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Racing The Planet For Stroke : The PT Lam Story

I am sure most of you remember the highlight I did for Ng Seow Kong earlier this month on his personal mission to run Badwater Ultramarathon and raise money for charity. Seow Kong is inspirational in his (more than one) way. Then I have two friends that is Mohan Marathon and Winnie Wong doing the same in the 250km footrace across the Australia Big Red Run at Simpsons Desert.
Classic Mohan Marathon Post. Photo from Mohan's Facebook of the Big Red Run 2013
Both the races were completed in scorching hot heat over days. Testing and pushing the limits of human mental strength and physical endurance. These inspirational people are doing all these for their personal reasons. 

Today, I want to highlight another Malaysian that will attempt something that will leave us all in awe - and for a charity too.

PT Lam is participating in Racing the Planet Iceland 2013, a running challenge that will see her running an amazing and gruelling 250-kilometer / 155-mile course that starts in the highlands between Iceland's largest glacier Vatnajokull and Langjokull. Competitors will encounter much of the iconic Icelandic scenery with a wide range of colourful landscapes along the way. 
This includes waterfalls, glaciers, lava fields, lava cliffs, black sand beaches, hot springs and geothermal areas with bubbling mud. The terrain will include rocky lava fields, jeep tracks, single track trails, dust roads, grass fields, soft sand, wet sand, rolling hills, hard lava cliffs as well as some river crossings.
For more information on Racing The Planet Iceland 2013, visit
To help contribute as she is looking to raise RM10,000 for the National Stroke Association of Malaysia Via People Giving. If you want to contribute and support her cause, you can click this link below:
PT is leaving for the race today as we speak and the campaign runs from July 25 to August 25. Follow her race at the website and be inspired.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: d'MUG by Dexsim : A Heat Sensitive Mug

We all use a cup or mug at home or in the office to hold/store liquid for consumption. Having a family at home meant I always have more than just two mugs on the tray ready for everyone's use. The multiple color and even design are unique to each individual at home - some more than the other. The situation doesn't change in the office with an assortment of mugs being placed in the pantry for use. 
Office Pantry
About four years ago, I received a free mug from an Oil&Gas company that sort of reacts with hot water and reveal a design. It was pretty cool to have one of those mugs as it was different. 
The mechanic of the mug was a piece of heat sensitive sticker that will change color or reveal a hidden graphic when in contact with hot water/liquid. However the quality of the mug given (free) is not as good as other mugs as it was heavy and the heat-sensitive sticker has since outlived it's ability to "disappear" when cold. You can see from the photo on the left that the whole "engine" (previously hidden) is shown without any hot water poured inside. 

d'MUG by Dexsim
A friend recently approached me to help out with his humble business that was setup to promote and sell such mugs. Known as d'MUG, they are producing these heat-sensitive mugs that are made from high grade ceramic compound that are light and durable. 

As I am very much into reviewing items and also helping friends out with their business (as long as the business is legit), I thought why not take a look at them and see if it is as good as it was claimed to be.
Dexsim is a company formed by two friends (that i know for years) and both of them has recently quit their corporate world job to seek out fortune and be their own business owner. d'MUG is how they started and they are looking to expand their business in this very niche market. Among their advantage would be:

  • Food grade material suitable and safe to be used (no leachate) and has a lab test by SGS as reference.
  • Vibrant color and design. High resolution and quality artwork.
  • Highly customizable if you are looking to make this your corporate or event gift. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 50 units only.
  • Each unit comes in a nice giftbox (which i believe can be customised to your order too, do check with them). Photos below.
  • The design before and after review two different artwork. I was given a zebra striped mug which upon contact with hot water, disappear and out come a zebra! Dexsim has produced d'MUG with inspirational quotes which can be something really different.
Here are some photos of the d'MUG that was shared with me.
The box that came with d'MUG
d'MUG was nicely wrapped up and secured
Inside of the box.
The whole package
While the mug is food grade and the artwork and design will last a long time. It is noted that exposure in microwave may shorten the lifespan of the d'MUG's ability to change design/color. So, do keep in mind about this.
Be informed
The Mug that was shared with me. Zebra stripes
How did it perform and change design? The video below documents it. Note that the upper band was still dark because I did not pour hot water till the top. It was a bit impractical as it will create spillage. However, for me, it was good enough. I now know if I can see the Zebra, the liquid is piping hot! So, I just need to wait until the design fades a little before drinking.

