Friday, March 30, 2007

Josiah Ng -Track Cyclist

Josiah who?

You can be forgiven if you do not know who he is. But to every other leisure cyclist and competetive cyclist and atheltes, Josiah is as household of a name as M. Kumarasen, Rosman Alwi, Shahrulneeza Razali, Nor Effandy Rosli, Tsen Seong Hoong(he has a shop near my office!!!) and Wong Ah Thiam(Current King Of Triathlon in Malaysia!).

But unlike the rest, Josiah specialises in Keirin. A highly regulated cycling sports. Keirin is a cycling sports started in Japan in 1948 and it's a very popular betting sports. It is akin to the greyhound race in the west, to put it bluntly.

Strong...agile...determined...get food after finish race

Strong...agile...determined...get medal after finish race

Josiah is 27 this year. His first international achievement was winning a silver Medal in the 2002 Asian Game. Then in 2003, he went on to be the champ in the World Cup Championship. Then in 2004, where most of our atheletes failed in the Athen Olympic game, Josiah emerged with a crediatable 5th in Keirin, racing amongst the world best.

Determined to make amend, he went on to win the 2006 World Cup Championship and winning yet anohter Silver in the Asian Game the same year.

In between, he was crowned as Olympian of the Year 2004 and in 2005, as the Sportsman Of The Year.

His final ranking in 2006 was number 2 in Keirin category!

Standing at 179cm tall and weigh in at 79kg, he sure is a beefy chap to begin with. It's an advantage as keirin is a pretty physical race. Some rider finish the race in speed exceeding 70km/h. I know how it's like to crash at 64km/h on tarmac...but to crash in the velodrome is totally different, you get burned more!

Check out those thighs...could send you to China with one kick!

Josiah will be competing this weekend in Majorca, Spain in the UCI World Championship. He has been there since end of February and he will be racing from 1st till 4th April!

I wish you luck Josiah! Make us all proud!

I hope to be an Olympics medalist and World Champion medalist one day. Thats what makes me wake up everyday, to achieve what I dreamt to do as a boy.

update: To those that didn't know, Josiah crashed in the race and broke his right collarbone. He is recovering now. Pics and more details available at Kim's blog. Those that knows where to find it, go and have a look now.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Education System Blamed

This is gonna be a very frank discussion over matters which are close to my heart. So, bigots, stay out.

It's funny how on the 26 May 2004, i've written about this issue of Racial Intergration before...looks and feel like dejavu...

That is an easy way for the DG of National Unity and Intergration Department to say, as i qoute from the newspaper:

"Most "probable" reason some teenagers did not have friends of different races because of the "enviroment they are in, especially in schools".

he also said:

" He said parents’ tendency to send their children to vernacular schools instead of national schools meant students lacked the opportunity to mingle and interact with their peers from other races. "

Now, look. There is only so many vernacular school compared to national school. Infact, there are more malay boarding school(i've counted at least 3) compared to racially balanced boarding school (only one to me and that is RMC).

If we turn the table the other way, the other races could say that the National School aren't doing enough to ensure the balance of races in the school. Back in the 1980's, i clearly remember that there are as many non bumis as there are bumis. A class of 40 would consist of almost a 50-50 split between the Malays and non-Malays. Funny how i just found my primary school album the other day, i shall take pictures all my primary school classmates and post it up here.

Now, if we look at how the DG wanted to view it, Chinese parents send their kids to chinese school because they believe the education system that goes in tandem with the national education system will bring out the best in them. Well, to me, this is a case of ultra kiasu-ism. Infact, it's a norm nowadays for other races to send their kids to chinese school.

And these kids were at advantage as they would learn anohter language which will benefit them. Lets face it, the next super power (and always has been) is China. Most MNC places importance and gave advantages to employees which could at least converse in mandarin.

