Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Adventure Soon

Blessed with a few offers for a new job. I was worried about not able to secure any job. I guess as long as you have shown good attitude and shown that you can do the work previously and could convince the same during interview, you will be fine.
Most important is having integrity and honest with your dealing at work. Don't forget working hard and meeting all delivery expectation too.
I am having my fingers crossed and hope that the choice I will soon make will be a good one.
Went to Bangkok for a short break with wifey and my obsession for good pair of shoe (not necessary expensive or branded by the way), continues. I got 3 pairs of leather shoes. Here is one of them.
I went back to the same tailor to get tailored shirts and pants. I was pretty impressed with the quality previously and they did not disappoint. Had all six shirts tailored with french cuffs and that has created the need to get more cuff links.
We got day pass for the BTS for all three days and did not spend more than RM100 for both of us in transportation, inclusive of hotel transfer. it will help if you have a spouse that don't mind to walk (or in Wifey's case, she ran 42km, so what is another 2km walk).
Food was plentiful in Bangkok and while we were careful about what we eat (for fear of food poisoning - like contemplating to eat that jumping shrimp salad). it was mostly noodles and more noodles. It was all good.
We bought enough items for the two kiddos at home and as souvenir for friends and family. it was all good.
The break has been good so far. I've managed to get my back fixed (apparently, my spine was crooked at two places), got my iPhone fixed, got many other things fixed. With Raya around the corner and with no laptop or blackberry with me, it is definitely good.
But that too, meant i am a bit more out of come back for more update soon!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Moving On

Closing a Book tomorrow and will open (hopefully) another one soon.The next one would be empty pages for me to fill up.

Needless to say, it is a hard decision to go. There is no regret and no looking back.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Clean Up

The next couple of weeks will see me overhauling a few things in life. Wish me luck.