Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Aiyo...what now?

What a rude shock.

I've always been a law abiding citizen.

I get summoned, that's fair, it is my fault.

I paid up within 2 weeks, no doubt.

Proud to say, since my last offence with the *Parking Monster* on 15th October 2004, i've been spared from the mouth of this beast for more than 1 month.

But not this time.

I was slapped with a notice to pay up a RM30 compound.

The very same summon that i've already paid up with RM20.

have a look:

Letter printed on 24/11/04 from MPPJ.

see la...paid within 14 days on 29th october 2004 in the morning!!!!

as if DOING ME A FAVOUR by letting me compound this offence at RM30!!! What F... ???!!!

Yes Miss Lulu, MPPJ is being lulu by telling me this nonsense!!! I paid up BEFORE 19/11!!! Also, Please change your tag line...a bit sad and has just ended up as a joke.

I called MPPJ at 79602657 and spoke to Ms. Dun Have Name (yeah, she refused to introduce herself, but i did). She checked through her canggih PC system and told me that i had 6 summons, out of which, i've paid all 5 but this one.

I gave her my summon number (56005251) and she checked with 56002521 and asked me what is the car number, which i then asked her to tell me MY car number stated on her PC. Obviously, she got it wrong.

I had to repeat myself 4 times, before she got the summon number right. What? someone doing something to you under the table and you can't concentrate?

After getting the reference number right, and verifying that i've not paid my summon, i told her i got the resit resmi infront of me. I offered to read to her the resit resmi number, which she then asked me to come to MPPJ to settle this matter.

1. I do not have the luxury of time
2. Why is my resit resmi NOT good enough as a proof of payment?
3. I have to ask you where i need to go...imagine if i dind't i'll find myself running from Civic Center and MPPJ Building...and who is gonna pay for my parking???

by the way, i've noticed that MPPJ is governed by people that do not know how to use Bahasa Malaysia Proper...

Resmi, as far as i can recall from my Form 3 and Form 5 SRP and SPM paper states that it is a habit, behaviour or characteristic, like adat resmi..but never resit resmi!!! Click here for the link to Resmi

Rasmi, on the other hand means official...now, doesn't that make more sense?
Click here for the link to Rasmi

How is the citizen in PJ supposed to learn to use the proper Bahasa Kebangsaan, when the Council itself didn't even care?

Oh ya, they promised to call within this evening. until now, at 3.30pm, i'm yet to hear any vibration, or even tingle from my phone...or house phone...or office phone...

Friday, November 26, 2004

Dear Dr. Tan...

i can't help it...being branded as some killer on the road by virtue of the car that i drive...so, here goes, a complilation of cars, and their owner that are "more cleverer" than the automotive engineers in *designing* cars and thus, creating the *ultimate ride*

Car 1 : Wiralution

Loud exhaust, smoked rear lights, huge stickers covering views, lowered-until-bouncing handling, the ultimate Wira...

Car 3 : Do You Have a Honda?

Again, loud exhaust, lowered-to-hell ride, huge F-16 spoilers, huge-wheeled fly-me to the moon honda.

Car 4 : Is-wanza

Loud exhaust, 15 inch wheels, rear, front and side skirtings, blue coloured reverse lights MPV wannabe 7 person carrier Iswara.

Car 5 : Satria GTTi

Loud Slanted Exhaust barely touching the ground pipe, 15 inch wheels, GTI Spoilers with imitation racing bucket seat Satria Gtti

Car 6: Mafia Honda
Err...are you above the JPJ Ruling on tinting my dear friend? Not forgeting the lowered 17 inches wheels...

Car 7 : Ultimate Bengwara

16 Inch Wheels, loud exhaust, DIY Front bumper(see those crude fittings???) , heavy tinting, imitation race bucket seat and a MPPJ Saman-ed Self-disintergrating Bengwara

stupe: again, of the same bengwara with now, a confused identity

Crystal headlight with el-chepo *look like HID* bulbs and Mitsu VR-4 front grill Bengwara with confused identity about ebing an all wheel drive car....

