Thursday, December 31, 2009

HAPPY 2010 To All!

Remember not to drink and drive too!

No resolution this year as it is more important to achieve what i set out to do 3 years ago; those resolutions are still WIP.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas To All Of You.

A simple wish to all of you, from all of us at home.

Rev-Up with Revive Isotonic!

70 odd days to go for IronMan 2010 and preparation aren't exactly great. As an amateur triathlete, every little bits count.

While the hard part of the training are underway, the harder part would really be the nutrition portion.

Eating a well balanced meal means to know your A to Zinc of your food that you take. Believe it or not, salt, or rather Natrium (Sodium for you US based people) plays an important role to sustain you throughout your workouts and races.

I've always been a fan of isotonic drink. There are many out there in the market and my current favourite is Revive Isotonic.

Why did i like it in the first place? Well, to start with, it's LESS gassy and doesn't have that "bite your tongue" feeling when you gulp it down fast (due to the gas). It doesn't make you burp as much too unlike some other isotonic drinks.

Revive Isotonic is currently having a contest to REV IT UP! Look for the tab above that says "Rev-Up Contest"

Aptly called, what better way to drink your way and use your creativity to score it big?

Now, what do you think is a "Rev It Up" moment?

For me it has to be :

1. Daily activity performed in an extraordinary way (like walking to the shopping complex instead of driving there)
2. Physical activity (yes, in bed counts too).

Here are some samples from the Rev It Up Facebook page.

Ordinary Activity done in an extraordinary way - Mixing TWO sports into one, why chop tree when you can slam dunk?

or dancing to a new height

Unfortunately both the two great pictures above wasn't submitted to the right page and that meant it is not counted for voting. So, do read the guideline properly.

Both the photo above would had been even more perfect if they have a bottle of Revive in the hand...or next to the radio...or instead of dunking ball, dunk a Revive!

Apart from Still photos, you too can create VIDEO. If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine what a moving picture could do!

Do note that there is a weekly cash prize of RM1000 and a Grand Prize of RM5000 should your entry wins.

How do you win? You have to add Revive Isotonic as your friend in Facebook. Then you Submit your (soon to be) winning entry and you get people to VOTE!

Then you click on the next photo and you will be asked to install the Revive Apps (for Facebook) and you can start submitting your entry and be Voted!

Simple as that!

I don't know about some of you, but with the festivities around and many opportunity for more Rev-Up moments, don't leave home without your bottle or can of Revive isotonic and your camera!

Contest ends January 25, 2010. Don't Wait!

I say, Rev-It-Up!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

They Sure Know The World!

Today i received a confidential parcel from a local consultant with foreign link.

While that is not the point of this post (or divulge what are the 'secret' job that will be happening), i was smiling when i saw the address on the envelope.

Jalan Ee Van. Yeap. There is a street named after me in SS21, Damansara.

I mut had done great in promoting this place (and it's night food stalls) that i deserves such mention.

Then, it i realised how in the world did the courier company managed to send this to me...

1. The office name has changed from ENSR Corporation to AECOM Malaysia. While we have an account with DHL, they were not informed of the name change.
2. i did not receive any call from DHL to my work (mobile)phone (blurred above)asking where the office is at.

How did DHL managed (ever) to send this to me...within 24hours?

Something to smile about. Especially so that there is now (unofficially) a Jalan Ee Van.

Move over Jalan Imbi, i managed to do this without anyone objecting - at least to DHL.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Mayhem

My mum was admitted to hospital this afternoon. Apparently she had appendicitis for the past few weeks and she did not say a word.

This mornimg after marketing dhe cant stand the pain anymore. Apparently she pop 4 ponstan with coffee to stop the pain.

She pop 4 because 2 doesn't work for her anymore.

A simple SOP operatuon this afternoon which wad classified as emergency by the hospital took 90 minutes instead of 30.

Her appendix were severely inflamed and would had burst anytime. Infact it was rotting and was mushy.

Doctor dont even need to clamp the base to cut it and it just came off like that.

A day late she would had bleed to death and we won't know what happened.

Thank you God for ensuring the operation was without further complication. A gynae was on standby in case they need to move her uterus and ovary.

Noe, only worries is infection from inside as there is no gurantee how the stiches could hold up. Doc had to overstich the wound and will be giving her stronger antibiotics.

Bed rest for the next two days were ordered.

I am next to her now and it hurts to see the woman that brought me up looking so fragile. Her lips were pale and her skin, green. Why is that i need to be unpleasant to tell her that if she need to see a doctor, she is insured?

She chosed to trust traditional medical practioners. I got nothing against them if they do not attempt to kill someone along the way.

Doc Chan, the doc that operated on her spoke of this as he came out to brief us. If ever you need your herbs and works, get to Tung Shin! Its regulated there.

I have exhausted all avenue and methids to tell her not to go. She wouldn't listen.

Back home, with my mum in law diagnosed with Lymphoma B, things aren't about to get any rosier.

I am considering to take unpaid leave or perhaps quit my job and stay home full time to sort out the kids and ailing parents. Wifey's business needs to go on and they are in the midst of opening one more branch.

My pay is nothing. I am not shy to say i am not the breadwinner in the family. Just that i feel i have too much talent to be wasted not doing anything, career wise.

