Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You Can't Do That With PayPal!

And every Malaysian having an account with PayPal will tell you this, that they can't withdraw their USD from PayPal or transfer it to any Malaysian Bank Account.

This is kind of frustrating and the PayPal money in your account could only be used to buy things online. You will not see the HARD CASH itself.

There is numerous E-Book on sale online from people that claimed to be able to help you withdraw money in 3 simple steps. It will only cost you RM78 for some and even up to RM150 just to view the Ebook which is less than 30 pages.

What option do i have?


As i do not have any US Bank account nor do i have any Singapore account. And it would be unpractical to drive down Singapore just to open a bank account and withdraw the money. The trip down might just cost you the whole amount in your PayPal! (for me, that is)

Then there is people trading the PayPal USD in Malaysian forum. You sell, say your 1USD for RM3.20. That is worse than exchanging your money at the bank or the money changer! And lets not forget the fact that the person on the other end might scam you by not honouring their end of the bargain.

OK, i'm not a pro-blogger or i have thousands in my PayPal account from any online transaction, though i wish to believe so, it is as bad as seeing the cake but can't eat it.

There are news online that PayPal would be made possible in Malaysia, just like how it is now in Singapore. Until then, there is many ways to so call get the money out from PayPal.

The more usual practice is to sign up for an oversea debit card and pay a nominal fee, then use the debit card to withdraw at Malaysian's ATM machine, or to simply transfer it to your account.

Simple as it might sound, these are not without any clauses, you might end up paying up to USD 15 just to do one transaction in some, while in others, you might just go against the TOCS of PayPal and they will freeze your account. The process of unfreezing your account would be a long and tiring one, much like how Adsense first started that they ask you to sign a form and fax it back to them to prove that you are not an US Citizen (and hence, not taxable).

OK, maybe the Adsense process wasn't as bad, but they did ban/froze my account with USD 12++ inside because i was accused of "manipulating" my clicks.

I'm not all comfy with faxing a copy of my passport or "government issued" identification (in this case, MyKad la!) or so called believe that there is such thing as free lunch (there is, just really rare), hence, the money i've earned from posting in this blog (selectively and they are all labelled as such) will just remain in my PayPal and i hope it won't be frozen one day for reasons only known to them, or anyone else.

Frustrating? You bet.

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