Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Many Happy Returns to Mr & Mrs. Tin Wai Han!

Had the pleasure to attend a wedding of my College mate.

Had more pleasure sitting together with the Motley Crews on the table.

We had loads of laugh, and Cheng never fail to stop amusing everyone with his own brand of jokes and cock talking.

I can't even believe what he did with Tin's younger brother...

Everyone is looking fine, i would say, after 3 years of leaving College and charting our own way in life and career.

Many well done to all of you!

Here is the link to the pics, where the wedding pictures are aplenty!


oh ya, did i tell all of you i had a nightmare that night?

It was hilarious!!! I dream that all those at the table was tranported back to Jurassic Park. No kidding.

Velociraptors abound, we were chased by those dinos and in one portion of the dream, we were kicking the raptors with whatever energy we had...

and i was rudely awaken by wifey asking me why am i kicking her in bed...

Sorry darling, it wasn't done on purpose...blame it on Cheng, the Kerang Berbulu.

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