If two parents not feeling tip top are bad, my dad that had a stroke 5 years ago developed diabetes just last month. He also have balance issues due to the imbalance liquid in his ears. It sadden me to see someone like him walking and stumbling.

So here i am. Sitting. Staring into blankness if i am not typing this. Wondering what is there more to life.

I have my mother's temper and stubbornness. I inherit her righteousness. My dad taught me loyalty and they both showed me tolerance.

But there is only that much a man can take.

2009 indeed were challenging. And i dont think 2010 will be any better.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ironman Is Easier...

Enough said, doing an Ironman, or two or three... Way easier...Compared to working.

Well unless your job is doing Ironman.

And if that is the case, i envy you.

Image thanks to Ultraman Kannan.

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Good 66km On MEX

Did MEX with Jason yesterday and felt pretty ok to be the bike, again.

Started a bit late as did not want to wake up at 0530hours. Traffic were a bit heavy on Jalan Damansara before merging with Kerinchi Link where the traffic diluted towards Federal Highway.

It was a slow good leg finding ride yesterday. Was a bit happy that i could push on larger gears (as in big crank on 17 or less) up the hills and maintained about 20km/h.

Pulled back from pushing more than i should as i do not want to set the expectation too high.

2:41 over 66km. Not some super timing but did struggled a fair bit to find the pace again.

As comparison, Emma bumped into us (i said she bumped into us as she was coming really fast from behind) and i betcha that those 70km ride for her was accomplished in 2hours. She must had averaged 32km/h when all me and Jason did was 23km/h...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Enchanced RHB Online Banking NOW!

Online banking nowadays is a norm. For busy people like me that sometimes has to cut short my lunch hours just to attend to some banking needs, online banking is the way to go.

I myself has accounts with a few banks and fortunately they all have their online portal. However, just like human, they are never build the same.

Some online portal are so cluttered that assessing them to do banking is like doing some scrambled words puzzle.

There are only 24hours in a day and with 1hour of lunch period, you would want to maximise on every moment you have for yourself.

When RHB revamped and re-launched their online banking portal, it was almost (i say almost) a blessing.


Locate the LOGON button on the top right corner and you will be transported to a page for you to key in your logon details. What is cool about this (though a bit redundant) is that it has a pop-up...keyboard. Certainly useful if you rather use your mouse than your...err...keyboard?

Once you click logon, you will be prompted to enter a "secret phrase", which i think were in place to prevent bots (or automated keylogger/executer) to log in. Pretty nifty and definately the first i've seen for online banking. This extra steps alone will ensure an extra level of security.

Once you are in and verified, you will be led into the online portal - UNCLUTTERED!

My granma won't get lost here!

One thing that has set this portal away from the others in my opinion is the loading speed. It responds like it is on steroid. One click and you go to the next item. Even when i am doing my favourite activity in any online banking (i.e. PAYING BILLS), the drop down menu for payee could be selected relatively fast.

My favourite payee...if i don't pay, i don't get internet at home

Gone are the need to "breakdown" the category in online banking. Some portal find it a need to categorise payee as "Telecommunication" and then you arrive at a sub-category where you can choose the telcos you want to pay. I find that like someone telling me that a guy can't get pregnant.

RHB aced this by just simplying it. Beautiful.

There is one particular customisation that i find very helpful. It allows me to personalise my online account. Lets say that if you have three active savings account with the bank say one each for yourself, yourself and your spouse and yourself and your mistress (LETS JUST SAY), you can actually rename the account to reflect the account by NAME and not by NUMBER. Hey, RHB just brought Online Banking to be FUN! (or at least you can check your account status and do your banking with some smile)

Certainly helpful for you to know at one glance the status of each and every account, no?

You can be James Bond too if you want, but i stick to my middle name - Handsome

The above are just some of the items you could do with the new RHB online banking portal and there are a few other new features that has been added on apart from the simplicity of usage and ability for customisation.

One of the new improvement that works on predictable bill payments and/or fund transfer is the multiple payment function where you decide who, the amount, the date or how many times and when you want the payment/transfer to be made.

I will give Ryan RM50 until he turns 12. Will reconsider pocket money raise when he goes to secondary school

All the improvement above is really practical from my point of view. I am a working adult that clocks in an average of 50 hours week and that leaves me very little time to do conventional banking the traditional way. RHB online banking portal has sort of make my life a wee bit easier as i do not need to rush having my lunch just to pay that darn Astro or Telekom bill (or risk mutiny happening at home).

It is simple as simple as this blog entry is and it is straight to the point. There is no delayed logon or cases where you can finish half a cup of tea before you are brought to the online portal.

RHB Online banking portal are FAST, SIMPLE and EASY to use.

That is just how i like my the food that are served to me during lunch to be.

Go to the nearest RHB branch and sign up for an account. Use the account to login to your online banking portal or if you are a current RHB credit card owner, you can log on using that as well.

Use them and see if you agree with my write ups above.

Monday, December 07, 2009

And I Stayed In During Lunch For This Entry

Skipping it today as i felt i have neglected this blog for sometime.

For those of you looking for race/training inspiration, i am very sorry to dissapoint you with no updates on any training (secret or otherwise) in this blog.

