Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Project 365 : Day 34 of 365

Day 34 of 365
Fear Keep Us Alive
Three days to Eco-Xcapade. The very last time i did any adventure race was about three years back, which coincide with me picking up triathlon seriously. I've loved the outdoor and I've loved the feel of adrenalin rushing through the system. No matter how many times I've done these adventure races, the feeling is always the same - exhilaration and the need for more excitement. One constant that I've been constantly having is fear. I think by now, many know i have fear of height. I hate heights. But yet, my adventure races includes heights. Fear, keeps me alive. Let it keep you alive too. Tying back to our everyday life, remember to always remember your love ones when you are driving and when you are performing high risk task. What I've learnt at work is to always perform a self assessment where safety is concern, and what I've learnt from all my races is to respect fear.
Tools : D90+351.8. ISO2500. F1.8. 1/30. Be Afraid.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project 365 : Day 33 of 365

Day 33 of 365
In Memoriam
Today's photo is to remember the friends that i've known throughout the years that has swam, biked and ran with me and had passed on. It is also for all those that had swam, biked, ran and raced and perished in the process; I might not know you, but your spirit and your never give up attitude has touched my heart many times. A minute of silence to remember all of them in your own prayer, please.

Tools: D90+351.8. ISO200. F1.8. 1/30.

What God Made, Human Must Not Divide

Here is a good photo of me and wifey dashing to the finishing line in her first 21km run. Thanks to Tey, this was immortalised forever in digital form.

Pretty cool for us to run to the finish hand in hand and very nicely photographed by Tey too.

The official photographer, too, managed to snap photo of us running to the finish line, but because theirs are PROFIT driven, myself and wifey was cut into two photographs. In short, they separated us...

Each photo will cost us S$34.90 and it is so badly cropped it's unbelievable.

Badly cropped i said? Why?

For one, it is very obvious that my photo was taken from a bigger photo where they also cut off some people on my right and wifey on the left. Also, all the rules on sports photography wasn't followed and not only i got my head chopped off, i got my lower limbs cut off too.

Then the photo where wifey is...i am not sure if the main focus is the handsome man in front, or wifey behind...That too, was again, cropped off from a bigger photo and i presume someone on her left get his own photo (for S$34.90!!!)

What makes a good sports photograph you asked? To start with look again at Tey's photo, which i got for free (and i will so buy Tey dinner, in fact, i owe him so many meals i think he can rely on me for months!)..or you can look at what has.

or even how me, as a semi-amateur photog could capture:

So, really, am i to buy the photos from the official photogs? Nah...for such shoddy half past six work...i will stick to my own camera, Tey or!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Project 365 : Day 32 of 365

Day 32 of 365
(Grafitti is a conversation between a father and a child about who tore down Pudu Jail, of which the father mention Najib and the child answer in enlightenment)
Saw this on the wall of the (going to be) torn down Pudu Jail. Build in 1850, this is indeed a landmark in Kuala Lumpur with over 160 years of history. The demolition of the jail wall has already started and the internal structure of the jail is still intact, including the main door where this graffiti was found. We live in a world where money takes precedences over historical value and our awareness as a country. While many debate that the Jail is nothing to be proud off as it housed criminals of many stature, i beg to differ as the same could be said about London's Tower Bridge, French Gaol and even Cambodia Killing Field. Each and everyone of these, no matter how unpleasant shapes each country and gives them the character. It is no secret that Pudu Jail is being brought down due to the land location which will have more economic value than heritage. Plans are already on the way to convert this piece of land into a residential and commercial area. So much so that the first reason for the demolition will be to "widen" the road and "offload" traffic, i personally failed to see how this is possible when having a residential and commercial development at this area will help in easing traffic volume. Perhaps, leveling the land opposite Pudu Jail, might actually provide better and more viable solution to traffic. I am wondering, how many would invest in the land, with 160years of untold tales, each gory and scary - and how it would turn this future development into a sustainable development.
Tools: Panasonic Lumix-FT2. ISO100. F3.3. 1/320

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Project 365 : Day 31 of 365

Day 31 of 365

Hand In Hand
This was an accidental shot as we approach the finishing line. I did take it, but i was surprised it came out this well. Wifey aced her first 21km run in 3:01:52 (gun time) and i am mightily proud of her achievement. Even though we were separated for about 6km as she suddenly ran faster, she was keeping a look out for me too. Goes to show in life, personal glory is nothing if the people around you is not there to witness it. Today's race, there was a fatality. A few runners stopped to help the deceased and even administer CPR. Lesson to everyone, unless you are winning the race, i suggest you take the time to look around you and be vigilant about people in distress. We only live that long. We must all learn to live - hand in hand.
Tool: Panasonic Lumix-FT2. ISO100. F3.3. 1/320.

