Monday, June 21, 2010

Project 365 : Day 25 of 365

Day 25 of 365
(Translated : If you can't read, you can sign up for oral test)
I saw this near Bukit Beruntung today when i was returning back from site. Initially, the signage did not attract as much attention until i realised that for anyone to be able to understand what was advertised, they don't need to sign up for an oral test! I couldn't resist and stopped to take a photo of the signage. Look around us. We see people of all class and creed running about. Some are millionaire and ensure everyone knows that they are. Some looked poor, but never underestimate what they have in their savings or investment. Ironically, most of the rich people that goes around flashing their wealth aren't really that wealthy. Don't be deceived by those that wears tattered clothing or sandals to market looking for a bargain. Same goes to those religious people, just because they are religious, that doesn't meant that they do not sin - in their action or in their words. We live in an ironic world and what is more ironic is when the above advertisement was put up, no wonder the shop do not have many people signing up and i bet, ironically, the business owner would had thought that 100% people in Bukit Beruntung would be able to read, hence, no oral test needed!
Tools : Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2. ISO100. F5.3. 1/320. Amused.


  1. Bro OP Stupe,

    I think that is a requirement under the JPJ for driving schools to put the sign for illiterates to sign up for oral test.... ha ha ha ... I've seen it in my hometown & ask the same questions....

    will you be at the OPA Dinner 26 June... if you are catch us the biggest crowd OP75 Band of Brothers ... I'll be back just in time ETA KLIA 25 June ...

  2. Tuan - i won't be at OPA dinner unfortunately. Have a race to go to the next day, early. :)

    Thanks for dropping by sir!

  3. OP Stupe,

    Good luck in your race.... remember kita bukan askar to address Tuan ....

    OP Mood @ yemen

  4. OP Mood - it a sign of respect :) will be runnning a 21km with wifey. Kira dating kat KL la.


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