I've been busy with work. So busy that i feel doing an IM at full 17 hours cut off might be easier. Having said that, i might need a miracle to pull through that 17hours in 2010.

We are now at almost the end of 2009. With just three more Fridays to go, of which each and everyone of them (for me in Selangor, that is) are a Holiday.

That would meant i need to squeeze in more hours per day to make up the time losses. Not an issue perhaps as i clock in extra of 25% and perhaps more than my "only required" 40-hours week (or 8 hours a day).

Things has been pretty turbulence at work. While some of you might digress that i should not talk about work. I tend to agree. Externally, it is no secret that the pent up frustration might be due to me burning out at work and having to deal with ultra demanding client. Ego is a big thing and more so if you are dealing with someone top of their class and are meticolous and hate "unexpected" turn of events (which more of the time, is really beyond my control).

"Damn if you do. Damn if you don't" kinda case. The chinese would say "ghost also you, God also you".

Internally, it has been challenging as well. The program i am managing is not returning any profits but it is not due to any team member managing it any worse. The whole contract were setup about three years ago when all charges back then were predicted not to change over the period of the 3 years. However, we all know that changes are inevitable and the first blow came in when the sub-cons started justifying their cost when the crude price increased. The amount tendered were also on the lower scale and perhaps, the main intention back then were to secure this particular client. No one came close to the pricing and even one consultant could not meet with the basic criteria, leaving only this company and another competitor.

Some of you might ask me what i do for a living. While the company i worked in does environmental work, it is not those environmental work you are thinking. What i really do is to assess a site for potential risk to the environment. Think of it like an EIA, but just more focused and niche. There are ONLY three main consultants in Malaysia that does this and ironically, the other two were started by people that left this company i currently worked in. Staff pinching are a norm and i sometimes question the morality of these people, bringing so much confidentiality knowledge from one office to another.

Obviously it is a dog eat dog world out there.

What these consultants failed to realise is that we (as in the consultants) are being played out by the clients. It is no secret that some client choose to squeeze blood out of stone by proclaiming your pricing to be high when they compared you with the LOWEST pricing from the other bidder.

In business, you win some, you lose some. You can't expect a company operating on overhead to give ultra low pricing and as the client, still demand for top notch quality, right?

A case of having the cake, and eating it. A case of squeezing blood out of stone.

I've been praised and put on the podium a couple of times for jobs well done. Heck, i saved client USD1million this year alone and still counting and i was the first winner of their "Cost Saving Award". I got nothing but emails.

No one seems to remember that for long. I am being judged by the numbers i bring in. At this point of time, with a yearly RM5Mill project which is not returning any profits...numbers don't lie. I did a bad job. Period.

As you can see, i am getting frustrated. I am a passionate person. While the above seems to be minor, i have not reveal the full extend of my frustration. Like some of you would say, it is simply not right la, "not professional". Don't talk to me about being professional when some of them lacks the fundamental behaviour of an executive, let alone be civil about it. Back stabbing is not "ON". Not when you were sincere in your work and gives nothing but 110% everyday. It sort of takes the fillings out of the pie and leaving you with just the crust.

Some of you had came forward and offered me to submit my CV. Give me some time. I am updating them still to be relevant for the things i am possibly applying.

The office senses this too, and just last week, i had a long chat. Long enough for some possibly drastic changes. I am constantly seen as a threat to my peers. I've unseated my ex-manager and has raised over-favour of another more senior staff. And now, i am asked to take over another senior's position in the company's "horizontal promotion". From program management of one client, i am now asked to take charge of all the clients WEF 1st Jan 2010.

This supposedly give me more time to be at home.

This also meant i don't need to deal with the ultra demanding client anymore in the micro perspective.

But is that a good thing?

I hope i am not going to be frustrated again. Easier said than done as now, i am in direct line of fire for ALL programs with the Large Program Director - the very reason for my internal pain. I make no secret in this and i've asked him to remove me if he feel i can't live up to his expectation. he has not done so since and i assume that he find not a single reason to remove me. I don't think he will find any. Call me arrogant. But that much i know that i am that good.

As for life. Losing out to work meant i get less time with the family and for myself. I am mentally drained by the end of the day and i often without purposely doing it, take it out on wifey or the kids. I regret it after that. I love them. No questions about that. But sometimes, my behaviour are less than desirable. I tried keeping them in check. Work is causing havoc in my personal life.

I've spoken to wifey about this many times. She has asked me to quit. She believes with the drive that i have, i will have my talent better appreciated elsewhere. With the drive that i have, i can work for myself.

It feels good to have someone supportive.

But she too know, that i am not one that gives up no matter how bad things become. She knows i am a fighter and i do not bend or made to admit mistakes for others. I am not made for that. She knows that. She also know, one of the reasons i did not want to leave just yet was because i do not want to leave the team in a lurch; not forsaking the project managers and field engineers that works directly under me and leaving them without direction. For that, i believe, i am living up to my "Serve to Lead" concept - something ingrained into me when i was in Royal Military College.

I leave no man (or woman) behind. It is a group effort. Never I, always Us. But as a leader it has to be SINGULAR to take the blame if anything goes wrong. Never put the team's morale into jeopardy. Make them run like well oiled machine. That is priority.

