Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Letter to Jeysey

I was blog-hopping a couple of moment ago and chance (well, not exactly chance, it is a long story, worthy of anohter blog write up) upon this Girl's Blog.

Decided that the issue at hand are worthy for some comments, since i'm still could be clasified as being in that age is my 5 sen worth of opinions:

Hmm...deep thoughts.

I guess i still qualify to be called *twenty-something*.

1. Stop going along with the crowd - hell yeah, i could very well say that i'm my own man now. I do not need to succumb to peer pressure, or do stupid things, just to be acknowledged by the crowd.

2. Feeling insecure - yeap, i graduated pretty late, i would say like about 3 or 4 years ago. By then, most of my friends, my age, or younger, has been working for like 3 years or so. Being left out in the chase(for the big piece fo cheese), and starting to feel responsibilities coming in, it is definately better to be sitting for exams, than face the daily stress of thing called work.

3. People being selfish - You can say that again. Infact, as where i am now, it still applies. People will be still be selfish even if they are 70. It is human nature.

4. Work - well, i am totally doing something different from what i was totally trained for. Infact, from as far as i can remember, i've been doing loads of stuff, from being an office boy after finishing my form 5, to being some bicycle mechanic and delivery boy after my Form 6, then i found myself doing a couple of odd job, like setting up giant speakers in teh wee hour of night, when you are supposed to be having some wet dream...well, i guess life goes on.

5. Stronger opinions/character - I used ot think that i was very very much an introvert than an extrovert. Well, tha tis until someone told me that they hated my guts. I've been fairly outspoken throughout my life, and i've blabbed things i shouldn't. Then again, it is my opinion, they are more than free to take a hike and F Off.

6. Love - Strange as it is, it is funny if you were to think about it. I came out of a sore relationship that lasted like 8 years and found that she was cheating on me. Once bitten, twice why, people would say, but what and how would you feel, if the girl went back to the otehr guy the very next day, after seeking your apologies yesterday? I've had my fair share of encounter with people that thinks that love is all about money. Glad that i've found the ONE and married to her since. We sometimes go searching for the things we want, but fail to realise that the thing is right infront of US!

7. Boring your friends with the same thing - LOL, sounded like the usual stuff me and my best bud would go through. He comes back once every year, and we could talk until the next morning, and after a couple of jugs of homemade Milo Ice...gosh...and he thinks that Malaysian Food are fattening! hahahaha...

So, there you go, as bad as it is, i guess, there isn't any cloud that the sun won't shine through!

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