My parents went to chinese school. Me and my sisters all went to national school. We have more friends from other races compared to friends from the same races. Me and my friends are proud product and testament of Schools such as SRK Taman Melawati, SM Lembah Keramat, SM Taman Melawati, Royal Military College, Victoria Institution just to name a few. We did not chide each other just because some of us pray to deities or even when some of us had to sit in the Agama class as the replacement teacher for Moral class wasn't available.

I remembered in Standard One when most of us had to sit in the Jawi class and learn the basic of Jawi (Alif-Ba-Ta la, what else), or how some of my Malay friends took our POL (People Own Language) Classes book and Hanyu-Pinyin with us to learn some chinese.

So, now, why is this whole issue of racial intergration surface, now, in the 21st Century? Aren't we, human supposed to be more liberal, and with almost any Ahmad, Muthu, Ah Beng, Aminah, Kumari and Ah Lian has basic education and at least with a degree to show on the wall could comprehend and know better than to stir up these issues?

I guess not.

I am just too ideal i guessed. Too protected because i've never had any problem with my other friends from other races. Infact, i treat them as my siblings; my brothers, and my sisters.

The real reason over the failure of National Intergration (and we don't need a Government Department to tell us this) is actually ourselves, ie Adults.

Kids are only as innocent as we want them to be. They learn from adults. The refused to intergrate because the adults refused to intergrate. Agree?

Only 52% of the teenagers said they had a friend of a different race. In fact, mixing with other races was not something that concerned many of the respondents. Only 12.8% felt that it was an issue, while 63.9% were more worried about contracting a disease.

I'm not sure if i should laugh at the above survey results by one Newspaper.Really. Now, why should the teens worry about contracting diseases from other races??? It's the adults.

Doesn't help with some adults looking upon each other as if we are each mortal enemy. Social status and a feeling of empathy for themselves, added with jealousy and low self esteem, causes these so called matured adults to resort to name calling (Melayu bodoh, Cina Babi, Ah Neh Jahat). If i may relate my own personal experience, I was an outcast in TAR College just because i don't write nor read chinese, by my own so called race. So, if i'm being frown upon by my own race, how is intergration supposed to start anyway???

Infact there is even a joke about this, where the Malays will get the contract from Government, The chinese will be given the work to be done, and the indians will be the one executing it.

Or how about the joke that we wanted to send one astronut to space to save mankind. The indian asked for RM1 million, the Malay Asked for RM2 million and the chinese asked for RM4 Million.

Why 4 Million? Well, 1 Million is his profit, 2 Million to pay of the Malay and the last 1 million is to send the Indian to space!

Some will take offence on these jokes, but the ability to laugh at ourselves and poke fun at our ownselves is actually a first step to acheive national intergration.

How many time has we stereotype races? VCD seller? Ah Beng la! Kidnappers and murderers? Who else but those red eyed drunk indians? Lazy buggers waiting to be spoonfed with government projects? Aiyah...Melayu la...

How about the failure to understand the most basic of what a multicutural soceity is all about? I'm talking about the most sensitive area here where anyone on the street without even any Law Degree would tell you what Article 11 of the Constitution is all about.

Non Muslim form us 40% of Malaysia's strong 26 million citizen (and these are just reported numbers, lets not forget immigrants, legal or illegal). But how many of the 40% or the 60% majority that truly understand what the other races is all about?

Are our malays brothers Sunni or Shia's follower?

Are all Buddhist the same as Taoist?

Why is there a differences between the Catholic church and other denomination?

Why does the Indian don't eat beef and pray to some circus like deity with an Elephant face?

I bet not any Malaysian could answer that, because as multiracially intergrated as i am, i still have to ask my fellow brothers and sisters to understand better.

It's those that is totally reluctant to see with their eyes and hear with their ears are the one creating all the unnessasary misunderstanding.

if you truly believe that the 3 months long National Service will do any good to national intergration, or the failed move back many years ago in our Universities to place at least one each of the major race/religion in the same dorm room to achieve that, then i guess you've been fooled.