The line between WORK and LIFE, is indeed, a thin, fine line.

I've been missing out on training. I no longer uses the iron level as an excuse. Not when wifey threaten not to let me race. I took a run yesterday alone from home to TTDI. I think i was overly eager and pushed myself a bit too hard. I believed i might had clocked my best 5km distance yesterday from home to TTDI park. The same can't be said about the return journey from TTDI park to home.

I walked in silent pain the last 1.5km. It is never graceful to feel that. At this point of time, finishing IM10 will be a miracle. But i will try. Currently the other Stupe in me is winning and i just need to exorcise him and triumph over him. Races to me are always personal. Personal in the sense that it involve me and myself. I do not use others as benchmark. I do not compare myself with others nor will i openly tell someone how bad they perform just that i feel good, even if it meant a sub-standard race results.

Lately, my mum in law hasn't been feeling too well. I am careful not to tweet/facebook/write/blog/share about this as well. I have to respect my wife's family. I dare to put this up because until wifey told me it is ok to just say "MIL is not feeling well".

Promise me that you readers will keep her in your prayer, a'right?

Monday, November 23, 2009


Was in Ipoh for the weekend with Family and Mum In Law.

We drove down in the rain from KL on Saturday Morning and only reached Ipoh slightly after lunch. The usual 2hours drive took 30 minutes more due to accidents and traffic along the way.

I was grateful to had reached safely and posted something stupid in my tweet. It was offensively offensive as i got the typo wrong. So, to all my muslim brethens, i apologise. I won't attempt it anymore.

Primary reason for the Ipoh trip was for Weng Aun's wedding. He was a friend i know during my Explorace 3 days and he and Cee Yee went on to win second place in the race.

Weng Aun's wedding reception was held in a small town called Chemor. There were only two row of shophouses. Very similiar to how the other small town in Perak were set up.

It reminds me of Bidor, only smaller. But definately bigger than Chenderiang, where everyone knows your name (or who you slept with).

Congrats to both of you on the auspicious day!

My photography skills are not getting any better and i totally do not want to be in the way of the other two photogs on D700 taking pics at the wedding and one HD camera man capturing the moments. So, i decided to just sit down quietly and yes, the above were the ONLY photo i took. It was using a G10 and it took me sometime to get used to what the camera could do.

I came to a conclusion of either you give me a real PnS camera, or a DSLR. Anything in between, my mind can't comprehend or switch over as fast.

Secondary reason for being in Ipoh was to visit my mum in law's brothers. One of them will be moving to Singapore (his kids are there working) and there is no better excuse not to lump Mum in Law in for this trip. It also meant that myself and wifey could go for the wedding and not worried about the Kids.

Moreover, the granduncles and grandaunt has not seen Nadia and Ryan has grown up so fast, i don't think Ryan was the same baby they saw more than 2.5 years ago or Nadia looked the same since a year back!

Ryan - 6Months then, 3 Years now

Nadia - 1 Day then, 18months now

Obviously these two sweetie stole the heart of their grand-relatives. Both with boundless energy and one that can't seems to keep his mouth shut while the other as curious but were so shy that she stucked to wifey everytime.

When older Monkey teaches, the younger Monkey follows

I also spent like 45 minutes making Ryan jumped down a bed on the pretext to take his pics. Good way to practice my camera skills and for me to play with the setting. He was a very willing subject and there were not an instance where he did not want to do it.

Nadia? She tried and she was wiser to know that she can't possible do what the brother did and she went out to sleep.

I had the simply best weekend with the family. It was much better without the distraction of TV and i guess being out of town where the air are technically fresher and the gloomy overcast raining skies sort of allowed the kids to be outdoor. With minimal traffic and no worries of cars driving recklessly right outside the home, it seems only to be perfect for the kids to run about without any worries.

And we did just that.

A joy, isn't it?

One of the many things we did when we were in Ipoh were obviously food. I am a foodie myself and i will go all out to get good cheap food. Ipoh is one such place if you know where to find it.

There are items that are really good and there are some, just like Penang, overrated.

Nevertheless, they were all finished and licked clean.

Breakfast at Ipoh enough for 6 Adults and 2 Toddler. RM30 with Change for two teh si peng

Pamelo BEST and cheap. Straight from the planters at half the price

Funny Mountain Tau Foo Far - far toooooo sweet, even for me

Nasi Ganja aka Nasi Ayam Merah Yong Suan

Hakka mee at Ipoh East

There were other stuff that was eaten too and they were simply too many to actually put up here.

Most memorable one would definately be the search for the Nasi Ganja.

It is actually situated in new town and despite whatever you all read about it through other people's blog and such, Nasi Ganja is not in Tanjung Rambutan Bus Station. I repeat, it is in NEW TOWN near the POLICE STATION and NOT Tanjung Rambutan.

We went allllll the way to Tanjung Rambutan only to know there were NO bus station or Nasi Ganja.

Definately memorable. It was also my first time in Tg. Rambutan. :)

Says a lot of my mental state of mind, eh?

We left KL after we tarpow-ed Nasi Ganja for dinner and the Nasi was washed down with a tupperware full of peeled Pamelo.

Family+Food = Great times!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Days Are Numbered.

