Monday, December 31, 2007

When i was 10, 17 and Happy New Year 2008!

Was at my parent's place yesterday to clear off some items.

They were shifting and i had to clear my stuffs.

And what a ride it was.

My Kad Sulit - pic of me at 10 years old

Apart from tearing and throwing away letters accumulated over the years from secret admirers, admirers and ex, i've also thrown away letters sent to me from friends i grew up with, way before they invented emails. Thanks Fay, Iqbal, Jen and Shahiman for making it all the efforts.

I recovered some uniforms i wore when i was 17 as well. And guess what, i could still fit into the pants...only thing is my thigh got bigger and i got slightly taller (yes, i did!)...

No.3 pants...seriously!

It's fitting, but not loose or tight. Just fitting, like how a military uniform should be.

OK-la, it's a bit tight, but it did not burst the zip or make me looked like a constipated fella when i buckle it; and i was breathing!

I found my primary school report card as well. What a joy.

No RED marks inside

So, before the year end today, i wish all of you a very very good 2008 ahead. May it bring all of you much joy, health and prosperity...

As for me, i just hope i will be able to get over and finish the IronMan on 23rd Feb 2008!

Ryan telling me he will snub me if i dont' finish the race

Sunday - Run

Initial plan was to run 20 or 30km on Sunday, which explained why me and Shazly meet at Bukit Aman by 5am.

We were amongst the earliest there, apart from 2 cars full of uncles and aunties.

Shazly had a misfortune of a burst tubular on his return journey from Bagan Lalang the day before, and wasn't in shape to run 20km. We decided to take it as it comes.

We U-Turned at Masjid KL and headed towards double hill.

Seriously, double hill is nothing compared to Bukit Damansara. My HR did not even exceed 130bpm. OK, maybe because i was running easy. But in Bukit Damansara, running easy would had set me back to almost less!

We exited from double hill and ran towards Bukit Tunku area/Parliment. Then up Jabatan Pertanian before heading back to Bukit Aman.

Along the way, we saw Jaja, May, Ariff and Ngae, amongst the familiar faces.

Were we shy for not completing the (very least) 20km? Yes and No.

Sweat sweat sweat at 5.30am

Yes because we intended to run until Petronas Hartamas (or beyond for 30km). No because Triatheltes need not be told what to do, they need to be told what NOT to do.

I decided against running after Jaja and gang as i guess i need to take a break as well. It has been a rahter tiring months since i've joined this new company and after committing to Shazly to run on 1-3-5 at 4.30am.

Speaking of which, i better start swimming soon. The short swim i did in PD on Thursday and Friday will not be enough to get the "water feel" eventhough now i could confidently swim freestyle and breathe every 3 strokes, on both sides. 53 short days to IM 2008...and i think i'm starting to get worried physically. Mentally i think i'm fine.

Upiq came cycling as we were running, he would had clocked circa 20km as he cycled to Petronas Hartamas and back. Not bad for someone his size...and losing 15kg in 3 months! How's that for inspiration?

From XXL to XL

And he could only be the biggest loser... Well done Upiq! You shy both of us la!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Ryan with a bear cap

Merry Christmas to all that is celebrating and Happy New Year to everyone!

May 2008 brings more joy, love, life, health, ride, race, swim, run and money.

I hope i will get a chance to do a "Look Back" entry to reflect on 2007!

And me with my bike cap!

Saturday Bike, Sunday Run

I'm like doing all these in anticipation of a possible gluttony session over the holiday...

Saturday was spent riding up Peres and Tekala. A good 65km no less in 2:30. Average speed was maintained at 27.5km/h and going up Peres was never allowed to be lower than 20km/h.

I figured out my strength is my strength, Come IM 2008, it's all about endurance and i hope within the next 60 odd days, that would materialise.

Sunday was running with Shazly, followed closely by Upiq in his MTB. We started running at 5.45am and did not finish the run 2:15 later. By then, the whole Lake Garden - Hartamas loop was filled by top of their class runners (Awea and Ah Thiam la, siapa lagi).