Car 8 : Two of a Kind

Loud exhaust lowered confused kancil with pseudo roof rack in double sided tape bad apple kancil and equally loud exhaust racing stripped, 15 inches wheeled satria with imitation bucket seats in lowered Lotus handling Satria GTTi V-Spec

Car 9 : The Ultimate Driving Idiot Machine

Super fast loud exhaust 17 inch wheeled dark tinted ultimate lowered driving machine that don't give a fuck about other road users with his super F-1 Driving skills

Car 10 : Super Fast & Furious Satria Confused

17 inched loud hanging exhaust imitation bucket seat look i'm going at 80km/h with traffic infront of me Satria-lution VR Spec

Car 11: Ferrari Wiralution

Ferrari red super loud exhaust i could hear you a mile away 17 inched wheeled lancer half cut front lowered bouncing wiralution...

Thursday, November 25, 2004

How Scorpio Am I???

Got this from Reta's Blog...

You are 93% Scorpio

Now, does this mean that i'm like some overly possesive testesterone charged highly confident revenge taking bastard? You decide.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Traffic Bigotry

I couldn't believe it.

Some idiot wrote in the paper yesterday, saying that people with smaller cars are the most dangerous on the road.

The idiot was saying something like he was driving on the highway at 110km/h and was overtaken by those in kancil overtaking them.

He even go on and say that he drives a japanese 2.4 liter car.

OK, Look here Buster.

You are rich. I'm not.

Those that drives Kancil are not dangerous. Infact, those that drives bigger and more powerful cars are even more dangerous!

I pay Road tax as well. Infact, i ensure that my car is in tip top condition every week. But i tell myself everytime that it is ok. Because you are paying more Road taxes than my puny-worthless car.

Classifying Kancil drivers as being irresponsible is just like blaming half of America that didn't vote for Kerry and let Bush won the last election!!!


Look here BUSTER.

I've lost count on how many times i felt my life being threaten jsut because people like you that drives a bigger car thinks that kancil do not deserves to be on the road.

I've lost count of how many times i was shown the fingers, just because i was trying to push pass the enxt vehicle, so that you could whizz pass me at 140km/h.

I've lost count of how many times you open your big car door and just treated as if my car wasn't there. I know dents in my car are cheap to repair. But how would you feel if i smash your windscreen, and smash your nose as well?

I've lost count of how many times i see Kancil involved in accident, just because you overtake cars in teh opposite direction, thinking that your big powerful-could-fly-to-the-moon car could manage to cut in. The only thing you are cutting is our life.

Get a grip of reality BUSTER. Your big car is drinking more fuel that my car, and you are using more of the subsidies that the goverment allocated, so that you could cruise in your virgin calf leather seats with your 8 speakers set up sound system and point fingers at others that is not worthy to use the road, like you do.

And BUSTER. It is not cheap to modify car. You got that point right. Don't just blame ALL Kancil drivers for modifying their cars as if they could take off like a F-16 jet! I've seen more Wira being turned into God-Knows-What-Car and Iswara fitted with engines bigger and more powerful that your pathetic 2.4 liter Japanese car.

I've see more Civics with exhaust pipes so big, you could barbeque a whole chicken at the tailpie.

I've seen more Wajas involved in accidents just because they think that the "Tuned By Lotus" Stickers could justify them taking corners at 80km/h.

I've also seen more BMWs and Mercs, being driven by those rich brats in Bangsar trying to squeeze through everyone and triple park their car, so that it will raise their chances of getting some action that night.

So. Buster. It is unfortunate that you had studied so much and earned your Ph.D. and call yourself a Dr. It just show to the rest of us, that you are just as bad as the next person that didn't go to school! Oh sorry, that would be an insult to the people that didn't go to school, as some of them are more humble than you are.

Now, go and shove your 2.4liter tailpipe up your ass, and stop complaining about Kancil trying to kill you in your GOA certified Car body.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Damn it!

Spent the whole day today formatting my PC.

Apparently there was some virus or some stuff that caused it not to work when i rebooted this morning.

I've lost all my pictures i have in this PC and looks like life will now be a clean sheet, again.

Got to get back and ensure everything is running as per how i like them to be!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Thursday - 11th November 2004
AM - Was still lazing in bed at 10.30am and decided to wake up to go to Surin's house. It is a ritual where i never missed since i was 10 or 11 years old. Only time that i didn't go was when Surin was studying in UK. Usual suspects was there with a few of Surin's new work mate in DHL. Surin mum make the best home cook indian food i've ever known...gosh...i pigged out!

