Thursday, June 20, 2024

3X MultiProtein Shake - A Quick Review of a Korean Protein Drink

As a lifestyle triathlete, I rely on my training and my daily routine to maximize my potential so I could continue to train and improve. While fueling during race is important, recovery is as important as it help determine your readiness to train the next day. 

I have been taking (one or combination of these two) milk (full cream), milk pwoder and Yoghurt as my recovery food after a hard workout. Combine it with balanced diet and rest and recovery, I am often ready for the next day and whatever the work/life challenges thrown at me.

Recently I was approached by Savage Gears, the sole distributor of 3x Protein in Malaysia. 

Savage Gear is coincidently the gym that my wife goes to. So imagine her surprised that I received an offer to collaborate, and she has been reading and knowing of this protein brand.

What is 3X Protein    

  • 3 types of protein - Soy Isolate, Whey Isolate and Yeast Protein
  • 3 types of enzyme - α-amylase, Papian and Bromelain
  • 21.3grams of Protein per 40grams serving - 20x more than an average sized B egg for same serving weight (approx 1 "B"egg of up to 45grams)
  • 11 vitamins and minerals - help you to supplement what you may had missed or need if your daily diet 
  • Made and packed in South Korea. Distributed by Savage Gears Malaysia
  • HACCP certified (aka clean process) with ingredients sourced from Kosher source.
Nice shaker too!
How is it packed and nutritional info
600grams pack for 15 servings of 40grams each scoop. 21.3grams protein per serving with stevia and coconut milk as sweetener. No added sugar. 152kcal energy. Considered to be low kcal when compared to other Whey protein of 30grams serving with up to 25grams protein and approximately 170kcal due to added flavoring (based on personal experience, whey is chalky and bitter, so most whey comes flavored)
Something different from protein shake perspective -with crunchy edibles

3 types of protein - yeast, isolated whey and isolated soy. First time seeing this, and I supposed this is how it gets the name 3X.

It includes 3 enzymes of Papain, Bromelain and α-amylase; each help break down protein and carbs for faster absorption respectively. Papain is from papaya, Bromelain is from Pineapple and α-amylase is from grain that breaks down carb

Packed with 11 vitamins and minerals, and essential amino acid (from yeast protein source - see below where it is sourced). Value on the low side of RDA, but it is intended to supplement, not replace your Daily requirement.

How does it mix and taste in water?
Chocolate powder dilute very well and fast in room temperature water. Protein and chocolate crunch stays crunchy after mixing.

Smooth, light chocolate, creamy texture when consumed, with crunchy bits adding to the experience. 

No noticeable typical isolated whey protein taste (chalky or bitter). I would not had thought it’s a protein shake if given to me in a blind test. Three hours in and no gastro issues. Seems to agree better than milk powder I take after hard workout.
Who it may appeal to
  • Those that has just started to introduce protein supplement into their daily food intake, but afraid of gastro tolerance or tummy issues
  • Those that is already taking protein and want to change brand/taste
  • Those working out and looking for additional ways to increase protein intake without higher kcal consumption
Who may not be suitable
  • if you are worried of the ingredient source to be non-halal certified
  • if you have soy allergy
  • if you already have a good daily diet and doesn't require additional protein
  • if you have other health issues and your medical doctor or nutritionist doesn't approve of you taking this
Where to Buy and how much it cost
RM188 per bag of 15 servings. Purchase on the link here. Cheaper on Shopee but pay shipping. Average RM12.50 per serving. You paying for quality ingredients, made in South Korea under strict HACCP with the Yeast protein coming from Lallemand under the Engevita brand that is kosher and halal.

My Taste Review
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Thank you 3X Protein for the tester and the shaker! Appreciate the opportunity to provide this review!