Monday, July 31, 2006

How does it felt like...

Explorace Johor Came and went, both the race and the TV show.

On the night of the airing, the turn up for from fellow Exploracer was awesome. Maybe because they wanted to see the cili padi eating competition.

Smses kept coming in and phone did not stop ringing.

Yes, i felt like some pseudo-celeb. :) What a whore!

The LnE gang actually stopped while cycling at a mamak stall in putrajaya to see me and Azly racing. So sweet.

Vicky and her merry band of friends made me feel as if i'm some Akademi Fantasia winner.

Soon called me Stupe-perstar.

Zailan kept cam whoring with me!(get well soon bro).

Client called me to pass their compliments and jested about me being a good dancer.

Family laughed at me and with me.

Online forum friends now know me by name and face.

Pipot's gang like Mary, Aini and Zailan was asking me about the race. Mary was interested in joining next year's Explorace.

"Go Ahead!" I told her.

No, i'm not a superstar and never will be. But, yes, i'm enjoying the attention, while it last. LOL. I still got my feet planted solidly on the ground.

So, to all that saw that episode and was there in spirit and in person, i thank you all very much.

Now, wait until the day i get free chicken rice from that uncle that say he say me on TV... ;-)

By the way, this morning, as i was lying in bed, i placed my hand on wifey's tummy. For the first time in my whole entire life, i felt Stupe Jr. doing some kickboxing in wifey's womb.

It was awesome, i swore i could cry if not because my calves were aching worse than yesterday.

He didn't kick/punch once, but he did it so many times i felt

i'm lost for words, really.

Don't worry Jr, you will be a triathlete/adventure racer/duathlete that your dad and mum isn't!

(how's that for pressuring him even before coming out to greet the world?)

MMDS Putrajaya Race Report

What a race. I think unofficially the Duathletes all did a 10km-60km-5km race yesterday.

It wasn't the organiser's fault, but rahter, some technical error that caused the cycling part to include the Powerman Route PLUS a Hill route at Alamanda.

I kept thinking it was my meter wrongly calibrated, but no matter which wheel diameter setting i set to, both shows a plus minus 2 km differences. Nevermind then, the racers all got more than what they paid for yesterday!

Pics courtesy of Anna
stupe bike mmds
Looking fast - thanks to Anna for the *fast* effect

I ran my fastest 10km this year yesterday. OK, not that i've religiously done any 10K races at all this year, but well, you get my drift.

I felt strong on the run, i do not know why, maybe because everyone seems to be running fast. I started from the back and started overtaking everyone i could and after PCC, Ajeep caught up with me and i decided to pace with this one particular ATMA boy. Well, he is fit, i culd only draft him for a good 1km and then i dropped back and still maintain what i thought was a 5:00 pace.

I think i stopped my watch at 52mins as i step over the timing chip's mat. I then slowly took my time at the bike, ensuring i didn't missed out on anything. I decided to just wear the same runing vest for cycling.

I was happy, again, as on my left and right of my bikes, were, err...the participants' a full carbon Cervelo which i could never imagine to buy/get one. One more anohter expensive roadbike which i don't think i could afford as well. To simply put it, both the bike value, combined, could had been able to buy my kancil over with the current second hand car price.

I was wearing my helmet when one of the biker shouted at me "Nice bike!!" i really thought he meant MY Fuji...but...heheh, he must had thought i own that Cervelo PC2/PC3. Oh well...

But the owner of that P3 carbon was nice enough to chat with me that morning, he was wearing a NB 15km running vest. He told me i got nice bottle carrier on my handle bar. Well...that's very humble of him! hahaha...his bottle carrier could most probably cost half my bike's, participant 132...thank you!

SO, there was i, with my el-cheapo bike pump stucked between my butt crack and a spare tube with tyre lever poking on my cycling pants and pressing against my bare butt. I never like saddle back because it sorta brushes against my inner thigh on the downstroke.

The first round of cycling was good, i managed a decent 30km/h average and completed the first round in an hour. Wait. 30km/h in one hour and i covered 30km?

That was also when i realised i was right about the biking route.

