Friday, September 29, 2006

Blogger Beta...

Not sure if i'm actually regretting this move of migrating to Blogger Beta from the usual Blogger.


Lets see if it play havoc with the other things that i usually associate with Blogger.

Genting Night Attack - One of those crazy things in life...

It's gonna happen again.

Since last year's Fasting month, the Light and Easy gang has been doing Genting every week without fail.

This year is of no different.

Tonight, at 9.30pm, starting from the RnR at the bottom of the hill, some of us will be riding up Genting for a cool change. We will be armed with the brightest lights and the slowest bikes.

This is also for Zabil and his quest to climb Mtn. Aconcagua, a part of PRIDE project. Here is one of the climber's Blog.

Here is a real life account from people that has succeeded in it: Here

So, since i won't be able to blog about it until Monday and i want to give this Mobile Blogging a try, so, click on to:

Remember to click it tonight for some updates whenever i can.


I promise i won't cam whore as much!

Speaking of which, yesterday, me and Wifey went out for a a dinner. It was for one of our many anniversaries. Don't ask which one, i can't remember as well! So, here are some food to tempt my Muslim friends...stay strong y'all!

BBQ Ranch Burger...if only Big Mac is like these!

Monterey Chicken...very consistent!

By the way, my button pop open without i realise it! It might be because the shirt shrunk or i'm getting fatter! hahahahaha!!!

Only thing is i'm not Green like Hulk!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Of A Bridge, Evolutions and Karaoke...

Built in 1908, Chan BoonKoon Cheng Bridge (Thanks Lanatir for pointing this out!) that connect Kampung Pantai (which is Old Chinatown) to Jalan Bunga Raya (Also known as new Chinatown). A short Bridge but full of historical value.

Due to its age, the steel bridge was reconstructed in 1963 with a concrete bridge you see today. During the Japanese Occupation of Malacca from 1942 to 1945, it was reported that beheaded heads were placed at the foot of this bridge by the Japanese forces as a warning to the Malacca community against their occupation.

The bridge where history changed

On all 4 end of the bridge, there is a piece of marble plaque in 4 different languages.

The 30kW transformer for my pump house was burnt the morning before. It would be a chore to replace it.

These do not happen all the time. Perhaps i was just unlucky to have this happen before it was handed over to the authority. Roughly, it will cost a few hundreds to get this replaced and a few more to rewire and check for faults. Not exactly cheap, but these incidents do add excitement to my life. Sad ain't it?

The Cap isn't burnt, which is a good thing

And so, while i was taking a breather outside the Pump Station next to the bridge above...i saw this...

Something for the tired eyes...


As i move to the STP at Kota Laksamana and while waiting for my men to come, i chance upon this Waja wannabe Evolution.

what did you see?

I see wiper spoilers, huge bodykit, 205/55/R16 wheels, Shark gill on side fender, bonnet clips...

crystal lights, huge spoiler, loud exhaust and EVOLUTION stickers???

But this top them all la!!!

Brembo brake...cover???


Brader, original looked like this la!!!

And this end note is for you all that think men can't multitask. I'm driving, singing and holding the camera at the same time!

OK, i know it's nothing to be proud of and i'm driving dangerously. Rest assured i was only going at 90km/h on the left lane while i'm doing this and i was driving into the Melaka Overhead Bridge RnR.

Stupe Humperdinck

And for the real you go

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Of Inconsiderate Motorists and Real Estate Agents...

I went down to put parking tickets for my car.

As usual, there will be cars double parking everywhere.

Out of curiousity, i decided to check and see if there was any indication of where the owner may be.

What do all of them have in common, apart from being rich and has no civic conciousness?

They are all real estate agents from the shoplot nearby.

Seriously, season parking in PJ is RM100 per month only. Or they could had just pay RM60 per month and park inside Emerald. It's only 60Sen per hour.

As i'm writing this, someone is honking to get out of their parking, but they can't, because the cars are blocking! Wait, i'll rush down and take video!

here, the bugger was just walking into his car without saying sorry! CAUGHT YA!

oh ya, my blog got worthy mention in this

I must had stepped on someone's toe when i posted about confused cars

anyone care to translate???

Of Ryan's 32nd Week and Phiten...

Just got back from Dr. Raman's place.

He has a new toy to play with. A General Electric Voluson 730 Expert Ultrasound machine.

Could do 3D,4D imagining and comes with touch screen!

OKOK, Without further delay, here you go, Ryan boy in all his 1.95kg glory.

Below are the 3D images...

These are 2D's...

Looking at the above pics, you know what they say about big balls and big feet eh? ;-)

Anyway, baby is fine, infact, looking great. At 32weeks and weighing close to 2kg, or almost 4.4pound and almost 17 inch long. At this rate, we might be expecting a 8lb baby...

Nothing to worry about, really. :)

We've also asked the doctor about contractions and how do we know if wifey is going into labor. He explained and we listened.

Baby's movement is now more of moving in waves, rahter than kicking, obviously the room inside the womb is getting smaller and he is trying to squeeze out every single space he could. This has resulted in wifey not being able to rest well at night.

Her hand's tendonsititis has gone from worse to bad. So, yesterday, under her guidance and instead of wearing the Phiten to sleep on her neck, she wrapped it around her wrist.

This morning, she told me that the pain was not painful and it was very very bearable. That is compared to the other days when any slight movement would cause her to cringe.

We are so going to get the sports bracelet. If only Phiten could sponsor us one, that would be a great marketing thingy for them to sell to pregnant women!