Wifey's 21km Adventure

This post is dedicated to Wifey's 21km race in SCKLM this morning.

The commitment to do this morning race was rather impromptu. What started off as "i want to run 10km like last year" became "why not i run 21km this year". I admit it was me that influenced and make her think she can do it. There was certainly a fair amount of convincing from "you must train with me" to "why you want to torture me" happened.

Along the way, the three months prior to today's date (right after my Ironman 2010), there were a lot of challenges to actually put in decent mileage as part of the training regime.

However, with as much (or little) training mileage that she has, this morning with a short sigh of "i am tired" when the alarm rang at 0430, it was literally a battle to convince oneself to drag their feet to Dataran and start the race.

I applied the same (if not similar) tactic on my sister. But being a "Lim", I expect her to have the same drive, if not more, compared to this "Lim". Sis got hold of Jaclyn, her friend to run along and i was made to understand that this girl is fast. Yeap, she was fast!
The drive to race site was a breeze and we found more problem getting a car parking space as all the roads was already closed. A quick navigation around Lake Garden, we found a spot right over the Sg. Klang bridge next to the High Court to park the car - by the road side.

We walked to the race area and met up with more familiar faces.
Slowly, i can feel wifey felt a less more stress about the whole race.

Sharp at 0615hours, the gun went off! It took us about 30 seconds for us to be able to cross the start line. There were a decent crowd for the 21km run. Not too bad i would say.
We took our own pace and slowly made our way around KL town. We were making good progress and pacing as well. I was running with about 20 packs of Powergel, 3liter of ice-cold lychee flavored drink, ipod (that ran out of battery like before the race), about RM65 in cash and my iPhone. In short, i was running with at least 5kg extra - not a task as i already carrying about 8kg of excess weight on my body.

The first 5km run was good and it felt fast for a 21km race. It was almost a 6:00 pace which would meant sustaining it will almost ensure one to wrap up the 21km in 2hours 10minutes or less! That was also when i told wifey to go on...and i slowly dropped behind with a high HR of about 175bpm. Guess i am not as fit as i thought i was.

The route brought us passed area where we previously took for granted. I did not know there was a new slip road from Brickfields to the road facing Kuan Cheng! And damn it, the morning curry being cooked in Brickfields were too much!

"want roti canai or not?" i asked wifey.

She gave me the evil look. I took it as a NO.

I soon lost sight of Wifey as she ran down towards the underpass at Dewan Bahasa Pustaka. Along the way, Mac caught up with me, Omar, Shiraz and Edwin too, caught up with me. I then decided to just play it easy and start dropping back to see who else will catch up with me.
I slowly made my way and kept moving forward. The long stretch after the Loke Yew roundabout passing by Uncang Emas towards Jalan Peel was mental. Long and straight. But i managed to stop along the water station to thank the volunteers. They were the unsung heroes!
I was made to understand that the logistic of this year's SCKLM was sub-contracted to a good friend of mine, Nithi and his OrangeMan brother that runs TwentyFirst Century Sports! No wonder there were sufficient hydration! THANK TwentyFirst Century!

Credit must go out to Uncle Wan that has managed the Volunteers really well too. Uncle Wan took up the task after last year's major F-up when there were insufficient volunteers. I "tabik spring" to you Uncle Wan!
By KM 12, the sun was coming up and i found myself running along Jalan Peel. How this area has changed too, traffic wise. The crowd were still sticking together and i found some 42km runners amongst the crowd...way to go. Run your own race and don't care what people says!

I caught up with Wifey at KM14, near Wisma Time/Indonesian Embassy. I could be happier and i know she too, was delighted.

"So Slow? I waited for you la, quick, one Powergel", she poked.
I sort of forsee that Wifey will be way stronger than she thought she will be. The few traiing run we had, she did leave me behind panting. I guess some of the reason is that my pacing is not at her pace and usually when two person aren't running at the same place, it will be hard to keep up with one another. With more training run and pacing run, it should be great! Already, we are talking about her doing the running part while i cycle for Powerman 2010.

The rest of the distance, we ran pretty much together. We passed through Pavilion - a place we only pass by and never went in! Stopped to take a few photos even! At that stage, i noticed a lot of people are stopping by the road side to recuperate and i kept my eyes on the look out for anyone in distress. One thing i learnt about running and sports is that i will not be on the podium, so, really, i try to make it a point to ask if someone is ok. Please make this a practice as it might save someones life. (There is one fatality today at the race)
Example is the uncle above, he suddenly bend down and stopped at the side next to Pavillion. A simple question won't hurt and if he do not reply, i will be worried. Good to know he is just taking a breather.

