Monday, October 30, 2006

Congrats to You Bro!

More reasons to rejoice. My Best bud, which was also my Best Man, will be a dad soon. I had to keep this under wrap as it's considered *pantang* (superstitious) to announce pregnancy before the first trimester is over.

But now, with the baby inside his wifey entering the second trimester, here it is to you bro! Congrats to you and Wifey!!!

Now that you say our kids would be growing up togehter, only one problem if you want them to be classmates like you and me.

My son will be a year older, technically, so, i can't ask my son to be stupid and repeat a year to join yours, but i certainly could ask YOUR son to be smarter, to catch up by an academic

Again, Congrats!

Wedding in December 2005, Baby in March...any luck it would coincide with HIS birthday!

On the bright side, Shen's son might have a friend to play with...only thing now is to introduce both friends of mine!

So, now there is me, Zabil, Chips, Shen and Iqbal that will be parents within the next 6 months...with one more good news of a close friend that was estactic about being pregnant yesterday! Baby Boom ah everyone?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Field Report : Hyundai Matrix 1.6A

It's a week since i got the car, The Hyundai Matrix 1.6A

Fuel consumption
Clocked almost 700km and fill her up twice.

First tankful got me to 515km on 50liters of petrol. That works out to about 10km/l or almost 20sens/km.

For comparison sake, my kancil used up 14km/l.

It's not the most fuel efficient car i've ever had but the Aveo which wifey drives aren't any better at 1.5A, which would go about 380km on 35liters of petrol.

Stated fuel consumption is 25.4mpg, or it would works out to about 8.99km/l (assuming UK gallon). So that's pretty ok from what i tested and obtained in real life for a mix urban/suburban drive!!!

Fuel consumption aside, The Matrix is one hell of a comfy car.

Large interior, huge legroom behind, high point of view for driver and easy to drive.

I was expecting i would have a hard time adjusting to driving something larger than a small car like my Kancil. But it was ok, to say the least.

1.5liter PET bottle used as a relative comparison for space

This car was a 2005 model, meaning, the huge discount i got was for the depreciation of the car. I do not mind though, as i'm still getting a new car. Surprsingly, the interior still reeks of new car smell and all fittings were good. No rattling of loose parts and no improper adjustments of the headlights and alignment.

The car come with a single cd player, which failed to play any CD from day one. A quick drive to the authorised accesories dealer had it changed with no question asked. Normal for electronics to fail if it wasn't used for a long time i guess.

The aircond was super cold even on a hot day. I would say it's like being inside any Proton cars. Yes, that's about the only other thing that Proton did right for their stables of cars! So, to find that the aircond in the Matrix could match a Proton, i was happy. Gone are the days when the air blower blow only hot air from my kancil in traffic jam (which i managed to improve by installing a second fan on the aircond radiator)

The car, like my Wife's Aveo, comes with heater. Turn the knob to red mark and you get hot air blowing. Useless as i don't think we'll ever use it...OK, maybe to warm the baby's milk in the near future!

The Aveo

The rear seats is split 60/40 and could be move back and forth like the front seats. This effectively allows the boot space to be bigger, and still allows us to carry 2 adults, but with lesser leg room of course. Well, alternatively, they could sit crossed legs should that happens!

The rear seats too could be folded up and instantly the whole boot space would turn monsterous. Well, compared to my kancil and Aveo of course.

With the seats at it's original position, the boot space is a good 345liters and when the seats are all folded up, it transform to a huge 1284liter monster. Assuming that i do not stack up the stuff until roof high, i still have a minimum of 600liters to play with. Good enough as Honda City only has 500liters in total.

Standard inside the interior was a colour coded seat and panel covers which goes well with the black and grey dashboard. It comes with courtesy lights in the middle of the car roof and front auxilary lights for the driver and passenger. Control knobs are within reach and easily understood and used.

Extra was the cruise control, which was wireless and could be detached from the car steering when needed. Wireless?

