Sunday, January 30, 2005

OP Idle Competition...sing song???!!!

Received a phone call from Bandit in the afternoon telling me that me and him will duet later in the evening yesterday.

wait. Duet?



"it's for the fun of it la bro" he said.

" so what song do you reckon we should sing???" he added, assuming that i'm game for it.

"i don't know bandit, a good singer could sing any song!!!" i said, poking him.

"ok, will see ya at the OPA building tonite at 9pm, we'll sing song" He put the phone down before i could say anything else.

I later received a phonecall from him circa 9pm...told him i was oon the Federal highway going at 160km/h to go sing with him. Which he promptly said "Great" and ii still ahve no idea why i am doing all these.

I reach the building at about 9.15pm, by then, he has actually used all teh delaying tactics he knows, so that we would not be disqualified by the judges.

"ok stupe, which one you reckon? Ebony and Ivory? or Seiring dan Sejalan (loosely translated to be walking side by side and towards the same destination" He asked.

"ok, look, i have no idea how both the songs goes" i told him grinning...

" it's ok stupe, don't worry, i'm not so sure about EnB but SdS is just like rapping" he jested.

"I got the CD in the car now, lets go and listen" He added.

i know this is hilarious, what happens after that was 4 minutes of listening of the song in the car, which i then asked who is gonna be sharifah aini, trying to remember the tune, esp the slow portion...and before i knew it, we were called to the stage to sing.


Imagine, 2 married men on stage, with him as Sharifah Aini and me as Broery Pesulima singing as if we were lover.

We won by default, as there isn't any other old boys that came and sing duet...hahahahaha

on to HEAT 2!!!


here is the lyrics to the song: Seiring dan Sejalan

ps- it would be even a bigger disaster if me and him were to sing Endless love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross, Michael jackson would had come and kill us and Paris hilton will disown her co-host in Simple Life. hahahahah

Thursday, January 20, 2005

What i do for a living...

For all of you that is wondering what i really do for a living. I jsut want to warn all fo you, it's a dirty job, literally.

I deal with Sewage, a nicer name would be called Enviromental Engineering.

Oh well, this job has taken me from Sweden to Africa, but mostly, i'm doing loads of work in the southern part of Malaysia at this point of time.


Just to make sure you people that just flush your toilet everyday and do not know what happens after those gunks disappear from your toilet bowl, here it is, from the eye of my low res phone camera...

Destination 1:

This is where your gunks reach after going through the sewer express. The Pump Sump, or better known as the shit hole. This one that you see is about 12 meters deep. On the most left is the mechanical bar screen. This machine is made from stainless steel grade 306, should be able to withstand the most corrosive of the gunks or whatever that isn't able to be digested by all of you.

Can you believe these ppl flush down a small rejoice shampoo bottle??? have a look, the thingy in green.

screened stuf

from here, it will go to the

Destination 2:
Wet well, this place is where all those shits are stored, controlled by float switches, the pumps in the dry well (Destination 3) will pump all the gunks once it touch/reach a predetermined level.

Destination 3:
Looks clean, infact, this is one of the cleanest place you can be. Since it is a dry well, there is virtually no water below it, only a few huge pumps (in this case, 4 units of 15kW pumps)

pump room

From this pumps, the gunks will then travel upstream to the Secondary Screen chamber...

Destination 4:
Here, lie anohter unit of screen chamber, aptly called the SECONDARY screen chamber, the filtering gap is now 10mm, as oppsed to 25mm for the first one. Basically, this is where things small enough to be filtered out, will be filtered out. One fine example? this fish.

fish screened

Also at this place, there is a grit and grease trap, where the residue will be later pumped to their respective chamber for drying and disposal. Here is what a grease chamber looks like.

grease chamber

Destination 5:
After all the removal and all, the sludge, as it is fondly known from now on, will then be directed into two tank, where we call them aeration tanks. Here, air is introduced using some blowers, as the action of introducing air will help breaking down of the sludge. Also, despite it's capacity, there isn't any smell...or shouldn't be any smell. Any smell from any treatment plant shows that the system isn't working. so take note.