As we approached KLCC and Jalan Ampang, the sun started to show itself. It also marked only 4 more KM to go. The remaining of the run was just enjoying the view and pace - while keeping wifey close in front of me. She was a bit worried about my heartrate and i assured her i am alright. I hate to be the hindrance for her to do a sub 3 on her maiden 21km.

As we approach the final 800meters infront of the old Mun Loong, excitement was already in the air and i could feel just how excited wifey was. I was extremely proud of her and the final 500m, we held hands and ran together, pulling each other towards the finish line.

Along the way, more familiar faces were seen shouting and rooting for us as if we are the winner!

Tey even managed to pass to me a long overdue newspaper cutting of Ironman Langkawi 2010 (the one that i kissed the ground after the swim).
Yeap, it was that emotional this morning and happiness was actually drawn all over wifey's face as we crossed the line in 3:01:52. Not too Shabby for a woman that ran less than 10 times over the run up to SCKLM and has never ran more than 10km (in a race setting) in her whole life.
Well done again Darling. I hope you enjoyed the first medium distance run you had this morning! Moving on, everything else will be easier now - until you decide to run a Marathon that is ;-)

Thanks to all of you that i bumped into this morning, especially so those that i've only "met" in Facebook. It's nice to see you in person. Also, to my friends that bumped into me, or me bumping into you, mucho gracias for the support you've given both to wifey and myself. Yes, i am slow, but it was a good slow!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Project 365 : Day 30 of 365

Day 30 of 365
Royal Military College Old Putera Association
Today is a full day of activities for the RMC OPA. The recent death of a 16 years old Putera due to ragging was at everyones mind. Today i saw the chap that never think i am good enough to be an Ex-Putera, what more an OP. I wanted to confront him, but i decided not to waste my time. After all, i looked many times better than him, though his "i will shoot you when i see you" still rings in my head. Enough said, this is my blog entry :
Tools : D40+351.8. ISO200. F1.8. 1/30

Royal Military College - RMC

By today, many would know what RMC is again. The news first broke out via MalaysiaKini and then it spread to The Star, Utusan Malaysia, The Sun and NST.

This time, it's hardly anything proud. While the Old Putera Association (OPA) is having their annual activities around this time, this incident really does not auger well for both the college and the alumni.
Investigation is underway and OPA President has decided not to go ahead with this year's Old Putera-Present Putera (OP-PP) Game. This is indeed sad, as a lot of Old Putera (OP) look forward to return to the alma mater and reminisence of their days in college.

I for one, only know what the media reported and i shalt not speculate what actually happened and how it happened.

Instead, i want to share, briefly, what RMC has done for me and how it has made me who i am today.
Room 5, 1992
I joined RMC in late 1991. Immediately after the results of my SRP (Sijil Rendah Pelajaran) was announced. There i was, 15 years old and with a very colorful background (in school) and with pretty alright exam results enrolled into RMC together with another 45 newboys. The orientation were brutal. A whole month of it. We were separated from the "wolves", so to say and were considered as "jaded". The "seniors" were visiting us every night and day and we were always anxious about it. 

As the days goes by, slowly, one by one new boys started dropping out. Homesickness seems to be the main reason. Who wouldn't? Living under the comfort of the home for a full 15 years and then leaving home proper for the first time.

It was no secret that i cried after two weeks, when we were first allowed to call back home. Just 14 days and RMC has made me appreciate my parents and home more than i ever thought i will.

In that first one month, the new boys were taught all the basics and must do and don't do. At the same time, seniors dropped by and confuses us more. Yeap, we were a bunch of confused lads. It was sad to see the new boys getting a hashing.

I was pretty well "decorated" back in school before RMC. I was a school prefect for as long as i can remember. I head a few associations and clubs. I excelled in sports (that require strength) and i am super confident about my ability and capability. I guess that has helped to a large extend - short of making me cocky.
Standard 6. SRK Taman Melawati. Spot Me.
There were four of us from the same school that passed and was chosen to join RMC in 1991. There were 10 of us from the same school that went for the interview. Most did not pass because of medical. You have no idea how strict the selection criteria that went in - you felt as if they were choosing a race horse!

Back then, there were about 380 odd boys in RMC. We were taken in and were joined with another bunch of 15 years old that has entered RMC after Standard 6. In the group of Seniors, there were at least 4 boys that i know, and could relate as we went to the same primary school. One would think that is some reunion.


Being a military institution, RMC is very unique. We are the only school in the whole country with the prefix ROYAL to it. We are also the only school where being a "cadet" is not an option or an extra-curicular activities. We are the only school where men are separated from boys. For a 15 years old like me, it was both exciting, and dangerous.

The initial 45 new boys became 42 by the end of the 30 days orientation. By mid year of 1992, three more left and that left 39 of us. The 39 of us, with the existing 84 "Seniors" make up the Fourth Former of RMC to 123 Budak Boy.

