsewhere - or DIY get an aftermarket attachment meant for tribar. 
    The screen resolution and sensitivity is almost smartphone like - I am not sure if that will be a problem if I am wearing a glove (unlikely unless MTB), or when the unit is wet and I need to swipe the screen (also unlikely as riding a bike, won't have time for that). The disadvantage of having the top of the range Edge is that I missed the opportunity to know, or learn of the other models, thus, limiting my appreciation on what the changes or dynamics are. I am still thankful for this, don't get me wrong. I believe I will learn more of this awesome computer and will provide a long term review for you. Meanwhile... I checked the GPS and it's GLONASS+GPS capability...and locking in from cold start (first time activation) took less than 15seconds... I am impressed. 
    More of this unit once I start getting to know it more, so watch this blog for review. Meanwhile, this is the full specs of Garmin Edge1000 from Garmin website.


    Physical dimensions2.3" x 4.4" x 0.8" (58.0 x 112.0 x 20.0 mm)
    Weight4.0 oz (114.5 g)
    Water ratingIPX7
    Battery typerechargeable lithium-ion
    Display size1.5" x 2.6" (39.0 x 65.0 mm); 3.0" diag (76.0 mm)
    Display resolution240 x 400 pixels, touchscreen
    Color display
    Battery lifeup to 15 hours
    High-sensitivity receiver

    Maps & Memory

    Ability to add maps
    Accepts data cards
    History200 hours


    Barometric altimeter

    Daily Smart Features

    Smart notifications

    Training, Planning and Analysis Features

    Customizable data pages
    Advanced workouts
    Auto Pause®
    Auto scroll
    Auto Lap®
    Virtual Partner

    Cycling Features

    Courses (compete against previous activities)
    Time/distance alerts (triggers alarm when you reach goal)
    Interval training
    Compatible with Vector™ (power meter)
    Power meter compatible (displays power data from compatible third-party ANT+™-enabled power meters)Yes (records data approx. 1 per second)

    Garmin Connect™

    Garmin Connect™ compatible (online community where you analyze, categorize and share data)
    Automatic sync (automatically transfers data to Garmin Connect)


    On-device segments: yes
    Wi-Fi® compatible: yes
    Smart Notifications: yes
    GLONASS: yes
    Compatible with Garmin Connect™ Mobile: yes
    Round-trip routing: yes
    Route planner: yes

    Sunday, February 12, 2017

    Runtech - Refine Your Run Part 1

    It has been 2 years since I was involved with my team mate from 2ndSkin conducting running clinics. We collaborated with Garmin Malaysia in conducting these basic sharing/classes targeted at beginners. It is also an opportunity for Garmin Malaysia to showcase their newest products to the participants, where they will have a chance to use these during the clinics and decide what potentially suits them if they want to invest in a running GPS watch with smart function. 
    Photo from Batch 8.2. Thanks Deo!
    Last weekend, we managed to get Bodytech Kuala Lumpur to join us at the running clinic. Through an arrangement with Garmin and 2ndSkin, the principal of Bodytech KL was with us to share what they can do (as in services) to the participants. Specifically, for runners, they have the Runtech which focuses on runners. 
    About Runtech™ by Bodytech Kuala Lumpur
    Runtech has been developed to help runners identify and to improve their running form. By using video analyses and their knowledge on running dynamic. They can help beginner, recreational  , seasoned and competitive runners to understand their gaps and provide suggestion for improvement.
    Selina and May Ooi providing the information on Runtech™
    Last Saturday, myself and my team mate Azrul Deo received the opportunity to have our running analyzed by the team from Runtech™. We also observed two other participant that had their running video recorded as well, in the event they decided to engage Runtech™ to provide them the analysis. There was no obligation and the participants were offered a discount if they are interested. 
    The video requirement can either be done at Bodytech or send in remotely to them by you
    There are two variables in my opinion that may be material and effect the outcome of the analysis. First is the video recording, and the second is your perceived running form. As the services from Runtech allows you to film your own running video if you live too far away to meet up face-to-face, they prepared a guidance on how to take the video in this Youtube video

    The requirement from Runtech™ during the Saturday session is for us to run to and fro at least 8-times on a straight line. A camera takes a side profile while you run and the front camera need you to run in a straight line. So, if you take your own video, I suggest you pick and choose a place without traffic (if you want to use the road line), or in a field where you can find markings. Perhaps even in a open air court may be good. As much as possible, no video indoor. You will also have to tuck in your shirt so they have a good look at how your hip moves (and as Shakira says, it doesn't lie).
    You are out of line Stupe! 
    Now, on your perceived running form; when you are fresh, your form will always be good - great posture, good arm swing with good leg lift and kick back, conscious landing and take off etc. But when you are tired and "want to get it done and over with", that is when you form will suffer, and you open up yourself to many possibilities of potential injuries. I am very conscious of that and in every clinic we conduct, the team (2ndSkin) will often emphasize on good posture and "be in the know" of your body position. So, what did me and Deo did?
    We ran a few fast laps around the flat surface of the track and immediately went in to get our run recorded. In my case, I decided to test my 1-Mile timing. Personal best of 5:58 almost 2 years ago were at stake - actually, not much at stake as I know my personal fitness since. With a 7:00 to cover 1.65km (can I now claim it was slightly over a mile?), I know I have lost my fitness. 
    Which now, present a great opportunity for me to know what I can improve on with the help of Bodytech and their Runtech™ program!
    As I ran at least 8 laps, I was more conscious of my body placement and posture, my strides and even my landing, but as I was tired (I ran a HIIT of 7km earlier before the 1-Miler), i know my form is not as good. Perfect opportunity for these movements to be recorded (and it did).
    Video done, what's next?

    There was a sense of accomplishment as I lap around the two cameras knowing hope to beat the 5:58 timing may be in the near future. So, after filming and filling out the form for Runtech™, all I need to do now is wait for the report and how I can further improve my run. For those of you that know me, it took me a good 18months to unlearn and relearn running about 3 to 4 years ago. At this point of writing, I thought to myself how nice it would had been if Runtech™ were available 4 years back that I then can save myself from the process and focus on improvement immediately after the analyses! 
    Thank you Selina and May Ooi
    In the next part of the blog entry, I will share with you what are the findings for my improvement, tailored to my personal running style. I will also share more of the packages available under the Runtech™. However, if you require more information now, head over to their Facebook page here. Their main page which is known as Bodytech is right here on this link. Until then, keep running and never stop learning!
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