here is how those blowers look like, huge ma'fak, weight about 500kg each, these la..i've seen bigger anyway.

blower room

Destination 6:
After being blown, the treated sludge will then be channelled to this thingy called the secondary clarifier. Well, as it's name imply, it will clarify the water further, this is also where the sludge will settle to the bottom of the tank. Also, when that happens, this machine called sludge scraper, as per pic, will scrape all teh sludge lodged at teh bottom of the tank to one end, where it will then be pumped out to the next destination.

sludge scraper

Destination 7:
Ah...almost there, at this point, the sludge will be pumped from the clarifier tank to this sludge thickener, the motor you see will actually slowly stir the sludge, ensuring that it won't cake up and make removal difficult. What happen here is, we have a grade A fertiliser. These sludge will then be transfered to the Sludge drying bed via a very specialised pump called a screw pump.

gravity sludge thickener

Destination 8 and 9:
Almost at the end of the process, the sludge will be transfered to this sludge drying bed. What you'll find here, after maybe 3 months later is chillis, pumpkins, watermelon even, growing on the sand bed...reason being, the seeds that we ate together with those fruits/vegetables are not digestable, and where else will it end up but here???

sludge drying bed

The water will then be channelled out on the other end to this disinfection chamber, this is where we will introduce chlorin to kill all germs, before the water, treated, are released into the drain and to the public.

disinfection chamber

and so, there you are...a crash course on all things icky and now, when you go to the toilet, you will remember what i say here!!

have a good holiday!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The weekend it was

Hi guys and girls,

sorry, been missing lately from being infront of the PC.

I've completed the Genting Trailbalzer run in 1hr 45mins with my teammate Dr. Hisyam. We were palced 36 out of 200 plus teams that took part in the WILD category (12km run in the green lush jungle of Awana with a max altitude gain of 530++meter from starting point).

We only managed to run 45% of the tracks, the rest of the 55% was almost vertical hiking up those slippery and thorns scattered single track trail 9some even don't have the trails, except being guided by some papers where those Hash runner uses, or simply finding our way by looking at the ground where the soil was trampled by those racers).

It was a good run. Tiring, and fun.

And i lost all pics my wife took.

How it happened? I downloaded all the pics into my flashdrive(Apacer USB) and viola...the drive decided to play a prank on me and all my datas (including loads of other pictures) went missing. I didn't even press anything close to the *DELETE* button.


Shucks, but nevermind, there is always next year or next race, to take more pics.

Meanwhile, i'll be active again in the Selangor League Rugby starting this Sunday at Padang Utara, PJ at 4pm. Will be playing against D'Montel (mostly made up from the defunct PWC team).

And don't forget, tehre is the KL International Marathon to run on March 6th!

What a fun year!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Power Failure..again

Was going out for lunch with sis and friend today at about 12.30pm when i noticed the radio is giving intermitent static sound. Upon exiting Damansara Perdana and reaching Uptown, it was total static in the radio.

It was only when i picked my sis up later at Kelana Jaya that i knew there is a widespread power failure.

Was estatic, this meant today can go back early (ie can go Putrajaya earlier for my 45km ride).

Boss confirmed with me via SMS that half the country is experiencing blackout. (yay!!!)

At about 1.45pm, called back to the office and electricity has resumed at office area. (damn it!) and part of KL.

This is an excerpt from Bernama:

Power Failure In Klang Valley, Southern States

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 13 (Bernama) -- Several parts of the Klang Valley, including Putrajaya, were affected by a power failure which occurred at about 12.30 pm, eyewitnesses said.

They said that areas like Damansara, Bangsar, Hulu Klang, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam were also hit by the blackout.

Tenaga Nasional Bhd has yet to issue a statement.

Meanwhile, city and Selangor police operations rooms reported several locations in the Federal Territory and the state were experiencing power outage, causing traffic lights at intersections to stop functioning.