The marshalls must had mixed up the biking route with last year's route, which, in the begining of this report, confirmed we did the POWERMAN route AND the extra hill climb in Alamanda.

I seriously thought i wrongly calibrated my meter and i set it to anohter setting.

5km to the finishing, i had a cramp on both my calves. Looking down, i could see the muscle hollowed out on the inner calves, denoting the muscle was spasming and was pulling and struggling to relax.

My second round was a slow 1hour 20minutes to complete the final 30km. But looking back, it was however, faster than my PDIT 40km bike ride! (more excuses for calves' cramping).

But seriously, i think i wasn't properly hydrated. My sweat tasted so salty i swore i was a walking salted fish. My own sweat stung my eyes so badly that i need to pour water onto my eyes to ease the sting.

I wasn't prepared properly where hydration was concerned. One lesson learnt. Don't be overly confident that i'm properly hydrated.

I pushed the bike into the transition and again, stopped my watch. Hey, whadaya know...both 130 and 132 hasn't come back from cycling. :) Fuji full sus beat two road bike again!

I pushed for my final 5km run. Legs felt fine the first km and i maintained a 6:00 pace. Then, the inevitable happened. My calf seized up and my inner thigh muscle started aching.

That's it. I was basically taking small steps and i do not want to walk the rest of the 4km. It was painful especially on the calf. I had visions of my calves exploding because the muscle became so tight and tout. I am not kidding.

Blocking out the pain and then a friend, Lee, which is trying to get back to racing after a torn ligament surgery, ran with me for a good 2km before stopping at the last water station to wait for Ben, anohter friend, which was racing his loingest ever race yesterday.

My final 1km was joyous, i picked up speed maybe because of the adrenalin rush.

I crossed the line in one piece, yet again, this time, with my calves aching.

No one i knew was there at the finishing line this time. But a familiar face in Hin Toong and his girlfriend was a welcome sight as he said "Well done" to me.

Zabil ran a good race, despite having to change a tube in transition, he managed to finish the race in slighty over 3hours. I on the other hand, took a good 50 minutes to finish my final 5km. That was my personal worse time for 5km as well...

poser and stupe 2
Jojo, me, Gary and Soon - posing for food.
Thanks Anna for the pics!

By the way, PDIT 06 results are out. I did a slow 3:05:38 compared to a PB of 2:46 last year. maybe i'm just getting Old. The time is inclusive of transition, so, in actual fact, i'm hoping the real race time will be further reduced to SUB 3 hours. hahaha....

Keep on Wishing Stupe!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

my 5 minutes of fame this morning...

Appeared in MHI this morning for a good 10 minutes with James for Explorace Johor.


It was a lil unnerving actually to be sitting there and knowing that the show is LIVE.

I now know how exactly the previous 8 teams felt when they were sitting there from 7.45am till 8am.

here it is, live to you, recorded by wifey which was forced to wake up early to see and record it for me.


interview starts....

ps - i just realised i showed my middle finger on national TV!!!

phone ran out of memory....

Don't forget to see it tonite on TV3 at 9.30pm!!!

by the way..the Lulian yesterday was Good. Could had been better if the two larger ones has more kick. The 3 smaller one saved the day!

Desparil, this is for you bro!

Treat Me Nice : Elvis A. Presley

When I walk through that door
Baby be polite
You're gonna make me sore
If you don't greet me right
Don't you ever kiss me once, kiss me twice
Treat me nice

I know that you've been told
It's not fair to tease
So if you come on cold
I'm really gonna freeze
If you don't want me to be cold as ice
Treat me nice

Make me feel at home
If you really care
Scratch my back and run your pretty
Fingers through my hair

You know I'll be your slave
If you ask me to
But if you don't behave
I'll walk right out on you
If you want my love then take my advice
Treat me nice

Make me feel at home
If you really care
Scratch my back and run your pretty
Fingers through my hair

You know I'll be your slave
If you ask me to
But if you don't behave
I'll walk right out on you
If you want my love then take my advice
Treat me nice

If you really want my love then treat me nice

Explorace Episode 6: Johor!