The d'MUG is selling for RM22 per unit for end user. Dexsim has a Facebook page that you can like and follow, or be in touch with the manufacturer for potential MOQ orders. They have roadshow and it it best way to view the mugs up close. One thing that hit me was how light the d'MUG was. 
Some technical specs:
Size: 8.25cm diameter x 9.00cm height.
Capacity: Approximately 400ml
Weight:  Approximately 225 gram – 250gram.

They do have other sizes and design that again, can be customised. You can view them here

I was also told that they are bringing in cold colour changing glass/ ceramic mug / plastic mug. So, another swanky option for cold drinks lover. A Color changing Ice Lemon Tea or Beer mug? That would be awesome.

1)  - Dexsim official website (corporate website)
2)  - The e-Store that you can view and purchase it online.
3)  - Dexsim’s fan page.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Royal Military College : We Need More Non-Bumi Puteras

Many of you would know that i spent two (very formative) years in Royal Military College, Malaysia. It is situated in Sungai Besi. Yes, that small cowboy town that you will pass through on the way down south. It is in a Military Camp by the way.

The Aspiration
The Royal Military College (also known as RMC) is a school established to train young Malaysians for service in the Malaysian Armed Forces. The RMC campus covers an area of 1,200 acres (4.9 km2) near the town of Sungai Besi with a view of the Mines Resort and the Selangor Turf Club.
RMC consist of Boyswing and Cadet Wing. in 1995, the Cadet wing was moved south to Johor, leaving Boyswing as the only unit in Royal Military College. This was done as the (then) Akademi Tentera Malaysia (ATMA) started operation, which later turned into the National Defence University of Malaysia (UPNM). Locally, it is known as Maktab Tentera Diraja
We refer a current student of RMC as  Present Putera, while a graduate of the institution is known as an Old Putera or "OP" in short. The term Putera, literally meaning prince in Malay, is attributed to the RMC's royal status.
Royal Military College aerial view
Discrimination In RMC?
RMC is the only boarding school in Malaysia that will allow the students (Puteras) a balanced experience in both inside and outside of classroom activities. Being linked to the Ministry Of Defence and the Ministry of Education, RMC has a special status where both Ministries are involved in the academic and military growth of the Boys (yes, this is an all-boys boarding school).

We live a full military life. Uniforms. Inspections. Training. Punishments. We are governed by military officers and are treated like one. But the one thing that RMC (which we call "College") pride itself with is the multiracial and multi religious mixture of the College. No where in Malaysia you will find a boarding school that is multiracial. During my time in the 90's, the mix was very healthy and it includes all creed and races. "Color" as we know, has no bearing in RMC - what mattered most is the Esprit de Corp or the cohesion of the Boys as an Unit. 

Naturally being a tight unit, RMC often excel in sport and Rugby was naturally one of them. The empahsis on physical activities via sports and military fitness has set the base for many of the ex-student (known as Old Putera) to be active and still fit way past their prime. I can say I am one such example with many others that has proven themselves by representing the country in sports like Hockey and Athletics. 

RMC, as they say, is not to produce "bookworms" but to allow and prepare the Boys to be leader. The motto of the College "Serve To Lead" are held closely by all Old Puteras until today. Many of the OPs (short form for Old Puteras) has returned to the association to "give back" to the College and to the needy. Bear in mind that this institution limits it's yearly intake to about 120 students - and to date, there are less than 3000 OPs (dead or alive). 

Military Discipline

Do not mistake us for Military Cadet like those in school. At tender age of 13 for many of those around my age, they were put through hard-formative years that has ingrained the "never give up" attitude. I've joined RMC after my SRP in 1991. Those two years there were when I learnt independence and discipline that has given me very much the edge in everything I do in life nowadays. 