National intergration was working fine from the 1980's till the early 90's. Then it took a sharp turn down to the dump because of race and religious bigots.

Tearing down of temples and places of worships of the non-muslim by the local councils are truly not showing any respect. There are land aquired and given to build mosque in every single housing development, but not of churches and temples. Infact, the Church in Shah Alam took 14 years to materialise. Remember the Kampung Medan incident?

Or how about how some non-bumi will chide the muslim for parking their cars all over the road near the mosque every friday afternoon? Or how everyone would curse at the traffic caused by the Thaipusam celebration in Batu Caves? Or even get upset when cars are parked on the road side during Sunday Mass?

It's not the school education system my dearest Director General of National Unity and Intergration Department, the answer, my brother, is ourselves.

Look into the mirror and make that change.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ryan - 4 Months 10 Days old...

Fella is growing quickly the first few months, his growth spurt has somehow plateaued after 4 months.

He is now a 68cm tall baby weighing in at 7.45kg.

Tall neh....

Doctor Yong says his growth is good and he is happy he isn't putting on much weight, or more than he should and all vitals are balanced.

He is now drinking 6 fluid oz of milk (Changed to Nan 1 now, instead of Nan HA1 as he shows no alergy towards milk with higher lactose).

Parents were worried if he is getting enough, especially when he is just taking 6 oz every 6 hours. He has sort of settled into a habit now. He would sleep from 9.30pm onwards, we will wake him up for milk at 1am, he will sleep through until we wakes him up again at 7am for feed.

He usually would give a big smile when he finished drinking his milk and would give out a hearty burp. Colic has not been a problem anymore.

He has learnt how to turn over on his own. Only on his right side. He grabs anything in sight and could coordinate his hand to hold his pacifier and bring it to and fro from his mouth.

And he is salivating like there is a tap somewhere inside his mouth.

Doctor Yong did a few development check with him yesterday and told us that he might crawl much earlier than expected as he could raise his butt up after he turned over.

Wait till i walk!

All the time whenever anyone talks to us, or when i talk to wifey, Ryan would join in the conversation with his own baby talk.

Even his cries has changed from the baby's "uwaaa..." to a more hearty...err...cries.

His hair is still the same though but his eye brow is growing out really well. His eye lashes are really long by me or wifey's standard.

So today, we experimented. Doc Yong says it's ok to let him sleep through the night. So, we fed him at 12am yesterday with 7oz of milk.

he lasted until we woke him up at 9am this morning!!! And we gave him a good 7oz again...

please call TeleDera...i'm being starved!

so, between 9am till 12am tonight, it's a 15 hours stretch, divide it by 3 and the next feed will be in 5 hours time, ie at 2pm, then anohter one at 7pm (both 6 oz of milk) and then the last feed at 12am!

Wah, with timing like that, me and wifey don't need to wake up at 1 and 7 to feed him!

More sleep!!!!

We are family!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

27km Loop

Did a Loop on bike yesterday afternoon. Hot sun burning down. Two toned arms and legs now.

Damansara Perdana - Pencala Tunnel - Hartamas - RSC - U-turn at Jalan Damansara traffic light - hartamas - U-turn at Hartamas traffic light - RSC - U-turn at jalan Damansara trafic light - Hartamas - Pencala Tunnel - Damansara Perdana.

Distance: 27km
Time: 1:05
Max: 61.1lkm/h
Ave: 26.8km/h

No HRM reading. The Sigma Sports chest belt gave me problem after i took it for a swim the other day. water seeped in and when i opened the battery casing, there were rust. Not a good sign. Chest belt currently being dried in the sun like some salted fish.

General feeling is that the ride was good. Going up and down the hill and i still managed a good (by my standard) timing. Was short of water as i only brought along one bottle. Must build more legs for this stretch of ride. Nevermind the 5 speed gearing. Got to get the legs up and good. It's too easy to blame the gear you have.

