Monday, October 31, 2005

Struggled Up Genting - a 42km journey up and down...

It was friday night and the sky promised to break cats and dogs at the every single chance She could.

Picked up at KSH by 9.30 by Steve and headed straight to RnR at Genting Sempah.

By then, Doc, Azmar, Karoline and Zabil (and family) was already waiting for us 2 dumb-arses to be there.

It started to drizzle a bit but stopped as fast as it started.

Gearing up and having some cakes courtesy of MAS airline, we headed up to Genting Satrbucks/Coffee Bean for this 4th installment of Ramadhan ride, which was, (un)fortunately, my first ride up here after many many many many years.

First 21km
At base camp, my K2-100 watch from La Crosse Technology registered a 1600ft from sea level. (i've already got this watch for months, but this is the first time bringing it up to this altitude).

I found myself searching for the granny gears by the time we hit the start of the ride. Not too good. Was leading the pack in the first 500m before Zabil overtook me and made it looked easy.

Before i know it, i was sweeping all the way at the back of the pack. Not that i mind anyway, it's supposed to be a ride, a fun ride, i was told.

Well, that was until Azmar came up to me and said to "watch out for KM 4.4 and KM 2.8".

It was Steve then that came and say "there is switchback at some points".

Switchbacks? i thought this wasn't a techincal ride? FYI, switch back is akins to chicane in F-1 or motor racing, using to denote a sharp hairpin, almost a 180 degree turn to the other side from the point of entry. Usually it's either a sharp corner GOING UP, or a killer corner GOING DOWN.

I found myself pedalling non-stop, only saving grace is the group waiting up for sweepers like me to reach them at a few designated stops.

At KM 10 (yes, meaning after cycling 10KM from base camp, going uphill in dark cold corner where lights were a luxury), Doc drop back and tell me that there is a great 1km downhill roll. The weather started to get cold as it was almost 2000ft at that point. Great, 10km and only gained 400 feet of altitude. There is 11 more km more to go.

I realised that to be pedalling at grannies at this point (which them 4th timers said as *warm up*) was demerital for the more challenging climb later, i switched to middle crank and almost the 8th sprocket behind.

At the roll downhill, it dawned to me that anything that goes down, will need to be climbed up again later. Shucks. I didn't enjoy the downhill as much as i should.

In an hour 15 minutes, we reached Goh Tong Jaya. Went over to one of the nasi Kandar Mamak there for a quick teh tarik and break before the *real* climb. We spent about 30 minutes at the mamak while Doc and steve down a roti canai each.

BY 12.45am, we were ready to roll. Exited Goh Tong Jaya and was greeted by the second police beat base at the road. We Exchanged pleasantries while riding up the hill, which was already starting to look *friendlier*.

We reached Awana a moment later, puffing (me only) as i keep thinking what is at KM 4.4 and 2.8.

It seems like an hour passed and finally i saw the road marker stating that i'm at KM 5. Meaning, 5 more km to Genting. This also meant that we've covered (21-5=) 16km uphill ride.

Cars seems to be racing up the hill, espcially those souped up cars, which at one point, we saw one of them at the road side, overheated...hahaha...heard from Steve that last week, there was this car that went down a ditch for coming down too fast. Serve them right.

Then, i saw KM4.4. It was a complete switchback, uphill.

The gradient at that point of time was already easily about 10 degrees. It turned UP and straight to what? 15 degrees? I reckon so, it's a short climb, granny gears needed here, unless you are as strong as doc or steve, or even Karoline... Altitude was about 3500ft and perhaps i could say that the thin air didn't let me perform as i should?'s all excuses, it's a mind game.

I managed to escape the km4.4 hill, yes, at that point, the view of KL was simply spectacular, KLCC was reduced to only two blinking lights. Looking while i pedalled, it sort of takes the tiredness away. The gang waited for me upfront, with steve removing his tshirt to squeeze the sweat out. Yes, we were sweating and we WERE sweating. But stopping isn't good as the cool breeze adds on to the misery.

We went up, and from what i was made to understand, it's all UPHILL all the way, with gradient no less than 10 degree all the way.

