Thursday, January 05, 2023

2023 Sports Paragon Ambassadorship - Journey Continue With Paragon Vest Malaysia

Hello 2023!

I am happy to share that for 2023, I've had my ambassadorship with Paragon Vest renewed and will continue to represent Sports Paragon as their Brand Ambassador. This extended recognition meant a lot to me as an age-group athlete as the brands has allowed me to experiment and experience there very best in technical and leisure wear. 

I will continue to represent brand names such as Brooks Running, Zoot Sports and Prime. On top of this, I am now part of the Pressio - a compression wear with rich history in elevating athlete performance.

Like in 2022, I will be utilising Brooks Running shoes, the Zoot triathlon collections, the Prime sports wear and the Pressio range in my training and racing. I may from time to time, be able to share more campaigns and promotions so you my dearest readers and followers, will get a solid chance to save money while doing the sports you love. There are plentiful of sports brand and items at the Sports Paragon online store here.

Brooks Running
I have ran in the Launch8, Ghost 14, Hyperion Tempo and Hyperion Elite 2 in 2022. Each of them provided me a great perspective in what Brooks shoes could offer. My wife has ran in Glycerin and Adrenalin range, and loving them. My kids both has worn Launch range and Glycerin. The family is part of the Brooks family as well (I buy them on discount codes which you can as well!)
The Hyperion Elite3. Waiting To be Reviewed. Meanwhile, read about the awesome Elite2 here

Zoot Sports
The ultimate triathlon attire. Covers all sports from Swim, Bike and Run. Technical wear with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating to protect you while outdoor while providing tried and tested aerodynamics, support and fashion. Never boring in them with superb fitting and reliability.
Sunset Collection on Core Cycling Bib
I had a reel made for what you can expect for 2023 in this sharing. You see the American Rebel Trisuit which is the Podium 1 or P1 Ultra material which is both feature laden with material made to enhance cooling and aerodynamic.
Prime Sports
A homegrown Paragon Vest brand that has graced many local races being the official event tshirt. 2022 saw them launching the PriZero range, otherwise known as the "Zero Collection". They are superlight and based on their years of experiences and researching other brands, the cutting, fitting and functionality has now include performance-minded user. The Prime Zero shorts are my daily wear for run!
Lightweight, comfortable and in every color you can imagine
Founder of 2XU founded Pressio and this brand has since under Louis Vuitton group where their diversification above luxury items has benefited tehcnical sports wear. Pressio compression and technical sports wear are relatively new in Malaysia and they are slowly attracting athletes to experience their technical superiority. You will see me wearing these in my run more as I start to give them a proper review
Pressio Full Length Compression Tights

I will continue my sharing in my social media spaces here in Instagram, Facebook Page, YouTube channel, Twitter, Garmin and now TikTok as I engage all of you as the Key Opinion Leader (KOL), bringing technical and user reviews of these sports brand and sharing promotions and campaigns from Sports Paragon Malaysia!

As per 2022, I am sharing discount codes for online purchases for all brands under Sports Paragon, Brooks Running, Zoot Sports, Prime and Pressio. Sports should be affordable to everyone, and looking good is part of it! These discount codes are for your whole year 2023 purchases from Sports Paragon website, Zoot Malaysia and Brooks Running Malaysia. There are plenty of brands with different items. There will be something to suit all style, preferences and budget. Do check for item availability from time to time.

The specific Zoot and Brooks website carries newer models while Sports Paragon has everything, including some older models, which is why you see better discount in Sports Paragon official site.

Promo Code: SPEV02(SP)
Footwear: 55%
Apparels: 50%
Sandals: 40%
Accessories: 50%

Promo Code: EEVANOFF25 (Brooks)
25% OFF of all items ( exclude sale items )

Promo Code: ZOOTEEVAN20 (Zoot)
20% OFF Zoot website Non promo items
10% OFF Zoot website Promotion items

I will be using these hashtags a lot in my social media postings, so that will allow for easier references with like-minded individual that contribute to the community. 

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