Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Skechers GoRun Bolt FitKnit Review

In the midst of testing the GRB FitKnit after the unboxing and it has been good so far. The GoRunRide3 (GRR3) ride is predictable and did not differ much. The cushioning and road feel were the same for me at least. OK, maybe it is a bit better perhaps because it is new (and hence the bounciness).

My usual size for Skechers is US10 or US11, depending on the cutting as some like GoMeb or Speed is known to have narrow toe box (and for that I went US11). My feet may had grown slightly over the past year and I requested for US11 from Skechers HQ. 10 is ok, but 11 would allow me to test the shoes out with the insole, and perhaps socks. 

This shoe was fitted with socks in the morning and that was a good choice going with the US11. Again, as general rule of thumb, always ensure 1-finger spacing at the back of the shoe between your Achilles and the shoe collar. Bear in mind that when you run downhill, your feet will slide in front and you need those space else you may end up with painful toes, or toe nails that may fall off after a long race. 

First Feel
US11, at first feel, was great. Superb toe room without being overly roomy. Pull up the laces tight and the shoes just wrap up the feet like gloves. And it did felt like "gloves". The claimed seamless construction gave the shoe inner felt like you were wearing a socks (to be describing it correctly as gloves is for hands ;-)). It was tested without the insole placed inside and from experiences with Skechers' shoe, I know I have room to play with the insole. 

The GRB is a 4mm drop shoes, same as the GRR3. For those new to the term, what this really (drop) meant is the differences in height between the front/midsole and the heel height. Traditional running shoes are heavier stacked/height at the back, which lends to the possibility of the heel striking or landing first when you run.

I am running without socks and with the insole as I enjoy the more cushioned feel and to allow for a more accurate representation of how many would use this shoe. 

As the ride, as I mentioned, is same as GRR3, hence this review will try to share as much as I "felt" with the new FitKnit.

Run FitKnit

For this test I looked for the route that has a mix of well paved surface, slippery surface and uneven surface; just to feel if the knitted material effects the lateral movement and support. 
Uneven surface : I started the run on the uneven surface that is the bicycle lanes in Taman Tun. The route has never been re-paved since it was built in the 90's. Roots of trees that lined the main road and non-maintenance created a trip-galore route. Nothing better than this short 500m from the Mosque to the junction of Dato Sulaiman to test quick changes in direction. 

Verdict: Good feel. Minimal lateral movement. Good support on arch. No instances of the shoe sliding under landing. Gets more confident to bounce around after a while. Changes in direction is good with positive grip. Cushioned Resalyte absorb pretty much the loose gravels and root-bumps under the feet upon landing. 
I set my JVC Adixxion XA2 to capture images and video of my run to see what and how the shoe will moves under normal run. Took me a while to capture a good 5 seconds and going through the video yields good images of how the shoe actually moves with my feet as well. The picture on the right shows how the toe area/forefoot were firmly attached to the ground while the metatarsal (top of feet) were free to move without restrictions. What appeared to be the GRB losing shape was actually how the GRB allows the feet to move as naturally as possible.                                                                                                       Paved road: Predictable surface provides an opportunity for speed work. The power transfer were good as I increase the stride.
Verdict: The lateral movement due to the faster stride did not change significantly from the 5:00-5:30 pace I ran earlier. What was evident was the insole sliding a little as I push off more forcefully. This could be because the shoe was still new. 
is that heel striking???
Running In Park
Running in TTDI park provides good mix of elevation. This will allow me to see how the GRB holds up with the uphill push and downhill charge.

Verdict: On the uphill push, the shoe did exhibit slight lateral movement. I must try to tie the laces a bit more snug and verify again. Otherwise, the FitKnit perform as claimed (support and lateral movement).
GoImpulse pods similar to GRR3
Hot upper?
The run were short and did not allow me to check for any potential hotspot (blister forming spot). The fitting and the seamless inner does felt promising for a longer run. The FitKnit did not make the feet felt hotter than the other Skechers that I've worn. 
I've been asked to consider wetting the FitKnit and run with it to test for color run and how well the material expel water. A shoe that is waterlogged is bad and will certainly causes blisters to the feet. I am up for that challenge. 
Hill repeat with GoRun Bolt
From the first two days of using it for an easy review run and the next hill repeat run, the GRB performed as expected. I did hold the feet well, providing support and doesn't lack the lateral support. The shoe is cushy as expected and provide positive traction and feedback. It doesn't sink in as you push off despite the super flexible sole and upper. 