PM - Was at Suresh's place later that night for dinner. Saw Mano and Eileen for the first time since like 4 months ago. Suresh's uncle had a new dog. Prince was his name and this is how he looked like:


It was fun catching up with friends, especially those that grew up with you. Suresh whipped out a mama of a rocket, it cost him like RM15 for this one stick..and you could see in the background, one of them exploding...


Friday - 12th November 2004
AM - Woke up at 11am. It was great to be able to just sleep and do nothing. Was supposed to go to Bukit Tinggi, but decided not to, since all the people we've asked told us how boring that place is. Gave that place a miss.

We went to Carrefour in Wangsa Maju to get the EX Curl bar i've always wanted. At RM59.90, that is a good RM5 cheaper than the cheapest place i've found in Summit USJ. Other places are selling them at at least RM75 for that 4 feet long of steel. I decided to get another set of weights, at RM48.90, it was a steal for the 15kg dumbells! Did a bit of grocery shopping and as i was paying the stuff, i noticed that the dumbell was priced at RM69.90. Went to the information counter and clarify it. Apparently, some jokers that has problems in life shifted the price tag of the 10kg set to the 15kg set. Did a bit of adjustment and exchanged the RM69.90 set for the original RM48.90 set. That is, after causing the express counter where i paid for the stuff, queue to be even longer than the other lines...i felt so bad...

PM - Went back to PJ and basically sat and see the whole season of Sex And The City. HBO is currently showing(or rahter, just showed) The Ick Factor, where Sam Jones found out she has breast cancer. Let me know if you want to know what happens at the final episode of this final season ;-)

Went off to Petaling Street later in the evening to check out some stuff. Actually, was craving for some beef noodles. The best around i know was not at Lai Foong, but across the road from Lai Foong. Horror of horror, they weren't open for dinner, they closes at 3.30pm! So me and wifey went to eat the reputably best Hokkien Mee in town. LOL...smack right in the middle of chinatown, where the mee are whipped up in two big wok and loads of oil...hmm..heavenly!

After dinner, we went to search for things that might fancy us. I ended up buying 2 imitation Nike DriFit at RM15 each. Thought i would make use of it for sports. Original Drifit, costing up to 8 times the price, are by no mean suitable to be used and throw around. I do not believe in spending so much for something i'll use to sweat in. Call me cheapskate, i got my hokkien genes to balme for being thrifty.

Saturday - 13th November 2004
AM - Woke up with a kiss from wifey wishing me Happy Birthday. Oh shucks...the time of the year again. I'm 28, yes, so what? Still as young as i wanted to be (minus the fact that my joints are starting to creak because of all the pounding from my physical activities). Wifey bought me the bars and weight yesterday for my birthday. Well, something functional i guessed!

PM - Decided to drive down to Petaling Street again. Wanted to visit one of the shop there that sells cheap torchlights. I'm sucker for things that emits light and glow. I've bought one of these Surefire lookalike about 2 months back. Powered by 2 units of CR123 batteries (the same that is used for some cameras), this unit rocks! It is more powerful that my 6D cell Maglite!

The shop was closed For Raya. Shucks.

Me and wifey then went to eat the beef noodle. It was open that day! I downed a big bowl of the beef noodle and ordered another bowl of the beef ball! Full beyond words, we went throdding down towards Kotaraya to check out Mydin. The Malaysian answer to Carrefour and Tesco. Mydin was around before Giant became a hypermarket. I've heard that CR123 batteries could be obtained for less than RM6 a piece. So, i thought, since i can't get the torch today, i could at least get the ammo!

The plan backfired. The whole old Metrojaya building, Kotaraya and Sin Ma was filled with immigrants! Sensing that wifey ain't too comfortable about the whole scenario, i decided to jsut give that a skip. No point pushing with those immigrants that made KL looked like a mini indonesia and risk being mugged or stared at.

We then went to Midvalley. And it was like i'm on autopilot mode and went straight for Tearproof. LOL. Wifey then got me a pouch, because she knows i badly needed one. My old pouch needs to be retired, after being used, and abused for the past 10 years. I ended up getting myself a High Sierra haversack, a 70+10 liter sack at that! They were having a sale and it was 30% storewide. It was a bargain at RM200!!!

