Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Slogan-ised PM

I am really lost for words.

So, what's next?

I feel Dr. Alban deserves to be made an honorary Datuk for his previous effort for One Love.

This whole 1This 1That is 1Freaking 1Lame 1Joke.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy Anniversary Darling!

Yesterday was 5th Year i was married. I took leave so i could celebrate it with wifey. What more, my mum was around and it usually meant she would be happy to help take care of the kids.

My mum or Ah Ma, as i would call her (and my mum in law will be "mum", so when i say Ma, you know i am talking about my mother and mum meant my MIL) were pretty surprised when i walk downstairs in shorts.

"Nope ma'am, not working! On leave. Today is my 5th year married to Aileen", i said.

She instantly told us to go do whatever we wanted.

Ma knows best.

So, we send Ryan and my cousin to school. It is such joy to see Ryan saying bye bye and giving you the flying kiss. This boy is a charmer. He took his shoes off at school, bring it in and placed it at the place he was supposed to leave them. Put his bag at a corner and proceed to join the class.

We send Ryan to a pre-school. Something to keep him occupied from 0830 to 1230 every Tuesday to Friday. It is also for him to socialise with the kids and learn to live in a community.

I've seen kids anti-social enough to know that kids nowadays are brought up differently from even as recent as my generation.

Back then, when i was growing up, we were allowed to go and play outside and mingle. But that was when the society were safer. No kidnapping. No crazy drivers speeding down the residential area. I can't take changes now that i am a father and what more, i have a crazy ah beng neighbour that speed up and down the road.

Leaving Ryan at the play school, myself and wifey proceed to have our Anni Breakfast.

We went to Dim Sum place at Damansara Utama. Morning weekday crowd there were more workers than patrons. Was irritated that they keep asking me what tea i wanted. But decided that we just wanted the day to go on stress-free, i put that behind me.

It was a rare occasion where the shrimp dumplings and the shrimp rolls remainedon the table and into the tummy without need to run after Ryan, or having Nadia screaming to eat it.

After breakfast, we went home to play with Nadia and i had MOVIE in my mind. Heckler gave me some movie pass, but what was limited to his company's screening. Did not want to watch gory stuff but Heckler offered to give some other pass from other company. I told him that movie is tentative. I would not want to take what i won't use. Afterall, i owe him loads for the previous passes and movie goodies! Thank you bro!

We headed to 1Utama (hey, did Najib go to 1Utama that often that he call it 1Malaysia and 1World now???) and renewed my roadtax. My Soccer mum car is now 4 years old. The post office in 1Utama was empty except us and another old man. But i hope after this posting, it would not have 101 people waiting to do transaction there!

At 1Utama, i went to the Nike shop to try to exchange for the Sportsband. I was questioned by the store worker and was refused any exchange because i did not buy it there, apparently. They called up the contact in Nike and i managed to sort it out later with Nike. Thank you Nike Wong. Guess my days of getting seeding stuff from Nike are numbered (or already expired!)

Wifey then bought some stuff for her friend's birthday and we continued to walk about 1Utama.

By then, it was already 1100 and we decided to have early lunch. Off we go to Taman Bukit Mas. But before that, we took a complete detour and ended up at Haus Depot. That hardware store in Pelangi Damansara. We ended up buying a ladder for Wifey's shop and gotten some supply for the shops too. Then it was off to the makan place.

Menu : CRAB.

You all have no idea how hard it is to eat crabs and allow your hands to be all dirty and slimy with those gravy and not worried about the kids running about. BLISS.

Oh those buttery crab on those soft toasted mantao! not forgetting the Mantis Prawns kung pou style.

We left back home and see Ryan sleeping with his backside up ala frog style. Nadia was being her usual self running about and sweating from head to toe. Ma was her usual calm self despite three children at home with her.

Wifey had a suprise for me and the next destination was to Solaris. It is a place i have never landed my feet on.

We left for Solaris but dropped by Selangor Club to exchange our membership card from temporary member to ordinary member. My God. The process to get to be a member of this 125 years old club was pretty lengthy and with tradition. We were temp member for almost 8 months before being shortlisted and have to go through two interviews to be finally member. very reason why we joined the club was because it was affordable and also it was almost like being a member of two clubs (KL and Kiara) for the price of one. What more, the location of the KL HQ is where most races are held and i get to park so right next to Dataran Merdeka!

We head on to Solaris. As we were early, we went into Cold Storage at Solaris. The place is like some angmoh place. A local would look pretty out of place there. At a minimum, you have to be a SPG if you are local. We looked like immigrant in our own country.

So, we head on from there to this place called Amante.


yes darling, what kaler you wan?

I was excited and anxious. Look. I am ticklish. I have never had anyone except Ma cutting my toe nails. Wait, i've never used a clipper to cut my toenail. I've always used the RM1 foldable scissor. My Ma has always used that, even now to cut Ryan and Nadia's nails.

I opted for the normal Pedicure. I don't think i need any manicure. I was thanking my lucky star that my toes do not look horrible. Wifey opted for Pedi and Mani and nail extension on her toe that the nail fell off after Seimens run.

I was, without having to say, very uncomfortable as someone is cleaning and scrubbing my feet, with them so close to their face. I do not know how you girls does it. But i was afraid i would offend the woman doing it. However, chickening out might even offend her and her vocation more. So, i relaxed and enjoyed the experience.

My legs were scrubbed, my nails were trimmed, the dry skin filed off and the nail buffed.

No complains here, only how come it ended that fast (about 45minutes). Wifey's session was longer as she did nail extension for the toe. I was very impressed how it was done. I was under the impression it would be those stick on faux nail like seen in "to wong foo, thanks for everything".

Patrick - Rest In Peace

The fake nail was made from a mix of epoxy and powder. It dries up and looked like nail! The pedicurist filed and buffed the nail and colored and like magic...

Went home happy and it was a touch and go to Dinner!

We decided for meat for Dinner and previous experience in San Fran were more memorable than say, Victoria Station, Ship or even Jake's.


Ribeye and Honey

We went for one last errand of the day.

Groceries shopping.

And that capped the day, which we both called our Ye5ar Anniversary.

I've decided to bring wifey to get a ring. Perhaps consider to change our wedding band with a new set. We intend to keep the first five year band and give to Ryan and his future bride when he get married. And subsequent second set to Nadia. Not confirmed yet, but i do want to get Wifey something worhty to remember the 5th Year.

Thank you Ma, for making the day possible, and no less, to Wifey, for the wonderful date we had yesterday. Love you all for that.