I was in Bravo company. There were separation anxiety as the other three buddy that was my classmate for 3 years prior to RMC were assigned to Delta (Faris Ismail), Foxtrot (Aminuddin) and Golf (Iqbal Farim).

After 30 days and a small "passing in" parade (where i won the best dressed newboy), we were absorbed and lived with the seniors (eventhough they were same age as us). 

Here is where the pressure starts - The Seniors felt that the New Boys might not be "up to mark" for them. We (new boys), might not be their equal. We were given a lot of "special" attention for a whole year.

Whoever that thinks "orientation" is about collecting signatures and singing silly songs to your seniors will be in for a shock. Our "orientation" is a whole year long process - some even felt it was a two years affair until the day we left RMC. 

There were a lot of "Hell". Punishments meant to mentally strenghten our mind and physically pushing us to the limits. There were a lot of "fatigues" or tasks - it range from as simple as doing laundry, polishing shoes, ironing clothes and to as niche as massages. In short, the juniors or new boys are nothing but dispensible assets.
Form 4. Annual Camp. Gunung Raya. Langkawi.
The rest of the year in Form 4 were just flashes of memories that involve the basketball court, the takraw court, the pavilion, the laundry, the ironing, the shining of boots and belt buckles, the hell, the change parades, the inspection, the show parades and the mental taunting.

Then, there was the initiation of one from going up from Form 4 to Form 5. The "Commissioning" night. It is similiar to the Military tradtion of hashing of one officer that has finally commissioned and become a rightful member of the instititution.

Commisioning night is brutal. Anything goes. I remember going under the metal double decker, standing on top of metal wardrobe, being made to run with underwear outside, humilated, man-handled. There was always a fire poker or two amongst the seniors. There were always someone backing you up and do not believe in these tradition.

For all it was worth, i took it all in my stride. I don't come from a well to do family. I certainly am not a cry baby. I am also made to appreciate and brought up to be grateful for what i have. Those has helped me to pull through those harrowing first year.

Was it worth it to endure 365 days of "hashing"?

I used to believe i have to do it to be "accepted". I always want to be and hope to be part of the "batch". 

Things became a bit bad when i was given a rank. Junior Under Officer. It is like being a prefect, only more glam. You get ranks and title and a room to yourself.
Form 5. Prep Room. No.3 Uniform.
It became bad as the rank has sort of became a hindrance and drifted me further apart with the "batch". Some do not think i deserves it as i spend all but a year in RMC. Some think that others are more deserving. How i got the rank? I am not sure. But i believe it was a mixture of a lot of factors. What did the rank did to me?

Having the rank was when i first learnt how to manage people. I was put to be responsible for a group of newboys that came in end of the year - a new group of New Boys. All 16 of them in Bravo Company.

I recall to have to deal with people that has not slept with a chinese boy before (in the same room, not what you think it was). I recall them having doubts if what i offer them was halal.

But this is RMC. This is the only boarding school with a mixture of all races and religion. We do not tolerate each other, we embarace each other's differences and we learn to live with each other as a community.
Form 5 1993. After SPM.
However, there were still a big gap between us, the newboys and those that entered in Form 1. We were often refered as "intake". We are never equal. Infact, some crazy fler even gave us "hell" when we were in Form 5 - because he can.

I saw that as a power trip and the need to "convince" himself that he still got it. What baffles me most back then was the 39 of us actually adhered to the orders!

In November 1993, we bid out adieu. Passing out parade marks the very last day we were all to be known as Budak Boy or Putera. 
Passing Out Parade 1993. Spot yourselves ;-)
Along the years since 1993, all 17 of it, i've met most, if not all those that were in the same year as myself. I've gotten myself involved with OPA and had served in the Alumni as an EXCO member for a good 3.5 terms. Along the way, i've made friends i never did back in RMC - where situation and peer pressure most probably became the biggest hindrance for some of us to be close.

I am very close to some OP which are 2 or even 4 years my senior. I felt accepted by those of my age and has made good buddies with them that could look beyond me, and my "intake" as equal. I found brothers i never had with a few of them. Someone that if i were to go to war and fight for my Tanahair, Malaysia, i know they will look out for me as much as i will look out for them. We were closer outside of RMC. Way closer and way more matured compared to 17 years ago.

Rankholders 1993
I've learnt a lot a lot a lot of things along the way in those two years in RMC. It has made me wiser. It has shaped me for who i am. Those endless fatigues of laundry, shoe shining, belt buckle shining, inspection, punishments, military training and above all that, academic obligation from 0745 to 1400 every weekday has made me into a multitasking monster.

