Thursday, March 22, 2007

BRICK But Not the Stone Type.

337 more days to go for IronMan 2008. Time to start training seriously if i even want to finish the race.


Very important for multiple disipline atheletes competing in both Duathlons and Triathlons.

Swim - Bike - Run

The Transition between Biking to Running is not an easy thing. My first experience with this was when i did my first ever Duathlon. After finishing a Run, then a Bike and then back to running, my legs turned into jello faster than you can say J-Lo. (ok, that's lame).

Now, how do you overcome this weakness and at the same time, improve your timing (or like me, fight NOT to be last in the field).

So, I let myself to recover on Monday. Did nothing but climb up the stairs of the apartment i'm staying. (7 floors, mind you). No other pain except the blisters i have on the heels, due to thin socks worn for the 42K race.

On Tuesday, i gladly put on my running shoes and hit the gym. Doing a moderate 6:00 pace over a distance of 5km and immediately switching over to do some leg presses. I swore i almost drop to the floor. The Lactic Acid flooded every single cell in the leg muscle (thank God i don't have much muscle to begin with) and i was reduced to a limp. My usual normal walk was converted to a drag of the feet (and almost stumbling down while walking). Wifey thought i was faking it...but i had to put up a macho face.

"No la, it's the new Croc la, too much grip", i jested.

The moderate run must had helped. That night, the aches and soreness went off and i could actually jump!

Next day (ie yesterday), i went to bike. Told myself to clock 60K no matter what.

New Gears, woohoo!

Decided to take the Damansara Perdana - Kota Damansara route to get the mileage.

The ride

Here is the route i took: Damansara Perdana - Mutiara Damansara - Persiaran Surian - Turn left after Petronas - cycled past Damansara Indah - head towards the industrial area - end of the road head towards Projet Kota Damansara - end of the road head towards the Kota Damansara park - take main road back to cross junction of Tropicana/Kota Damansara/Persiaran Surian - turn left and head back to Petronas and repeat one more lap.

The total distance covered after 2 laps was almost 54km, but as i want to clock 60km, i u-turned before the cross road and cycled towards the Kota Damansara Park again. That gave me a good 7KM extra.

So in the end, i managed to cover about 63km back to Damansara Perdana.

Time taken was about 2hours 15mins with average speed of 25km/h odd. Second lap, my average drop from 27km/h to 25km/h. Most prob because of the traffic and traffic lights not turning green when i want them to.

Max speed was only 46.5km/h.

Felt good. Now all i need to do is to cycle this loop anohter 4 or 5 more loops to get a 180km distance to stimulate the mileage for IronMan. This stretch is good for speed training as there is not much hills to climb compared to the 22km of riding Damansara Perdana towards Royal Selangor Club and back via the Pencala Link provide. Maybe i should just do a 30km loop in Kota Damasara and head to Pencala Link to get that 60km mileage?

The cycling shorts held up really well. It's a 6 panel shorts and not 4 panel as previously reported. No pain in the ass after the ride due to inferior paddings! Woo Hoo!

Wanted to run right after the cycling, but had to send my mum back to her home, hence, i get an excuse not to run.

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