One of the main worries my relatives (and parents) has when I joined RMC was the racial profiling. Back in the 90's, things were still OK compared to recent years where racial profiling (and hatred) were being uttered unbearably. In RMC, up till today, you are treated equally by the officers and teachers. In RMC, you are recognised by your regimental number. Your name is secondary. Your race non-existence. You eat, sleep, bath, train and schooled at the same level as everyone else. Though the regimental number were segregated between the Bumis and Non-Bumis, but that is all about it. This College provides the platform for full national integration without prejudice. There is no fakery in the College because the only thing that mattered is how you fit into the Military way of life - not who you are, or what you are.
Multiracial. Multi ethnic. Multi religious.
My reason for highlighting this is because RMC is calling for entry into the next intake, typically after the year's PMR Exam. 
General Requirement:
2010 PMR student (boys only)
Malaysian citizen
Physical Requirement:
Boys only
Minimum height 152cm
Minimum weight 40.5kg
BMI between 18-27
Calling Non-Bumis
The College has announced an increased qouta for entrance. It has been revised upwards to minimum of 17%. As highlighted in The Star dated July 24, 2013, the Commandant has called for more Chinese and Indians (particularly Chinese parents) to join RMC. Perception need to be corrected and myself, being a product of RMC must step in and support this cause. 
To further clarify:
NO, you do not need to be a military officer upon graduation - but it certainly will give you an advantage in the services if you did (join). Most RMC boys are preferred candidates to be pilot with airlines because we already have the basic training of being in Uniform. Back in the 80's and 90's, RMC boys taken in as cadet pilot spend 6 months less compared to others.
NO, you will not be discriminated just because you are non-bumi. We are all blood-brothers. We help each other out in time of need, even after leaving College since 1993, contacts between most of us are very much alive and well.
NO, you won't convert to other religion just because you are in a Muslim majority School. RMC respects all religion and Puteras of other faith are free to practice their religion. In fact, the College provide transport out to house of worship on Friday (for Hindu Puteras, to the temple in town) and Sunday (for Christians for Sunday Mass or the Buddhist to temple in Brickfields). To add on more, On Friday, were Hindus are vegetarian, there are special menu for food. Beef are not served to Hindus and Buddishts and you will have substitute in form of fish or poultry or lamb. 
1993. Friday nights are dedicated to shining boots for the next day's military training. 
In RMC, students receive full government support in terms of uniforms (down to underwear, but lets leave those green uglies aside), text books and exercise books. We get "paid" a monthly stipend of (my time, RM50 for Form 5, RM10 less per age, downwards) RM100 (now). Honor and integrity is important and theft and mutual respect for each others' belonging is utmost important.
Make The Change
So, parents that are reading this and wonder what's next for their children's education, RMC can be a choice (in fact the first choice) to send the boys to. Take them out of their comfort zone and see them grow to be fine young gentlemen. They come back home and will impress you with their ironing, bed-making and perhaps amuse you on how they can cook with a pail and a heater only. 
How many boys in their teen get to fire a real rifle - and competent to do so.
If you are interested for your boys to join RMC and be a product of RMC, You can always ask me any questions and I will be happy to help answer them - from my own personal experiences, no less. 
In uniforms that will get the girls' heart fluttering
As a boarding school, RMC follows the MoE's syllabus. Academic excellence are one of the priority and the teachers in College are hand-picked from the best available teachers in the country. These teachers too come from all background and experiences, which lend to the diversity and "school of thoughts" the students will appreciate. In RMC, we produce Jack of All Trades, and we are Master of at least one thing. Make the change for your kids' education to RMC! (Yes, my son is slotted for intake 2022).

Friday, July 26, 2013

BFM Bar None : Interview with TriStupe

An opportunity to be interviewed by Freda Liu of BFM. Can't say no. I had fun. Remember to tune in tomorrow for the show. 10am at BFM 89.9 on the show called BFM Bar None. It is a show where they talk about sports from the extreme to the serene, from the common to the up and coming. It is a lifestyle show and for us to understand what it takes to do it. I am talking about Triathlon. :) 
BFM Bar None has a Facebook Page. Go like them there. They could use some Love (now only 56 people liking)

Update: The Bar None Interview Podcast Here

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review : Bright Thing In Small Package - MicroFlare Duo