It has made me able to perform well at work. It has made me able to carry on the lifestyle i have now - training and working and family time. 

RMC has in many ways, enriched me and brought the best out of me - after i left many years later.

Today, i read with a lot of sadness. To find a 16 years old killed in RMC. Classified as murder. This incident such as this SHOULD not happen in a place that has given me so much memories in such short time, and that has created more impact in my whole life compared to anything else.

Royal Military Colleage - Your Legacy will live on. We are in a very challenging time and very uncertain time. But one thing i know. I will continue to vouch for you. I will not forget what you have done for me. 

Life is nothing if it is just happy memories. Thank you to all of you that is reading this that is from RMC.

Serve To Lead.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Project 365 : Day 29 of 365

Day 29 of 365
Woman On Top

Wifey's race number. With mine in the background, shadowing her. This Sunday is her race and I've committed that this year is the year where i will give her the support she needs to complete more runs. SCKLM 21km will be the first one, and will be her longest race to do. It will be followed by Siemens Run, Shape Run, Newton Run and capping it with Kinabalu Run Up The Sky. Some say i am being too optimistic. Some say i am being evil. I say this is the best time to spend time with her. Imagine, a full hour to six of hot sweaty activities - i don't think she will complain that the sessions will be that long.With that, i suggest that all couples out there to start running and exercising together. It is a great way to get healthy. Start small and build up slowly. Let her get on top for a change. You might learn a thing or two about perseverance too.
Tools : D40+351.8. ISO500. F1.8. 1/30

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Project 365 : Day 28 of 365

Day 28 of 365

Up In The Air
Legs up in the air. Many ways to interpret this actually. It can meant that you are on high heaven (floating because of happiness) or like the photo above, inverted legs - dead. Many people hate me for my guts to call a spade, a spade. Some can't deal with it and go crying to his/her mother. I can take punches as i throw them and most of the time, i try to be kinder with the return blow as i believe everyone deserves a second chance. Call me vicious or pussy, depending on which angle you are looking at. But today i am posting this with a lot of irritation. I do not like office politics. I certainly do not subscribe to cc-ing the whole world things as small as "not seeking permission from me" kinda thing. It shows your weakness that you can't deal with things and go running to hide under your mother's armpit (or your direct supervisor's armpit). If you think your points are valid - that is because i allowed them to be so. Fire in the hole!
Tools : iPhone 3Gs. ISO125. F2.8. 1/125. Locked and Loaded.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I've Been Up To

SCKLM is about 4 days away and most of you has been training hard to ensure personal best timing. Rewind about 8 weeks ago, i first helped to create a 8 weeks program to run your first 10km. I do not know how many actually subscribed to my training routine that I've shaped.
Work has been pretty busy lately for me and add that with a lot of family activities happening, training was a challenge for me and wifey, time wise. We've changed the runs to early morning as evening would not be good considering my mum is helping out with my two rascals at home. Waking up in the morning after a long day at work too, is a challenge. But i believe, so far, things has been pretty rewarding in terms of me and wifey seeking our own physical limits to work out together.
Just yesterday, we decided to take a run from TTDI to Royal Selangor Club (RSC) Kiara and back. The route has minimal traffic and the road buffer is great.
The total distance was only about 6km but it certainly felt further than that. It got to be the terrain.
I also took the opportunity to take the new Nano Gen5 that wifey bought for me for father's day. This thingy comes with LCD larger than my old digital camera or my Sony Ericsson handphone. It takes videos too and has radio function, which is really cool.
Yeap. This the one i have. Metallic blue. it comes with many other features i doubt i will even use. But i was surprised to find a pedometer build in.
It even have a build in speaker and that meant, you can annoy the hell out of the person running next to you by blasting some lame songs while you are running.

Yesterday's run too, was important for me to test and ensure that wifey is ready, or almost ready for this Sunday's task. I would say she is quite ready. The last 2km of the run, well, enough said as she bolted in front of me and i never did see her until about 5minutes later...or a good 600m at our running pace.

I also made some adjustment to her shoe lacing system - wifey has her left feet broader than her right, and this has caused her to feel numb and pain. A little research some time ago and here is the lacing system in place.
How this work is that instead of the usual rabbit ears at the top of the shoe, the system will tie the shoelaces diagonally. Look at the photo carefully and you will know what i meant. it helped her eliminate the pain, but not the numbness. She said numbness is more bearable compared to the pain.

On the work front, i am sure some of you recall me saying that i might be moving forward, career wise. Today , i received yet another news that i might be seconded to another business line within the company. The decision will apparently, when it is offered, mine to accept or deny. But the mere fact that they know who i am, and what i am capable of, goes a long way for me in the near future.

Just like racing and training, i will not say NO when the opportunity present itself. When will it happen? I do not know, but i have to prepare myself.