So Phiten Malaysia, what say you?

Other Phiten's entry done by me:
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Phiten & Bruixism

Family Feista Treasure Hunt 2006

Last Saturday, Me, Weng Aun, Leou Jiun and Mani decided to team up for the first time to crack our head in this treasure hunt.

Organised by, this will be the first time ever i enter any proper treasure hunt. All 4 of us, except Weng Aun, has no prior experience in any of these motorised sports.

Number 8...didn't i tell you we felt lucky?

And so, after we went for the Explorace Final Prize Presentation, we headed to C&C at Mutiara Damansara for the briefing.

All looked so serious..chill la people!

For the first time, tulips to me meant other things. Tulips in this case refers to road markers. infact, a better explaination of tulips are the graphical representations of real
road features that you will encounter during your scheduled run, these
symbols will guide you to your check points and route checks as well as
indicate your treasure hunt stops. Drivers use these as
standard navigation tools.

Now, do you feel like a rally driver???

This is what happen if the Tulips are read wrongly..

Anyway, back to the hunt. Me, Mani and Weng Aun went for the briefing. Our designated driver, LJ, was still on holiday with her mum. So the 3 stooges, braving all the seriousness of seasoned treasure hunters, camwhored while the briefing was going on.

don't hate us because we're good looking...

Anyway, we went on to listen while other more experienced hunters went on with their own conversation much to the irritation of the person in charge and us, me, particularly. Don't they know how to shut up? Then again, they most probably knows more about treasure hunting and NO SWEAT activities better than me...

On Saturday morning at 6.30am, i went to Plaza Damas to meet up with the gang.

Early early morning already all us the Xploracers!

The first leg of the hunt was pretty straight forward, bringing us from Hartamas to Taman Tun, Damansara Perdana, Gleanmarie and then to Wet World Shah Alam.

I can't say that the questions was easy or tough, but in my opinion, there is more than one way to reason out to find the answer.

For example:

Clue 10 at TTDI, from RASTA till Honda Showroom.

Came Back to the Capital of Kedah.

The answer was : Kemac Sdn. Bhd.

Why is that so? Well, capital of Kedah is K. Came Back is actually telling you to read CAME the other way around...which is emac.

My answer was RASTA! I thought it was an anagram question. Capital of Kedah is Alor Star. so, i took the BACK of the capital, which is STAR and use the CAPITAL OF KEDAH, which is A on Alor Setar and form RASTA!.

This one i got it wrong, of course.

Then, there was one that we got it right, but with a different explanation.

Clue 24 at Gleanmarie shoplots along Jalan Batu 3.

Specialist found inside some open Guinness products

We hunted for anything Guinness and we found the signboard. There was nothing found inside the signboard of course, but if you do notice, only when you open a bottle of Guinness you will get the foam, or head. Right next to that signboard was a laundry with the word specialist.

So, it make sense that they were refering to that Laundry Shop called: Penguin Laundry Specialist.

We got this right. But the answer goes like this.

Specialist found inside some open Guinness products.

So, there you to explain?

Anyway, out of 25 questions, we only managed to get 16 right. Some were pretty straight forward and some were open for debate, but who are we to debate about it when everyone else got it right? Ah...Green Horns! :)

Mani sweating if out for us at the gym...

Anyway, the most hilarious part was when we were supposed to buy treasures. Out of 4, we got 2 right.

Treasure 3 reads like this:

don't climb such a thing to get this treasure, though the brand name may suggest a shady nature, a love less five with bits fill the can to the brim, dark power i her must be the flavour to bring.

we bought...

make sense or not?

we got it wrong, the organisers meant...

yeah, the Aloe Blackcurrent drink...

Look, our guess was, reading along the line:(my reasons in ITALIC and BOLD)

don't climb such a thing to get this treasure, - tongkat ali can only be found in jungle and on, why climb when it's in the can?

though the brand name may suggest a shady nature, - again, isn't cafe a shady place?

a love less five with bits fill the can to the brim,- Now tell me, what is tongkat ali for again and if you look at the can of the drink, the coffee bean DO fill it to the brim!

dark power i her must be the flavour to bring - Dark coffee with added zing...

And for Treasure 4...there is no dispute, we were stupid. We bought Dutchlady Coffee Milk as we thought that was what the organiser meant by "Creamy treasure" and "whatever size". The clue before that had us spell COFFEE.

Any size and must be COFFEE flavour what....

The answer was refering to:

Since when coffee and coffee mate is a CONFUSED TEAM???

yeah, since when they are a confused team? i thought they are the PERFECT team, as per how their advertisment goes?

Leg 2 of the race involve us going for a hunt in Hartamas Shopping Centre itself. All those that went there before knows how dead this place guess this is a good publicity to make everyone aware of where in the world is this place.

Heck, i'll do them a favour.


Map of Hartamas Shopping Ctr


Anyway...out of 42 teams, we didn't even come close to be the 14th team, which received a voucher of RM50. Yeah, we're that bad. We totalled up both our leg 1 and 2 and we did not eceed 80 points out of 150 allocated max points.

But for first timer, we had more fun than some of the kiasu participants that refused to trade answers with us, except 2 teams which i know them personally. To them, you guys made it more enjoyable for us la...

And to my teammate...all i can say is, Thank you very much, you guys and girl rock to the max!

All single except me, apply within for interview/screening process.

more pics could be viewed at my lifelogger's album here: HERE!