Monday, December 24, 2007

Saturday Bike, Sunday Run

I'm like doing all these in anticipation of a possible gluttony session over the holiday...

Saturday was spent riding up Peres and Tekala. A good 65km no less in 2:30. Average speed was maintained at 27.5km/h and going up Peres was never allowed to be lower than 20km/h.

I figured out my strength is my strength, Come IM 2008, it's all about endurance and i hope within the next 60 odd days, that would materialise.

Sunday was running with Shazly, followed closely by Upiq in his MTB. We started running at 5.45am and did not finish the run 2:15 later. By then, the whole Lake Garden - Hartamas loop was filled by top of their class runners (Awea and Ah Thiam la, siapa lagi).

Today is Christmas eve and i declare today to be rest day.

Total calorie burned over the weekend was 3650+1730=5000kcal plus plus. That would mean i can afford to gobble down 1/4 of a turkey, if there is any this year!

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