On another front, my Project365 is going really well. I only hope i can keep the momentum going and the only way for that is for you, my dearest readers, to chip in comments and inspire me more to continue to inspire you in return!

Yeah, i know. I talk a lot of craps. But that is how you like me anyway ;-)

Project 365 : Day 27 of 365

Day 27 of 365
Unlucky morning. I had my aircon condensor punctured by one of the bracket at the front of the car. Apparently, someone driving a big 4WD (4x4 Vehicle) must had reversed into my car about 2 months back. I first noticed the damage to the plastic grill when i came back from Hong Kong. Little did i know the damage wasn't just on the grill. I refilled the air-cond gas about three weeks ago and i thought of nothing, or how the gas might had leaked. This damage cost me RM700. Despite all this, i felt grateful actually. I am grateful i have the RM700 to spare to fix the car. I am glad my car has A/C to start with. I am glad the A/C works like a charm under the 40degree C heat of the afternoon. I am glad i have a car. In life, many things can happen unexpectedly, and most important aspect of it all is that we must all be prepared. Like a friend always says, when life throw you a lemon, make lemonade. I don't know about you, i added ice to it too.
Tools: iPhone 3Gs. ISO640. F2.8. 1/10.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Project 365 : Day 26 of 365

Day 26 of 365
I Am Watching You
Noticed on my way back that a highway tropper stopped a truck because the rear brake light wasn't working. I played dumb and pretended to fiddle with my camera and took a few shots. We usually thinks that when the Police (in this case, Polis or PDRM) stops anyone, it is usually for coffee money, i.e. bribe. I observed and waited to see if there was anything suspicious but alas, after 5 minutes, the truck was given a ticket and there was no exchange of "cash for amenesty". While we all believe and think that these acts are rampant and happens everytime, i believe there are cases where these Men In White (or Blue) genuinely wants to serve the people and ensure community safety and compliance. So, give them a break. Say hi to them when you see them. They are human too. They have families too. Only big difference is that they have a gun and handcuff on their belt - something we only have if we buy the toys from the shops. Or, was it because they saw me, and they decided that the safest way is...well...not take any bribes...
Tools: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2. ISO80. F5.9. 1/125. "Ayam Telur"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Project 365 : Day 25 of 365

Day 25 of 365
(Translated : If you can't read, you can sign up for oral test)
I saw this near Bukit Beruntung today when i was returning back from site. Initially, the signage did not attract as much attention until i realised that for anyone to be able to understand what was advertised, they don't need to sign up for an oral test! I couldn't resist and stopped to take a photo of the signage. Look around us. We see people of all class and creed running about. Some are millionaire and ensure everyone knows that they are. Some looked poor, but never underestimate what they have in their savings or investment. Ironically, most of the rich people that goes around flashing their wealth aren't really that wealthy. Don't be deceived by those that wears tattered clothing or sandals to market looking for a bargain. Same goes to those religious people, just because they are religious, that doesn't meant that they do not sin - in their action or in their words. We live in an ironic world and what is more ironic is when the above advertisement was put up, no wonder the shop do not have many people signing up and i bet, ironically, the business owner would had thought that 100% people in Bukit Beruntung would be able to read, hence, no oral test needed!
Tools : Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2. ISO100. F5.3. 1/320. Amused.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Project 365 : Day 24 of 365

Day 24 of 365
School starts tomorrow and i recall to always be excited about it. Meeting friends again, terrorising the teachers, playing my role in school and learning new things (though it was in 1992 and 1993 that i felt reluctant to return back to school after the holiday). Ryan was having his final hour of holiday and i saw him taking out this toy that was his 1st birthday present. It is still working and plays like a piano. Ryan has always shown musical inclination and also love to dance to tunes. It all looked and sounded a bit "Glee". It is evidence as he can change lyrics and sing to the same tune to whatever he fancies. He even break out in songs once in a while. What was extra though, was he actually took a singing book out, and stuck it right how you sees it on the photo. He then pretend to be a musical maestro and played - even bow once his "performance" was over. In life, learning is neverending. I am 34 this year and i feel i've not learnt everything in life yet. Everyday at work, i noticed that i have loads to learn - managing people and managing expectations. At home, i have to learn patiences and learn to understand my own wife more. Today is Father's Day. Though i do not celebrate it, but Wifey made it a point to make it special. I must learn, in many way, to be more giving. I sprained my shoulder (don't ask how) and was feeling really crappy and lethargic. I must learn, hard, not to be a victim of my own misery. Happy Father's Day to all of you.
Tools: iPhone 3Gs. ISO600. F2.8. F/11