It runs on one unit of CR2032 battery which will come in handy when my chest strap runs out of battery. With only 2 buttons on the autocruise control, it's easy and simple to use. No extra additonal switch to be activated before the cruise control could be used. Furhtermore, as a safety precaution, the cruise control only works for speed exceeding 50km/h and since it's wireless, we do not need to worry if any itchy hands were to press on it if it's detached as it has a distance limit to it, ie, if it leaves the driver's area, it would not work.

We settled for the Navy Blue Matrix. Rarely found and oftenly mistaken for being a Black Matrix. We did not actually thought this would be the colour and still thinks that we will get a lighter shade of blue, much similiar to my Kancil. But we were pleasantly surprised.

We thought it was this Blue...

But it's this blue...

Look wise, it still has the "designo Pininfarina" badge. From the side, it looked like it has a low Cd for a MPV. Sleek enough and fluid enough. Front the front, it looked like a grown up Getz. From the back, it looked like a grown up Getz too.

The wording on the Inokom CKD version would peel after some time, CBU won't!

Frankly, i've not been a fan of Korean cars. But not wanting to get anohter sedan car and with limited budget, Matrix fits just right in where size and value are concerned. We did, initially wanted the Chevy Nabira, but it stopped production. SO, perhaps, it's a blessing in disguise. With wifey driving a Daewoo in disguise as a Chevy, i guess that is enough assurance when it comes to Korean build cars, CBU units i meant. Perhaps that just goes to show how much faith i have with our local assemblers of all the national and pseudo national cars!

The Matrix comes with a 185/65/R14 5-spoke alloy rim with Kumho tyres. Furhter evidence that this is a pure Korean Import. Being a CBU, it comes with good and consistent exterior fittings. Doors are easily closed without any slamming action. The gap around the car's doors are consistent on both sides, meaning that the factory does a decent job, unlike some Gen.2 that i seen on the road with doors that looked as if it wasn't closed properly.

The exhaust pipe was nicely hidden and there was not a hint of it sticking out. There wasn't any stickers on the car which some manufacturer call as "body stripe" and could charge you more for "sporty look".

Road Test
Performance wise, this car is classified as a MPV by some and a Mini MPV by others. Pick up is expected of a car this heavy (at about 1.8 tonne) but the 1.6 engine surprisingly rev pretty nicely to compensate for that when needed. Of course getting the 1.8A model would be the better ideal case, but with heftier road tax and higher maintainence where tyres, for example are concerned, we decided we don't need the 1.8 and settled for the 1.6 instead.

The 1.6 has 102Bhp (which is about 102hp) under the hood powered by a 1599cc 16 Valves DOHC 4 inline multipoint injection engine. That's a mouthful compared to my 849cc carb Kancil!.

It's rated with a slow 14.2 seconds for 0-62mph (or 0-100kmh) acceleration.

Crusing at 80km/h and the RPM doesn't exceed 2000. At 60km/h city driving, it's a low 1500rpm. With torque peaking at 4000rpm, this car does promise to be able to haul it's heavy ass up Genting decently.

I'm no road bully...

NVH factor is good with very little wind noise when i drove it at 110km/h on highway. It shows little or no virbration as well over the range of speed i drove over the past 1 week and as for harshness, it could be a lil rough when going over those small lil yellow speed breaker....perhaps the suspension is set a bit stiff to compensate for the heavy body weight?

Taking corners with this car was nothing dramatic, at 80km/h it doesn't really makes you feel as if you will understeer and goes into the ditch near the big loop which join Jalan Damansara with Jalan Duta, or would you feel threathen when you go through a pseudo S-Corner is some of the notorious KL flyovers.

We felt safe, which is very important. It's nice to know that The car do come with one unit of driver's airbag and ABS (which is a real ABS, as in AntiLOCK-Braking System) and EBD, and not some Advance Braking System on some national get my drift la!