Today is Christmas eve and i declare today to be rest day.

Total calorie burned over the weekend was 3650+1730=5000kcal plus plus. That would mean i can afford to gobble down 1/4 of a turkey, if there is any this year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


"Got one small black thing there la", Dr. Raman told me and wifey as he scanned through her womb.

"It's the bladder", he added.

"Doesn't matter doc, girl or boy, as long as they are healthy", i added and wife nodded in agreement.

"Nuchal scan shows the skin thickness to be 1.2mm, which is great, and the nasal bone is formed, which is good news too", Doc Raman said assuringly.

"That would meant chances of Down is now reduced to 0.01% for someone your age", he added again.

"And look at how much he/she is moving!"

Yes, me and wifey can't help but smile while looking at the screen. Our pride and joy.

I'm not talking about Ryan.

Say hello to Stupe/Aileen Jr. Number 2.

13 weeks in and expecting delivery by June 2008!

Now if you can't make out what the image above shows, just imagine it's like how John Travolta's hand action as pictured below...lying down...

Yeap, Drama King/Queen number 2 coming. And our dear Ryan will be a big brother soon!

Monday, December 17, 2007

175.4km - Putrajaya - Banting - Bagan Lalang - Bangi - Putrajaya

"...on the way we managed to meet up with the Ironman Wannabes aka Mutants (Adzim, Andrea,Azwar, Abu Sofian,Bacin & two young guys) at Sepang.... Please note that OP Ee-Van was somewhere near Morib! These fast & furious started their ride from Taman Warisan, Putrajaya & went tro Dengkil, Banting, Morib, Bagan Lallang & back & they started at 0730hrs..."

Those were the words from OP Fadzil "Panther" Chief Kutu" Samsudin in his report over last weekend's ride.

Yes, i was left alone while the main peloton blazed the road starting from Putrajaya itself. I was doing a comfortable 33km/h to 35km/h but i supposed they would had went like 40km/h at those flat stretch.

With only my Dream (as in the bike) to accompany me, i know this will be a long lonely ride.

Halfway to Banting, i lost sight of the main group as they managed to cut through the traffic light, leaving me stranded at the red light.

By then, Rashid decided to fall back and follow me.

As we passed Banting town, i realised that i do not know where to go. I only remember that we will pass through Tanjung Sepat(TS) and then to Bagan Lalang(BL). I saw the signboard for TS and that was indeed the last signboard i saw for that in Banting.

I went on straight, taking my chances, with Rashid on tow behind. I stopped at one traffic light and asked the locals.

"Boss, ini jalan pergi Tanjung Sepat ka?", i asked the ah neh driver.

'Wooo...manyak jauh mau pegi Tanjung Sepat, tapi boley, pergi terus", he answered as the light turned green.

5km into the ride from that junction, i received a call from Bacin. Yeap, i'm a good 5km away..which meant i will clock in extra 10km that day already.

Me and Rashid got back to the correct route and Rashid declared that he will not continue on and will go back from the same way he came. His hamstrings giving him problem, most probably because he is trying to get used to the SPD and clips.

So, i was alone...from Banting onwards...The road along TS to Bagan Lalang (17km) was a long, lonely straight one...

Me, Myself and My Dream

To cut a long long ride short, i got lost, twice after that.

The second time was taking the wrong turning at the second roundabout at Bangi (first roundabout 3 O'Clock, second roundabout 9 O'Clock)to get back to Putrajaya. I rode into Kajang and back to UKM's other entrance... That is a another good 15km extra clocked.

I reckon by then, the guys would had reached Putrajaya and packing up the bikes.

As we all know, bad luck comes in three and the third time (un)lucky was when i went straight (and not turn right into the road leading to Putrajaya) and headed to the Bangi Industrial Park, i climbed the hill where UPHA is, went down and climbed up again to get back to the main road. That's a good 5km plus.

I finally got back towards Putrajaya, found my way around the place (instead of taking the shorter route, i took the route which points for Precint 16...and that's a hell loads of riding to be done in the undulating road of Putrajaya).