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Project 365 : Day 23 of 365

Day 23 of 365
Growing Up
These four boys came up to me and Adeline this morning as we finished our offroad ride in Kemensah. They were most intrigue by how we managed to lift the bikes and put them on top of my car. With school holiday coming to an end, i went to asked the boys if they have finished their homework; of which all four went quiet and start to spew out secrets - their sisters has been helping them with their homeworks. I then asked them where they are heading to, of which they say they are going to the "jeram" or rapid. Jeram in Kg. Kemensah was my childhood playground. I used to skip school to go there (oh no, now my mum knows!). I believe i told them to be careful and they told me that their home has a river behind too. Kids will be kids. I wish i could be like them again. Two of the boys were twins. Can you tell which one?
Tools : Panasonic DMC-FT2. ISO100. F3.3. 1/200. Envy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Project 365 : Day 22 of 365

Day 22 of 365
My mum made green beans and barley dessert the other day. The photo did no justice to how nice this sweet dessert taste in real life.I am 34 this year, but in my mum's eyes, i never did grow up. She took the trouble to heat up the dessert and packed it nicely, together with a spoon and extra cover to contain any spillage. Mum's love is limitless. Myself with two kids at home, i only hope i will be half of what she is to me and my siblings. Don't wait, call your mum up now and tell her how much you love her.
Tool : Panasonic Lumix-FT2. ISO400. F3.3. 1/25. Blessed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project 365 : Day 21 of 365

Day 21 of 365
Use Me
This shoe is 4 years old. Bought in Bali during my honeymoon for RM120. It is a Mizuno Wave Rider 10. Low profile and lightweight. Run sockless and blister-ess. This morning, i found the shoe's heel rubber gone. I seldom use this shoe as i have another 5 pairs to cycle through. Some items are not made to last forever. This is a perfect anology to tell me if i don't use my brain (like i don't use my shoes), they will fall off and rendered useless. So people, start using your brain. Don't let it sits there idling and turning into nothing but dead cells.
Tools : D40+351.8. ISO200. F1.8. 1/400. Thinking.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Project 365 : Day 20 of 365

Day 20 of 365

Extended Family
Not exactly today's photo or taken by me. I decided to show this photo as today is Nadia's birthday. The photo was taken by June Liew and it has the whole family, plus Fayruliza, which came to visit us when she got back from States for a holiday. Nadia was about 6 weeks old then. In my whole 34 years of life, i've made a lot of friends. June and Fay is just two of which i consider sisters (from different parents) to me. These are the people that stick to me through thick or thin, in sickness and in health. I have many more of these and i am glad and thankful that all of you touched me in many different ways, making my life and the people around me, complete. I love you all.
Tools : Fay's Canon S400. unknown ISO. F2.8. 1/60. With Lotsa Luv.

Sex And The City 2 : A Lesson In (Married) Life

Yesterday night, myself and wifey went for another movie premier. having friends in the correct places does help to see good movie and having a good seating arranged as well.

This is not a review about the movie, so, don't worry, no major spoiler ahead.

I can't believe i will say this but the movie line was actually not too bad. I've seen the series and watch the first one on DVD (pirated - i am coming clean), and while everything is just superficial and very not-down-to-Earth, i found good values and sharing that i could do, and use in my life.

SATC2 (short for Sex And The City 2), was all about commitments and how one would want to view life.

I believe there are many many scene in the movie that we all could relate to. From our gay friends' relationship (gay includes both male and female), growing up toddlers, insecurity about the nanny (seducing your husband), time out between couples and even menopause. I can't claim to be expert in any of the above and guys, believe me, this is the perfect movie for you to "fight for your TV rights" or "fight for reasons you just want to stay home".

The movie then took the viewer to Abu Dhabi - dubbed the "New Middle-East" in the movie. There, one of the girl met an old flame, one was worried sick about the bra-less nanny at home, one just want to get a job and the last one, looking for actions. It is easy to tell who is who if you are a fan of SATC. Many things happened in that (i counted) three nights in Abu Dhabi that changed the women's life when they return to New York.

Similarly, i believe by watching with wifey, she perhaps understand why i just want to sit down and do nothing but read the paper (then, I've since stopped buying paper due to the biased reporting), check Facebook (this is life a necessity in life now), see Channel 551 (no matter if the same Mythbuster episode is shown the third time within the past 1 month) or sometimes, just laze at home.

Wifey's reaction to the movie was that she could relate to how the mother in the movie struggles with growing up kids without help (read: nanny) and the screaming, crying and demanding "terrible two" that rules our life and demanded our attention.

I felt the movie shows just how materialistic some people can be (in real life) and just how much material makes them happy.

When love and hates collide (sometimes with sprinkling of shoes, dresses and undergarments), i guess it is really up to us and our spouse to talk it out, and make things happen.

