Friday, November 26, 2004

Dear Dr. Tan...

i can't help it...being branded as some killer on the road by virtue of the car that i, here goes, a complilation of cars, and their owner that are "more cleverer" than the automotive engineers in *designing* cars and thus, creating the *ultimate ride*

Car 1 : Wiralution

Loud exhaust, smoked rear lights, huge stickers covering views, lowered-until-bouncing handling, the ultimate Wira...

Car 3 : Do You Have a Honda?

Again, loud exhaust, lowered-to-hell ride, huge F-16 spoilers, huge-wheeled fly-me to the moon honda.

Car 4 : Is-wanza

Loud exhaust, 15 inch wheels, rear, front and side skirtings, blue coloured reverse lights MPV wannabe 7 person carrier Iswara.

Car 5 : Satria GTTi

Loud Slanted Exhaust barely touching the ground pipe, 15 inch wheels, GTI Spoilers with imitation racing bucket seat Satria Gtti

Car 6: Mafia Honda
Err...are you above the JPJ Ruling on tinting my dear friend? Not forgeting the lowered 17 inches wheels...

Car 7 : Ultimate Bengwara

16 Inch Wheels, loud exhaust, DIY Front bumper(see those crude fittings???) , heavy tinting, imitation race bucket seat and a MPPJ Saman-ed Self-disintergrating Bengwara

stupe: again, of the same bengwara with now, a confused identity

Crystal headlight with el-chepo *look like HID* bulbs and Mitsu VR-4 front grill Bengwara with confused identity about ebing an all wheel drive car....

Car 8 : Two of a Kind

Loud exhaust lowered confused kancil with pseudo roof rack in double sided tape bad apple kancil and equally loud exhaust racing stripped, 15 inches wheeled satria with imitation bucket seats in lowered Lotus handling Satria GTTi V-Spec

Car 9 : The Ultimate Driving Idiot Machine

Super fast loud exhaust 17 inch wheeled dark tinted ultimate lowered driving machine that don't give a fuck about other road users with his super F-1 Driving skills

Car 10 : Super Fast & Furious Satria Confused

17 inched loud hanging exhaust imitation bucket seat look i'm going at 80km/h with traffic infront of me Satria-lution VR Spec

Car 11: Ferrari Wiralution

Ferrari red super loud exhaust i could hear you a mile away 17 inched wheeled lancer half cut front lowered bouncing wiralution...


  1. Lookout! Someone who isn't paying any attention on the roads/driving! =P

  2. hahah..guilty as that i see it in anohter light, yeah, that's pretty reckless of me, i shalt now only WALK and take PICS.

  3. Walaueh... good multitasking skills! =P