Later that night, Wifey spent me dinner. We went to TGIF in 1 Utama. Ordered a Mushroom chicken, mushroom and wifey ordered a swiss mushroom burger.


It was one of the day where getting old and cramming so many activities in one day seems enjoyable!

The night was ended with another kiss, and one last Birthday greeting from Wifey and a kiss on the lips before i go to sleep.

Sunday - 14th November 2004
AM - Woke up early today as i have to help mum and dad at the shop. Kakak Aishah was on leave today and both my parents will be short of hand to help them at the shop. Wifey was sweet enough to come over and help as well, where she had the choice to just laze the whole day with my sisters at home. My sisters were at home, taking care of the 3 cousins that was creating havoc at home.

Lunch crowd start packing in after 10am. I had my hand full making popiahs and serving the customers. Wifey was busy taking orders and cleaning the tables as well. Time flew and before i know it, we had to go, as Wifey had an appointment with her two other partners to discuss about which items to be put on sale in their shops later.

PM - Left Sentul at 3.30pm and was in Damansara Perdana by 4pm. Traffic was C-L-E-A-R. Bliss of major celebration in Malaysia!

Later that night, i had dinner with my in-laws. Went to Taman Bukit Mas for seafood. Buttered Crab, Nestum Prawn and loads of other food too salivating to be written here (you see, i'm already drooling). The decided to spent me dinner as a gift for my birthday. I'm not complaining though! The food and company was great!

Monday - 15 November 2004
AM - Wifey was working that day. Had breakfast and sent her to work. Decided to stay in her shop and keep her company. I ended up rewiring half her shop's power cable that was strewn all over the floor! I fixed her shop's sound system and got it to work again to how i've done it for them a year back. I ironed clothes and basically worked part time (without being paid though) in her shop until late afternoon. I kinda enjoy doing those feminine stuff though...hehehe...

PM - Went to TTDI to run with Doc and Amir. Their after raya run, so to say. We did 5 smaller loops with 2 bigger loops in total of 60 minutes. Pushing it, since they are no more fasting. So, no more excuse.

Later that night, me and wifey went to her friend's place for Raya Open house. My first infact this year. Her usual suspects were there and it was again, time for them to catch up with each other's life. The night didn't end until midnite. Again, i forgot to bring my camera for any picture taking oppurtunities! Dang!

Tuesday - 16 November 2004
AM - Last day of Holiday. Sent Wifey to work and then headed straight to office to check my emails. There were like 500+ mails in my inbox. Out of which, 200 are junk/spam. Boss was there in the office as well, for the obvious reasons that i shalt not disclose here. Spent the rest of the morning doing nothing, but surf the net and check out friends' blog. Gosh, i miss you guys (and girls)!!!

PM - After lunch (of tuna and more tuna), i headed home and decided to clear the store room under the staircase. Mum-In-Law welcomed the idea as the place wasn't touched/restored since my late Father-In-Law past away 3 years ago.

So, there i was. In shorts and bare chested. With Murphy keeping me company, venturing into the unknown. It was amazing how much that small lil space under the stairs could fit. Check it out:

There was more that the camera can't accommodate

I was like a kiddo smilling and eyes sparkling over all the finds i found. It was like the best way to know my late FIL. I never had the chance to know him, though my dad had the chance to work with him last time.

The floor of the store room was downright dirty, with dust that was collected near to 1000 days ago. Here is how it was, before and after:



3 hours later of hard scrubbing (that even failed to remove some old cement, i didn't have the right tools) i've found boxes of spotlight and motion detector with lights, one whole box of curtain hook and railings, pingpong balls and bats and 3 nets(!!!), tennis balls still in their vacuum and sealed packing, loads of telephones, one very very old CD player and one very very old cordless phone (it could be collector's item by now).

I've also found out that my FIL was a gun collector:

Wanna Rob banks?

And i've also found out both my Sis-In-Law was up to all mischeifs during their younger days:

Anyone lost these badges?

Even Murphy enjoyed himself with those mats and towels that was hidden inside the storeroom for eons!!!

warm and cosy eh?

I then went on to clean the whole house and picked wifey home for dinner.

6 days of holiday just went past like that, and could be summarised in just 2 hours of writing!