Cest la vie.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project 365 : Day 19 of 365

Day 19 of 365
I couldn't resist how the clouds look this morning that i brought along my camera to work. When we had haze and bad air quality, we lament about how unlucky we are to be breathing in all the dirty particle. When we have gret weather and clear skies such as today, we took it for granted. I guess we are all only human; we never know what we got until we lose it. Now go out and appreciate the clear blue sky!
Tool: D40+351.8. ISO200. F9. 1/2500. Thank You Mac for the 351.8 on loan.

Morning HIIT With Wifey

Short 5.3km run with wifey this morning. Did a 500m walk before launching into HIIT of moderate intensity. We did not run a single bit last week due to many reasons and this morning session was much needed.

Two more weeks to SCKLM and we signed up for 21km run. It will be wifey's first and i keep telling her that completing it, no matter what timing is more important that NOT doing it.

I can be a pain when it comes to training and my motivation can sometimes misconstrued as patronising. I guess that is why i am not a personal trainer.

Wifey's peeves is that her left feet keeps getting numb after 1km of running and i suspect it might be her feet with high arch (only on the left) and the shoe being a bit tight on the front that might had contributed to this. I am going to lace her left shoe differently and see if it helps. Else, it is time for a new pair then.

On the same note, Ironman 2011 Langkawi is not confirmed and not in the calendar. That effectively made Ironman races NOT do-able by many people as the cost involved to race out of Malaysia will be substantial.

My own dream/goal to do Ironman Western Australia (Busselton) end of 2011 has started and i have to diligently pledge to save up money of about RM900/month for the next 18months to make this happen. Some of my fellow tri-family already signed up for this year's Busselton and heavily training for it. I wish you all Luck!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Project 365 : Day 18 of 365

Day 18 of 365
The pic tells it all. I am pissed. Today I had my limit pushed again by a certain someone and I just keep wondering how incompetent someone could be. Everyone is busy. Not just you. Everyone got deadline. Not just you. Everyone has deliverables. Not just you. But what sets you apart from the others are the fact that you are given more responsibilities and thus, having a higher expectation to deliver. It is expected that you will, and can deliver according to deadline and expected to be setting example to the others. Else, just bugger off. And to add to the angst, the office electricity had a trip – just like that, wiping away all work done by everyone else – right after this photo was taken.
Tools: Panasonic Lumix-FT2. ISO400. F3.3. 1/30. Loads of Negative Energy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Project 365 : Day 17 of 365

Day 17 of 365
Mind Your Language
We see bad English everyday in our live. Even in this posting, those anal enough will spot a few grammatical error or typos. While some are not done diliberately, such as the one in the photo, what puzzled me most is that some people gotten into trouble just because the other party do not understand what was written. A prominent lawyer two days ago was aquitted from a defamation case against a Sultan - all because the prosecuting offifer, which also happened to be our country Interpol representative, did not understand the English that was written and do not know what defamation meant. The lawyer went to comment that it wasn't his misconduct that gotten him into trouble, but it was the language. Opps, sorry for your unconviniences!
Tools : Beloved iPhone 3Gs. ISO160. F2.8. 1/17 Shaking Head.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Project 365 : Day 16 of 365

Day 16 of 365
Love In Hidden Places
I like things that emits lights and i love things that produces sound. Put both together i should actually belongs to a technoclub and imagine me with dyed blond hair and earrings at all the wrong places. No, that wasn't how i found love, though to a certain extend, i met my wife at a pub. They say magic happens when you least expected it and on that day many many moons ago, there she was - talking and laughing away with her friends while i was secretly smitten and starting to get all addicted to her. Many of us look for love. Some deliberately (or desperately) and some are just blind to ignore what is infront of them. Fate has it's strange way of bringing people together, so when you bells ring. Let it be all loud and knowing. I Love You Aileen Har.
Tools: D90+18-55VR. 55mm. ISO200. F5.6. 1/30 Three Heart In Photo. One Each For Wifey, Ryan and Nadia.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Project 365 : Day 15 of 365

Day 15 of 365
I am always intrigue when i see wild plants or flowers growing. It doesn't need to be a rose or a carnation and most of these wild flowers are actually weeds. This one was taken growing behind a building and up to a meter tall as well. It was shouting for me to take a photo of it. Whenever i see a wild flower growing, i keep telling myself that just like human, strangers are like flower. While some could be pretty (like roses) they have hidden intention to hurt you (like thorns) and some are very interesting (but foul, like Raffelsia). We often rush through our lives, not knowing that there are "wild flowers" around us, there are strangers out there, that could possibly be destined for you to meet. Just like the flower i found growing behind the building. Learn to relax and smell the flowers along the way.
Tool: Panasonic DMC-FT2. ISO80. F3.3. 1/80. Grateful