And it was, as i found myself gaining altitude faster than the first 16km ride. By the time i reached KM3, i'm already at 4200feet. Doc was cyling with me, as usual of his sweet self not to leave anyone behind.

At km2.8, i saw the was anohter swtichback...a longer one infact...and only promises to be steeper.

The gang waited for me at the busstop just after the switchback. Apparently there were doing some treasure hunting as Steve's bike slid off the railing and the front lights' LEDs all went scattered all over. Yeap, in almost total darkness with only our lil front lights shinning, the 6 of us went looking for numerous 5 sens sized LEDs...Zabil, being a pilot that he is (and being able to spot a BIG bird in Cameron) saw the last LED. Rectified, we were on our way again, and everyone was told that the next stop is at cradle rock up at KM 1.

OK. It's only what? 1.8km to go. Braved myself and pedalled. Quads was bursting by the time i covered the first 500m. Granny gears no less.

It was also then i realised that the sweat in my hand and the twisting action has actually unscrewed the K2-100 backing, which makes her non-functional! Damn it! removed my watch while cycling and placed it in my pouch. The hill was steep, the climb was torturous.

I had to stop 200m from the cradle rock for fear that if i don't, i might just burst my quad and the guys would have to pick up the pieces of my muscles all over the road. Yeah, it was that painful.

I could hear them cheering and shouting *dumbass..come on* as me and doc approached Cradle rock. 5000 feet or so,if i recalled correctly on the cradle rock. I dismounted and made my way up the rock to just chill out.

Wearing only tights and sleeveless fake dri-fit didn't help. It was cold, add on with the miserable wind chill and sweat...i was shaking. My gloves were wet with pespiration and i could feel my fingers numb from the cold.

The final climb up the hill at Ria apartment was equally as tortorous. The last 800m climb and it was over by the time we reached the police station next to Ria. Was very very happy being able to be able to reach Genting.

We rolled down the road to Starbuck, to be greeted by Zabil's Wife and Daughter, Azah and Aiman.

Fixed my watch and it showed 5420feet from sea level.

Total Altitude gained was (5420-1600=) 3820feet with temperature steady at 18.5 celcius ON my hand (usually it is warmer as the watch is close to the skin, hence, body heat will give 1 or 2 celcius reading more).

Grande Hot Chocolate with Extra hot water doesn't taste so good in my life. The hot water that almost melt the drinking bottle seems like a luxury to be held in both hands. I later then went to the toilet and took off my shirt to be dried under the hand drier, ala Mr. Bean...

We hanged around Starbuck for about an hour, sipping the hot choc and coffee and looking at the chics looking at us, wondering what dumb ass we are to be cycling up genting, just to have what? Coffee?

Nah, it's more than that, it's called brain food...mental training at it's best.

Geared up in our wind breakers later and a change of cloths, some of us that brought extra clothing...i suddenly felt scared to be rolling down the 21km at breakneck speed with only a pair of brakes to keep me alive. Nevermind the brakes, i'm more worried that i'll end up frozen by the time i reach Awana.

21KM down.

This is what was orignally the plan is for, to ride up and torture oneself JUST to enjoy the downhill later.

I shifted to High Gear ( more grannies!!!) and pedalled the way down.

Some of us stopped to wait for the others that were more cautious about coming down. Me and Azmar just shot off...Azmar enjoyed the downhill more on his FSR full Sus more than his road bike, which were unsafe in many ways going downhill that fast. he registered a 58.5km/h downhill at the first 3km stretch. All i recalled was that i was going down faster than some cars, much to the annoyance of them...

Then, we stopped at KM 8 and waited for the rest, only to find out that Steve has a punture coming downhill and doc was assisting him with the repair. Me, Azmar and Karoline (Zabil stayed a night there) went down to Goh Tong Jaya's police station to wait for them.

It was then also that we found out that Steve has anohter punture. Thank goodness as there were enough spare tubes between him and doc. We waited for almost an hour for them at the police station. Time was already 4am by then. Karoline took a quick nap at the police station, and a few of them came over to chat with us. One told us that he saw DOc and steve on then roadside repairing their bike.

They reached the police station and one last check was done incase he has anohter punture. Air were pumped in to prevent the tube from sliding in the tyre and against the rim, breaking the valves off, which were the reasons for the two puntures he had. Steve vowed to replace the tyre when he reached PJ.