If there is one thing, the color (currently Red/Black or Navy/Grey) may not appeal to those wanting a more colorful pair - but that is not a bad thing either, as there are many out there that love (and long) for a subtle colored pair, that allow them to blend in as a casual wear and takes off the next moment as a performance shoe. 

I will update here again, once I get the chance to wet the shoe, and run in them. Stay tuned!

Note: This pair of Skechers GoRun Bolt FitKnit is sponsored by Skechers Malaysia via collaboration with 2ndSkin Asia Athletes program. Thank you Skechers Malaysia and 2ndSkin! This pair is launched this week (today!). Retailing at RM419 for men and RM399 for women (Semenanjung). RM10-20 more for East Malaysia.

Opinion in this write up is my own and not influenced by Skechers Malaysia or 2ndSkin program.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Skechers GoRun Bolt FitKnit Unboxing

Performance FitKnit

The ball has started rolling for the new release from Skechers with the FitKnit in GoRunRide3. I was called to the Skechers HQ to collect it. As I've just retired my GoRunUltra NiteOwl after almost 500km, this pair will jump straight into service and will be used for runs from now onwards.
First Impression
When I was told that I will receive a "woven fabric" shoe as Deo, my teammate received his ahead of me, I was skeptical. I knew that another brand do have something similar and they (Nike) call it "FlyKnit". I have no experience with FlyKnit and will not be able to provide any comparison to this. What I know is that the shoes do not come cheap due to the technology.

Knitted uppers usually involve various ways to hold the yarns together providing different thickness and flexibility while maintaining breathability and cutting down on the weight. For this reason alone, they became expensive. 

So what is FitKnit? It is what Skechers call the next generation with upper that provides lateral and medial support for stability during short or long distance running, while maintaining breathability. It provides a flexible fit that is "virtually" seamless, using performance integrated yarns and extremely lightweight. 

First look and if you are as skeptical like me, would not think how this yarn-fabric will provide the support and still be breathable.  One thing very obvious though, it looked heavy due to the carpet-like pattern (or a friend mentioned, very Mongolian pattern), you be surprised that it clocks in at 240grams per side for US11. The official weight for US9 is at 8.4oz or 238grams per side. So it was pretty impressive for a 2-size up to be coming very close to the official US9 weight.

240grams, approx

The Skechers Bolt FitKnit in GoRunRide3
For ease of reference, I would call this the GoRunBolt or GRB. Skechers Malaysia will bring this in (as I am drafting this out today) this month and you will see them in store soon. The GRB is essentially GoRunRide3. I've reviewed this earlier this year in March here and the shoe has since clocked in only about 200km as I was biased to use GoRunUltra a bit more (for my SAC and also my Ironman). As far as road feel and such is concerned, I do not think it will differ much from the GRR3 I am currently using as well. What is the biggest difference at first glance is the upper - the knitted upper. 
Makes you want to touch them isn't it?
Without trying to describe more that photos can do, here are a series of photo to "storify" them. Comments added where needed.
GoRun "Bolt" with the "Ride 3" replaced. Red laces is extra, as per usual Skechers' Performance series, to provide additional laces for color matching.
The heel cup. Design is totally different from Ride3. Soft and supple despite the more structured look

Side view. MStrike is standard. It encourages mid-foot strikes. Again, do not for once think you will strike mid-foot or forefoot with shoes that re engineered as such unless you can correct your own running strides first. Then the benefit will be higher. Take your time to train to correct the running strides and gait.

The sole. Exactly the same as GRR3.

Closer look of the pods. They may looked like they are worn out faster than usual, but past a certain distance, it sort of slow down in the wearing out department, typically after 250km.

Tongue is padded. Like GRR3, it is not sewn down. 

Super smooth seamless inner. GRB promises "socks like feel". To be verified!

