Friday, March 16, 2007

Wirefly National Marathon

How often do you find a cell phone or service provider company that sponsors Marathon? Well, certainly not in Malaysia as most of them are just too caught up with the boring game called Football (or soccer as we on this part of the world knows it).

So, when i chance upon one that actually sponsors a marathon, though in it's second year running, i clicked on the link provided. Unfortunately the link wasn't a working link ( but there is nothing a lil Googling can't do.

The official site is here at Wirefly National Marathon.

Since i'm in a marathon mood here, i went through the website and here is what it says about you, qualifying to ENTER the race.

Yes, You have to qualify to enter even this race! Unlike in Malaysia, anyone could attempt it.

You must have previously completed:

* a marathon in 5:00 or
* a half-marathon in 2:30 or
* a ten-miler in 1:50 or
* a 10k in 1:05 or
* a 5k in 31 minutes or better (half-marathon only)

If i were to go and use my marathon time to qualify for this race, i will be downright rejected. But looking at the easy timing of 2:30 for 21K and 1:05 for 10K, i must say i could enter the race safely.

Heck, they even allow pacer (in group) to lead the pack! How cool is that? The website stated that the United States Naval Academy Marathon Team will pace runners between 3:00 till 4:00 to complete the 42km run. How cool is that? In Malaysia, Nike did it with their own initiative last year when they placed pacers to help runner complete the race in 3,4,5 and 6 hours.

The run will take place in the outer DC area and will lead runners through the capital's landmark. Much like KL International Marathon, runners will pass through landmarks as well! What better way to know your city!?

The organiser even have full map and elevation in their website.

The Run will take place on the 24th March at 7am. KL Marathon is this weekend and it starts at 4.30am!!! That's when half the KL people are still sleeping and the other half is just coming back from clubbing!

Now, if i am staying/residing/working or rich enough to fly there at my whim and fancy, i will definately race this race, simply because i can and i want. Actually, i just want to feel how it is like to race overseas. Even across the small channel south of our country, the Marathon atmosphere are different, as related to me by many of those that raced there before.

One thing that is lacking in marathon races in Malaysia is that we do not have a prestigious marathon like the one is US. As we all know The Boston Marathon is not for anyone. Runners in the age range of 18–34 must run a time of no more than 3:10:59 (3 hours and 10 minutes) if male , or 3:40:59 if female!!!

And this Wirefly National Marathon is certified by the USATF as a Boston Marathon qualifier. Meaning if you can hack the race in the time stipulated, you get a a chance to run in Boston Marathon!

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