Curious onlookers that came down at the wee hour looked as if we were some crazy buggers at the police station. Some jsut smiled and a few were stopped for their particulars to be recorded by the police station (for god knows what reasons).

The final 10km downhill was less, well, the climb back up, especially when the whole body was already cold...yes, COLD from the downhill seems to make the quads creak with every granny pedalling that i does....nontheless, i struggled up the last hill and started to roll down again at breakneck speed.

We reached base camp at 5.30am in the morning, just in time for Doc and Azmar to Sahur...Karoline changed and went to take a nap in her car while Steve ate with the two of them. I stood guard over the bikes.

At 6.30am, we left Basecamp and reached home at 7.30am...don't know about them else, i reached home, did laundry (imagine the stinking sweaty stuff from the ride), took a shower...warm hot shower and slept until 12pm...

will i do it again?

Hell yes.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Deepa-Raya!!!

Dear all Malaysians Especially all my Hindu/Indian Friends and All my Malay/Muslim Friends,

Happy Diwali and Selamat Hari Raya.

May you and your family have a very very happy and joyous (also prosperous) Festive season.

Many hugs and Kisses (whichever it may apply)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Well Done Ah Thiam!!!

Was surfing through the Ironman website and just realised that IronMan Kona was just over.

Then i just surf through the alphabet to check for any potential Malaysian in the list and chance upon...


click here to see how he fared: HERE

Well done to Nicol too, as at long last, she proven that Malaysian is not all about being Jaguh Kampung...

The winner is This chap named Faris Al-Sultan, a teacher based in Munich. He beat the closest competitor, a profesional Triathelete by a good 5 minutes...which in their standard of running, a good 500-750m away.

Again. Well done Ah Thiam!

Malaysia should now look into sponsoring these mighty superman and woman malaysians instead of sme Jaguh Kampungs!

Monday, October 17, 2005

A week that was...

1. Found out Titiwangsa Triathlon is on my birthday. Will be the last race for me in the 20-29 age group) as i'll be *categorised* as 30-35 next year.

2. Missed two cycling trip from Genting Sempah to Coffee Bean Genting. One because i can't remember why and anohter because my grand uncle passed away. Those Light and Easy gang aren't very light, or easy anymore! more like Light and Crazy!

3. Found out that my team, OP Adventure finished 20th in AXN out fo 39 teams (with 12 All Men's team that DQ, making us officially the 4th last team in the group.)

4. Found out Quick Released finally has my picture taken in the Putrajaya Powerman. That was the second last time i used my pink glove... I finished the race in 40th position out of 47 racer in my age group (with 2 DNF and numerous DNS).

5. Found myself immersing in my new found hobby - gardening, and is now struggling to keep at least 3 plants alive..hahahaha.. (no gang, i'm still the hardcore average joes, got to do what a joe's got to do, and that include gardening!)

6. Realised that it takes me 2 weeks to fully recover after the gruelling month of September 2005. Slowly letting the body to adapt to my new 75kg weight and frame.

7. Spoke to the DG of IRB and has now been contended that Tax and Death is two things you can't escape as long as you are alive (or even dead, for that matter!)

8. My mum's uncle passed away on Friday, helped out the funeral until yesterday. He's in his 60's and the death cause is cardiac arrest a week before. Treasure live while it's there y'all!

9. Car overheated yesterday. RPM at idling was at 3000 and thought the cooling system was at fault only to find out my radiator is as cold as ice and the caused was a T-joint that broke thus not sending water to the carb to ask it to stop idling at 3000 to warm the engine up. For a moment, i thought i'll die of spontaneous combustion while driving.

10. Melaka got almost flooded and me and boss was bogged with calls about how Melaka will be swallowed up by the river if we don't get our sorry arse there soon...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

RMC Entrance Form Now Avialable.

Hi All,

Please feel free to download the forms at the RMC official website here

This is for next year's Form 4 intake which will be the Pioneer batch in the OPA-RMC Return to Exellence program.

Monday, October 03, 2005

AXN 2005 - Pictures time!

As per usual, after every race....