I know i will hate this week. I was on leave Friday, 13th for my birthday and on Friday alone, i have 97 emails flowing in with 30% of them slandering me and my team's practice in Malaysia.

I really wonder HOW someone NOT in the office could JUDGE you and decide WHAT you DID or DID NOT DO.

Like a friend said - DAMN IF YOU DO and DAMN IF YOU DON'T DO.

When you did what you have to do and only give your best, there are people out there to continue to discredit and slander you.

I am updating my CV, this will be the 4th time i am doing this in my short 10 years of working life.

Technically, i am up in the market again, if any of you are interested.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Powerman Duathlon 2009 : Report

Saturday 2126Hours:

In toilet. Contemplating. Decided to blog.

Cut off : 5hours.

First 11km run - 1:10 finish.
Second 64km Bike - 2:45 finish.
Third 10km run - 1:15 finish.

Total minus transition time : 5:10

That is 10 minutes past cut off.

I will try to be optimistic.

TO BE CONTINUED after race tomorrow.

Drove down at 3.30 with wifey and reached Lumut at 6:00. Was a fast drive via the trunk road with almost no traffic.

Groggy and sleepy i checked in and awaited for the race to start. Familiar faces abound and this was one of the reasons that keep me going back for races.

I know today will be a battle. Not trained and no mileage. Also i was jittery about my blood iron and hope it will hold up well.

My first 11 was completed in 78mins. I ran all the way slowly and this is my longest run since Desaru.

Enters T1 and spent only about 2 minutes before making my way out. The first 32km on bike was pretty good at 1:15. Struggled a bit as the thighs threatens to start cramping. My second 32 was almost a disaster. I saw my average dropto 21kmh. And it toom me almost 1:30 to complete.

My last 10km on the run was only a walk. The sun was burning down and my sweat dries up leaving salt residue which felt like some cheap body scrubs as i rub them.

I wanted to give up. I felt my dignity and ego was totally bruised. But i also realised that ishould not be too hard on myself. I came with no target except to finish and despite seeing people skipping the second loop and head towards finishing line, i soldier on.

Reality check- no training and no mileage, i should be happy i came to the last 5 km.

It was painful both outside and inside. But this is one race i need to finish to prove to wifey that i really want to do IM10 despite and against all odd.

I walked the final 500m with wifey.

5:41 and totally missed the cut off at 5:25.

Thank you all for supporting and cheering and waiting. Today's race was the toughest i've done because of my own doing.

I am on my way back, watch me.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Long Long Overdue Posting

I must apologise for not updating this blog as often as i should. Couple of things happened along those "sabbatical" period (since 13th October) and i was just too busy with work and family to update.

To keep things simple, i will just choose a few things i think worth mentioning and updating to keep this entry as brief but concise as possible.

Lets start with my health.

Glad to say that things has been looking better and rosier by the day. I was on (self) medication and in denial. My iron level, as the doctor said, was 7mg/l. That is 3 points less than average human and a good 10 points less for endurance athelete. I technically know how it is like for a woman going through their menses feel. Looking pale, lethargic, tired and heart palpilation is just a few of the side effect.

For Aneamic Patients

I could feel my iron level improving within the next 3 weeks and i no longer felt tired as fast or palpilate as if i was on Zone 4 HRM (95% and above mHR)

The cause of the medical condition?

I do not know, and i still owe myself and my family a medical to check if all is ok. Typical of me, when nothing is wrong, i do not bother. That has to change.

The Day My Blood Refused To Flow

Now, i just need to pray and hope the condition do not return. That would meant proper diet and ensure proper i do not take my own health for granted (i.e. Work until want to die)

Next - My quest to get back to training. I've not been on any training for at least two months until about three weeks ago. It was only three weeks back that i dare to pick myself up and push the bike from the storeroom to the road. Daunting. Very.

Thanks to Ishsal, i managed my first ever 64km in two months. Nevermind if it takes as long as an average 90km ride, but i felt it was an accomplishment nevertheless.

Second Ride. Improved by 7 minutes

I am delighted that i could be back training. I started walking with wifey, and OMG, i struggled to catch up with her. My fitness was that bad and she has improved a lot.

With minimal training and maximal rest, i am just hoping to finish this weekend Powerman within cut off. It will be a task and even struggle. The 11km Run - 64km Bike and 10km Run never looked more daunting. What used to be a stroll in the park is now a run in hell. I will try to finish the race, no matter what. And i will try not to be drama about it.

It is time to celebrate life. Again.

Training Route on MEX - Where i race a GTS or a Ferrari every Saturday

Ironman is not far away. Infact, it is a short three months of solid training left. Not much time. At this time last year and year before last, i was clocking in respectable running mileage and cycling mileage. This year, it was a laid back approach, and i know i will pay back for it. Well, the way i see it, my iron level are supposed to peak back by February, and if i just train right and train smart, i might just hit my peak right when it matter most.

Watch me GO.

2 Times Ironman Finisher. Nevermind the timing. I race against myself

The same period of hiatus too see some rather turmoil time. It was also the same period that i really feel there are people out there really trying to hurt you. Bad people with bad intention.

