Saturday, November 07, 2009

Powerman Duathlon 2009 : Report

Saturday 2126Hours:

In toilet. Contemplating. Decided to blog.

Cut off : 5hours.

First 11km run - 1:10 finish.
Second 64km Bike - 2:45 finish.
Third 10km run - 1:15 finish.

Total minus transition time : 5:10

That is 10 minutes past cut off.

I will try to be optimistic.

TO BE CONTINUED after race tomorrow.

Drove down at 3.30 with wifey and reached Lumut at 6:00. Was a fast drive via the trunk road with almost no traffic.

Groggy and sleepy i checked in and awaited for the race to start. Familiar faces abound and this was one of the reasons that keep me going back for races.

I know today will be a battle. Not trained and no mileage. Also i was jittery about my blood iron and hope it will hold up well.

My first 11 was completed in 78mins. I ran all the way slowly and this is my longest run since Desaru.

Enters T1 and spent only about 2 minutes before making my way out. The first 32km on bike was pretty good at 1:15. Struggled a bit as the thighs threatens to start cramping. My second 32 was almost a disaster. I saw my average dropto 21kmh. And it toom me almost 1:30 to complete.

My last 10km on the run was only a walk. The sun was burning down and my sweat dries up leaving salt residue which felt like some cheap body scrubs as i rub them.

I wanted to give up. I felt my dignity and ego was totally bruised. But i also realised that ishould not be too hard on myself. I came with no target except to finish and despite seeing people skipping the second loop and head towards finishing line, i soldier on.

Reality check- no training and no mileage, i should be happy i came to the last 5 km.

It was painful both outside and inside. But this is one race i need to finish to prove to wifey that i really want to do IM10 despite and against all odd.

I walked the final 500m with wifey.

5:41 and totally missed the cut off at 5:25.

Thank you all for supporting and cheering and waiting. Today's race was the toughest i've done because of my own doing.

I am on my way back, watch me.

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