The onboard speedo and information display was sufficient, with the main cluster placed in the middle and angled towards the driver and a smaller console right infront which tells the driver which gear, low fuel, engine check, ABS, SRS, Doors ajar warning are placed. The centre consoles reads the Speed, RPM, Engine temp, tripmeter (A and B), Odometer and the fuel gauge. Nice touch without being overly crowded in the middle.


The car pull strongly from 60km/h to 110km/h with very much ease, thanks to the body weight, momentum at work i guess!

One thing notably missing was the ability to adjust the dashboard's light. Not that it is important, as i would had set the lights to maximum anyway. The steering column could be height adjusted though, unlike the Aveo. Then again, there is no need to bring the column down any lower as it would not be comfy to drive in that manner anyway.

Electric window on driver and pasenger side takes 3 seconds to wind down and 4 to go up. With auto down function only for the driver side. Hardly useful when it comes to paying toll/parking. My old kancil has auto UP and DOWN on the driver side, so, once i finish paying the toll/parking, i could just let it wind up automatically and keep one hand on the steering and one more to tuck away the receipt. I guess this is one more adjustment i need to make!

The only other grouses i had was the LED 3rd brake lights, which has 5 leds burnt out from time of delivery, that too, will be replaced as they offered to change the whole spoiler for me. How's that for customer's satisfaction where after sales service is concerned???

In the end, i guess buying anything in life all boils down to expectation. If the expectation is sky high, anyone would be dissapointed with their choices, even if you are a multimillionaire (then again, if you are one, you most probably wouldn't be bothered about buying this RM69K MPV anyway).

As for me, this is definately a great change and improvement where comfort, space and safety is concerned from my old trusty Kancil. I sure hope it would serve the new owner well.

On the plus side, Hyundai Matrix has a 4 star rating where NCAP is concerned (but i can't find the link to this test though!), and it showed loads of improvement in the JD Power 2006 survey where Hyundai brand is concerned. With only 102 defects per 100 cars, it scored pretty well above the industry average of 119, coming third after Porshe and Lexus!

The owner's manual has every single details inside if anyone cares to read (i did) and the car specs as per what i wrote above are all from the manual.

Am i happy? well, for now, you bet.

I just found out that Matrix is also known as La Vita, the NCAP was done in-house to Euro NCAP specs. It did score 4 stars. Here is the link : Hyundai Matrix/LaVita NCAP

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ryan - 36 weeks and beyond...

"You decide if you need Epidural when it's 3cm", Dr. Raman told me and wifey as asked him about pain management during delivery.

Baby Ryan is in good shape, weighing in at about 2.3kg now and about 18 inches tall.

"Good size, nothing to worry about", Dr Yap said.

It's assuring to have 2 specialist inside the room to give their views. Infact, Dr. Raman and Dr. Yap will be giving a joint talk during the first FIGO seminar in Malaysia. For the benefits of the others that think i'm refering to Fido Dido, it's actually Federation of International Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Cool dude...

I was abit alarmed when i found out Ryan lost some weight from 2.6 to 2.3 now. But i guess it's variation in the machine used as the previous check up at 34th weeks was an older 3D machine of a different make.

We also asked about the arrangement for hospital and all and was Dr. Raman told us that he has every intention to give us a submission letter, all we need to do is bring the letter, a change of clothes for the mummy and baby. The delivery room is meant for one mother only and i was given the green light to be in the ROOM.

OK, that meant, there will be LIFE update! Provided of course if i manage to set my Lifelogger account to accept and show my uploads....

We were told that everything is at very good condition and baby has engaged, meaning, heads down and moving lower.

Contraction will be felt every 10 minutes or so and for first child, it would take longer and that would give ample time for either Dr. Raman or Dr. Yap to be with us when the time comes.

LIke i said above, both of them are involved actively in this year's FIGO seminar, hence, i am telling Ryan NOT to come out so soon and stick to the given date, or just stick to my birthday on the 13th November ;-)

That would be great, ain't it? To share my birthday with my first kid!


Happy holiday all!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy DeepaRaya!!!