Previously I have reviewed and shared about the FibreFlare full length here in my blog and how it actually increased visibility for me when running/walking at night. Today, I am introducing the MicroFlare.
MicroFlare - Bottom two
Product name: Micro Flare Duo.
Available colours: COMBO (White duo and red single), Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.
Price: RM124 (Combo) and RM80 (Duo) each (RRP). 
Inclusive: 4 X CR2032 lithium coin cells and 2 silicone ladder slings.
1. Length: 142mm.
2. Power source: 4 X CR2032 coin cells.
3. Battery life: 55+ hours (strobe), 20+ hours (solid).
4. Visibility: 200 meter (omni-directional; all directions)
5. Fibre optic core: 10mm OD.
6. Mounting options:
a. Utility clips at both ends.
b. Silicone ladder slings (fastens to objects from 10mm – 60mm).
7. Housing covers: Water resistant and impact resistant.
8. Weight: Less than 100grams.
What Sets MicroFlare Different From Full Length FibreFlare?
This edition of FibreFlare is known as MicroFlare due to the size. For approximately half the length of the usual FibreFlare, this unit actually pack quite a punch. 
Combo on the bike. Photo from Fibre Flare Malaysia Facebook
Being lightweight and more versatile, it can be used perfectly for hard to mount places like under the bicycle seat or along the shorter length of the seat post. 
MicroFlare Combo - RM124/set
There is two variant (of sales) for the MicroFlare. The first one is the COMBO set where it comes with ONE MicroFlare single (Red) and ONE MicroFlare Duo (White). This Combo kit are meant for the budget conscious where you get to have TWO units for RM124 instead of RM80 for one. With a reduced function where the the Red Flare only has lights coming out from one side and the White Flare has lights coming out from both sides similar to the Full Length. However, the brightness of the Red Flare is not compromised due to the intensity of the LED.
The second variant is the MicroFlare Duo, where as explained above, has lights coming out from both ends and with two switches, similar to the Full Length FibreFlare.
MicroFlare Duo - RM80 each
To put things in visual, the photos below shows the close up of the MicroFlare activation (on/off/strobe) button.
MicroFlare Red. Single Activation button
Here is a video I took to show how both unit work and you will be able to see the differences between the Single Flare and the Duo Flare. The video-blog would be easier to understand than just mere writing and photos. 
I walk my dogs everyday. One of the main worry while walking late at night is staying visible. No doubt the dog's eyes is reflective but again, that is passive and only happen if the car/vehicle lights shines into the dog's eyes. I would prefer something more visible and this is where the MicroFlare meant for cycling and/or outdoor activities comes into play. I simply hook these MicroFlare onto my dog's collars using the Ladder Slings and they are good to go.

The Red Flare was bright despite having only one side LED. This could be the light attributes and wavelength. As you can see from the two photos above, the Red Flare were bright even in early evening.
MicroFlare Duo White on a white dog
The Combo (And the Dogs)
This is a short video of the lights as the walk approaches the late evening/end of walk. 
If you do not have a dog/pet to walk and use the Microflare, you can like me, use it during a run. I strapped the MicroFlare Duo onto my Camelbak Octane 18X
Early morning 6am run. Staying Visible.
The MicroFlare were set to strobe mode and I am sure the blinking especially in the dark road of Bukit Tunku helped to ensure I stayed visible. The battery life was good. So far, I've been using it (loaned unit) and the intensity is still good.
Doesn't bounce. Secured using the clip only.
MicroFlare after the run. You can see the White Flare intensity is fiery. The Red appeared to be dimmed out due to camera not sync-ed with the blinking.
Wait up for more of the FibreFlare range of products review. If you are interested, please drop me an email at and I will assist you in getting one.
Next: The MVP - Maximum Visibility Possible Helmet Flare

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

VO2max Test Protocols

I was fortunate recently to be called by a friend in the medical field that is doing a research if i am willing to be a test subject in her clinic. To test the VO2max and other parameters. I jumped at first offer obviously. I've previously predicted my VO2max based on my 1.5mile run effort. That was in February 2013 and it returned a "calculated" VO2max of 52.
The reading said I am 41% population average, which meant there are 41% lower than me, which essentially put me in the average headcount. The VO2max was my main aim and it showed my effort to be 14.8 times more than just laying down. In short, this numbers showed how hard I pushed to the maximal limits before I either quit, or finish the test. Being trained as an engineer, I am naturally a data-whore. So, these numbers intrigue me and the opportunity for a clinical VO2max test is too hard to resist.

For this opportunity, I declared to my supervisor that I will be used as a test subject and requested for time off (2 hours). It was accepted (Boss, if you read this, you are awesome). But I requested for an MC and put in my record as such (since the HR do not know what to put also, no one came to them telling them about this up front). I went to UMMC, anxious that afternoon.