My final mileage tally was 175.4km...

Ride stat:

Not too bad as my riding time for that distance was 6:21:08. Total time spend was 6:58, which includes time lost looking for direction, time on the phone with Bacin and Adzim, time spent refuelling at Shell Sepang (they left some water for me) and of course, one pee stop.

I tried to simulate the whole ride to as close as IM as possible; wearing my tri suit (and look fat in them), bringing 2 bottles of liquid (and refilling a third at Shell) with 1 bottle containing a potent mix of Ribena with Honey and 2 with plain water. Food was limited to 1 Powerbar (expired) for breakfast and during ride - 4 chewy sweets, 2 Cloud9 chocolate and some raisins.

Only thing that wasn't completed was not doing 180km that day.

My ride finished at 175km...and seriously, going anohter 5km would be crazy.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm Not Shallow

I bought a magazine last Sunday. The cover caught my attention. Really. I usually don't even spend more than RM1.50 for reading material (Yes, i complain about The Star being Rm1.50 during weekends).

I busted RM6 for this

See what i SAW?


I bought this magazine (Off The Edge) because of this...

Serve To Lead

My alma mater. Royal Military College.

That was enough reason for me to buy the magazine (and not because of Hannah Tan)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Dearest Wifey!

It's no coincidence that it's a Holiday in Selangor on your birthday, for you are a Royalty and you are my Queen.

me and wife


Monday, December 10, 2007

Heartbreak Kid

Magnum Look

If at 13 months he is already posing this way, what will happen when he turned legal age?

Girls, better keep your daughter where they are safe. Don't say i never warn you all!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

7.5km to office

Looks like a new route is discovered. Home to Office is just 7.5km away, will be great for a morning high intensity run or a quick spin workout to office (like i did this morning). If you can't bring work to play, then bring play to work.

Yes. I'm in office today. Deadlines to be met. Pressure mounting. 10 more reports to go by 15th December.

Monday, December 03, 2007

MTDC - Bagan Lalang - +/-100km

Flat, fast and furious.

Well, that was what it was intended for. The first league from MTDC to Bagan Lalang was done in a good 1:32, averaging about 31.5km/h.

Adzim IronMan leads the pack constantly in his new P3C. Blasting away at nothing less than 35km/h on the flat and close to 60km/h on the downhill. Pulling along him was Shazly, Bacin, Dicky, Azmar, Sheikh and Suffian.

I was struggling. As usual.

Seriously, i was struggling

They were cruising

And smiling

I finished the ride in a total time of 3:44 and total time of 3:51. The 10 minuets being me tuning the RD to shift properly.

The return journey took me longer because i've bonked.

The stats

If there is any consolation for that day, it would be my own personal weight lost.

On April 21st this year, during the Space Race, i weight in at 80.7kg in light weight racing clothes.

On December 2nd, i weight 74.7kg.

Bodyfat level went from 21.4% to 20.2%.


Before any of you think i'm some aneroxic wannabe, rest assure that losing 6kg over 7 months is nothing to should about. Some i know had lost more than this.

My only wish is that the weight lost comes with better fitness, as believe it or not, my resting heartrate went from a low 48bpm before i joined this company to a high 72bpm 3 months after.

Slowly, i'm regaining, and hope to regain the low resting heart rate (and that means good fitness level) by doing those 4.30am runs with Shazly.

And my latest effort to lose more weight?

How about going "Number 0" crew cut on the back and side?

Yeah, perhaps i'll lose an extra 400grams.


Friday, November 30, 2007


A bit dissapointed with my performance appraisal/confirmation today.

Thought i've done better than to just recieve "below expectation".

I know i shouldn't be complaining. But I guess these are just one of those things in life which one has to face.

Thank God for the 96km ride and 10km run scheduled tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Keeping The Motion

So far so good. Been able to consistently wakes up at 4.30am on stipulated days for run or bike.

With the crazy hour at work, i just have to squeeze in as much time as possible for the training.