To all my friends that will be celebrating Deepavali and/or Hari Raya this holiday, I wish all of you a very Happy Deepavali/Diwali and Selamat Hari Raya!

Drive safe to all that is going back to their hometown and have a safe journey back too!

Oh ya, have you guys seen this year's Deepavali and Raya ad by that Oil Company? Check it out here:

Deepavali!!! Farnee!

Hari Raya!!! Touching...

ps- thanks Inbam for the lead!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Goodbye & Hello

I bid a sad goodbye to my mode of transport today.

Even the sun ain't as bright anymore...

Having to serve me really well over the years. It's a sad goodbye and i promise him that i'll say "Hi!" i i see him on the road.

Thank you Kancil...

And today, i said hello to the new addition to the family...

Serve me well, you punk!

And no, not a single plan to Ah Beng-fied this one!



Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just when you think you've seen it all...

And i saw this...

Toyota Celi-super-ca

Seriously, i've no idea what the owner are thinking, ok, maybe he isn't thinking (by the way, the driver look like he is in his 40's)

He also installed a bonnet scoop to make the car more powerful.

Only thing is, if he only know that Toyota don't turbocharge their cars (ie no need for intercooler, so, no need air scoop)...

And i really wonder how much downforce these wings could give to these average so called *sports car*

Oh ya, by the way, it went on to show that with money, you still can't buy taste!

Wheeee...can dry clothes in these hazy days!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh MY..what do VI have here?

Yeap, a fugly MYVI.

The owner should had just keep the car stock standard.

Rice Rice Baby...

The pseudo Passo rear bumper was dead ugly.

The paintwork was worse, reminding me of the bad painjob that proton does to their Satria which claims to be Red, but actually is Pink (from over exposure of the cars under the UV rays).

Ah beng tuner?

The bodywork was bad. Notice the warping and inconsistent gap?

The front was as ugly with oversized front bumper which make the whole car looked like a mutated frog ( or the irritating crazy frog).

Infact, the workmanship was so bad upfront that there were huge gaps enough to make you think the car just had an accident between the side fender and the bumpers!

wassup with the leopard print up front and in the back???

This car is one truly nice car gone wrong.


Here is a bonus pic i grabbed from Sri Hartamas yesterday.

The original spoiler doesn't contribute to the aerodynamics, hence....

you got to fix one that is *stick on* to enhance the aerodynamics!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Field Report: Asam Pedas Tanjung

In tandem with my promotion of Choco and SoulPop's Asam Pedas Tanjung, I went over to TTDI to get some of what they have to offer.

With them was Dona and Norman.


Asam Pedas Kuih Muih Fraternity

Choco wasn't around as he was sent all over to get more loose change. No help with people like me that whip out RM50 to buy something priced at RM5. Sorry guys!

I swung by to get the *goods* and double parked (it's unlike me, really) and made a dash to the stall.

Look out for this sign this weekend!

This is my first time seeing Dona and she does look as sweet as she does in her blog. As for Norman, hey, the kuih looked great man!

I bought two servings of the Asam Pedas, each with a piece of mackerel (tenggiri la tuh!) and 2 pieces of lady's fingers. Paid the due and made a mad dash back to the car as i do not want to disturb them doing their business.

Wanna go swimming?

Anyway, here is how it looked like at home.

I was salivating...picture didnt' do justice...

Cooked some rice and fried some eggs and baked beans for dinner that night.

Was tempted to heat up some roti prata and chappati to eat with it, but decided that the Asam Pedas will taste best eaten with rice.

As the dish was heating up in the mircowave, which my granma fondly call the *ting ting* machine (microwave make Ting ting sound when done what, she can't say microwave and i do not know what it is in Hokkien), the scent of the curry filled the kitchen. My tummy was grumbling and threaten a 6.0 Ricther scale earthquake shalt i not cook and serve dinner faster.

I placed it on the table, dished out the rice, called for wifey to eat dinner and we sat down, eyes looking lovingly to the asam pedas (we shalt leave the "looking into each other's eyes for anohter day ok?) and all hell broke lose.