Tenaga Nasional staffers contacted by Bernama said the blackout affected Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Johor and key installations such as the KL International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Leech Removal Procedure

I'm obsessed with the leeches...

found one sucking on me on my right thumb after i remove my biking glove...guess our friend are all warm and cosy!!!

suck on it baby

After giving it the ciggie butt treatment, it fell off, blood starts trickling out

and it keeps coming out....

The gang having breakfast

The bite still itch until today, 4 days later!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Blardy leeches

The run left me bleeding for half the day.

Those leeches that sucked on me leg grew to about three quarter of an inch, i had to remove them using ciggie butts, because i can't wait for them to finish their brunch, and leave me alone.

This is what happen, if you remove the leeches after they suck on you a wee bit too long....

You'll be bleeding from the their bites! mine lasted until 12 hours later! I only managed to stop one of the bigger bites after 7 hours.

here are some pics of how gory it all looked like:

Radioactive leeches


Still bleeding after 12 hours...

What a run!

After being immobile for 3 weeks since my dad had a stroke, i've not done anything phsycially challenging, apart from running from the hospital to home to work and to sites. It was more of mental exhaustion than pushing myself till i puke.

No, i'm not a sadist. I do not puke that easily.

Last Thursday, i did a 45km bicycle ride in the middle of the rain in the darkest possible route there is in Putrajaya.

It was fun, especially so when you get to sweat it all out again.

I didn't know cycling in the night, in total darkness and only guided by the dim lights from the headlamps, was so much fun.

Then, some of my friends went to Frasers Hill, to cycle yesterday. I didn't went, decided to spend the new year chilling it out, rather than pushing my arse and shaking it

Then, today, i decided to join a few of them in Batu Dam, Sg. Tua, for some bike/run action.

I woke up late. Infact, only woke up when Doc called.

“on my way!” i told him, as usual, the standard reply of most Malaysians when he/she was late/not punctual.

“got fire la here, police block off the road, we are asking the kampung folks how to get to the Dam from these roads” he told me.

OK, so i'm not exatly late. :P

Yeap, there is a fire. Big ne infact, was seen once i turned into the old Selayang road.

News had it said that the fire started at 2.30am! Pics taken at 8am!

Reached Batu Dam after much detour.

Everyone left for the cycling/running. I wore my shoes and started running.

I'm going to run alone.

As usual, Batu Dam is breath taking.

Taken from the trail head.

Body was complaining after just the firs 5 minutes. Lactic acid build up at the muscles and i could feel them flooding very single joint and fibers. I pushed on.

After 15 minutes of painful attempt to run at my usual pace, endorphins kicked in and pain begin to subside. Excitements kicks in as i tell myself that it is only the mind that is telling me that the body is tired.

I ran, reaching the first river crossing within the next 7 minutes. Took me almost 30 minutes to finish the first 6km. It is a funny feeling to be running alone in the thick lush jungle. With only the leeches and insects accompanying you. Ah, yes, there is also the occasional monkeys doing their own business.

My heart rate seems ok, i predict it to be in it's 70% range, it is only my legs asking for a break from me.

I reached the meeting point, the second river crossing not long after. That is the 8km mark. The previous 2 km was uphill al the way, so there was a lot of dash up hills, and the occasional crawl.

The guys was there, great!

The told me they reached the place in the last 10 miuntes. There were, Bacin and Dr. Amir running. Doc, Cheepox and a new crony, Fadzil, cycling.

Not wearing helmets are runners. Sorry, i looked messy.

The slut!

I know, it wasn't fun Dr. Amir, but lets just hang on for a while again, ok?

It was barely 3 minutes before the runners took off again. Oh ya, i removed like 3 leeches from both my legs at the river. Some the size of Twisties (small one la).

On the return run, it took me almost 45 minutes to complete the remaining 6km.

Blisters could be felt forming on my heel and both soles, as the shoes was wet and there was loads of unwanted frictions.