I know it's not enough.

It's crazy to think, or even think of racing WITHOUT training.

It's not suicidal, it's digging your own grave.

This morning, me and Shazly managed a 12km run around Damansara hill.

Time : 1:14
Max Hr : 175bpm
Ave Hr : 144bpm
Kcal : 1541kcal

And the hungry feeling afterwards, which last until lunch, is just simply great.

Lunch? What lunch, am skipping it to finish some work!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Cycle : +/- 25km

Decided to cycle instead. Woke up at 4.30am and headed to meet Shazly.

Menu was to do 2 rounds of Bukit Damansara.That should give us about 12km/loop.

We managed to complete the first loop in 31 minutes and the second loop was done in 29 minutes, giving us a good 1 hour workout on the ups and downs of Bukit Damansara.

The route

Distance: +/- 25km
Time: 1:00
Average speed : 25km/h
Max speed: 48.9km/h
Ave HR : 144bpm
Max HR: 169bpm


The fixed hub and spindle of the rear wheel worked like charm and no more sound (creaky sound) was heard since.

All i need to do now is to keep the momentum going. Waking up at 4.30am for activities like these doesn't seems to be a problem, compared to waking up to go to work!

Hotel Kerala-fornia

Kerala version of The Hotel California by The Yeagles


On the road to Trivandrum
Coconut oil in my hair
Warm smell of avial
Rising up through the air

Up ahead in the distance
I saw a pink tube-light
Tummy rumbled, I felt weak and thin
I had to stop for a bite

There he stood in the doorway
Flicked his mundu in style
And I was thinking to myself
I don't like the look of his smile

Then he lit up a petromax
Muttering 'No power today'
More Mallus down the corridor
I thought I heard them say

Welcome to the Hotel Kerala-fonia
Such a lousy place,
Such a lousy place (background)
Such a sad disgrace,

Plenty of bugs at the Hotel Kerala-fonia
Any time of year
Any time of year (background)
It's infested here

His finger's stuck up his nostril
He's got a big, thick mustache
He makes an ugly noise
But that's just his laugh

Buxom girls clad in pavada
Eating banana chips
Some roll their eyes, and
Some roll their hips

I said to the manager
My room's full of mice
He said,
Don't worry, saar, I sending you
meen karri, brandy and ice

And still those voices were crying from far away
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them pray

Save us from this Hotel Kerala-fonia
Such a lousy place,
Such a lousy place (background)
Such a sad disgrace

Trying to live at the Hotel Kerala-fonia
It is no surprise
It is no surprise (background)
That it swarms with flies

The blind man was pouring
Stale sambar on rice
And he said
We are all just actors here
In Silk Smitha-disguise

And in the dining chamber
We gathered for the feast
Stab it with our steely knives
But we just can't cut that beef

Last thing I remember
I was writhing on the floor
That cockroach in my appam-stew was the culprit,
I am sure

Relax, said the watchman
This enema will make you well
And his friends laughed as they held me down
God's Own Country? Oh, Hell!

(c) The Yeagles

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ryan Ambrose Lim Jo-Hann Is ONE!

Happy Birthday Boy!

Hope you have a good one! You are growing up waaayyyy to fast for papa to catch up with!

first time on the swing, alone!

More updates on his birthday soon, i promise!


Lets Get It Started

Saturday - Broga Classic - 140km

Batu 18 - Tekala - Semenyih - Broga - Lenggeng - Kuala Klawang - Genting Peres - Batu 18

Mood - Spirited (before ride)
Mood - Cursing (after ride)

Total ride time: 6:30:45
Distance : 141.6km
Average speed : 22.5km/h
Max Speed : 70.0km/h (best in the world, down Bukit Tangga)
Kcal burned : 6345kcal
Average HR : 147bpm
Max Hr : 168bpm

There were 11 of us; Shazly, Adzim, Ariff, May Senn, Feisal, Sofian, Bacin, Dicky, Azmar, Ali and me.