Shazly asked me to join him for swim at 6.30am the next day (ie today) at Bukit Jalil. Too far for me. Will run today. Menu would be a 5km HIIT and will do a 30 minutes bike on 90rpm if i had the time.

Got to get in better shape and fitness level than this for IronMan.

Malaysian Bloggers! Advertlets Alert!

This is a Sponsored Post

Finally, a Malaysian "sponsored site" which pays you in Ringgit Malaysia (and not via PayPal) for the reviews you do! is a locally grown products/website review that will ask the bloggers to blog about things they know best. And that would mean anything and everything Malaysian!

One main reason why i signed up with Advertlets was mainly due to the fact that most "foreign sponsored post" program would ask you to write about things which aren't native to you. I mean, would you want to write about some financial institution that offers great rates for your home mortgage when it doesn't even applies to anyone here in Malaysia?

Well, perhaps you would if you are too hard up for the money! I won't and that is why i'm looooosssiiinnnggg revenues. (Then again, i'm not any pro-blogger anyway).

My first experience with Advertlets is when i received a notification from them people there and guess what, each reply are personalised and it is not some randomly generated reply which some of these program would sent out to. I mean, lets be fair, true enough that a general notification would be sent out to all that is tied to the program, but Advertlets went a step further by personally replying to your queries. Unlike some online services where you will get notification that " we have recieved your suggestions and will reply promptly", which we all know will never happen anyway; so, the crew are interactive. You are dealing with human here, not with robots!

I hope in time to comes, would be the mainstream "blogvertisement" and reviews any blogger in Malaysia could use to help companies promote their products and in return the bloggers get paid with real cash, instead of "money inside PayPal" kinda thingy, if you get my drift.

And best of all, they are paying me RM50 for this post alone! How is that for a start?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Playing the 19th Hole

Now, it's common knowledge that golfers will play 18 holes on one outing...or they might play 36 to challenge themselves in one single outing.

But this news clipping, found in a local daily, sent to me from someone abroad, gave me a chuckle this early monday morning.

Loosely translated and summarised:

Golf Ball In Private Part

A man inserted a golf ball into his 30-ish wife's private part and had trouble taking it out. The wife, which claimed to be tired, refused to have sex with him and did not know about the golf ball inside her private part until the husband suggested that they go to the hospital. The wife was awaken when the husband tried to take the golf ball out using a spoon.

Just Do...It?

We've all heard of horror (and funny) stories when we are in school about how some girl in all-girl boarding school would steal test tubes or even buy brinjals and insert it into themselves as a mean of sexual gratification...and in the end, either having the offending items stuck in them, or broke into pieces.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Of Me in Cleo and Me in Porn???

I received and email today from Wendy.

Apparently Faie found my pic online back in 2003. I was one of the many bachelor that...err..was in that Cleo magazine.


So, she told me that THEY all now know about it. They as in those jokers in Azwar's website

I just told her that the freebies was good (back then), but the Fossil watch given to me was a defect one. I've sent it for repair, but no differences, so, it just remain inside the drawer as a memory of those days.

Apparently, i'm not the only one that THEY know that was in that magazine, all at different years....hahahaha...well, you guys know who you are!

Why did i do that? I'm not sure, i think some friends sent in my contact, as a prank. I just got back from assignment in Namibia when that picture was taken. It was the same year Jehan Miskin won something in that competition and that has turned him into some big star (or so he claimed).

Anyway, it was a good experience. I get more email from guys(with proposition) that from girls (usually asking if i'm gay).

So, i thought that could be put to rest since i'm now married with a kid.

Then Desparil emailed me some stuff.

Well, those 18SX stuff. heck, make it X rated home video stuff.

Apparently there is anohter "Terlampau" video going around. This time, it's a stewardess. (The original one was known as Kisah Pramugara Terlampau)

The suspect, now more macho looking

He is adamant that the chap in the video (which was taken with a camera phone) was me, only with more hair.