OP Pre race
OP Adventure Team

Bandit Bib

Budin Bib

Stupe Bib

As usual
Bandit busy clowning while Budin highlight the map

Super DIlah
Super Adilah

Karo in Pink all over!

I want some
Sharing is caring

The last pink gloves
In memories of my pink gloves

Average Joes
Jail Breaker Average Joes

Jigsaw puzzle takes it's toll on Zabil and gang

Doc studying for his exam.

Stephanie looking serious...

Steve "i'm tired"

Azah the Superwoman

Kucing Meow
The Kucing Meow babes!

break your knees
Doc winding up the competition.

me and wife
Our standard pose

bean his usual mood :D

Flying pig
Don't mess with the pig!

ready to race
The most good looking all men's team.

While Mix Team 1 size up the other competitors.

The "Orang Kampung" doing YMCA, or so it seems...

me and levin
Me and Levin...he rocks!

Zabil and gang
"We will whip your sorry ass guys!!!" Zabil sizes up the other competitors.

do me
Position 45 in Chapter 3...

race start
Race start...last moment of clowning around...

doc and team
Doc and team at Berjaya

op at berjaya
Finally at Berjaya

While waiting for Budin...

...we decided to size up ourselves...

zabil 6th
Zabil and Team - from 3rd to 6th position, salah siapa!?

Doc 7
Doc and team at 7th

SSS 8th
SSS - Ben, Lee and Vicky in 8th Position

crawl to finish
OP Adventure Signature Finish.

Budin & Bandit after Race and ...

champ pretending to be champ...

AXN 2005

It was a great race. Enjoyable and definately much tougher than last year's race.

There we in total, 13 mystery test and numerous stuff to do. Trusting Yuen Li and Co, that's hardly surprising. In every race Nomad organise, there bound to be surprise galore. This time around, it was a signature Nomad Adventure race.

OK, lets see if i could recall the race.

Race start
Race start this year was next to Wisma Central, infront of Maxis and Avenue K.

Participants were required to place their bicycle at Lake Garden by 9.30am. There were hives of activities there when i reached the place at 8.45am.

Cheryl and gang was seen busy setting up one of the mystery test. Boats were visible at the boat house and if one were to look carefully, the flying fox cable is right infront across the lake.

The LnE gang got to race start point after dropping their bikes. There all of us went to grab the race bib and race info and maps. Regulars could be seen armed with tapes and highlighter to highlight their routes and sticking their maps together into one comprehensible (and understandable) piece of paper.

The official crew were seen interviewing everyone that they think were worthy and to get feedback from last year's winners and all.

By 12.30pm, we were flagged off...

We ran towards Lorong Lumba Kuda through the KLCC park to get one of the 3 *treasure hunt* clue. OP Adventure got clue A. There were 6 destination to go. All spread out along Stonor, Kia Peng, Eaton and all varieties of Lorong, Changkat and Jalan.

We had to count lamp post at house number 12 along Lorong Stonor. Budin stood and salute the Vietnamese embassy as we passed the place. Then we ran to 2A Jalan Eaton to count golden hisbiscus. Loads of people weren't aware of the trick in this question, the clue said SIDE GATE ONLY and tonnes of them were seen counting the main gate at no. 2 or the main gate at 2A. OP adventure were a bit dumb, so, we went on and counted the least hisbiscus at the correct address and door ;-)

We then ran to the Craft centre to find the Keliring erected at the compound stood at 5.5m high.

Then we went to RUmah Pak Seman to find the opening hours for the tour of the Penghulu's place.

Lastly, we had to run up a hill to find the name of the house at No. 8, which after i sees it, i believe might be the house of the Owner of Sungai Wang (Sumur Wang , by the way, do you know that Sungai Way was the name of the horse of the owner that initially build Sungai wang?)

Checking in at CP1, we were marked off and Wye Yim gave us a present of a piece of red brick with AXN written on it.

Smart alec like us would want to take short cut and run towards Nikko hotel to reach the next CP. Unfortunately, the road towards that path was blocked by huge bouncers employed by nomad. We found ourselves running towards and along Jalan Tun Razak to the Ampang Park LRT station. We were given a bucket to bring along to CP2. Good God.