I've fiddled with the shoe from all angle and came to the conclusion that the support and structure for the shoe comes from the different pattern and density of the knitting. Some parts are thinner, like the non-critical upper (outside) side near the logo, some parts are thicker and closely knitted like the toe box to lend protection and structure, then the upper mesh above the toes reminds me of the 4-way mesh from the other non-knitted series allowing movement and flexibility.
Different knitting technique delivers different results to flexibility and support
The sides nearer to the sole receive the same treatment as the front toe box where it is more closely knitted to support the lateral movement as well.
Side of the shoe with three very different knitting technique, by far the most complicated and busiest part of the shoe
Together with heat-transferred rubber/silicon like lining, it looked like it will provide the many different movement the feet will force the shoe to conform in an usual run. 
Removable and customisable insole that provides different feel and additional cushioning
Similar like the other Performance series, the shoes came with insole for custom fitting. The insole is similar with the other shoes that I have and I will test the GRB with and without the insole, and in both instances, without socks. 
The original laces is flat, the spare/alternative is rounded. Flat laces is technically more secured once tied while round laces provides more "body" to the look
Summing Up The Unboxing
- Light despite the bulky look.
- Resalyte providing superb cushioning. Think memory foam.
- GoImpulse pod that is standard. Fast wear may still be an issue, especially at the heel area. 
- Knitted shoe that looked good worn casually and when running both recreational and seriously. 
- Customisable insole. If you ever need an insole for other shoes, this could be used ;-) (some older insoles is in my motorbike riding boots ;-))
- FitKnit looked impressive and convincing. No doubt it will work, else Skechers won't release it. Just a question of "how well".
- 4mm drop. Close to ground with cushioning! 
For real life test, soon
Next up : On The Road with GoRun Bolt FitKnit!

Note: This pair of Skechers GoRun Bolt FitKnit is sponsored by Skechers Malaysia via collaboration with 2ndSkin Asia Athletes program. Thank you Skechers Malaysia and 2ndSkin! This pair is launched this week (today!). Retailing at RM419 for men and RM399 for women (Semenanjung). RM10-20 more for East Malaysia.

Opinion in this write up is my own and not influenced by Skechers Malaysia or 2ndSkin program.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Press Release : Boss Bottled with Gerald Butler

The conviction at the heart of the new BOSS BOTTLED campaign by BOSS Parfums has lead to its declaration that today’s men are the best they have ever been!  Convinced that modern day masculinity plus renewed male traits such as chivalry and courage elicited this positive and provocative statement.

With this in mind, the new BOSS BOTTLED campaign unravels new perspectives on masculinity. Men today are passionate and real; have grit yet refinement; are in touch with emotions, and driven while compassionate. The notion of success has also changed significantly; no longer does traditional, external success define today’s man; instead he creates his own, varied story of success. This redefinition of masculinity blends with the ideals of BOSS BOTTLED. It is the scent that complements the Man of Today and his path to success.

Starting a new chapter in the history of the fragrance and celebrating its continued success, BOSS Parfums reveals Gerard Butler as the new face of BOSS BOTTLED.  The Man of Today, personifying strength, chivalry, charm and the complexity of modern times, Gerard Butler perfectly mirrors modern masculinity and embodies the values of BOSS BOTTLED.  Whether it is studying law, doing charity work, or his successful acting career,  Gerard Butler grasps life with confidence, passion and an innate drive to succeed.

 “I love what I do and I try to have a lot of fun in my life. I consider myself to be dedicated, and motivated, but at the same time I try to be compassionate with others. I think that’s important – the Man of Today is not just about himself, but about how he inspires and invigorates other people.”
Gerard Butler, BOSS BOTTLED Ambassador

Dynamic and timeless, the BOSS BOTTLED fragrance has been guiding men to success for over 15 years since its launch in 1998.  A timeless classic,  this subtle composition of extraordinary ingredients, which are still contemporary masculine notes today, and the addition of vanilla, traditionally an ingredient in female fragrances, was regarded as revolutionary at launch.
Sharp with a warm woody base, BOSS BOTTLED is unmistakably masculine with fruity and citrus top notes of apple, lemon and plum, with the added spice of cinnamon and clove. The contrast of the masculine spicy wood notes and the unconventional fruity vanilla notes intrigues, but never goes off balance.
The clean, sleek design of the glass flacon represents the classic BOSS ideals of elegance and style; much like a striking suit.  The captivating shape is the embodiment of sophisticated understatement and functional elegance. BOSS BOTTLED is a timeless classic, for men in the past and the Man of Today.
BOSS BOTTLED – The Collection
BOSS BOTTLED Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml RM193
BOSS BOTTLED Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml RM245
BOSS BOTTLED Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml RM324
BOSS BOTTLED Eau de Toilette Spray 200ml RM450
BOSS BOTTLED Aftershave Lotion 100ml RM237
Available at leading departmental stores and perfumeries from October 2014.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Press Release : Dolce&Gabbana Intenso with Colin Farrell

Dolce&Gabbana Fragrances is pleased to announce internationally acclaimed actor Colin Farrell as the face of its new male fragrance, INTENSO.