The time has come. I'll be on National TV racing with Azly against David and James.


Don't forget to see it tonight at 9.30pm on TV3!!!


Excerpt from Explorace Website

Kota Tinggi, Johor with it’s lush greenery that went on for as far as the eye could see looked very relaxing…. But contestants Azly & Ee Van and David and James could not relax on this Explorace!

After Sasha blew the horn at Padang Bukit Kerajaan, Azly and James took off to face the challenges of Route 1 while Ee Van and David took Route 2.

Azly and James arrived at their first task point at Doana Frozen Food at the same time… but luck was definitely on Azly’s side for this task… after only eating 3 super spicy hot curry puffs, he found the Explorace tag, enabling him to move on… but poor James suffered as he ate 18 of these ‘lethal’ curry puffs and found the tag in the 19th! They both had to learn how to ride a horse very quickly as that was how they arrived at their next task in the palm oil plantation. Two very verbal mak ciks showed them how to make make ‘penyapu lidi’ before moving on to the Youee Plaster Factory. Let’s just say they didn’t complete their task very elegantly here!

Because of their first task Route 2, Ee Van and David will now forever appreciate every crab they are served on a dining table. Ee Van expecially was at the mercy of the crabs painful pinchers they had to catch and tie up at Sedili Besar… David seemed to have done it before… hmmm…. Arriving at the Desaru Golf and Country Resort their golfing skills were tested. David better not have dreams of becoming a golfer! Next, it was off to Pulai Resort. So fun on the beach for them here! Never has a human felt so heavy to them as they did at this task!!!

The meeting point task at Kampung Semenchu really showed everyone that James can move well!! The task? To perform the tradition dance of the Zapin complete with costume! It was a fun experience for everyone involved..

All four contestants were becoming very weary from the very physical tasks they had faced throughout the day… Which team manages to over take the other at the Desaru Fruit Farm to then arrive at the finishing point first?

johor dance
I really can't dance!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Forgive me, for i've sinned...

Out of the 7 Deadly Sins...Dear God, i've commited all 7 within 24hours.

Yesterday night, i started the first sin by getting into sloth mode. I skipped Gym workout when MMDS is like 6 days from yesterday.

I decided to go and eat crab.

Treat it as an act of revenge for what the crabs' family did to me during Explorace Johor that will be shown at 9.30PM tomorrow on TV3. I've been telling eveyrone i know to see me on TV. That, inevitably, i've sinned again. I've commited Pride. I still think that me and Azly should be in the final of Explorace. How's that?

At the restaurant. I ordered 4 dishes for only 2 person to eat. There were a medium serving of Otak Otak. One medium serving of vegetable. One set of fried bread and 2 and a half crab. Cooked in butter and cheese.

Greed sets in and i ordered anohter set of bread. This doesn't include the rice that i've consumed and ordered extra. That's Gluttony. I justify it by telling myself that i need to recover for MMDS this weekend.

While eating the buttery cheesy crab which tasted like heaven and hell mixed up altogehter, God, forgive me for i've demostrated much Anger when i pounded on those huge pincher which has succulent flesh.

Right infront of my table was a couple that has also commited the sins as me. The ordered 2kg of crab, one in butter cheese, and another in dry chilli. I completed the whole night's sin with Envy.

I wanted to order a second helping of crab, to justify one of their family member that pinched my middle finger. But i refrain. I've committed 6 sins within 3 hours. I'm not that bad. God, will forgive me.

That was what i thought until today...

This very afternoon...i was in Taman Sungai Besi Indah when i chanced upon so many beautiful fragrant laden babes.

I know as i undress them, they will give me the juiciest and wettest fruit.

I succumbed to Lust.

I got 5 of them. 2 big ones. and 3 medium ones. Enough to satisfy all the lust in me. Enough to make me the happiest man in the world.

I put hurried them into my car... place them inside and locked the door as i drive away...


And tonight, i'll spare Sloth and i shalt be in the gym before i commit all the sins again...


They are TO DIE FOR...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nostalgic - you bet

It was 1st January 1992. Major Malay dailies carried this news which happened on the 31st December 1991.