I basically limped to the parking lot, and when i took off my shoes, there it was, 2 leeches that had grew close to three quarter of an inch, feeding from my veins. Feast on these pics of the blood that was oozing out, until about 12 hours later!

The fire was still in he process of being put out. I has been almost 3 hours, and it was of no surprise, as i was a plank wood factory that was being reduced to ashes.

This was taken at 11.30am!

Now, as i'm typing this, my left knee is aching like i had been pounded by jack hammer and my right foot felt like some trucks just ran over it.

It's been a rahter painful homecoming trip. But i got to do it, all for the sake to push myself, to be able to run my first marathon this 6th March.

Meanwhile, enjoy these pics.

Batu Dam, Still water run deep?

The trail, next to the resevoir.


Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Quiet Celebration

Had been calling up all my close friends.

Unfortunately, only one or two, could make it for dinner with me and loved ones.

Norman was sweet enough to pick both my sisters up from my house and we went for some dim sum at Jalan Ipoh.

This place, for the longest time i know, has good dim sum, nothing fantastic though, but good enough, and definately much better than those bangla/vietnamese/indonesians immigrants dim sum store that is set up by their chinese boss.

The aubergine was stuffed with fish paste and comes in big servings per plate. The

Har kow was a-ok, though ti could be done better if the prawn has more taste to it.

Siew mai was also ok, but at least it doesn't have the heavy meat taste, it was fresh, and piping hot, as it should be.

We had other assortments of dim sum, almost whipping up double of everything, and it cost the 5 of us RM61.70 inclusive of drinks.

Oh ya, did i mention that Norman and sis saw some gang fight? yeah, Jalan Ipoh is famous for these *showdown*, it is like the policeman are always ready, because there were there when the fight broke up.

Here some pics, minus the food:

sorry, can't wait to eat, we finished 4 servings before you girls came.

yes, chew on it Norman!

Me and wifey

We later adjourned to Mont Kiara.

As expected, the place wasn't packed, just trickles of diners and people sitting down for some self reflections of the year 2004.

The same can't be said about Hartamas though, as it was clearly choked with people, despite PM's pled that there shouldn't be much revelry in view of the present saddening situation that Asia is going through now.

But one thing irks me though, there were a small countdown at the Sunrise courtyard, but the images that was shown on the projector board was showing how the tsunami effected and there was nothing happy about it, yet, there were some that wasn't actually bothered by it all.

New year resolution?

I am making the resolution to:

1. run my first marathon in march during the KLIM.

2. Complete in at least 2 more triathlon.

As far as career and life is concerned, i guessed i'm already blessed with a good boss/partner in business and a wife that understand and support me in whatever i do.

So, again, despite the tsunami/tidal wave/bad things that happened in 2004, i guess it is time to just pack it, and throw it out of the window, and welcome 2005 with a more positive outlook.

i hope.

Drama Drama Drama

Firstly, Happy New Year 2005.

May the bastard/bitch/fucker that made your 2004 miserable had a permanent itch on their arsehole and their arms grew so short, they can't scratch their sorry arse.

Secondly, Auld Lang Syne to 2004.

For it has brought much joy, and brought more tears compared to 2003.

What a year it was.

1. I got registered (ie legally married),

2. Office hired an engineer that prove to be just as useless as the toilet urinal(his last day was yesterday, and he had no common decency to clean up his desk, or his PC, which is filled with porns)

3. Had close shave with life numerous times, with express buses and cars driven by total idiots.

4. Completed 3 major physical events ie AXN Challenge, my first 10km run and Perhentian Quadrathlon.

5. Picked up mountain biking again, and bought a fully upgraded Giant Rincon from a ride buddy that sold the bike to me for a mere RM500.

6. Dad had a stroke before christmas, and that signify a major change in my family's life and order of the day.

7. Having to deal with nikampoos in work, with insistent pushing and shovings from engineers that think they created the world, and subcontractors that thinks you owe them a living.

but what really was significant, especially so this year, was how i ended the year.