This marks his debut appearance for Dolce&Gabbana, with the fragrance and campaign to be revealed in the coming months. The launch will showcase Colin Farrell as the perfect testimonial of the modern day Dolce&Gabbana man.

“We are incredibly happy to be working with such a great talent. When we created this fragrance we immediately thought of Colin. He is the perfect embodiment of male strength and sensuality”.
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Samsung S5 and Gear Fit on SCKLM 2014

My time with the S5 and Gear Fit has been pretty enjoyable. I've worn the Gear Fit everyday except when I am taking bath or doing any rough work that may scratch the unit. It is on loan and any damages are my responsibility.
Including taking it to a fight - not! Photo from my Instagram on the One FC night out with Team 2ndSkin. Orange strap device is Gear Fit
Recently, I completed the SCKLM 2014 run and I took the S5 and Gear Fit along with me for the 42km journey. Part of it was to test how well the unit track activities and of course to see if S5 live up to it's name of being used outdoor, in a sports (controlled) environment. Let me put in caveat that I did not purposely put the units into water, or immerse it into water to check for the IP6X ability. Any incidences of the phone (S5) getting wet was not on purpose - furthermore, with the mindset that electronics such as phone and water, I was careful.

Exposed to Sweat, Sun and Water
While the Gear Fit were on my wrist all the time, the S5 were shuffled between my left and right hand as I ran. Sweat from hands and also sponge (water) and the not on purpose temporary dip into the water to reach out for sponges. 
Yeap, pretty much how the 42km were done. Thanks Andrew!
It survived with full functionality of the S5 intact. If there was anything, a wet finger reduces the sensitivity of the screen by 90%. You will need to consciously press down hard to get the apps functioning, or to unlock the phone. S5 is one phone you can bring it out and not worried about water damages as long as you keep the seal tight and the manufacturer's reccomended exposure limit in your mind. 
Photo Quality
In the race of megapixels with phones camera, it still does not beat the full functioning camera for those low light condition and flash burst. Photo in the dark requires a steady hand and moving photos requires a lot of "burst" to capture one that is clear. When in daylight, it then functions well - much like any other camera phones. If you want to view all the photos taken during the run, click the link below.

Gear Fit Functionality
I found out that the Gear Fit work best with the Samsung Phone via the S Health apps, which is specific to the Samsung phone. Good thing I brought the S5 along as it then acted as the "GPS" beacon for the run. If you do not use the S5 with the Gear Fit, you will still be able to capture the "workout", which is very much specific to what the Gear Fit records. Here, is an example of it tracking me walking my dogs.
No GPS found because I walked without the S5

But the Gear Fit recorded it pretty accurately (1 loop around my home area is 1.5km)
So, for a short run/walk it is good with minimal issue with accuracy. What surprises me on the SCKLM day was the GPS failed to record anything until KM20. I certainly ensured all sensors were switched on as I wanted to test how long the battery can last with everything ON as well.
This is the tracking from the 42km SCKLM.
Recorded a 51.21 km, which is a good 9km extra.