Running along Jalan Ampang towards Bukit Nenas Forest reserves, we found ourselves being gawked by KLites. Traffic was heavy but we moved faster than those cars in jam. The run was pretty straight forward(no pun intended) and anyone that could get lost in this early league of the race seriously need to get a guided tour of KL.

We reached CP2 soon after, checking in and was told that we now need get through the Matrix Zone.

Between CP2 and CP3 - Matrix Zone
We soon found out what the brick and the pail is for at the MAtrix Zone...

It was a long long climb, almost batu caves like towards the first station of Matrix zone. We decided to just do whatever that is given to us and get out of the zone as fast as we could.

At MCP1, we need to do 50 push ups(with chest touching the brick), 50 sit ups(any upper body part touching the pail while being secured between the legs) and 100 squats(with butt touching the pail).

The numbers could be combined by all team members, i find myself doing 50 push ups (well, they didn't say we must do FULL push ups ie hand locked at every upward movement) and i find myself pumping away with minimal effort. The came the sit up, which Bandit showed Budin the finer point of Tuang-ing (ie reading between the line of the Nomad's instruction). 50 sit up later, we had to do 100 squats, which some other team cheekily just squat and move their butts off the pail which were given to us.

We then decided to do MCP2. This was trickier and tougher. No part of the feet must touch the ground. Which find all of us either down on all four crawling, or spread down on the ground, legs high up in the sky. I must admit, with budin between my crotch and my leg on his shoulder while we moved towards the other end, with the pail and brickes only at my ankle(regulation...), it was pretty obscene. bandit has to do the Dog thing everytime the pail wants to tip over from budin's back or my ankle. The afternoon sun didn't help as well. We felt like it was a f*ck in the park.

We got through 2 MCPs and was signed off. Just one more MCP to go.

We reached MCP 3, which was a go cart race. Well, lets just say that going down the winding road at almost 10 degree inclination with a board and only 4 industrial castor wasn't our idea of fun, moreover when we all weigh in at about 300kg in total...a crash would not be very pleasant sight. LOL.

We decided to try either MCP4 or MCP5. Which was a easy downhill steps and an awful uphill batu caves like climb after.

Too late to pull away to do MCP3. We got to ground Zero was was told to choose either a *transfer water using sponge*(which wasn't as easy as it looked) or *bridge building*, which was easier, until we found out one of us has to be blindfolded. As per usual dumbass spirit, we got through the ordeal, almost tipping over and being eaten by those sharks at the field...LOL...

We checked in at CP3 soon after and were told to drop our pail and bricks there. Guess what. My pink glove...i left it in the pail..and i supposed Nomad's team most probably throw them away after seeing which *gay boy* were sane enough to be using it...sigh...i miss my glove!

Off to CP4
We ran from CP3 to CP4, which were the front entrance of Central Market. We took the shortest route to central market, cutting through Boom Boom Room, Lebuh Ampang and Bangkok bank before reaching the place. Oter faster team could afford to take the longer route via jalan Gereja-maybank-Kotaraya-central market and still end up at the same time as us.

Mystery test. One team member has to finish a corn without using hand. Me, being hungry, ate the whole corn in record time. Bandit and Budin were seen applying muscle cream and filling up their almost empty water bladder.

From there, we were told to go to lake garden, via Dayabumi-MGS-Cenderasi-lake club-cp4.

Guess what? we followed the direction like some dumb soldier and the camera crew though we were the first team to reach lake garden as we ran through BUkit Aman! One police man even cheered us on and told us we were the first. The even escorted us and camera crew were reeling away. We can't be the first team! no way!

Well, obviously, at CP4, there is already like 101 team doing some other stuff. We later found out that we were teh first team that followed that route stated above, whereas the others cut in via the other entrance to lake garden...damn!

We checked in at CP4 and were told to do more mystery test.

1 man blindfolded. One man no feet on ground. Blindfolded member must not be the one being carried. I was blindfolded and then Budin and Me decided to lift Bandit as he was the lightest amongst us all (actually i'm lighter at 75kg, but decided that i could make do with being blindfolded. We did what we use to do in primary school, forming a square/seat/throne for Bandit to sit. Bandit guided me through the obstacle course, Budin share the load of Bandit over the Haystack, we pulled bandit through the small 14 inch tyres which were hanged in mid air, then each of us, blindfolded included, had to get ourselves into the tyres WHILE Bandit's feet remained up in the air. It was tough. We were almost exhausted. We got through CP4 and Doc and team came in.