With a bang, literally.

I was in Seremban, yesterday.

Met up with a system designer to pick up some drawings for my Melaka projects. I called OP Cheepox for lunch, since he is in the vicinity.

He asked for 30 minutes and i decided to shoot off to Senawang, about 15 km away and 6 minutes toll to toll, to check what the fucking subcontractor did for my Senawang project.

Took a detour and exited through the PD toll, as i wanted to go to Rasah to buy some doggy food for the 2 big dog at home.

Was met with a major jam in Rasah, apparently, they are going to build some insignificant bridge across the main existing road, causing collosal jam.

After finding myself going back into seremban, which where i was 3 minutes ago, i bought the food.

Was coming out of the junction when this uncle on motorbike, conviniently crashed into the front portion of my car, ripping my bumper away, and with him sprawling across my bonnet.

Came down to check the damage after making sure that the uncle is a-ok and suffer from no brain haemorrage. Found out that my bumper was dislodged from it's position, dangling only by the cables that connects to my two Hella Comet 400 fog lights. Images of the Faces of Death 4, where a man's arm was crushed by a car he was repairing, with only his main two arteries intact, flashed across my mind.

"Aiyo, brother, sorry, very sorry" the uncle said in cantonese.

"uncle, are you ok?" i said, with visible tremble in my voice.

"I ok, but i help you fix your car back, you follow me, i ride bike, you follow me to Rasah", he said, after helping me to remove the two cables and putting my bumper into the rear portion of my car.

me, myself and my bumper

He ride his kapchai, while i trude along unfamiliar roads. It did occur to me that he might just run away, leaving me to eat the bumper myself. But i hold true to what he said and constantly told me that he is not leading me to where he and his (possible) canibalistic cult is.

I was back in the jam, where i was stuck earlier. I did call Cheepox and told him about my misadventure, and apologises profusely to him. He's cool. I've also called wifey and told my sis. My phone batt was running low and true enough, after 5 minutes of sms-ing, it went dead on me. SO, thre i was, on new year's eve, with no communication to anywhere, except this uncle that had crashed into me, and offered to repair my car.

I reached the place, it was really some mechanic place that is set under some trees. Old figures, which was later introduced to me as the Foremen, was talking to him and told him the mudguard guy is out for lunch.

Uncle gave me his calling card, and introduced himself as Burger Yap. He owns a bakery in Seremban, producing burger bun. He even told me where he stayed, so, i reckon he is reliable.

I told him to take his leave, no point he waits there with me, the foremen seems to know him well, hence, it sorta comfort me that it wasn't any cult or con man that is gonna do my car, and hold me for ransom, or eat me.

The foreman later told me that he is known as Loti Yap (as in Roti Yap), made a honest living and a stubborn old man that still trude along in his old bike.

At this point, i felt lucky. Lucky that this uncle offered to repair, and is sincere about it. Unlucky that i had to be in this accident, and had to cancel all my appointment, until my car could be repaired.


His knee did this, noticed the dent?

Right side mounting needs to be repositioned, it was crumbled towards the left.

This is how it is supposed to look like, originally.

3 hours later, and loads of heartache seeing hammer meeting metal on teh well polished surface.

No more dents! but loads of paint peeling!

The uncle did mentioned to me to call him again, when i am in Seremban, as he wants me to sent my car for painting.

I guess, to look at things at another perspective, i'll treat this minor accident as a sign that i've already *buang suey*, and lets hope for better tiding this year.

I went home only at 6pm, reached KL at about 7pm and got ready to go out for dinner with sisters, wife and friend. More about that later.

I've also managed to *re-communicate* again with the world, told Iqbal about my accident and he he jokingly said that i was hit my some tidal waves as well, when the uncle landed on my bonnet...

Speaking of which, there is dents, and scratches across the bonnet, his watch and rings did all the damage...but since he was nice enough, i didn't have the ehart to make him pay for that repair as well.

Like i say, it was a bang, literally.