Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Long Long Overdue Posting

I must apologise for not updating this blog as often as i should. Couple of things happened along those "sabbatical" period (since 13th October) and i was just too busy with work and family to update.

To keep things simple, i will just choose a few things i think worth mentioning and updating to keep this entry as brief but concise as possible.

Lets start with my health.

Glad to say that things has been looking better and rosier by the day. I was on (self) medication and in denial. My iron level, as the doctor said, was 7mg/l. That is 3 points less than average human and a good 10 points less for endurance athelete. I technically know how it is like for a woman going through their menses feel. Looking pale, lethargic, tired and heart palpilation is just a few of the side effect.

For Aneamic Patients

I could feel my iron level improving within the next 3 weeks and i no longer felt tired as fast or palpilate as if i was on Zone 4 HRM (95% and above mHR)

The cause of the medical condition?

I do not know, and i still owe myself and my family a medical to check if all is ok. Typical of me, when nothing is wrong, i do not bother. That has to change.

The Day My Blood Refused To Flow

Now, i just need to pray and hope the condition do not return. That would meant proper diet and ensure proper i do not take my own health for granted (i.e. Work until want to die)

Next - My quest to get back to training. I've not been on any training for at least two months until about three weeks ago. It was only three weeks back that i dare to pick myself up and push the bike from the storeroom to the road. Daunting. Very.

Thanks to Ishsal, i managed my first ever 64km in two months. Nevermind if it takes as long as an average 90km ride, but i felt it was an accomplishment nevertheless.

Second Ride. Improved by 7 minutes

I am delighted that i could be back training. I started walking with wifey, and OMG, i struggled to catch up with her. My fitness was that bad and she has improved a lot.

With minimal training and maximal rest, i am just hoping to finish this weekend Powerman within cut off. It will be a task and even struggle. The 11km Run - 64km Bike and 10km Run never looked more daunting. What used to be a stroll in the park is now a run in hell. I will try to finish the race, no matter what. And i will try not to be drama about it.

It is time to celebrate life. Again.

Training Route on MEX - Where i race a GTS or a Ferrari every Saturday

Ironman is not far away. Infact, it is a short three months of solid training left. Not much time. At this time last year and year before last, i was clocking in respectable running mileage and cycling mileage. This year, it was a laid back approach, and i know i will pay back for it. Well, the way i see it, my iron level are supposed to peak back by February, and if i just train right and train smart, i might just hit my peak right when it matter most.

Watch me GO.

2 Times Ironman Finisher. Nevermind the timing. I race against myself

The same period of hiatus too see some rather turmoil time. It was also the same period that i really feel there are people out there really trying to hurt you. Bad people with bad intention.

1. The richer they are, the more they think they own the world. You are nothing but collateral.
2. The more influential you are, the more insecure you become. You tend to think people are trying to unseat you. The people are afraid that one day, you will take their place and position.
3. Then, there are those that would lie to kill. They appear to be your friend but they have all the evil intention. Some could be racist and bigots in muhibbah clothing. Some would think you are oh-so-impressed with their title. So what if you make people believe you graduated from a high class place but the truth said you were discharged? So what if you have Ir., Prof., and Dr. to your name when all that meant is that people don't understand what you are trying to say?

I say stay away from the people above. They are poison. They run you down. They threaten you and your family. They are good for nothing. The lowest of life. They Apologise but never mean it. They patronises you but do not dare to say that to your face.

They are just losers.

Don't be them.


One more thing that happened was that i gave up a mailing list i managed for seven year nine months. And what was worse, you were made to look like some racist with intention to defame certain race or people.

Perhaps i did. But aren't all of us laughing out loud when we speak the truth about this country?

Grow Up la. I know YOU are reading this. Go take a chill pill man, perhaps, check into some hospital for mental check up. I have every right in this country as you do and i will fight and die for Malaysia. Will YOU? sucking up to politicians don't count ya.

There. I said it.

On the same day i gave up the mailing list, i took my wisdom tooth out.

One more out, less wisdom, more subtle, less fighter cock

I guess it comes with age. I realised i did not fight back as much as i would. Or perhaps, YOU are just not worth my time.

I wish you well. I hope you sleep well at night.

And this bring us to this week, or rather, last week. Myself and wifey flew to Singapore for a close friend's wedding. It was beautifully simple. We are happy for you both Nars&Nar!.

Forever starts here

The short trip to Singapore was refreshing - it made me and wifey feel so happy we are Malaysians and nothing less. Singapore has everything we have, but Singapore do not place my families. They country is almost perfect, but not as perfect as my Tanahair. Yes, the transportation system was top notch. You don't need to own a car. The service industry is simply awesome - they are polite to everyone, unlike Malaysia, which they are only to Mat Sallehs.

But somehow, i do not value those compared to what i have in Malaysia. No way Jose.

I apologise to my Singaporean friends and friends working/residing in Singapore. I meant no malice when i state my preference over Malaysia. Singapore, will remain as a country i will visit as a tourist and i can continue to ridicule Uncle Lee without worries. :)

Wait, i do that too in Malaysia...but i better tone it down la, since i was already threaten with ISA and "i promise you will crawl in the darkest corner where even Anwar Ibrahim will cry".

The thing is, i am Lim Ee-Van. And there can only be one (well at least there is ONLY one Facebook profile that points to me compared to some people i know with at least five, with the other four to be "hate profile").

Ok. Until then. I promise to update more. I love you all.

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