By the end of the ride, there were us minus Ariff, May Senn, Feisal and Ali.

Senn fell near Broga, and was advised to end the ride. Ariff followed her back. Feisal on Adzim's P3C, turned back after Lenggeng. Ali, turned back after Semenyih because he has a wedding to attend.

Motley crews

I was this short of turning back at Bukit Tangga. 3 stops and 3 sms-es to wifey and the words of encouragement she gave, was enough for me to fire on to finish Bukit Tangga.

Reaching the peak of Bukit Tangga was a relieve, happily leg go of the brake and cruise down the hill touching 70.0km/h (Azmar managed a 71.6km/h on aerobars).

By then, the gang was no where in sight, it was me, alone, for the next 16km to Petronas Klawang.

Adzim told me that my face looked pale when i reached Klawang this morning. He was dead right, i was pale. Cramps and obvious lack of distance training finally ate into me.

Ride leader

When i did Klawang a while a go (ie reverse Broga classic), i was going at it like i was some hero. No pain. No cramps. Just.Pure.Joy.

The same can't be said for Broga Classic.

By KM100, i was left behind by the main peloton. All were mightily strong on the bike. I was left cursing on the flat. What could had been an easy 30km/h on the rolling hills was reduced to a painfully slow 17km/h at some stretch and max of 24km/h.

KM102.5 marks the final climb towards Genting Peres.

"Here you go Stupe, the acid test", i told myself, reluctantly.

Before the ride commence, i told Shazly that the ride would very much determine if i can finish the IronMan next year, should i continue with minimal training as of the past 3 months. if i survive this ride, the chances of finishing the race would be likely, but not confirmed.

it was wet wet water for them

The 16km up from Klawang to Peres was a painfully slow and painfully cramping with uncountable screams and shouts and frustration for me. Thank goodness i had Azmar to maintain my sanity.

Frustrated? I am.

Angry? I was.

Delusioned? Hell yes.

I lost count how many times i stopped; even unclipping from the pedal was a task, each time, threatening to cramp my calves.

I lost count how many "last corner" which will lead us to the top of the hill with the political party signboard on top of Bukit Hantu Besar.

Memang Hantu Besar i tell you.

But the sight of that signboard was the best thing that ever happened that day. Scream of joy and tears of relief were shed. If only there was a video camera, anyone seeing how we reacted would shed a tear, or two as well.

Where everyone is smilling, i'm crying

I'm serious, everyone is smiling

When i show Shazly this photo of me, he laughed, almost wetting his pants.

worth a thousand words

This morning, me and Shazly went for a short 12km run over Bukit Damansara at 5am. Seems that is the only possible time for me to squeeze in some training mileage.

Felt great as i've not ran for ages. I just hope i would be able to do this on a regulr basis.

Will be driving up to Kedah and come back the same day, so, no training tomorrow. Lets see how Wednesday goes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Letter From Last Year.

This is my 3rd letter to myself. Sent into the future (then in 2006) and received today (in 2007). My reply in BOLD

Dear FutureMe,

Today i received an email to myself. Corny. I know.
Tell me something i don't already know

So, i'm gonna write you anohter check list for you to refer in a year's time.

1. Did you do another KLIM?
Yes, i did. And i got sponsored by Nike to run the race in 6 hours. There goes my PB timing.

2. How did Eco-Xtreme went?
It went really well, but i did not had the chance to join it. :(

3. Got road bike already or not?
Yes. 2 Infact. One is a steel classic and one more an aeroplane tubing collectible. A few extra wheelsets thanks to friends. You guys know who you are. Mucho gracias.

4. How many triathlons you managed to enter since the time of writing this?
Lets count. A Formosa, Bukit Merah, PD, Desaru. That is all???? :(:(

5. Are you a Powerbar Athelete now?
Well, i applied for it...

Personal life:
1. Is Aileen pregnant, again?

2. How has Ryan's presence enriched your life?
He is the sun in my life, wife's the light. Together, they are my SUNLIGHT.