1. The richer they are, the more they think they own the world. You are nothing but collateral.
2. The more influential you are, the more insecure you become. You tend to think people are trying to unseat you. The people are afraid that one day, you will take their place and position.
3. Then, there are those that would lie to kill. They appear to be your friend but they have all the evil intention. Some could be racist and bigots in muhibbah clothing. Some would think you are oh-so-impressed with their title. So what if you make people believe you graduated from a high class place but the truth said you were discharged? So what if you have Ir., Prof., and Dr. to your name when all that meant is that people don't understand what you are trying to say?

I say stay away from the people above. They are poison. They run you down. They threaten you and your family. They are good for nothing. The lowest of life. They Apologise but never mean it. They patronises you but do not dare to say that to your face.

They are just losers.

Don't be them.


One more thing that happened was that i gave up a mailing list i managed for seven year nine months. And what was worse, you were made to look like some racist with intention to defame certain race or people.

Perhaps i did. But aren't all of us laughing out loud when we speak the truth about this country?

Grow Up la. I know YOU are reading this. Go take a chill pill man, perhaps, check into some hospital for mental check up. I have every right in this country as you do and i will fight and die for Malaysia. Will YOU? sucking up to politicians don't count ya.

There. I said it.

On the same day i gave up the mailing list, i took my wisdom tooth out.

One more out, less wisdom, more subtle, less fighter cock

I guess it comes with age. I realised i did not fight back as much as i would. Or perhaps, YOU are just not worth my time.

I wish you well. I hope you sleep well at night.

And this bring us to this week, or rather, last week. Myself and wifey flew to Singapore for a close friend's wedding. It was beautifully simple. We are happy for you both Nars&Nar!.

Forever starts here

The short trip to Singapore was refreshing - it made me and wifey feel so happy we are Malaysians and nothing less. Singapore has everything we have, but Singapore do not place my families. They country is almost perfect, but not as perfect as my Tanahair. Yes, the transportation system was top notch. You don't need to own a car. The service industry is simply awesome - they are polite to everyone, unlike Malaysia, which they are only to Mat Sallehs.

But somehow, i do not value those compared to what i have in Malaysia. No way Jose.

I apologise to my Singaporean friends and friends working/residing in Singapore. I meant no malice when i state my preference over Malaysia. Singapore, will remain as a country i will visit as a tourist and i can continue to ridicule Uncle Lee without worries. :)

Wait, i do that too in Malaysia...but i better tone it down la, since i was already threaten with ISA and "i promise you will crawl in the darkest corner where even Anwar Ibrahim will cry".

The thing is, i am Lim Ee-Van. And there can only be one (well at least there is ONLY one Facebook profile that points to me compared to some people i know with at least five, with the other four to be "hate profile").

Ok. Until then. I promise to update more. I love you all.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Slogan-ised PM

I am really lost for words.

So, what's next?

I feel Dr. Alban deserves to be made an honorary Datuk for his previous effort for One Love.

This whole 1This 1That is 1Freaking 1Lame 1Joke.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy Anniversary Darling!

Yesterday was 5th Year i was married. I took leave so i could celebrate it with wifey. What more, my mum was around and it usually meant she would be happy to help take care of the kids.

My mum or Ah Ma, as i would call her (and my mum in law will be "mum", so when i say Ma, you know i am talking about my mother and mum meant my MIL) were pretty surprised when i walk downstairs in shorts.

"Nope ma'am, not working! On leave. Today is my 5th year married to Aileen", i said.

She instantly told us to go do whatever we wanted.

Ma knows best.

So, we send Ryan and my cousin to school. It is such joy to see Ryan saying bye bye and giving you the flying kiss. This boy is a charmer. He took his shoes off at school, bring it in and placed it at the place he was supposed to leave them. Put his bag at a corner and proceed to join the class.

We send Ryan to a pre-school. Something to keep him occupied from 0830 to 1230 every Tuesday to Friday. It is also for him to socialise with the kids and learn to live in a community.

I've seen kids anti-social enough to know that kids nowadays are brought up differently from even as recent as my generation.

Back then, when i was growing up, we were allowed to go and play outside and mingle. But that was when the society were safer. No kidnapping. No crazy drivers speeding down the residential area. I can't take changes now that i am a father and what more, i have a crazy ah beng neighbour that speed up and down the road.

Leaving Ryan at the play school, myself and wifey proceed to have our Anni Breakfast.

We went to Dim Sum place at Damansara Utama. Morning weekday crowd there were more workers than patrons. Was irritated that they keep asking me what tea i wanted. But decided that we just wanted the day to go on stress-free, i put that behind me.

It was a rare occasion where the shrimp dumplings and the shrimp rolls remainedon the table and into the tummy without need to run after Ryan, or having Nadia screaming to eat it.

After breakfast, we went home to play with Nadia and i had MOVIE in my mind. Heckler gave me some movie pass, but what was limited to his company's screening. Did not want to watch gory stuff but Heckler offered to give some other pass from other company. I told him that movie is tentative. I would not want to take what i won't use. Afterall, i owe him loads for the previous passes and movie goodies! Thank you bro!

We headed to 1Utama (hey, did Najib go to 1Utama that often that he call it 1Malaysia and 1World now???) and renewed my roadtax. My Soccer mum car is now 4 years old. The post office in 1Utama was empty except us and another old man. But i hope after this posting, it would not have 101 people waiting to do transaction there!