This is history, things that happened 14 Years, coming 15th Years ago.

The paper is still in good condition and i'll get it laminated to preserve it.

I was looking at this...

There was us, Kenneth, Me, Kah Seng, Zafri and Shahrul...

This was the report...Utusan Malaysia 1st Jan 1992

this was in Berita Harian on the same day. Shahrul's face was cropped out. Will replace later.

This was the picture in Berita Harian...the 5 of us won some obscure award for our passing in...which was also the start of our life in Hell.

This came out on Berita Harian a week later during the weekend. This is the photostated copy. Original was misplaced by someone that borrowed it to do his history project

The 42 of us...

Initially, there were 45 of us. 2 left RMC after the first week.

They are Saravanan and Kevin. Both are not being located.

After the passing in, 3 more left.

First was Kah Seng, which incidently married a friend that i know in triathlon races and explorace!!!! How small the world is? I didn't even know until he told his wife he knows me! He left after 6 months.

Before that, one other left after 3 months. I can't remember his name except he is from A company and he is fat.

The last one that left was Ibrahim. After slogging out with us for a year, he decided that enough is enough..and left us.

So, out of 45 that were offered a place in RMC in 1991. Only 39 passed out with the other 84 Boys that came to RMC in Form One.

Out of the 39, we couldn't locate just one more person, which is Gobi!!!

Oh Gobi..where art thou!

And to Kah Seng...welcome back!!!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

One day in PD

Great Weekend.

Not only i saw the largest group of friends doing the triathlon in both sprint and full distance, one of us actually came up first runner up in the Women Sprint category...on her mountain bike!

On Saturday, OP Azly(Bandit), OP Kam, OP Harry, OP Kamarul, OP Budin and OP Ismadi (Chipang) was at the Admiral Marina for their first ever triathlon race. Nevermind it's a short distance, or we call them SPRINT, they did it in full spirit, eventhough one or two of them were rahter unconvincing in trying to find excuse to escape this race.

chips kamarul harry kam
The OP Sprinters :Ismadi, Kamarul, Harry and Kam

bandit budin chips
Looking good were:Bandit and Budin with Chips partly covered. Visible were Wong Ah Thiam, Our Ironman to Kona last year

I wasn't at the Sprint event as i was only scheduled to leave KL for PD by 10pm that night. Wifey has a girls' night out and because i wanted her to follow me to PD (she missed it last year), i had to accomodate that.

Anyway, well done to all Sprinters! First time Try-ing and came out so well! I heard a few has signed up for Desaru Sprint triathlon as well in September!

The drive to PD was only an hour plus (legal speed). We reached there by 11.30pm and were placed in PD Golf and Country Club, where the owner is actually OP Mat Gan's dad. We got discounted rate for the 2 room apartment of course.

I saw Azmar, Karoline, Ben, Lee, Vicky(Congrats again babe!) and Sarah as me and wifey exited the car.

Zabil came with Aiman, his daughter and his maid. Azah was at home.

Steve were with Azman in their room.

Soon, Terence, Mark and Gary(?) was in anohter room.

Adilah, Ming and Karo will share their apartment.

So, in total, it is indeed the biggest turn up. If my maths are correct, there were: 26 of us, at least! That came for this PD tri!!! record turn up!
The night was spent drinking coffee with Amir, Bean and Karoline.

Everyone was in bed by 12.30am.

The morning started at 6am when we woke up and get ready for the race. By 7am, everyone was already at the Admiral Marina getting ready to be marked by Mr Chan's merry men and women.

me and karo morning
She did the sprint On Saturday and borrowed her bike to anohter racer on Sunday because the racer's bike had technical problem, so sweet!

bean morning
Bean - vowing to freestyle all the way, no matter what.

we then went to have our body marked. I'm cow number 173 today. I saw Terence the Penguin in high spirit as well. Well done bro!

me to swim
Contestant No. 173

By 8.00AM, the air horn were blasted and all the triatheltes and TRY-atheletes in white swim cap were flagged off. I swam the first 100m in freestyle and i don't think i'll last anohter 50meters in it and i switched back to my usual boring breaststroke. I was swimming as fast as the men next to me in freestyle. Bonus is, i get to see where i'm going as opposed to going zig-zag and wasting energy and time.