3. Ee-Svun should be taking his STPM by now. Have i ask her what she wants to do when she finish her studies?
Next week is when her STPM starts. I sure wish her all the best. Not spoken to her what she should do, think i should be playing my big brother role now, as this is really relevant.

4. Is Ee-Von still single and available?

Friends' Life:
1. Is Surin a father yet?
Not yet, but perhaps in a year or two time.

2. Is Norman Married?
He is gonna be one of the eligible bachelors around, why bother getting married? ;-)

3. How about Amir? Is he still single?

4. Iqbal - is he coping well with his work in Malaysia?
Coping well i guess, he got Lenny and Mika to be his sunlight. :)

5. How many diving trips has June went on in a year's time?
Why am i even bothering to count it for her. She lost count herself.

6. How about Light & Easy Buddies, anyone gotten married within this one year?
Yes. Congrats Steph and Chia!

Working life:
1. Still in the same company ah?
For once in my life, i'm working in a different company. After 7 years in the same institution, i guess it's time to move on, and i sure hope this current one will eb rewarding in years to come. Loyal staff of the year? Well, i've not gotten anything from the previous one, what makes you think i will get any here?


And a happy Birthday to myself!
Yes. Happy birthday to myself. have a good one Stupe.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Get Moving!

The plan was to get up at 0545 from today onwards to clock in 10km of run. Finish it within 60 minutes, get ready and go to work by 0730.

Wishful thinking.

If i ever want to keep the IronMan dream alive, i better start doing something.

On a separate note, a friend informed me that Mukah Triathlon, a 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run race will take place on 15th December 2007 this year.

Anyone interested, email me.

And of course, congrats to all the PowerMan and PowerGirl that completed the 85km race yesterday in Lumut. I'm full of envy.

Green with it, infact.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Appropriately labelled as Rascal

TQVM Mama Faie for the pic.

The next pic made my day last Sunday.

Dr. Azman, came to run Terry Fox in his Sarong!

Even Ryan can't keep his eyes away from him

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

MC - First In 7 Years

After working for 7 years, i finally had to take an MC.

And after getting an MC (for today), i decided to get back into office to complete reports.

I'm not trying to get any award for being a so called dedicated staff, which i don't think any company would actually acknowledge it.

End of the day, it's true, I should had went back and rest.

This is for viral fever and throat infection - but will never be utilised

I only have my wife to thanks, for spending up to 4 hours trying to bring my temperature down on monday night, after i came back from PD (day trip). But yesterday, the temperature went up again at 1130hours...and i had to bring myself to see a doctor at 2100hours, after i completed 2 reports...that is.

Temperature is rising again...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Anjung Teduh - KK : 8 Mad Hours & Pics!!!

Places i've been in the short 2 weeks i was in Sabah

Think i'm a sucker for adventure, though i know better not to risk it.

I was told that a journey from KK to Sandakan will take a good 6 hours for a good driver and 8 for an average joe like me.

I did KK-Sandakan in 8 Hours.

Then, i was told that for KK-Lahad Datu, expect nothing less than 10 hours, again, for average joe like me.

And as luck would have it, i refuse to be average, let alone a Joe's Joe.

So, yesterday, after completing my work in Anjung Teduh, a good 110km away from Lahad Datu, i drove back. (see map above, Anjung Teduh is near Destination 7)

Journey started from 1830hours.

Reached Lahad Datu in 1 hour. Bought some hotdog bread, pumped petrol and got some drink and drove off at 2000hours.

Lahad Datu - KK is 404Km.

Reached Checkpoint 32 by 2130hours.

3 Hours of driving already.

Checkpoint 32 - KK should be about 7 hours, as it takes an hour from Checkpoint to Sandakan.

It started to drizzle half way between Beluran turn off to Telupid, I was extra careful as there is a stretch of gravel road, which was pretty bad.

Bonus of driving at that hour in Sabah is that the road is so clear. So clear that you could see as far as the car's high beam could let you see. The road is so dark that Big Dipper and the other constellation was highly visible.

