Monday, March 26, 2007

Playing the 19th Hole

Now, it's common knowledge that golfers will play 18 holes on one outing...or they might play 36 to challenge themselves in one single outing.

But this news clipping, found in a local daily, sent to me from someone abroad, gave me a chuckle this early monday morning.

Loosely translated and summarised:

Golf Ball In Private Part

A man inserted a golf ball into his 30-ish wife's private part and had trouble taking it out. The wife, which claimed to be tired, refused to have sex with him and did not know about the golf ball inside her private part until the husband suggested that they go to the hospital. The wife was awaken when the husband tried to take the golf ball out using a spoon.

Just Do...It?

We've all heard of horror (and funny) stories when we are in school about how some girl in all-girl boarding school would steal test tubes or even buy brinjals and insert it into themselves as a mean of sexual gratification...and in the end, either having the offending items stuck in them, or broke into pieces.


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