5 minutes later, the horn for the female in red swim cap could be heard and i know, it's a matter of time before the girls come all over me/us.

Just right after the first U-Turn, true enough, the stronger girl swimmer were already swimming alongside me. Well, to say alongside wasn't really accurate as they swam like they had a motor fixed to their legs...yeah, i was left drinking their bubbles.

I was swimming near steve all the while, i could see him as i swam into him at one point while he was looking for his bearing.

The final 200meters was sweet as i overtook a few tired freestyler and emerged from the water in 30mins 40seconds (the marshalls were shouting the numbers).

I ran to transition. Saw Bacin and pipot's gang cheering us on.

steve after swim
No, those aren't bird's poo, it was steve's strange coloured sun block

Steve gotten out of the water minute before me and Zabil was about 2 minutes ahead. I took my sweet time at the transtition as usual, ensuring i do not missed out on anything. I was even contemplating on which top to wear! Well, i ended up wearing the cyclign jersey i bought in Bali. Such narcicism....

me after swim
for the first time, i came out of the water before the two bike owner on my left and right..usually they are all long gone, in any races! ps - i smoked the guy in cervelo behind in both cycling and swimming ;-)

The biking was nothing new to me as i've did this route last year and last 2 weeks during the try-out. This time, i was hoping i won't get any puntures like i did in the try-out. Faie won't be around to accompany me this time. hahahaha.

I was cycling with Steve the first 8km and then he went missing. Well, not really missing, but he cycled so fast he disappeared. I was later overtaken by Azman in his Giant OCR. The ride was enjoyable as i felt strong this time around on the bike.

At the 20km point, i saw Amir right behind me. I stopped at the water station and waited for him.

There was also where i saw Soon.

Then i saw Azmar, Bean and Ming, then i saw Bacin.

The return journey to the Admiral marina was a fast one. I was drifting behind a roadie and i was blazing the trail at no less than 35km/h. Once touching 54km/h on a slight decline. All thanks to the roadie infront that broke the wind resistance.

I know i did well on the cycling when i clocked in at the transition in 1:20.

Then came the dreaded 10km run.

I've not ran for months. No thanks to the mind telling the body that i need to lift more weights and not so much cardio. I've gained close to 8kg over the 3 months period.

me run
run run run...i was actually posing for this pic, but why la i looked constipated?

amir and mark
Mark and Amir was close behind

My first 5 km run was actually ok. I must had done it in the usual 30minutes. But after the 5th KM, my inner thigh muscle near my knee started to seize. No so much of cramps but the muscle tighten and it was painful and uncomfy to run. I resorted to slow jog by then.

That was when Amir blazed past me. His months of training helped. I on the other hand, had to push even more to complete this, whether i like it or not.

Soon was already long gone, he came in same time as me on the bike and he ran off like a dog was chasing him.

And so, my final 3km run, i saw Bean, Azmar, Ming and Adilah. Wished them goodluck like how Azam, Zabil and Steve did for me when they were on their final 4km to finish line.

I also know i will not be able to match my time last year. I did a 2:46 last year and i know, this time around, it will be a good 3 hours at least.

last year's result

Anyhow, not one to give up, i pushed and ran my final KM. With Karoline on the side walk cheering me on and with the finishing line in sight...i crossed it...definately happy with what i managed to do with the minimal training i went through.

zabil finishing
Zabil came in first

steve finishing
Followed by Steve

Then it was Azman.

soon finished
Followed by Soon

Then Amir, and finally...

me finishing
Me, which was just glad it was over

and then it was Azmar, Bean, Ming and Adilah.

Apology for not having the complete pics at the finishing line. Wifey pregnant, not in really fit condition to stand there too long.