At that moment, i did not think it was funny.

What if i had a punture?

What if some animal cross the road?

What if something which isn't animal crossed the road?

The drizzle soon became heavy rain. Words from the police officer at the road block right after Beluran turn off rings in my ears.

"Mana hendak pergi?", Men In Blue asked me.

"KK bah", me, trying really hard to sound local.

"Dari mana?", he asked again.

"KL, eh, KK!", I tried to recover.

"Pandu cermat, depan hujan lebat", He waved me on.

The heavy rain soon comes with fog.

Fog which is thick enough to make me drive at 20km/h. No Joke.

Using the high beam makes the visibility worse.

Using low beam seems to help.

I then came to a stop.

A cow was crossing the road.

What adventure.

I crossed Kinabatangan again, this time, not being able to see her.

I reached Telupid at 2230hours. At this rate, i should be able reach KK by 1.30am. Rule of thumb is that i'll drive at a maximum of 120km/h when the road and visibility is clear and will go as slow as i could if condition turns bad. Infact, i almost halt to a stop whenever a truck or express bus comes from the front, in case in their bid to take the corner, they strike me.

The fog doesn't seems to go off. From Telupid, i am about 80km to Ranau, that should be an hour's drive. Then I will pass through Kundasang, which means i will have 65km to go to reach Tamparuli, and from there, anohter 35 to KK.

At that point, i was actually regretting the decision to drive back that evening.

Too late to regret, there is no motel, or hotel, or anywhere i can stop to sleep. And it won't be safe, as the roads has tonnes of highway men, mostly Indonesian Bugis. Not gonna take any chances with them men with hands rougher than a 00 grade sandpaper.

I reached KK, safely at 0230Hours. Managed to check into the Hotel by 0330hours and slept until 0800 hours this morning before going off to finish the administrative stuff for my work.

Thinking back, the average speed over the 404km+110km=514km over 8hours bring me to only 40km/h max. That speak volume of the road condition!

After 2 weeks, i must say i've pretty much seen much of Sabah, along the road, that is. Like i tell some of my friends, the trunk road in Peninsular is like Highway compared to the road in Sabah. My record so far is overtaking 12 trucks in one single pedal to pedal overtaking manourve.

Definately felt like i'm in an F1 car. Well, a 1.5 Auto one, that is.

I will be back in Good Ol' KL tomorrow evening. Looked like i will get a 2 week reprieve before being send off to Sarawak...

Here are some pics, over the past 3 days which i have totally no internet connection.

Where i was again for the past 3 days?

I was in this place called Felda Sahabat Anjung Teduh. It is 25km away from the nearest town called Tungku and 110km away from Lahad Datu. The place is at the tip of the Dog's Nose (refering to Sabah's geological shape).

From the work site, i have to drive anohter 35km to the ONLY hotel within the next 150km of civilisation. Felda Sahabat Resort.

Enjoy the pics.

Bridge over Kinabatangan

Mighty Kinabatangan

Felda Sahabat - 113360 ha of nothing but oil palms

I wasn't BS-ing about the 113360 ha of oil palms

Celebes Sea

Sulu Sea

Since maybe non of us will ever go to Anjung Teduh, here is 2 more pics of the place...

Panaromic view with Sulu Sea

Panaromic view with Celebes Sea

Road to Beluran

View from the Police Station in Beluran

rare sight of the Sun was there for 5 minutes only"/

Sandakan from Signal Hill

Crocodile Roundabout in Sandakan

There is also Orang Utan, Proboscis Monkey and Turtle roundabouts in Sandakan... :)

instead of bak kut teh, there is PRAWN Teh! Sorry, BIG PRAWN Teh!

And Fish Teh

3 words to describe the seafood above. Damn.Kaw.Fresh.

Fish market in KK, Yellow fin Tuna being cut

Mahder Freaking Big Prawns

Squids, RM6/kg

Half a fish for RM5, Tenggiri i think

Chicken backside, sate style RM1/stick

And of course, finally....

Kota Kinabalu!"