Well, almost, thank god we were concious of our own barbaric act, we fondled the fish and the curry with a very much civilised manner.

The Asam pedas was good, needless to say. Nothing beats homecooked food, eventhough it's tarpow-ed (can consider as homecooked la, friend cooked it what!).

The curry was just nice where the spiciness was concerned. It wasn't too sour and wasn't too spicy and goes down well with our palate. It wasn't too oily too, which is a plus point for people that cam whore like me (got to look good, right?).

We finished the dish before the rice finishes, gladly scooping up the curry and drank it like some soup!

Luckily i cooked the baked bean and eggs, or else, i would be taking out the Kicap Cap Kipas and eat the remaining rice like some poor man!


ps- got one more serving, kept it for tonight to tantilise my mum!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Losing Something, Gaining Something

Best song to explain my emotions now

I admit. I was once an Ah Beng (many say i'm still am).

This Kancil was officially my first car which i paid with my monthly wages. It's been 6 years since. How time flies.

Clocking in at about 180988km as of today, the mileage doesn't reflect the car's age. I've taken really good care of the car, engine and transmission wise. Scheduled maintainence was to the dot and i've since changed the timing belt 3 times, tyres 3 times, aircond serviced 3 times, transmission oil 3 times, suspension (as in struts and dampers) 3 times and countless changes of oil and filters, of course.

For a car running into it's twilight years (mileage wise, it's equavilent to a car 9 years of age), it's served me mighty fine.

But as all stories, it has to come to an end.

Needless to say, the new car that will replace this Kancil will get the same amount of TLC. But one can't help but feel sad about ditching the old car for the new. Maybe it's just me. Being sentimental about it and all.

You rock dude!

One blogger told me to "make love to the car just one last time". She really meant for me to wash it la, not literally stick my you know what into the exhaust pipe. (link removed to protect her reputation :P)

Short history, i bought this car with the help of my dad back in year 2000. He paid the downpayment and i have to settle the rest of the payment. Back then, it was going for 30K plus. Taking a 5 years loan on a high 5.3% interest(back then, everyone changes car like it was FOC), i found myself having to pay a good RM530 every month for the next 60 months. And true to the calculation, i finally finished the Hire Purchase loan last year on 21st September. Since then, i was debt free. Driving the car for a good 1 year until i forgotten to pay and renew the insurance and roadtax.

And so, this morning, i spent a good 1 hour removing things which i could from my beloved ride.

I'll miss you

The roofrack and the bike carrier. The Subwoofers which resides inside my tyre well (yes, i've been driving around without a spare tyre for 6 years). The Ecotek which helped the car save more on petrol ( i average a good 16km/l), the Inline Broquet which had helped me saved on some petrol as well.

The balance of it, my CD player and Changer, my 2 amps, 1 equaliser and 1 turbo timer would be dismantled by my regular mechanic.

You know, sometimes, you just can't help it but to feel a lil bit sentimental about things like this.

As my mum would say, old one don't go, new one won't come...

Yes Ma dearest, i truly know that.

For pics of my car, in various stages of his own here

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You Know You Are Getting Old...

I might be biologically 30 this year.

But over the span of 2 years, i realised my memory aren't that good anymore.

I am planning to sell my Kancil that had served me for a good 6 years (coming 7). I checked the car registration card and was never more proud that i've since fully paid up the car since last year September. The car is mine, unlike some of those young yuppies that zoom around in Beemer 3 Series or even the Suzuki Swift...the car still belongs to the bank, for them at least!

Damn proud...My car belongs to me, not the bank!

Upon closer inspecton on the insurance cover note, i realised something was wrong...

Insurance cover last dated on 20th September...

Something really really wrong.

are you stupid or what?

Yeap. I did it again. Twice this year. First time was my driving license which expired like 1 month and i was still driving like nothing even happened.

My first reaction was to sms Bandit.