The AXN exec/director(apology sir!) was at CP5 cheering and laughing at all of us trying to get over the monkey bar suspended at 5 feet off the ground. The trick was to get UNDER and OVER the bar alternatively. It was tough as upper body strength has to be presence. bandit had a gash on his thighs when he scrapped himself on the scalfolding's anchor point. Budin as usual, made his grunt of strength. I was enjoying myself.

Getting through the test and CP, we massaged Bandit, which has to make his way to CP6 for Flying fox and me and Budin to CP7 for Sprite Remix Test.

Bandit did the Test. Awaiting for his report on the flying fox.

Me and budin went to the boat house. We took one of the Sampan, which later we found out was we paddled towards the main lake, water started sipping in, because of our *expertise* with single oars, we found ourselves paddling into the main fountain where the flying fox line were. We were wet. Water got into the sampan even more and Yuen Li shouted at us for being careless as we were 6 inches away from the guys/girls doing the flying fox (sorry Yuen Li, it was really accidental).

The test with the boat test was to go around the lake 3 rounds, each time, collecting one can of sprite remix. It was tough, as we found ourselves that our balance in the boat was compromised with water half filling the sampan. We sat down lower to keep our balance.

It was pain. Reminds me of the time me and doc were out in the Sea during perhentian island challenge last year and finding ourselves at our own incompetence when it comes to boating. Well, Doc improved tonnes while i, on the other hand...

We finally got through the boating without killing anyone (well, 2 boats tipped over and one french team went against the traffic and caused us to be back paddling out after causing a major jam at the *causeway*...

We poured the 3 cans of sprite remix into the jar and i drank half of the jar load. Sugar level: High!

We got to CP8 after all the CPs has been signed and chopped by the race officials.

We ran to the bike, Bandit was seen taking the new map to CP9 from race official. But before that, we were told to run around the lake one round. We asked the official and found out only team that has breached the rule of using tires smaller than 1.8 inch need to run one round around the lake. IMHO, i think 1 round is too little as that is a serious breach of rules and regulation. They should be asked to do 3 rounds, one round each member in relay. Then it would be fair. Some of us tried hard to follow all the nessasary rules and some conviniently breaks it. sigh.

We then find our way to CP9, which was somewhere near the Ministry of Work. Rain started falling by then and it became heavier as all the maps that was highlighted in the rain started fading away...

At CP9, we were given directions to CP10, which were to this place near the Indian Embassy. We reached CP10 and was given direction to CP11.

CP11 requires us to get out via Indian embassy towards Jalan Semantan and turn left the Esso Station infront of UN Building. IN the haste to get to the petrol station, me and bandit forgot to take notice of Budin, which, unfortunately, went into Jalan Gallanger and cycled towards Bangsar exit.

I knew there were trouble when i waited at the petrol station and one by one team started to overtake us while we waited for Budin. Thinking that we might just DNF, i ran down back to the road, only to find all the other teams which got lost in Bukit Tunku area caught up with us.

I ran back up the hill and took my bike to cycle towards HELP University COllege. Then i saw Budin. Anger, mixed with frustration flashed through me, then i realised that it is afterall, our own fault for not sticking together. We got back togehter soon after and made our way to Galeria Sri Perdana, the previous residence of the PM.

At CP11, we were given map and direction to Tien Hou Temple on Jalan Robson where we have to cycle through Federal Hill (ahh...more nostalgic sigh please...). We crossed the road to brickfields and took the road leading to Seputeh and then towards the temple.

It was a hard climb up to the temple. There we were asked to stimulate a tyre punture and change a front tube. I volunteered to have my tyre removed as it was a soft tyre, almost requiring minimal effort to pry open the tyre and change it. I did it in my best record time and caught up with half of the team that overtook us back at Jalan Semantan. Doc was a good 5 minutes away from us.

From CP12, we were told to go to DBP, where the bike drop is. Only thing is, we need to cycle through Bukit Petaling, where the Hokkien and Cantonese Cemetery is. Not an issue as i know my way there as well. We got out of the place pretty fast where else i found out some team had difficulty and got lost there. As we move towards DBP, Yuen Li was seen by the side of the road cheering everyone on. Well done la!