Started recording only at DUKE!
Now compare this to my Garmin 910XT capture
Interestingly, my Fenix too captured similarly to what the S5 captured, which makes me think if someone switched off the satellite until Km20!
The distance differences between all the devices used were pretty ok except the S5 where it recorded 51km. I may conclude that for shorter distance, it is OK to rely on S5+Gear Fit, but for longer distance, it may not be ideal. As long as you know the limitation, the most important thing is to get some exercise done.
Compared to Other "lifestyle" tracker
In the course of the two weeks, I've tried to find something that may functions the same, perhaps at a cheaper price. It turned out that the Gear Fit is by far the best available as it has the heart rate monitor built in. Others requires you to use the phone app (aka the flash as HRM, and then displayed via Bluetooth), or a physical strap itself (Garmin), which is less than ideal as the whole purpose of the lifestyle monitor is to simplify the use.
- Built in HRM
- Good battery life - up to 4 days on normal use
- Oled display
- Customisable out of box
- only work with S Health, by Samsung. Tried locating other Android apps to run with the Gear Fit, but none available. Works with Endomondo but not a fan of additional (or more) apps just to track exercise. S Health is "all included", but only for Samsung devices.
- Limited "sleep" data. Divided only to Hours sleep and hours "moving". Two stages as opposed to some capable to break it down to 4-stages of sleep. How useful is the data? No idea unless you are insomniac and need some sort of monitor to see the quality of your sleep.

Note: This two unit of Samsung S5 and Gear Fit is loaned to me for approximately 2-weeks. The recommended retail pricing for the S5 is RM1999 (16GB LTE model) and the Gear Fit is RM599. Thank you Samsung Malaysia for the usage. Opinion in this review is my own personal view and not influenced by any parties.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 : Race Report

Two weeks after my Ironman 2014 and with a tight ITB wasn't my idea of a run for this instalment of Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014, or SCKLM2014 for short. I more or less decided that if I have to walk the whole 42km, I will. 
So I was excited to go collect my race kit from the expo as I know I was the first to register (as I was helping the organiser to test the registration system a day before). I was obviously hoping for A-00001 and for my wife, C-00001. At least will what we local call "Menang Gaya" (Win In Style). 
Imagine my disappointment when I saw what was on my bib. 
Luckily, in the race pack were a set of AA battery from GP. I take that as a consolation as that could be used to power the remote control at home for the TV and DVD for entertainment. 
The REPC this year was done at Underground Carpark at Dataran Merdeka. It was definitely better represented with more stalls selling relevant running items. Brooks were huge this year with sections selling shoes and running gears. Not to forget the folks from Quicksports and Powerbar as well. I was hoping to catch MarathonShop there, but they did not open their store. 
Good stuff still, we the main reason for me opting to collect the race kit was to bump into friends. With that done, we headed home and prepared for the next day race. As I seldom take nutrition for 42km run itself, I decided to arm myself with the very basic. 

The Hammer Bar will be breakfast for me and wifey. Perpetuem Solid will be spare in case we get hungry while waiting. Core fuel will be the Hammer Gel and the "must have" would be the Endurolytes+Anti-Fatigue (2+1 every 10km for this race). I know the organiser will provide banana and gels at KM 30 or so, and that would be insurance if I were to need it. 

Part of race logistic was to decide on what to wear, gear wise. It was an easy decision as I will be decked out in the Team 2ndSkin vaporlite top, with Kraftfit thighs, Skechers GoRunUltra Nite Owl will be the shoe and I have the spanking new Spyder Corsair as sunnies. Tracking will be on my Garmin Fenix while my wife will be using my 910XT. Additional to this would be the Lifeline-ID that to me is important for races like these as it carries all important information, and doubling up to the emergency info behind my bib. 

With LengLui
On top of that, I will carry the reggae whistle given to me by Mohan and will be using the Samsung S5 with Gear Fit as additional tracking and camera.

We slept early that night - by our standard would be 11pm and woke up at 2am that morning to get ready. We were out by 2.30am and reached Dataran Merdeka by 3am. Found ourselves a nice parking and slept in the car for a while until 3.30am before consuming the fuel and pre-race Endurolytes and Anti-Fatigue. We then made our way to the starting line and It was already buzzing with activities. I then try to locate the media tent to sign in but security was too tight for me to get past. I guess the security doesn't think I am also a "media owner" (aka this blog lah, sound glam or not?). Else, I would had gotten some freebies, like an umbrella or...uhhmmm...socks? Anyway....

The organiser made a few changes to the setup of the race area compared to last year. The baggage collection was at the underground carpark, which meant if it rain, nothing get wet (the bags) and it also lend a level of security. Nicely done. Then there is the "entry" gantry for runners, so everyone should technically know where to go to start their run. Unlike previous year were people are coming in from all directions.

The biggest change, if of course the running route. A major part of the run will be on two distinct highway in Kuala Lumpur; AKLEH and DUKE. Gone are the traditional run through inner KL like every year. 