I'm back people...wait up for more of my incoherent ramblings.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Happy Diwali and Selamat Hari Raya!!!

To all my Hindu Friends and Muslim Friends...


Many Many best wishes for this two celebration!!!

I'll be on leave on Friday. This also mean that this blog will be a very very quiet place until after Hari Raya.

Will update when i come back from the long holiday!!!

And hopefully, some pics as well!

Of Falling...

"Bugger, is it raining in PJ?" Doc sms-ed me at 4.30pm

"Oi! bugger, the rain has stopped, everything On at 6pm?" I replied.

"ON!" He text me back within the next 20 seconds.

Ah...can't live without sms, can't we? It account for half my mobile bill every month. The ought to give me their so called Loyalty after being loyal to them for such a long time. heck, i'm even helping to pay a few of my friends' monthly wages!! (...you know who you are....hahahaha!)

I left office at 5pm yesterday. Well, home and office is like 7 minutes away, max.

I was wrong. The thing about this place where i work is that there is ONLY one entrance and exit point. Traffic has been horrendous lately. With the developer's security guard trying to pull off some traffic police's antic (yeah, and i do appreciate your effort sir, but you are just making the traffic situation worse!!!)

Traffic build up to about 1km away on a good day.

3 years ago..this freaking place was so empty that you could park your freaking car right in the middle of the freaking road, playing streetsoccer was a norm as to playing badminton without worrying that any cars would run you down

Back to reality. Development has it's price. This place is choked with apartments, condos, flats...gosh, it is like some mini Singapore here!!! And just like how Singapore should be, the people here are starting to be realllly Kiasu. If you think DBKL doing the triple or quad parking is bad, wait till you see some stupid driver going against the traffic and then parking their cars right in the middle of the road!

Unfortunately, MPPJ isn't any better...They have the uncanny timing of summoning you for not putting in enough coins for the parking like within 5 minutes of your parking expiration! The most ridiculous i've ever encountered was that the officer was so blind, he actually summoned a car with season parking!! Obviously, the owner wasn't too happy, and i found out later that he had to go through 3 floors of bereaucracy just to try to waive off his summon, and yet, he had to pay RM20 for paper work!!!! What nonsense!

Yeah, Falling. Falling of the space that we all need so much. Falling of the local councils. Falling of basically everything that you see everyday in life! it makes you wonder; is everyone so caught up with their own life that they forgot to smell the flowers along the way???(well, most of the time now, we are just smelling those clogged up drains)

Ah, nevermind that. It could be worse.

I reach Taman Tun park at 6pm sharp. After a round of change parade ala RMC style...there i was, reaching jsut on time to meet up with 4 friends for my evening run.

Stepped out of the car, said the usual "Bugger!" to them and as i was about to take anohter step, i fell.

Fell right into a drain. About 450mm deep. The FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) grating gave way under my weight. It was a shock. I quickly pulled myself out and accessed the damage done to myself.

ok, apart from a sore butt, i have 1 deep gash on my right shin complimented with 3 others bruises which was caused by the sharp edges of the gratings. My left calf had one looong bruise starting from my ankle up till my mid calf.

Doc asked i am ok. Which, by now, i was cursing the stupid grating. not to spoil the day, i told them everything is fine and we continued, or rahter, start our run.

We ran pretty hard yesterday, doing Kiara hill in 30 minutes (total distance of about 8km), with loads of uphills (some at 10 degree inclination).

Finished the run with a smaller loop of the TTDI park and for the first time, we managed to finish the whole run and warming down right before the Mahgrib prayer was heard, signifying that those who fast, could break their fast. I didn't fast, too greedy to do so. :P

I did tell wifey later that night, she find it hilarious that i fell. I found it funny as well. It dawned to me that it was lucky that it was me that fell when the grating gave way...knowing that park are frequented by old and young alike, i can't imagine if pregnant ladies or kids or even old folks were to be in my shoe!!! That would be disaster!

I guess, there is a good thing afterall...or maybe it is just bad karma?!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I can't believe this...

I was picking up wifey from her shop yesterday. Sales was really bad. Maybe due to the fact that some people has started their Deepa-Raya exodus back to their kampung.

It was drizzling lightly and we both offered R, wifey's fulltime worker a lift back home.