We reached DBP with 45 minutes left to cut off time of 7.15pm. Not one to DNF, we ran/hop/crawled to Berjaya Times Square. As we approached Pudu Prison, we could see participants abseiling down the 16 floor of the building. Cool! Budiin got extra spirited as me and Bandit poke him furhter about if he is sure to do it.

We ran into Berjaya Times Square to be greeted by Aileen, Azah and Doc's team. They just reached there as well and Steve was on his way to his climb while doc is making his way up to the 16th floor.

We strapped on our gears. As me and Budin climbed to the 5th floor, Bandit was at the CP waiting for us and filling up water into our bags. Budin had a cramp on his Quads and i asked him if he is game to climb up to the 16th floor, which he say he want and will. Good spirit for a first timer!

i reached the 5th floor and we ran towards the marshall which then directed Budin to go up the 16th floor via stairs and me, towards the amusement park where i'll do my climb.

I was asked to climb up the metal structure which is almost 20 meters high. it's as high as the ride next to me as i could see the people in the ride in blurry vision as they zoom pass me.

My saving grace was that Saiful was belaying me. My confidence was high just because it was him! Many thanks Saiful!

I reached up after the 3rd back which forces me to climb on the outside of the structure. I've also concluded that Salomon shoes are pretty useless in urban condition as i was slipping on the 4 inch metal bars that made the support for part of the building high glass window.

I blew the whistle and Saiful lowered me down. Hands sore as i was really tired by then.

I ran down to the ground floor again, then ran to the abseiling landing pad after goofing around with the rest of the guys and found Budin safe on ground zero.

He was happy with the trip down and i must say he is hooked on adventure race!

We checked into the CP to do the Perodua Pull Test.

A Kembara needs to be parked, and reparked again, two members need to push the car while the third will be inside manourveing. Not a hard task.

We found ourselves one hour to cut off time and we ran to the last check point, CP15, where the so called hurdle from Hell is...

The instruction said to take Sultan Ismail then cut through to KLCC park to CP15. OP Adventure decided to be a bit more adventourous and took the Jalan Imbi until Dorset Regency before turning right at the LTAT building. We should had taken the Wisma Cosway building via the old Spiral.

Budin's thigh was cramping up and we decided to help him stretch and apply more ointment on him. Again, it looked pretty obscene as he was propping himself against the barrier outside the Hospital that Paremba is building, Bandit was massaging Budin's Hamstrings while I was infront, kneeling at crotch level massaging his thigh.

Say what you may, but that's teamwork dude!

We reached Exxon Mobil building and ran across the car park to the park, ignoring all possibility of tripping over amorous couples doing their business in the darkness of the KLCC park. We saw light. I knew it was Wye Yim manning those counter.

Delighted, we checked in 15 minutes ahead of cut off time and went to do the Hurdle. Our legs are tiied like in three legged race, only difference is that the person (me) in the middle will have both his legs tied to the member next to him. Then, we have to make ourway across the parallel bar(no, it's not Olympic yet) with minimum of one hand on the ground at any one time. Feets can't be touching the ground, or even any other body parts. It was painful as the zip/cable tie eats into the flesh and shin banging against the metal scaffoldings.

We got away alive and we ran to the finish line.

Finish line was like 200 m ahead of us. Budin did a last hurdle past the FRP cones which deters kiam siap motorist from parking next to the NGV building and he set a domino effect as the cones were connected to each other via some plastic cables.

it was funny and we could hear people cheering for us dumbasses as we run along the fringe of the car park into the finishing line, well almost running. We let a Mix team to overtake us to the finish and i had the passport in my mouth.

True to last year's finishing style, we, again, crawled to the finish line...enjoying the last very few seconds of glory for finishing the race.

Writing this blog entry wasn't as exciting and as rewarding as racing the race itself.

Well done to all racers. The usual suspect turned out to be winner and after everyone grabbed their goodies bag, the crowd disperse and everyone went back home, this time around, the haze has failed to stop one of the best Urban race in Malaysia!

Pics update soon!