10minutes to race start there were warm up session with a few fitness instructors and the crowd starts to get moving a little. There were 5000 plus signed up for the Marathon and the number that morning certainly looked like there are that many people, at least from where I stood. Myself and wifey stayed in the middle of the pack as that would be the best place to be. 

About 3 minutes to race start, the VIPs took stage and were introduced to the professional runners standing at the front. At least they were on time. Negaraku was played but what was dissapointing was that it was not the full song that was played. Maybe someone missed the memo to play it fully. Most of us sang to the National Anthem - it was a good way to warm the body up! Better than stretching!

Sharp at 4:30am, with the Clock Tower chiming, the marathoner started their run! My mission was to keep moving. I am hoping the ITB will hold up and not cause more problem than it did during Ironman Malaysia. The run started and we headed towards Jalan Raja Laut before turning off towards Jalan Sultan Ismail and turning at Renaissance Hotel along Jalan Ampang. 
There were a few bands that were playing along this stretch of road up till KLCC. 

The funny thing during the run was that we passed a few nightspots and the people partying (still) at 5am were in amusement that there are more than just them not sleeping yet. Some of these people looked dodgy and a few looked wasted, so it is not worth the risk taking their photos as we ran past. 
After that, it was silence as we headed towards Wisma Cosway/Genting and towards Jalan Tun Razak, passing by Tabung Haji and Ampang Park. In fact, it started to become a bit too quiet and a tad boring as we entered AKLEH. It was so boring that I yawned so many times and looked at the road buffer as if they are bed! I told my wife a few times that I was sleepy.  
Sort of confirmed my thoughts that all phone cameras won't perform in low light moving condition
The organiser setup a tent for the Muslim runners to perform subuh prayer. Many runners stopped and performed the obligation. It was a nice touch compared to years before where many Muslim friends prayer by the road side. Good job organiser. We U-turned at the end of AKLEH near Jalan Sultan Ismail (KLCC entrance) and ran back up towards Ulu Kelang. We passed two LRT stations Damai and Dato' Keramat; and that was the highlight of the run on AKLEH, as there were human presences other than just us runners. Of course the KL Skyline were there for photo opp, A few were seen slowing down for a selfie or two with KLCC at the background. Not many, but some did. From AKLEH, we exit at Ulu Kelang and ran along Jalan Ulu Kelang for a bit (aka MRR2) passing by Kampung Kuala Ampang and heading to DUKE Highway. By then, it was brightly lit already.

Took over from Mohan. Blew the whistle a lil, but no one seems to follow...
Usually every year we will have a photo outside of Pavilion but there were no shopping complexes along this route. But there are always Traffic Police on duty which wifey will stop to take a photo with. This year, this Abang Polis became our poster boy.
We headed up towards DUKE and It was about KM 20 by then. About half way through and from the map, I know there is a good 10km to run on DUKE. For many that do not know, DUKE actually runs through many major part of KL. The Ulu Kelang, Keramat, Wangsa Maju, MINDEF, Gombak, Setapak, Sentul, Segambut, Jalan Ipoh and finally towards the PJ side. 
The organiser's idea could had been good because they wanted the runner to "run through" these area. Unless you are from this area, there is absolutely no indication what and where you just passed. I know these area well because I grew up around here. 
Ribena Factory below

Running past the MINDEF housing clusters
 Near Setiawangsa interchange, I saw from far a familiar face, it was Kam. You see, Kam was supposed to run both the PNM the night before and then the SCKLM. But a day before the race, while crossing a road after Friday prayer, he was clipped by a motorbike and ended up in the A&E with bleeding to the head and a bruised left calf.
Left calf obviously bigger 
 We stopped for some photos and part way. 
Wefie on DUKE
The water stations were set up really well this time around. Water at every stops and Isotonic every alternate. Medical help were present with sponging stations as well. Many bins were placed for runners to dispose the paper cup and all. But mentality of runners are still not matured enough to understand that the bins are for them to dispose their rubbish. I saw two runners carrying their own cups, and myself and wifey ran with our own bottles where we refill when we can at these stations. 
What were missing were a food buffet
About KM28, i bumped into Azrul, fellow RMC boy. He is nursing a torn ACL but still strong enough to run. He went on to finish the race ahead of me despite the injury, which is a testament on how strong his mental capacity is. 
Hello Azrul!
Hello Amar!
The low-cost housing near Sentul