The action in the 2 part 3gpp file could make Peter North lose his job (but i seriously doubt so). At best it could only rival Mary's Airwolf. (the regulars at Azwar's place would know what i'm refering to) and Bacin's favourite sports.

There is a few scene with the guy's face, which Desparil claims to be me.

So, in the name of research, i played the video and pause at one scene where there is no offending appendages or body parts which will cause this blog going from 13PG to X-Rated.

The Actor...

Now, tell me, does the lucky chap above look like me? Doubt so. I thought he looked more like Kenny Sia, oh well, the thinner version that is.

1. I do not have enough genetic pool to get that much goatie or moustouche (sic).
2. I have nicer fuller....Pec, compared to him.
3. I have larger/fatter quads than him

But in the name of research and verification, Desp, can pls view it again ah?

Now, tell me, how am i supposed to be taken seriously when i race with all these allegations???

Run. Run. Run.

Did a mix 10k run yesterday.

First 5K was a HIIT. As in High Intensity Interval Training.

Run! Faster!

1km at 10km/h
1km at 11km/h
800m at 12km/h
800m at 11.5km/h
400m at 14km/h
400m at 12km/h
200m at 15km/h
200m at 13km/h
100m at 17km/h
100m at 15km/h

Total distance: 5km
Time taken: 24mins with average speed of 11.5km/h
Max Heart Rate: 174bpm

Fat thighs

Immediately after the 5km HIIT, i started to run at 9km/h and build up to 11km/h to cover anohter 5km in 30 minutes.

Heart rate was more stable at 160bpm average over the second run.

Got to push myself more if i want to do a personal best in 10km again.

Menu for today : 30 minutes stationery bike on 90rpm then run 5km immediately. Should not take more than an hour in the gym.

Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nike Running & Swimming Survey

Nike is doing a survey to get info from runners and swimmers; be it that you do it for fitness or for competition.

Helping a friend interested, please email me at opstupe at gmail dot com and Just Do Ittm

Seiko 5

I went to Melawati after sending my mum home yesterday afternoon.

As i've not gotten wifey any pressie for the anniversary, i figured out that i better do so before we celebrate the second anniversary.

My intention of going to Melawati is to:

1. Fixed wifey's watch
2. Buy Wafer biscuit from this particular uncle.
3. Get Wifey a watch, if there is any nice design.

This uncle works from the same table everyday for as long as i can remember. Battery replacement is cheap and irregardless of the type of watch brand you bring in.

I had a rude shock when i went to change my 10 years old Tag (1500 Series - no more in production) some time back and was qouted a hefty RM40 for the battery. I brought it to the uncle, he got it done for RM7.

My Tag 1500 series

Pay what you get? Nah, in this case, i beg to differ. This uncle works with his magnifying glass permanently on his right eyes. He uses blutack to pick up covers and batteries. He uses tweezers to hold parts and he is detailed with his work.

The uncle that i never know the name after more than 20 years

Now, my affiar with Seiko 5 started when my late granpa gave me a green faced S5, which unfortunately has been misplaced when we shifted house. I always have the impression that these watches are expensive until Kelvin told me that they aren't.

When i found out that the uncle has it. Me and wifey went on to buy 2 watches for ourselves. She got hers changed to leather strap. I prefer it to be metal.

SNXB63K and SNXG49K (given away already as gift)

Then not long later, we purchase one for my sis in law for her birthday.


And i got myself one more!


The above watch was also bought to commemorate Ryan's birth. So, this watch will grow old with him and when he is ready, i will pass it to him.

Yes ah???

And yesterday, i wanted to get one for wifey, to commemorate our first year anniversary. I am stuck between two choices.

Haiya...both also nice, but i only got enough for one watch...

So, after much deliberation and thinking about which design wifey would like better...i ended up gettting her the Military one and changed to a leather strap for her as she likes straps compared to chainlinks.