Damn it, now you know if those trainings you put in resulted in something, or nothing, or just syok sendiri (self gratification). 
For the test, I need to register myself with UMMC. I never registered myself in a Hospital (yet, i hope never) and pay RM30 for "specialist" clinic. Not too bad considering there is no other more complete facility to do this at RM30. I went up to see Doc PS and to be honest, I was anxious. My Resting HR (HRrest) is below 50bpm on normal day (like now as I am typing away) with about 38bpm first thing in morning. It was struggling to get down to sub 70bpm as the test commence. And that is only taking measurements (height and weight). 
I was put on a weight machine which is capable to dissect my body composition by part (left torso, right torso, left leg, right leg) and give near accurate reading (bio-electric impedence or BIA) of what my body are made up off. Would be cool if there is a dual energy X-ray absorpitometry or DEXA scanner. But a high-end BIA (this is not your typical tanita or omron) is good!
I am officially(clothed) 67.9kg with 69kkg of body fat (10.2%). My BMR was near what I've predicted all the while aka 1650kcal/day for normal body function. By body parts, I am classified to be right heavy - which is expected.
Body Mass and Fat distribution
Interesting to note that on the side with more muscle, the body fat were lower (right torso) and there were equal fat distribution on the lower torso. Bodyfat on all four parts were "under", which is a good thing. 
Checked where it should be
Evidence of the clean eating is showing that the items that need to be high stay high and the item need to be low (though showing under) stayed low. This machine was even capable of telling me how much minerals and proteins in my body. I am impressed.
All within range
But that wasn't why I was there. This is just the beginning of the test and the full blown VO2Max test started immediately after. It begin with a Step test. A metronome was set to tick at 1-second interval and I were to step on the step (about 40cm) one-leg at a time for a full 5-minutes. My heart rate is recorded using Polar (supplied by the hospital) and immediately after that, I am to sit for 2-mins with my recovery HR taken once/min. The test was not strenuous with me maxing out at about 117bpm at the end of the 5mins. My recovery was 75bpm (min 1) and 64(min 2). My 2ndMin recovery were lower than my starting HR (68bpm). The anxiousness did get to me!

Immediately after the test, I was asked to adjust/sit on the cycling machine, which was hooked up to the computer to monitor my level of effort vs heartrate. This is to be the Sub-maximal test. The method is Cycle Ergometer.

I will cycle in a progressive load starting from anything a progressive load for 5 minutes to have my HR recorded. Submaximal is 75% of HRmax, which in my case 138bpm. Sound easy. 

As the load on the bike were added, I am to keep concentrating to pedal between 60-65rpm to get a representative results. Not too hard. I am used to crank at 90rpm and 60 suddenly felt like I was cycling to the grocery shop in my old bike.

HR 99 at 66rpm with 13N force moving at 525kg-f...
I had problem elevating my heartrate to 138bpm and I had to try twice and the computer could not compute my results. It is still good workout anyway. Trying to keep at 60-65bpm was tougher than I though as I tend to over crank despite the heavier load. I guess being a triathlete has it's advantage as my muscle fatigue way slower on the bike.

With that test not able to compute any results, I moved on to the breathing test. It is to test the Lung capacity and i am to take 3 normal breath and then give 3 best effort inhale and big exhale. I felt like big bad wolf trying to blow down the piggies home. Like seriously. I repeat the test three times because the first two was not sufficient to record long enough transient time to make the data any useful. The challenge here is to ensure no leak at the mouth piece, which took a bit of practice. 

I remember Doc PS insert my data as ex-smoker, more than 12 years, average 20stick/day. Which was what I was 12 years ago. Yes, i quit cold turkey and now, I looked like a Turkey doing this.

Cluck cluck

Oh wait, that's chicken.
The last test was the treadmill test. I was told by Doc PS there are two ways to get the VO2Max, the Ergo cycle or the treadmill. I was asked to get on the treadmill and we are to do a Bruce protocol.

According to Bruce Protocol (in wikipedia) and BrianMac,  The objective of the Bruce Treadmill Test (Bruce 1972)[1] is to monitor the development of the athlete's general endurance (VO2max).

The first 4 stages were really a walk in the park, literally. Oh wait, I walk faster in the park than that! Doc PS say that the real test will come in at Stage 4 where the speed will be 6.7km/h at 16% gradient. 