Slum in Kuala Lumpur. Yeap. What you do not see doesn't meant it did not exist.
Food at KM29, before exiting DUKE towards Jalan Ipoh
Yeap! Good service!
We headed towards Jalan Kuching near Jinjang soon after and back to "familiar" route of SCKLM. This was at approximately KM32 where the Gaited Community (GC) set up their station to feed runners. Thank you. Sorry I did not manage a pic with you all. 
Andrew walloping the Ice lemon Tea by GC. Pic from Ejah Shah
We ran along Jalan Kuching and exited at the Segambut roundabout. For many of us familiar with all the previous year's route, it marks the last "7km" to finish, but not this year. With the route change, we have a good 10 km to cover from there onwards. 
Exiting Jalan Kuching and into Jalan Segambut/Duta
The organiser setup a shower station in front fo the National Tennis centre at Bukit Tunku. Wifey made the compulsory dip.
The first person to greet me and wifey as we went into Jalan Bukit Tunku were fellow Ironman Nik (Fahusnaza). He was there to capture photos of us at KM33-35. Then the 5:30 pacer lead by Kelvin "Cheerful" Ng caught up with me and wifey and the Malaysia Top Female Ironman Lini "Pretty" Kazim were there to take photos of all of us. 
Thanks Lini!
 For as long as I ran my 42km, there wasn't any "wall". I believe that was because I've taken every 42km run at leisure pace and never had the chance to see the wall. The ITB was behaving well that while there were tugging feeling and the occasional sharp pain n the upper knee (left side, upper), all were good and it did not bother until then.
With Izwah
Wifey still strong
Right after the downhill portion towards Sasana Kijang, past the Arab school, the ITB started to act up and that was when I asked wifey to go ahead and run without me. That was the last I saw her ;-).
And off she went...
The run then brought us past Dataran Merdeka towards Padang Merbuk. Up onto Mahameru Highway and turning left to head towards KL Sentral. 
Bumping into your cousin doing 21km
We ran past Muzium Negara and then past Majestic Hotel past KTM. THen taking a 3-o clock and run up past Dayabumi.
Almost there!
The final 500m were filled with friends cheering. It was festive and I managed to take pics of a few I know.
Half of Kam ;-)
Mun Seng
Deo, friend and Ameeyn
Mohan (and yes, wifey completed the run already)
All the above were taken within the last 200m of the run before I ran to the finish. Wifey met me at the finish and it was definitely one I gotten "chicked" again. I crossed the line recording a 5:34:57 on my Garmin Fenix (which has the strap snapped about 500m to finish, hence I hold it in my hand)

Race Tracking Via Garmin 910XT and Fenix

Some funny things happened. My Fenix did not register the run for a good 3 hours or until I was at DUKE. The total distance, however, were accurate. Just that the GPS tracking were not shown. It seems (consistently) a few of us using Fenix has irregularity that morning. It could be the signal locked were lost or missing a few satellites in the sky. The above tracking were from my 910XT used by my wife. Below is my Fenix tracking. See the differences?

Also, the mapping were consistent with the Samsung S5 i was using together with the Gear Fit. Never mind that the accuracy of the device combo were way off (recorded a full 10km more), the mapping were consistently missing per Fenix. I will write a short review of the S5 and Gear Fit separately. By the way, all the photos above were taken with the S5.

Race Pros
- Best organisation so far under the same race team. Everything was almost perfect from race kit collection, to race venue setup, race start, finish and medal/finisher collection. 
- Support station that has it all. Ice were available at some stations but most did not have. Not an issue anyway, it wasn't hot on race day
- better traffic control with two highway closed. Minimal impact on traffic on race day
- More than one (actually two) food stations. Gel and banana given out twice. The banana was actually ripe and yummeh!
- Mobile toilets at every support stations, superb
- Free LRT to race venue in the morning. 

Race Cons
- The route was boring. Lack of band or supporters' support. Felt "quiet" when compared to years before. For a race in KL, more so a premier race, a scenic route passing by major attraction in town would be superb. Imagine a race that run through Petaling Street or the now turned into tourist Palace ;-). Running on highway was pretty...dry.
- The finishing area were too busy with too many people crossing.