"Welcome to fatherhood", was his reply to me being absent minded.

It's unlike me. Wifey wanted to open a champange to celebrate as i'm always known to be on my toes about these issues, especially where law and order are concerned. I once chided about the car parked next to me at home where her roadtax was expired for at least a month before she realised it when she sent her car for servicing.

What comes around, goes around...

So, from the 20th September until Today, i've been down to Melaka 3 times, once to Genting, driving around town like nothing happened, went through 3 roadblocks, got saman by MBPJ once and i was totally oblivious about my car road tax being expired.

Hero or what?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ryan's 34th Week

Over the past 2 weeks, Ryan has put on a good 500gram or more. From 1.95kg at week 32, he is now officially tipping the scale at 2.59kg.

At week 32, he is a good 16 inch tall and now, he is an 17.5 inches. A newborn are usually about 21inch tall. At this rate, he would be growing at about 1 inch every week!!! His heartrate is a healthy 140bpm.

He is now causing wifey sleepless nights as seems to be active after dusk. Moving (much like swimming, cycling and running) inside his mother's womb. It's fun and nice to see him does what seems to be somersault inside wifey. In short, it felt like a miracle.

Everything is good and baby is in good size and all vitals are normal. We spoke to the doctor about natural or C-section birth and at this point of writing, wifey do not need to go through C-Section as her placenta is not low anymore. However, if the baby breach above 3.2kg in the next 4 weeks time, chances are, we might have to look into C-Section.

Then, we found out from Dr. Yap (and i found out she is batchmate of Dr. P) that there will be a Ob/Gyn conference from November 5th till 10th. Which essentially, could be when the baby decide to come out.

As wifey approaches week 37, which is also known as medically "to term", this meant the date would coincide with the Conference. Fret not, as Dr Raman later came in (he was super busy today, so, we don't mind seeing Dr. Yap) and reassured us that everything would be taken care of when wifey is to be in labour.

We still can't see Ryan's face as yet, his hands are covering his face and the umbilical cord are also casting shadows over the face, making 3D imagines not possible. But one thing that even Dr. Yap jested about...

"There, his balls...fully decended"

Yeap..that's what he'll do!


Ryan is fully facing down now towards the cervix opening. As for the size and worrying if he will come out when all our 3 doctors would be handling conferences, my mum has these to say

"You can't tell him to stop growing or tell him when to come out la!"

Mother know best, even when she knows she would be upgraded to be granma soon.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Seiko 5 : Automatic Watch and Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Went back to UK (as in Ulu Kelang) to buy a watch for my mum in law to be given to her brother.

cheap and chic

Why UK? Well, for one, i could actually get some really nice looking Seiko 5 for a bargain. The uncle which i frequent to change watch batteries and anything mechanical and got to do with watches is the man to go to.

already sounded like some secret code...

Now, instead of getting a watch for him, i ended up getting one for myself too. Can't help it as the one me and wifey saw was like "WOW".

See to believe.

Luminous hands are so...luminous...

Once the lights are switched on...

Beautiful, ain't it?

LIke Kelvin would say, it's not easy to find a watch where the date and day is the same colour as the watch face. The usual day in this edition comes in two language, English and ARAB. Nice touch.

See or not, the Day in Arab...

My mistake for trying to capture the pics in low light condition. It didn't do the watch justice of course, but the luminous hand was bright enough to allow my phone to focus and snap two nights ago.

Totally forgotten that i could play with the EV setting, here is a series of 3 photos which i take with different EV Settings, using my phone!

0 EV, -1EV and -2 EV

The middle pic above brings out the watch's element, no?

This watch is sold online here skywatch. Selling for USD 75...that's a rip off. I paid about USD39 for it only!

Speaking of watches. I remember, about 11 years ago, my mum, being the clean lady that she is, broke/spoilt one of a gift from RMC which was given to me in 1993.

It was a simple penholder, with a piece of tile that has a clock stuck behind the tile and the clock's hand infront to tell time.