However, I'm yet to get it engraved though, as the Seiko 5 nowadays comes with transparent back casing to counter imitations. So, since the back is not made of metal, i can't possible engrave it. Looking for anyone with info on where i could engrave some stuff on the side of the watch. Kelvin told me one possible place already, i need to check if they do it. So, i welcome any other suggestions!

Yes, there are imitations even and i was told that previously the metal casing was easier to pass off as real Seiko 5 with Automatic movement by replacing the mechanism with the cheaper battery operated mechanism!

Seiko 5 are truly collectible as once the model are phased out, they will never come back, the metal straps included!!!. Add it on with being a value for money automatic watch, they are simlpy awesome! For the price of one average priced Tag, you could perhaps purchase 10 Seiko 5s!!!

Happy Birthday Dearest MIL!

Yesterday was my Mum In Law's birthday. She is in her 60's.

Happy Birthday Mum!

So, what did i gave her for her birthday?

I told her i'll give her more grandkids. Hahahahahaha! Which i then recieved a poke from wifey.

And we hope the next one will be a girl (then me and wifey can consider to close factory).

Now, if the next one is a girl...will she look like....this?


BRICK But Not the Stone Type.

337 more days to go for IronMan 2008. Time to start training seriously if i even want to finish the race.


Very important for multiple disipline atheletes competing in both Duathlons and Triathlons.

Swim - Bike - Run

The Transition between Biking to Running is not an easy thing. My first experience with this was when i did my first ever Duathlon. After finishing a Run, then a Bike and then back to running, my legs turned into jello faster than you can say J-Lo. (ok, that's lame).

Now, how do you overcome this weakness and at the same time, improve your timing (or like me, fight NOT to be last in the field).

So, I let myself to recover on Monday. Did nothing but climb up the stairs of the apartment i'm staying. (7 floors, mind you). No other pain except the blisters i have on the heels, due to thin socks worn for the 42K race.

On Tuesday, i gladly put on my running shoes and hit the gym. Doing a moderate 6:00 pace over a distance of 5km and immediately switching over to do some leg presses. I swore i almost drop to the floor. The Lactic Acid flooded every single cell in the leg muscle (thank God i don't have much muscle to begin with) and i was reduced to a limp. My usual normal walk was converted to a drag of the feet (and almost stumbling down while walking). Wifey thought i was faking it...but i had to put up a macho face.

"No la, it's the new Croc la, too much grip", i jested.

The moderate run must had helped. That night, the aches and soreness went off and i could actually jump!

Next day (ie yesterday), i went to bike. Told myself to clock 60K no matter what.

New Gears, woohoo!

Decided to take the Damansara Perdana - Kota Damansara route to get the mileage.

The ride

Here is the route i took: Damansara Perdana - Mutiara Damansara - Persiaran Surian - Turn left after Petronas - cycled past Damansara Indah - head towards the industrial area - end of the road head towards Projet Kota Damansara - end of the road head towards the Kota Damansara park - take main road back to cross junction of Tropicana/Kota Damansara/Persiaran Surian - turn left and head back to Petronas and repeat one more lap.

The total distance covered after 2 laps was almost 54km, but as i want to clock 60km, i u-turned before the cross road and cycled towards the Kota Damansara Park again. That gave me a good 7KM extra.

So in the end, i managed to cover about 63km back to Damansara Perdana.

Time taken was about 2hours 15mins with average speed of 25km/h odd. Second lap, my average drop from 27km/h to 25km/h. Most prob because of the traffic and traffic lights not turning green when i want them to.

Max speed was only 46.5km/h.

Felt good. Now all i need to do is to cycle this loop anohter 4 or 5 more loops to get a 180km distance to stimulate the mileage for IronMan. This stretch is good for speed training as there is not much hills to climb compared to the 22km of riding Damansara Perdana towards Royal Selangor Club and back via the Pencala Link provide. Maybe i should just do a 30km loop in Kota Damasara and head to Pencala Link to get that 60km mileage?

