Monday, December 31, 2007

Sunday - Run

Initial plan was to run 20 or 30km on Sunday, which explained why me and Shazly meet at Bukit Aman by 5am.

We were amongst the earliest there, apart from 2 cars full of uncles and aunties.

Shazly had a misfortune of a burst tubular on his return journey from Bagan Lalang the day before, and wasn't in shape to run 20km. We decided to take it as it comes.

We U-Turned at Masjid KL and headed towards double hill.

Seriously, double hill is nothing compared to Bukit Damansara. My HR did not even exceed 130bpm. OK, maybe because i was running easy. But in Bukit Damansara, running easy would had set me back to almost less!

We exited from double hill and ran towards Bukit Tunku area/Parliment. Then up Jabatan Pertanian before heading back to Bukit Aman.

Along the way, we saw Jaja, May, Ariff and Ngae, amongst the familiar faces.

Were we shy for not completing the (very least) 20km? Yes and No.

Sweat sweat sweat at 5.30am

Yes because we intended to run until Petronas Hartamas (or beyond for 30km). No because Triatheltes need not be told what to do, they need to be told what NOT to do.

I decided against running after Jaja and gang as i guess i need to take a break as well. It has been a rahter tiring months since i've joined this new company and after committing to Shazly to run on 1-3-5 at 4.30am.

Speaking of which, i better start swimming soon. The short swim i did in PD on Thursday and Friday will not be enough to get the "water feel" eventhough now i could confidently swim freestyle and breathe every 3 strokes, on both sides. 53 short days to IM 2008...and i think i'm starting to get worried physically. Mentally i think i'm fine.

Upiq came cycling as we were running, he would had clocked circa 20km as he cycled to Petronas Hartamas and back. Not bad for someone his size...and losing 15kg in 3 months! How's that for inspiration?

From XXL to XL

And he could only be the biggest loser... Well done Upiq! You shy both of us la!

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