She took the whole unit, walked almost a km to the shop(one way...meaning she walked 2km!), paid RM30 to fix it.

Till today, as i'm writing this, makes me feel, not sure of the word actually...a lil bit of warmth, fuzzy feeling. Bordering on emotional (as in wanting to cry) as i never do expect her, or wanted her to fix it. The unit most probably cost less than RM30 to begin with.

Such is a mother's love.

I still have that gift with me, it reminds me of the distance my mum went to give me back something i treasured. But since it was fixed, i treasured it not because it was a gift from RMC, but because my mum went out of her way to get it fixed for me.

I Love you mum. Though i might not had said it to you directly (what to do, typical chinaman family...i get some lashing from wifey about this sometimes), but you know i do love you to bits.

Here is some pics which i took when me and wifey went to her partner's house for Mooncake Festival.

This is their dog, a Jack Russell named Dino.

Hyperactive and mightly playful, she tires me out as i played with her.

not easy to take her pics...

I showed wifey the pics that Loctor took these...


And these are adoreable lilies! i like!


Friday, October 06, 2006

We're Not So Furious

Found this on site under the Morning Crew...

Even as i'm typing this i'm laughing my ass off!

We're Not So Furious - By Mat Rempits

I wonder if you know
How to be a mat motor
If you like it
Come and try it
Then you'll really really know

We're not so furious (rempit rempit rempit)
We're not so furious (rempit rempit rempit)

Hey Rashai
Hey jalan sempit la
Don't you call me a mat rempit!
I only go fast just a little bit
Come another road I go Peet peet!

Ampang yeah!
Seremban yeah!
I do superman sedikit
Morning crew baru sepuluh cc
On my motor I'm the VIP

Many Many cars all driving
Cutting here and there no signalling
Screaming scolding horning speeding
None of them even looking

I don't want no problem (sorry ah)
Need to get to work so please faham (tepi sikit)
Screaming cutting chiloking thank you!
Hopefully I don't get saman

Udang sudah chrome
Makat sudah chrome
My chamber is buluh
My motor is still slow!

My kocek is kosong
My paycheck takes so long!
Tweaking adding exhaust styling
Money spending, still going slow!

I wonder if you know(Hey dude..wait wait...hold on...transform!!!)
I wonder if you know
How to be a mat motor
If you like it
Come and try it
Then you'll really really know

We're not so furious (rempit rempit rempit)
We're not so furious (rempit rempit rempit)

Break it down Bia..
Alright, come on, here we go, here we go...
Anda Sedia?Anda Sedia?
Sudah Sedia...
Cakap cakap bahaya
Saya mau...
Apa part you nyayi you
Pasal saya tak pahaham

We're not so furious (rempit rempit rempit)
We're not so furious (rempit rempit rempit)

OK, abis already,
Jom balik,
OK, tha'ts bad rap,
lets get out of here...

Asam Pedas Muar (Tanjung)

What Malaysian couldn't escape is food. Well, lately, it has been HAZE. But i'm not gonna touch on the HAZY issue here today.

Since now is the fasting month. There are tonnes of Pasar Ramadan going on around and about town and basically, the whole country.

Lemang, Nasi Himpit, Rendang, Kari, Kuih, Cendol, name it, you'll get it!

But today, i want to tell you all about Asam Pedas Muar...


A lil bird told me that her mum would be selling this delicious looking dish today at Pasar Ramadan at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail starting at 3pm.

This is in her own words:

my mum is a pure budak muar...and this asam pedas has always been a family specialty...from great granny to might be able to pick up the scent when you walk around...

There will be a sign that says ASAM PEDAS MUAR (TANJUNG) and it the stall would be infront of the parking lot where Secret Recipe TTDI is.

According to her, the fish (Tenggiri or Mackerel) is so fresh that if you want any fresher, you had to catch it yourself.

OK, maybe that's pushing it, but the bird did tell me she and her mum was in Selayang Wholesale Market at 2.30am yesterday to get the best fish for this dish.