GoBionicRide - Sockless for the VO2max test. 
Because UMMC has it's Sports Medicine department, the doctors are all well versed with the machines and protocols. Doc PS promised me I will start running at Stage 4 and waddayaknow...I did! The run was a bit boring because I see nothing on the screen. I need to be kept entertained and talking is not possible through the facemask. All i can communicate with her was grunt (though i was telling her - FASTER).
Stage4 : mo-man-thai!
As the test progresses, i start to concentrate on the run. Knee lift, kickback, forefoot/midfoot land. Have to ensure proper form and functions. The mask was a bit uncomfy to wear as it did to an extend restrict a free flow of air exchange though there were 1stm(atmosphere) of gas coming through. As I was still below LTHR and LTpace, there were no issues to maintain the whole motion, hence the thumbs up.
The challenge kicks in at Stage 5. Doc PS told me no one (or the machine) has never went past tage 5 in UMMC. I see that as a challenge. To be honest, I have no idea what Stage 5 is. As much as I did my own research, I sort of missed out Bruce Protocol. So much for being anxious.
Stage 5!
I started to put in more effort to the run mid-way through Stage5. I was sweating and the sweat was stinging in my eyes. Normally I can just lift the t-shirt (2ndskin, no less) and wipe my sweat away, but not that day. It was blinding and painful. But I am not gonna stop.

Left is my stats at Stage 5 with 2minutes (of 3/stage) to go. HR slowly climbing to LTHR (164bpm) and I know I have started running at close to 4:15 pace effort. Looking back at the chart above, Stage 5 is at 18% gradient at 8km/h, which translate to something I would do on a Sunday Hillwork up Kiara. Felt just right below the usual effort I would put in. Very manageable. I am waiting for Stage 6. But first, the sweat. It's stinging my eyes.

See No Evil. Speak No Evil. But Hearing Evil to GO HARD!
At one point, I was running dangerously close to the edge of the treadmill while trying to figure out and to stay in-line. Recovery were fast and lucky for the 8km/h speed, it was a rather graceful recovery. Stage 6 kicked in and I started to feel the burn in the eyes.

12.5 minutes in and you can see from the graph on the left that the volume of air taken in has increased dramatically. I am already hyperventilating to compensate for the workout. 

Doc PS reminded me to signal if I want to stop. 

No way I will stop. I want an accurate representation of my own fitness. Godamit i paid RM30 for this.

Ya, i know. Kiasu.
Stage 6. 29seconds in 93% HRmax. 20% gradient. 8.8km/h. 
On level of exertion, I know I can push more at that point. The legs were right, the breathing were controlled. I was moving to Zone5c: Anaerobic Capacity. 

I am way past the LTHR. Way past my usual push at training. I know I am starting to get fatigue and the sweat in the eyes is getting to me.

16:49 on the treadmill. Stage 6 effort. 
Stopped and recovery. You can see I am still hyperventilating. The urge to remove the facemask was great. But in the name of research, i hang on.
My recovery were fast. Which is something I am proud off. Those HIIT has helped to develop a strong base. I was back posing and smiling in a minute.
This is what I got from the test. Much info that may require me to google and find out the meaning. Though it will be easier to get Doc PS to explain, but lets see what I can learn from these parameters. Key point to look here is the VO2max reading classified under Metabolic Response. There are a few parameter of interest namely LT (lactate threshold), Respiratory compensation (RC) and Peak. I noticed that RC was when I started active breathing, which explained the sudden spike of oxygen intake. There is a whole write up on RC alone which I am still researching. Will share what I know separately. The Peak is where/what this test was above. The last/highest figure of Oxygen volume taken in at Peak effort  - 54.11ml/min/kg. And this number were better than my 52ml/min/kg counted from my 1.5miler effort. So, there were (technically) Improvement!
However, as well as these number represent, I am still considered to be average among athletes. I am comparing myself against athletes because I am training like one and only way to improve is to look forward and to be as good, if not better than them. 
54.11mg/min/kg while is excellent for my age group, is average for athlete. 
At most, I am just considered to be "Trained".
However, there are many factors to VO2max. It could be combination of a few factor - including additional energy/effort used for the Ergometer test. But I am taking all these as a good experience and baseline. I am to repeat this test again in two weeks' time. 
Will the number be better? I doubt so.
One thing for certain, I will need to double up my training and effort. For that, I say "Bring it on".
Next : Round Two of VO2max Test