Friday, August 23, 2019

Training Zone Using Your Heart Rate Data

As social media evolves, and "blogging" become old school, I need to progress with time, to engage and re-engage the audience. So, over the past 20hours, coupled with everyday's working obligations (yes, i do work), here is a 10minutes read on trying to make sense of Heart Rate Training Zone using Maximum HR, Reserve HR, and Lactate HR.
10mins read, if you are interested :) Have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 03, 2019

Continental UltraContact 6 SUV - UC6SUV

This post has been updated with a 2-years real usage review here: Continental UC6SUV

Introducing the Continental Ultra Contact 6 SUV or UC6 SUV
This was a year decision in waiting and making. Today I am changing the Bridgestone Dueller HL400 stock tires (6 years, only 23k km, 40% tread left. Pitting on the tire shoulder, time to go) to Continental UC6 SUV (manufacture week 24 and 25 of 2019). 

Significant tread differences
The tread pattern differences is significant and obviously the Continental has an advantage of being more recently launched and researched, which include all the bells and whistles of tire technology by Continental. 
40% tread life left. Pitting on the outer tire shoulder as you can see in this pic. 
This UC6 SUV is not the same as the UC6 as the SUV was built with harder sidewalk for better stability. My experience with the stock tires was “too soft” and you can feel the car floating while taking corners and even on the straight at cruising speed. 
Deeper Grooves. Larger channel for water dispersion. The "dot" in the middle actually helps with water dispersion, though I would question the effectiveness past 30% life span. Conti call them "Aqua channel", and the aggressive grooves, Aqua-Drainage". 
I was looking for the 225/55/R18 size which is not a size you find easily. So choices like Pirelli Scorpion Verde, none from Goodyear, and the Bridgestone (Japan) is hard to find (which, why would I want to get back the stock tire, right?). The other option was Yokohama RV02, not too great of wear and review.
The rib between the grooves (what Continental call "double tie bar") on the lower left will provide rigidity to this version (SUV) for better stability. 
Decided this over Michelin Primacy4 as reading feedback from doesn’t sound too convincing (not even close to as the Primacy4 is not meant for SUV (Car and Van). Was hoping for Michelin Pilot Sports 4 SUV, or PS4 SUV to be available in market, despite it being launched earlier this year, no luck even after calling Michelin Malaysia.
Will be interesting to see how noisy this big blocks will be. The bumps in the middle of the second channel is "Noise breaker 2.0", which reduces noise.
With this Forester XT capable to churn 245hp and 350Nm torque, it be fun to see how this tire hold up on the road, wet and dry. Wait for both short and long term review, if i have the time.
34psi as always. 
Tire Run-in Review
Much is not expected as the tires are new. So, it's all quiet when compared to the worned rubber. However, one thing i noticed immediately, improvement of the braking. It is significantly different that I had to re-learn my car braking capability. The car now stops faster vs the older rubber. Good sign of safety there!
Notice that the "outside" of the tire has the "box" like pattern. Perhaps mimicking "smaller" boxes to reduce noises.
As it has it, the sky opened up and it poured on my way back from the workshop. I know a few spot where the road often pond (with water) and no better way than to try to test for aquaplanning at 70km/h. Yes, Malaysian road is dangerous that even highway ponds! The reference is of course the Bridgestone, which will cause the body to dive when i hit a pond of water (since 40% wear rate about 1.5 years ago). Since then, I never hit a pond of water at anything faster than 60km/h. Bear in mind that my car is all wheel drive (AWD) and the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is always on. With this new UC6 SUV, it cuts through the water. Just like that. No drama. No diving. No feedback at the steering (of losing traction). Maybe still new ;-)
Consistent with the other side, installer can't get this wrong.
Taking corners at 70km/h (think the Butterfly interchange at Jalan Damansara down to Jalan Duta) is also less roll - evidence that the side wall is harder than the Dueller. Will be interesting to see how it holds up on the way up to Genting. 
The space in the tire well doesn't auger well with many fast cars lover ;-)
 Stay tuned for more reviews, soon.
Get your tires need completed at Perniagaan Tayar Sing Yu Huat, Jalan Ipoh. It's near Sentosa Hospital. Ask for Loon. He is my friend, 3rd Generation Tire Specialist in the family.
More Info of the tire at Continental Malaysia Website. Currently they are running a promotion where you can get a gift with every 4 units of tires 15inches and above. Details at their FB page here
Mine will be on the way.