Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm Now A Wannabe Roadie

With the road bike, comes many evil.

I first acquired the road bike from Mr. Tan for RM250. A Colnago with mixed 600 and 105 parts. A great bargain and eventhough it comes only with 5 speed, it was sufficient for the time being. Meaning i need to train my legs to ride the bike.

Then, Azmar was kind enough to let me try his spare wheel set with has a 7 speed cog. As he isn't free to get it from his brother's place, i was told to just ride "The MF" first. Get Mileage. Get Sweaty.

Then, along came Shazly and he gave me a pair of SPD-SL pedal and a pair of SPD-SL Shoe. I couldn't be more thankful.

Wifey then figured it out that the best present she could gt me for the anniversary is a helmet.

And so, along came the helmet.

Head well covered!

But while she was at the shop, she couldn't help it but to ask if there is any glove.

So, came the glove.

No more fugly gloves

Not enough, she figured it out that i might need a pair of cycling shorts, and since i see Discovery Channel ever so often (who misses Deadly Catch series anyway?), along came the Discovery shorts.

And to complete it all off, she got the Discovery top as well.

The Sweet Spot

And little did she knows the Discovery Channel Jerseys are actually the Jerseys worn by Lance Armstrong and his team in last year's Tour De France.

The Original

Nevermind the jersey and shorts aren't original, it would cost thousands if they were, and i don't think i would be wearing it but frame it up instead and pretend that Lance autographed it. But to make it sweeter, i found out where she got it and i know it would not even cost half as much as what other paid for the imitation Discovery jerseys as well! All thanks to Bandit, which was secretly communicating with Wifey right under my nose for the perfect gift for me.

Thank you wifey. I know you are reading this.

Now, no wonder why they say that when a mountie goes to being a roadie, it's going to the dark side...

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