Though not very far away (She stay like 5 minutes walk away), but because of the weather and the fact that she was carrying some extra loads, we decided to ask her if she wants a ride.

She agreed and off we went in my small lil car. I was about to take the usual turning when Wifey told me that she shifted to the Condominium nearby. Well, the condos are running parallel to her old place anyway, so it not much of a differences.

But it kept playing in my mind why did she shift.

OK. A lil bit of history.

I knew that this girl, R, came from a broken family. Parents separated and she and her younger sister, lets call her S, which is 12 years old, stays with their father and the father's girlfriend (lets call her B).

Their Mum will only call R when she needs money.

OK. History lesson ends.

After dropping R at the guard house. I can't help but asked wifey what happened.

Stupe: What the F happened?

Wifey: Oh, i dind't tell you? She got chased out from the house by her dad and B.

Stupe: ??? What about the younger sister, S???

Wifey: She is staying with her father. But R did offer if she wants to shift out with her.

Stupe: What exactly happened, really?

Wifey: Her dad and B put up a notice on her bedroom door and gave her a week to shift out of the apartment.

At this point, R story about her past and her young sister's struggle to put up 2 meals a day just keep on flashing on my mind.

R rented the condo near the shop for RM400, inclusive of water and electricity. She don't earn much, about maybe twice the amount of what she pay for the room anyway.

Her dad, some 40 something DOM (Dirty Old Man) has a stay in girlfriend that has a baby, which B claimed to be her nephew. But R told us that it wasn't as she once read a piece of letter meant for B, that was left on the table, and it was clearly stated that the baby belongs to B.

The problem is that the DOM, never do cares about the welfare of his own children. He do not give two hoots if S did went to school. S, being only 12, needs all the support she could get.

I gathered tha S haven't even pay her school fees, least her transportation to school, which she was lucky enough to have someone picking her up, SHOULD she go to school. She has no breakfast, lunch or even dinner sometimes. Dinner came when B, cooks porridge for the baby to eat, and B lets S eat the leftovers. That said, B do tell her to watch how much she eats, if she gets to eat, that is.

R gives her sister RM5 or RM10 everytime she sees S. R says she would sometimes rahter starve a lil to feed her sister. Kudos to her. Being a good sister.

When i heard all those form Wifey, i could feel tears welling up in my eyes.

Never could i imagine that some 12 years old has to fend for herself this way.

R is only 19, and she is without a family, and it is not because her parents are dead, but because her parents are just plain irresponsible!

I always thought that these things only happen in movies or in some more out of town area.

But to know one that is of so close proximity to yourself, it is really bad.

The father, the DOM, oogle at all girls walking pass, as he was working near one of the newly open pub around the area. He even once made a pass at one of wifey's partner! How inappropriate!

After yesterday, my heart lurched. It pained to know that some 12 years old didn't eat breakfast today. It pained to know that R is struggling to face the consequences of her own parents being overly selfish.

i've told wifey that if S do come to her shop, just buy her some food. Afterall, life is too short to be calculative.

As i'm writing this, i'm trying hard not to let tears roll down my eyes. I felt that i'm very lucky, despite all my shortcoming and despite all the problems in life that i have...i still have a family, to call my own.

You should too. And don't tell me that the sun don't shine for you.

Monday, November 08, 2004


Some sweet netizen has made my dream come true...i now have a Gmail!!!!!

Okok, big deal, but you all know right, the things that is hardest to get, are usually the most precious.

1gB storage...and never to have to delete the email again. Cool!

Now, i only one more wish is that it could be POP enable, ie could be checked using those email client...then i'm all complete...


Only thing is, i do not have the privy to invite anyone to have Gmail, as yet. So, don't worry, once i got the offer to do so, i'll post it here, and i'll gladly invite any of you here, that is reading of course, on a First Come First Served basis...ok ah?

Friday, November 05, 2004


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LOL, before you guys get this wrong, sorry, this isn't the site for you to find all those pics, though i would wish it is the case...i meant, yes, but not here though.

OK, this is a lil experiment by me. To see how preverted some surfers(or should i say too much time in hand people) are... my current counter registered: 834 hits as of NOW.

Lets see how many hits i would get by the end of today.



Well, at least i know that there is less people surfing for porns nowadays. hahaha...

as off today, 8th November 2004, there was only 40 odd hits since last Friday.