The cycling shorts held up really well. It's a 6 panel shorts and not 4 panel as previously reported. No pain in the ass after the ride due to inferior paddings! Woo Hoo!

Wanted to run right after the cycling, but had to send my mum back to her home, hence, i get an excuse not to run.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Alain Robert aka Spiderman at KLCC

As most of you would know by now, Alain Robert is back in town. And he is now climbing up KLCC illegally via the superstructure.

pic taken much earlier by a forumer in NRT

Who is Alain Robert? Oh well, he is the crazy french man that climbs any building. He is a famous freeclimber.

Without any harness or safety equipment, this chap must had the balls and guts the size of a basketball.

Pics taken at 3:46 by NRT Lyn

Apparently, the police and fireman tried to stop him. There were also news that a stupid KLCC guard opened one of the window to try to grab him in. Alain is a pro, the guard isn't. Such is a stupid move by the guard that will put both their life in jeopardy.

latest update has it that the police, ambulance and the firemen all left, obviously knowing there is no way to stop him. Even some people from the French Embassy was seen at KLCC!

This is his second attempt up KLCC. Previously he was caught on the 63rd floor. And news has it that he passed floor 47 at about 4:40pm!!!

Latest pic taken at about 5pm just now thanks to Lyn NRT!

if you see properly, you could see that he drinks Ribena Mobile and the Fireman is clapping for him!

All the Best Alain! You are doing us a favour by promoting VMY 2007!

Of Crocs, Frogs, Shorts and Tops

Wifey got me a proper Crocs sandal as my Frogs has since seen better days.

The Crocs

The Frogs

The Frog costed me RM14.90 from the hypermarket. The only reason why i bought it was because my Teva of 2 years had it's sole dislodged. I still keep the Teva, hoping one day i would find a good cobbler to stick it back together.

The Crocs was anohter pressie that wifey bought for me, after i was duped by her. She insist to get me one as she say she "did not get me anything for the anniversary". So, rahter than letting her get things i might not need, i thought i just let her get me the sandal.

Now, for RM129.00, the Crocs was certainly more expensive. Infact, it could very well purchase close to anohter 8 Frogs.

First feel on the Crocs tells me that it is firmer compared to Frogs. Pretty consistent as if you really do step on a real life frog or croc, it would feel the same too.

Field test has shown that the Crocs are more sticky on surface compared to the Frogs, which loses it's grip on wet flooring.

You could feel the inner dimple of the croc better compared to the new Frogs even.

While i do no mind getting anohter Frog, but they had since stop producing any without any brand marking. And some on the market are just simply ugly.

Yes, if you think Crocs are ugly, some Frogs are uglier. Some even has it's strap broken if you are unlucky.

Wifey has a Crocs, which i bought for her last last year. Which still surprisingly, looks brand new. She wore it while she was pregnant and stop doing so when her feet swelled to a point that the Crocs looked like it swallowed victim larger than itself. Now that the feet is normal again, Crocs come in handy again, especially on those wet rainy days when you are just so sure that the Crocs will dry instantly and you won't end up with soggy sandals for the rest of your outing.

So, this Frogs and Crocs that i have will stay where it is and continue to serves me until the end of their lifespan, of which, i figure that the Frogs might have anohter 2 months to go, as the sole is wearing out really fast.

Next stop. We talk about Shorts and tops.

Well, not just any Shorts and Tops, mind you, but the shorts and tops where you wear when you cycle.

Here is my Rm19.90 Makro Jersey which i wore throughout my days in Explorace. Accompanying the top is my first cycling shorts that i bought for RM40 from the bicycle shop i used to work in back in 1994.

First Edition

Then, when me and wifey went to Bali for our Honeymoon, i ended up finding a cycling jersey, meant for Mountain Bikers. it cost me RM30 after conversion. And because the aforementioned shorts on top already has holes where the sun don't shine, i decided to get a new pair, in case someone in the race course complains that he/she was mooned by a big ass mountain biker. Hence, i went and got a Specialized 6 panel cycling shorts.

