Saturday, June 05, 2010

Project 365 : Day 9 of 365

Day 9 of 365

Today i gave a talk to 13 people from various walks of life. Two were from Maldives, two were recreational runners with one planning to start running, three that will do their first 10km race with one of them a DJ from BFM radio, two were fitness instructor with one being the organiser, two that came but left when the talk went over the 90minutes,  one being the event helper and one, a dear friend, Julie. I took 2H30minutes, or more to share with them my experience and motivated them to themselves, only better. I then received and sms from the organiser telling me that two person was so inspired and encouraged that they went on instantly to get proper gear and take running more seriously. It was a very rewarding day.
Tools: D90+501.8. ISO200. F1.8. 1/13. Inspired.

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