Monday, November 23, 2009


Was in Ipoh for the weekend with Family and Mum In Law.

We drove down in the rain from KL on Saturday Morning and only reached Ipoh slightly after lunch. The usual 2hours drive took 30 minutes more due to accidents and traffic along the way.

I was grateful to had reached safely and posted something stupid in my tweet. It was offensively offensive as i got the typo wrong. So, to all my muslim brethens, i apologise. I won't attempt it anymore.

Primary reason for the Ipoh trip was for Weng Aun's wedding. He was a friend i know during my Explorace 3 days and he and Cee Yee went on to win second place in the race.

Weng Aun's wedding reception was held in a small town called Chemor. There were only two row of shophouses. Very similiar to how the other small town in Perak were set up.

It reminds me of Bidor, only smaller. But definately bigger than Chenderiang, where everyone knows your name (or who you slept with).

Congrats to both of you on the auspicious day!

My photography skills are not getting any better and i totally do not want to be in the way of the other two photogs on D700 taking pics at the wedding and one HD camera man capturing the moments. So, i decided to just sit down quietly and yes, the above were the ONLY photo i took. It was using a G10 and it took me sometime to get used to what the camera could do.

I came to a conclusion of either you give me a real PnS camera, or a DSLR. Anything in between, my mind can't comprehend or switch over as fast.

Secondary reason for being in Ipoh was to visit my mum in law's brothers. One of them will be moving to Singapore (his kids are there working) and there is no better excuse not to lump Mum in Law in for this trip. It also meant that myself and wifey could go for the wedding and not worried about the Kids.

Moreover, the granduncles and grandaunt has not seen Nadia and Ryan has grown up so fast, i don't think Ryan was the same baby they saw more than 2.5 years ago or Nadia looked the same since a year back!

Ryan - 6Months then, 3 Years now

Nadia - 1 Day then, 18months now

Obviously these two sweetie stole the heart of their grand-relatives. Both with boundless energy and one that can't seems to keep his mouth shut while the other as curious but were so shy that she stucked to wifey everytime.

When older Monkey teaches, the younger Monkey follows

I also spent like 45 minutes making Ryan jumped down a bed on the pretext to take his pics. Good way to practice my camera skills and for me to play with the setting. He was a very willing subject and there were not an instance where he did not want to do it.

Nadia? She tried and she was wiser to know that she can't possible do what the brother did and she went out to sleep.

I had the simply best weekend with the family. It was much better without the distraction of TV and i guess being out of town where the air are technically fresher and the gloomy overcast raining skies sort of allowed the kids to be outdoor. With minimal traffic and no worries of cars driving recklessly right outside the home, it seems only to be perfect for the kids to run about without any worries.

And we did just that.

A joy, isn't it?

One of the many things we did when we were in Ipoh were obviously food. I am a foodie myself and i will go all out to get good cheap food. Ipoh is one such place if you know where to find it.

There are items that are really good and there are some, just like Penang, overrated.

Nevertheless, they were all finished and licked clean.

Breakfast at Ipoh enough for 6 Adults and 2 Toddler. RM30 with Change for two teh si peng

Pamelo BEST and cheap. Straight from the planters at half the price

Funny Mountain Tau Foo Far - far toooooo sweet, even for me

Nasi Ganja aka Nasi Ayam Merah Yong Suan

Hakka mee at Ipoh East

There were other stuff that was eaten too and they were simply too many to actually put up here.

Most memorable one would definately be the search for the Nasi Ganja.

It is actually situated in new town and despite whatever you all read about it through other people's blog and such, Nasi Ganja is not in Tanjung Rambutan Bus Station. I repeat, it is in NEW TOWN near the POLICE STATION and NOT Tanjung Rambutan.

We went allllll the way to Tanjung Rambutan only to know there were NO bus station or Nasi Ganja.

Definately memorable. It was also my first time in Tg. Rambutan. :)

Says a lot of my mental state of mind, eh?

We left KL after we tarpow-ed Nasi Ganja for dinner and the Nasi was washed down with a tupperware full of peeled Pamelo.

Family+Food = Great times!

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