I'll go get myself some today if i could.

By the way, today is MOONCAKE Festival day.

It's the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month in the chinese calender. This also mark the mid point of fasting month and Raya will be in slightly more than 2 weeks from now!

So to all Malaysians, Happy Mooncake Festival and Happy Breaking Fast today!!! (with halal mooncake and Asam Pedas Muar of course!)

Click here for some Mooncake pics!!! HERE

Cats Whiskers Subang

What do you know?

In 7 years, Cats Whiskers has opened anohter branch. This time in Section 15 Subang.

They started off humbly in Sri Hartamas and has since opened their second branch in Damansara Perdana and then followed by the one in Bangsar.

This branch in Subang Section 15 is a natural progression for the girls from Cats.

So where is it exactly?

It's on the same row as McD at Sect 15 Subang, between the two Maybank and just a walk away from the RHB bank. You won't miss it as it is brightly lit. The soon to be opened laundry shop called will be opened below their lot.

Here is a lil bit of history.

The business was a brainchild of one woman, which went through ups and downs before the shop name is known for affordability and goof fashion sense.

The name Cats Whiskers has nothing to do with the shop having any cats, or they uses cat's whiskers to paint them. It is actually refering to the plant Misai Kucing or Orthosiphon Stamineus.

The Cats Whiskers - Healing, Beautiful, Therapeutic, just like the shop

OK, they had ONE cat before.


Some local celebrities has also seen shopping in any of the 3 existing branches, with some of them prefering certain branch over the others. Perhaps it's the cosy feel that the shop gave with it's pink wall, bright lightings and wide varieties of clothings and accessories that has drawn a steady flow of regular customers. One of them that even uses the clothes from Cats in one of her album was Amy Mastura. No, she paid for the clothes!

They are also widely publicised in the local women and girlie magazines. At one time, they were so widely publicised, one of the magazine editor actually asked them if they pay their fashion writers to use their clothes!

Items are updated almost every other week and they has since came up with their own label and design.

Just like any other business, nothing is without it's own story. The current set up consist of 3 friends that known each other way back from primary school, or longer (They are all from Assunta)

The synergy amongst the existing partners was as such that no amount of disagreement could hinder them from agreeing with each other in the end of the day.

Rock Solid!

Others got to climb the mountain!

Competition is stiff nowadays with loads of new boutique opening and some trying to emulate and copy the whole concept of Cats Whiskers altogehter. People that knows about Cats existence and suddenly seeing anohter shop with the same colour scheme and set up would be utterly surprise, thinking it's anohter extension of Cats Whiskers.

And just like what Charles Caleb Colton would say, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Having to face the ever changing taste of customers and also the barage of competitors, including one that was set up by 3 of their former branch managers, they took it all in their stride.

And so, Ladies, may i present to you, some snapshots of Cats Whiskers in Subang.

The Greetings

The inside of the Subang shop

The Whites...

The Blacks...

The accessories

And of course...

The babes...

Here is the list of the shops as of today:

# 34-1, Jln 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur (above Pills & Potions pharmacy) Tel: 2300 1264
# 22-2, Jln PJU 8/5G, Damansara Perdana, P. Jaya (opposite The Place, Damansara Perdana) Tel: 7728 5662
# 7-1, Jln Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur (opposite La Bodega Restaurant) Tel: 2282 7317
# 32A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4D, 47500, Subang Jaya (Same row as McDonalds) Tel: 56383520

Opening Hours:
Mondays till Saturdays: 12.00noon till 9.00pm
Sundays and Public Holidays :10.00am till 7.00pm

They have a mailing list as well for updated items update: HERE!

Before i sign off for this entry, here i present to you, Karoline in a very feminine and demure looking dress which she wore to the shop yesterday (i usually see her in thighs and race attire only)

Guys, she is active, fun, pretty, smart and above all, she is very single! Apply within!

She Swim, Bike, Run, Climb and now Body Board as well!