At 1Utama, i went to the Nike shop to try to exchange for the Sportsband. I was questioned by the store worker and was refused any exchange because i did not buy it there, apparently. They called up the contact in Nike and i managed to sort it out later with Nike. Thank you Nike Wong. Guess my days of getting seeding stuff from Nike are numbered (or already expired!)

Wifey then bought some stuff for her friend's birthday and we continued to walk about 1Utama.

By then, it was already 1100 and we decided to have early lunch. Off we go to Taman Bukit Mas. But before that, we took a complete detour and ended up at Haus Depot. That hardware store in Pelangi Damansara. We ended up buying a ladder for Wifey's shop and gotten some supply for the shops too. Then it was off to the makan place.

Menu : CRAB.

You all have no idea how hard it is to eat crabs and allow your hands to be all dirty and slimy with those gravy and not worried about the kids running about. BLISS.

Oh those buttery crab on those soft toasted mantao! not forgetting the Mantis Prawns kung pou style.

We left back home and see Ryan sleeping with his backside up ala frog style. Nadia was being her usual self running about and sweating from head to toe. Ma was her usual calm self despite three children at home with her.

Wifey had a suprise for me and the next destination was to Solaris. It is a place i have never landed my feet on.

We left for Solaris but dropped by Selangor Club to exchange our membership card from temporary member to ordinary member. My God. The process to get to be a member of this 125 years old club was pretty lengthy and with tradition. We were temp member for almost 8 months before being shortlisted and have to go through two interviews to be finally member. very reason why we joined the club was because it was affordable and also it was almost like being a member of two clubs (KL and Kiara) for the price of one. What more, the location of the KL HQ is where most races are held and i get to park so right next to Dataran Merdeka!

We head on to Solaris. As we were early, we went into Cold Storage at Solaris. The place is like some angmoh place. A local would look pretty out of place there. At a minimum, you have to be a SPG if you are local. We looked like immigrant in our own country.

So, we head on from there to this place called Amante.


yes darling, what kaler you wan?

I was excited and anxious. Look. I am ticklish. I have never had anyone except Ma cutting my toe nails. Wait, i've never used a clipper to cut my toenail. I've always used the RM1 foldable scissor. My Ma has always used that, even now to cut Ryan and Nadia's nails.

I opted for the normal Pedicure. I don't think i need any manicure. I was thanking my lucky star that my toes do not look horrible. Wifey opted for Pedi and Mani and nail extension on her toe that the nail fell off after Seimens run.

I was, without having to say, very uncomfortable as someone is cleaning and scrubbing my feet, with them so close to their face. I do not know how you girls does it. But i was afraid i would offend the woman doing it. However, chickening out might even offend her and her vocation more. So, i relaxed and enjoyed the experience.

My legs were scrubbed, my nails were trimmed, the dry skin filed off and the nail buffed.

No complains here, only how come it ended that fast (about 45minutes). Wifey's session was longer as she did nail extension for the toe. I was very impressed how it was done. I was under the impression it would be those stick on faux nail like seen in "to wong foo, thanks for everything".

Patrick - Rest In Peace

The fake nail was made from a mix of epoxy and powder. It dries up and looked like nail! The pedicurist filed and buffed the nail and colored and like magic...

Went home happy and it was a touch and go to Dinner!

We decided for meat for Dinner and previous experience in San Fran were more memorable than say, Victoria Station, Ship or even Jake's.


Ribeye and Honey

We went for one last errand of the day.

Groceries shopping.

And that capped the day, which we both called our Ye5ar Anniversary.

I've decided to bring wifey to get a ring. Perhaps consider to change our wedding band with a new set. We intend to keep the first five year band and give to Ryan and his future bride when he get married. And subsequent second set to Nadia. Not confirmed yet, but i do want to get Wifey something worhty to remember the 5th Year.

Thank you Ma, for making the day possible, and no less, to Wifey, for the wonderful date we had yesterday. Love you all for that.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Of Health, Family and Overly Defensive.

Hi all. I've been leaving this blog in limbo since i've found the joy of updating my status via FB on mobile. No excuses for that apart from that i've not been training as much, and thus, has not been able to write or update about my training regime, towards the coming races such as Powerman 09 and IM 10.

It seems that my health are not exactly at it's peak. But it is not that i am not healthy. I am just well, healthy but with issues. I've gotten loads of encouragement from others asking about me.

To be very frank, i am in denial. While some might see this as a "worse case scenario" with their (medical) diagnosis (Yes Doc Hisyam, i know), i am simply in denial.

"I am 33, and i am young. What could go wrong?"

A Lot Apparently.

Anyway, i am low on iron. Something really simple but it causes much havoc in my system. Read about it here : Iron Deficiency

I have all the symptom and an extra headache which seems to come from behind my right eye. There seems to be something trying to PUSH my eye ball out. Not funny. There seems to be a knot on my right temple that could move from the front to the top portion of my right ear. Pressing it give instant pleasure and gratification (no, not the type you think it is).

I've asked Doc to get me an appointment with the a physician and determine if i need a colon scope and/or upper GI scope. I asked him to thrown in an MRI or CAT for the head too, just in case.