The Page hit was pretty standard, if i average it out.

I'll refrain from posting all these nonsense experiments to kill my time.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

24 Hours MTB Race


a 24 hours cycling(ie MTB) race?

I guess it will never happen in Malaysia!

Check this out: 24 hours Moab Race

I remember Chepox telling me something like we should do a 24 hours endurance race in Putrajaya Wetland...maybe i should consider it and perhaps start planning from now for it?!

Riding this Saturday in Putrajaya, not gonna go offroad this time but ride around Putrajaya's tarred road instead!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Letter to Jeysey

I was blog-hopping a couple of moment ago and chance (well, not exactly chance, it is a long story, worthy of anohter blog write up) upon this Girl's Blog.

Decided that the issue at hand are worthy for some comments, since i'm still could be clasified as being in that age bracket...here is my 5 sen worth of opinions:

Hmm...deep thoughts.

I guess i still qualify to be called *twenty-something*.

1. Stop going along with the crowd - hell yeah, i could very well say that i'm my own man now. I do not need to succumb to peer pressure, or do stupid things, just to be acknowledged by the crowd.

2. Feeling insecure - yeap, i graduated pretty late, i would say like about 3 or 4 years ago. By then, most of my friends, my age, or younger, has been working for like 3 years or so. Being left out in the chase(for the big piece fo cheese), and starting to feel responsibilities coming in, it is definately better to be sitting for exams, than face the daily stress of thing called work.

3. People being selfish - You can say that again. Infact, as where i am now, it still applies. People will be still be selfish even if they are 70. It is human nature.

4. Work - well, i am totally doing something different from what i was totally trained for. Infact, from as far as i can remember, i've been doing loads of stuff, from being an office boy after finishing my form 5, to being some bicycle mechanic and delivery boy after my Form 6, then i found myself doing a couple of odd job, like setting up giant speakers in teh wee hour of night, when you are supposed to be having some wet dream...well, i guess life goes on.

5. Stronger opinions/character - I used ot think that i was very very much an introvert than an extrovert. Well, tha tis until someone told me that they hated my guts. I've been fairly outspoken throughout my life, and i've blabbed things i shouldn't. Then again, it is my opinion, they are more than free to take a hike and F Off.

6. Love - Strange as it is, it is funny if you were to think about it. I came out of a sore relationship that lasted like 8 years and found that she was cheating on me. Once bitten, twice why, people would say, but what and how would you feel, if the girl went back to the otehr guy the very next day, after seeking your apologies yesterday? I've had my fair share of encounter with people that thinks that love is all about money. Glad that i've found the ONE and married to her since. We sometimes go searching for the things we want, but fail to realise that the thing is right infront of US!

7. Boring your friends with the same thing - LOL, sounded like the usual stuff me and my best bud would go through. He comes back once every year, and we could talk until the next morning, and after a couple of jugs of homemade Milo Ice...gosh...and he thinks that Malaysian Food are fattening! hahahaha...

So, there you go, as bad as it is, i guess, there isn't any cloud that the sun won't shine through!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Many Happy Returns to Mr & Mrs. Tin Wai Han!

Had the pleasure to attend a wedding of my College mate.

Had more pleasure sitting together with the Motley Crews on the table.

We had loads of laugh, and Cheng never fail to stop amusing everyone with his own brand of jokes and cock talking.

I can't even believe what he did with Tin's younger brother...

Everyone is looking fine, i would say, after 3 years of leaving College and charting our own way in life and career.

Many well done to all of you!

Here is the link to the pics, where the wedding pictures are aplenty!


oh ya, did i tell all of you i had a nightmare that night?

It was hilarious!!! I dream that all those at the table was tranported back to Jurassic Park. No kidding.

Velociraptors abound, we were chased by those dinos and in one portion of the dream, we were kicking the raptors with whatever energy we had...

and i was rudely awaken by wifey asking me why am i kicking her in bed...

Sorry darling, it wasn't done on purpose...blame it on Cheng, the Kerang Berbulu.

Kong, the Sweetie...

What can i say?

Such a sweetie like him, ever thoughtful!!

Check it out, what he brought back from Korea for me and Aileen...

Bookmarks & Keychain from Korea!

Many thanks Kong