Macho Edition

The last i checked, i've over worn the Red Tops. Infact, the red top has been on National TV too! Remember this 3R episode?

nevermind i might have a B or C cup mammary glan. There is absolutely no reason to be jealous of me.

As you all know, wifey bought me a new set of cycling attire...and to complete it all off, a set of Roadie stuff.

Go Faster Edition

Now, are all tops and shorts created equal?

They are not.

The Shimano shorts are made from only 4 panels, meaning, it only has 4 pieces of cloth sewed together to form the shorts. The padding is minimal and true to the trend back in 1994, it's laced with chamois. Just thick enough to prevent chaffing on those cadence you churn on the pedals.

The Specialized shorts however, comes in 6 panels, meaning there is 6 pieces of clothes. The padding is slightly thicker, infact, it's very thick, making long distance cycling not a pain in the butt anymore. The ergonamic design also ensure that the shorts fits properly, enhancing what it should (and i'm talking about the quads ok).

The Discovery shorts, however, is only 4 6 panels. But it make up with some serious nice padding with ventilation holes called CoolMax.

Meaning i could still ride long, and not have my ass on fire, literally.

For those that has not seen any biker's shorts padding, you are forgiven to think that these looked like oversized sanitary pad with big wings.

Crotch pointing down. L-R : Shimano, Specialized, Discovery

Now you all know why most cyclist looks like they have big balls! it's the padding! LOL!

As for the top, most tops are made from 100% Polyester. Only difference is how much you are willing to pay for the brand name and the so called technology they provide. While some of you might argue that not all polyester sports top are created equal, i would concur to a certain extend. But as we are cycling mostly, what we need most is polyester top with UV protection. It would be nasty to come out having your whole back burnt while cycling, no?

For all it is worth, nothing beats original, but lets not forget that there is a lot of good imitation at a fraction of the price, you just got to becareful when you get them. Some of the polyester top i have would have the foul smell which is like some unwashed laundry left in the basket for weeks even after washing it.

Now, watch out for one slow ass rider in an old colnago wearing Discovery jerseys...honk if you see me on the road!

I'm Now A Wannabe Roadie

With the road bike, comes many evil.

I first acquired the road bike from Mr. Tan for RM250. A Colnago with mixed 600 and 105 parts. A great bargain and eventhough it comes only with 5 speed, it was sufficient for the time being. Meaning i need to train my legs to ride the bike.

Then, Azmar was kind enough to let me try his spare wheel set with has a 7 speed cog. As he isn't free to get it from his brother's place, i was told to just ride "The MF" first. Get Mileage. Get Sweaty.

Then, along came Shazly and he gave me a pair of SPD-SL pedal and a pair of SPD-SL Shoe. I couldn't be more thankful.

Wifey then figured it out that the best present she could gt me for the anniversary is a helmet.

And so, along came the helmet.

Head well covered!

But while she was at the shop, she couldn't help it but to ask if there is any glove.

So, came the glove.

No more fugly gloves

Not enough, she figured it out that i might need a pair of cycling shorts, and since i see Discovery Channel ever so often (who misses Deadly Catch series anyway?), along came the Discovery shorts.

And to complete it all off, she got the Discovery top as well.

The Sweet Spot

And little did she knows the Discovery Channel Jerseys are actually the Jerseys worn by Lance Armstrong and his team in last year's Tour De France.

The Original

Nevermind the jersey and shorts aren't original, it would cost thousands if they were, and i don't think i would be wearing it but frame it up instead and pretend that Lance autographed it. But to make it sweeter, i found out where she got it and i know it would not even cost half as much as what other paid for the imitation Discovery jerseys as well! All thanks to Bandit, which was secretly communicating with Wifey right under my nose for the perfect gift for me.

Thank you wifey. I know you are reading this.

Now, no wonder why they say that when a mountie goes to being a roadie, it's going to the dark side...