On Family - My sis, Ee-Von, just got married and now enjoying time off with her husband in Bali. It must had been stressful wedding for them. There were a few things that made me think about what is happening or has happened. I know this will be like washing dirty linen in public, but i tried very hard to not speak of it openly.

You see, there were a rift between my family (myself, my sis, my parents) with my mum's family (easier said, my Dad's in law la!).

Believe this, my granma disowned my mum. Embarassing isn't it?

Reasons for this? Oh well, apparently there were a lot of reasons given by my granma. But we aren't sure if she was the one that started it but my aunts (my mum's sisters) and my uncles (my mum's brothers) for reason only known to them.

This has gotten my mum really riled up and stressed up to the extend she needed sleeping pills to sleep at night. But she has resorted to religion, listening to Puja to calm her mind and soul. It apparently worked for her.

Despite all that, my mum has never given up and has not "disown" her own mum. Week in and week out, she goes to my granma's place to beg for her forgiveness (and to check how she was - because it seems, all her other childrens are not even there everytime she and my dad visit!).

The extended family that stays at the other 2 houses knows of my mum's situation and they too, take and do whatever they could to help eliviate her worries. In short, if it wasn't for them, my mum would had been mental.

Again, WHY did my granma, which i grown up to know as very loving, did this?

Apparently, MONEY is one of the reason. I have a very rich aunt. So rich that she could buy off my uncle's debt and forever make him indebted to her. She is so rich she could sell off a Merc at below market value to an aunt's husband, and that too, make them "close" because this uncle is now "same level, so to speak" as this rich aunt.

My mum is not the first child disowned by my granma. My eldest uncle and his family were all disowned. My late second uncle family, also disowned.

All for reasons only known to my granma (and her cronies).

F up, isn't it?

And the best thing is, my mum's family preaches and laugh at others for not valuing their family. Growing up, they often pride themselves as one strong unit. I never deny that as i am very close to my mum's family. But the take home message were loud and clear when my mum's cousin loudly mentioned during the wedding dinner that "They only know how to judge people, but they aren't any better at all" - refering to the next table where my mum's family were sitting.

Going back a week in timeline. My mum managed to convince her family to show up for the Sunday do and the Monday tea ceremony. I've not seen my mum so happy, as she seems to think that the family has accepted her back again.

But reality quickly sank in when the food she catered for her family were unconsumed.

They did not show up except my granma, the rich aunt and an uncle with his wife (this uncle is cool, but he too, is reliant on my rich aunt for kick back).

The family has about 50 people. None of them showed up except the four above.

Food down the drain. Money down the drain. The only one happy are the caterer.

On the other hand, my dad's family, which are all 120% vegetarian, showed up (except the youngest brother, which by the way, are so queen controlled, that i think he can't change his underwear without the wife's permission). They came, knowing that food will be limited. They came, and make do with whatever they could eat.

The next day, on the wedding day itself. We all know the chinese pride themselves with their tea ceremony. You know what? My mum's family not only came late (and delayed to process), but only my granma and the rich aunt showed up!

It is like putting salt to my mum's wound. But i remained calm.

Then came the dinner, and the six tables allocated to the bride's family went haywire because my mum's family decided that they do not want to sit with some of the extended (and disowned) families. Myself, Wifey and my in laws were all misplaced elsewhere! Saving grace were, again, my dad's aunt (my late granpa's sister), which not only represented my dad's family (vegetarian dinner conducted last month, it was ceremoniously and well attended by them from dad's side), they showed the rest of the mum's family how it should be done.

I was very sad. Angry. Coupled with my pale appearance and pounding headache, it made matter worse. The aunts and uncles showed up for the wedding dinner with my granma and rich aunt. There were so much hostility as if they were forced to come.

Anyway, the dinner went well later and i decided to be courteous. Mum too, decided to try to close rank - but failed. Too much resistance from the others! I can't believe that!

And this morning, just this morning, the daughter of one of my uncle (which also play a part in disowning my mum), greeted me at the office lift lobby. I did not know she was working in the same building as i am. I am happy that she did that. She proved to me that there is still hope, at least for my generation in the family.

There. Linen washed. But i believe this will stay dirty for a long time to come.

Lastly, on being overly defensive.

I am under a lot of stress and pressure at work. Which also explained the scarce update in this blog.

I will write on this the least as i am aware that my writing are being monitored.

Lets just say that i have my responsibilities running the program and there is a reason why it only takes me 2 years to be where i am now. I am not saying that i am "that good", but it has to be something else why am i here running the program to start with?

I clocked in the equal amount of time everyday like it is an Ironman race for me. I push myself through without fear or favour and lets just say at this point of time, i am not a favourite with management outside of Malaysia or Asia.

I can't believe a group of people with more than 15 years of working experience individually gets riled up by someone that is 33 years old with less than 10 years of working experience and has to be overly defensive with every single thing i brought up.

Either what i said hits the nail right at the center or they think what i said are just BS.

If it is BS, then remove me and replace me with someone that could do the work better (and can suck up to all of you as well).

I can always ply my trade somewhere else and now i start to regret (eventhough i told myself i shouldn't be) when the client (two different department) tried to pinch me over 5 months ago.

I got to go get a life, or at least get back what i've lost over the past 2 years.