Then it was the compulsory cam whoring session with the gang.

azman me soon dilah
With Soon, Dilah and Azman

LnE group pics
With LnE gang

The posers

And this is for kelvin..since he kept asking me to streak...

posers and me

too sexy for the towels even..."POWERBAR" indeed!


i left this out in my haste to post more hardware for the cabinet!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Advice, Work, Magazine, Biceps etc etc etc

Must be one of my most incoherent posting to date. Never have i attempted to write about so many different subject in one sitting. Maybe the weekend is here, that is why. So, after a week fo emo ranting and the usual incoherent ramblings, here is the cream of the crop, i would my years (wah, sounded as if like veteran) of blogging.

Anyway, i've been rahter busy the past couple of days, with a lot of issues to be resolved at work and at home.

K Ruby yesterday wrote about "it's all my fault". True, everyone grow at their own rate and to admit one's mistake actually will take more courage than to do the mistake itself.

Which brings me to anohter subject when we did something wrong.

We Worry.

As long as you are not the insect that will be the small spider's happy!

One wise man told me before not to be worried about anything in this world. His explaination was simple.

"There are only two things in life a lot of people worry about; things you can change, and things you can't change. For things you can change, why worry? just go change it. For things you can't change, well, why worry again? you can't change them, so, let it be."

I've always been living within that rule. (well apart from a lot of other rules in life, that is. One more favourite rule is" to take a day at a time", but that is anohter post anohter time)

So, advices aplenty, from the day i found out that me and wifey will be parents in 3 trimester to now approaching the end of the second trimester. Advices from people older on how to do things, on how to so called "just listen and never question as thy are wiser" or "don't say anything as you haven't eat as much salt as i did".

Which, then, i recalled, my beloved English Teacher back in RMC, Ms. Goh Hai Bee (she's since left RMc and teaching elsewhere) that told me, amongst her last words to me before i left the institution that "you won't live long enough to learn all the mistakes by yourself, so learn from others' mistake; and laugh at them"

Yes ma'am. Totally understand that. Yes, i've laughed at them. I've laughed at myself.

Coincidently, a family member, make that two, doesn't seems to learn from their own mistakes. I shudder and shiver to think what will happen in years to come. Then again, i do not come from a family that express our love openly.

My mum has a very strange way of telling us that she love us. On a good day, she force feed us. I recall me and my sis being asked to finish our 3 slices of bread filled with Planta about half an inch thick in between the slices before we are allowed to go onto the school bus. The bus uncle (That blasted One Night In Bangkok and obnoxious 80's d-i-s-c-o songs like Superman-man-man and Sexy Music) will cooperate with my mum and wait until we finish before picking us up. So, you get the uncle on one hand shouting for us to finish fast, and our mum which tell us at 6.15am in the morning to finish it or "deal with me" later...

On a bad day, she show us her love by giving us her killer stare and saying "Just you wait until we get home".

and i'll feed you to the monitor lizard in Sungai Melaka...

Nah, neither me or my sis turned out to be abusive because of this. We actually laugh at this now and mum wasn't please...

Nowadays, she just show her love by making sure i get more fish/meat/fruits me and wife could eat for a week whenever we go back to have dinner with her, and occasionally giving me her cold stare when i got involved too much in my weekend races. She claimed it will effect my fertility, sitting too much on those narrow butt cracking seats. But i guess, with 18 more weeks to go before Stupe Junior comes out, i finally gotten the "aye" from her to do all these crazy stuff.

My dad on the other hand, remain as patience of a man he ever been. The Stroke that striked him 2 years back didn't broke any of his spirit to live life. Perhaps, a lil too much at time. With a failed business venture that got us all into big trouble (and selling of the home i grew up in), now, he is like wanting to venture into middle east with some scrupious looking/feeling business deal with people that we do not know of.

Thank goodness what he wanted to be in was my area of specialities. (no, i'm not talking about talking incoherently). I advised him, but again, not sure how he will accept my advice.

Some people just don't learn.

Then, issues at work. An associate company in JB has just been played out by their own workers. Someone resigned and set up his own company, taking away all the key personnel along with him and left the current owner pretty much paralysed with staffs. Why do people do that? Really. Where is the loyalty to someone that has been feeding you and given you equal oppurtunity to grow with them? I guess it's life. Everyone is simply too selfish. There is no righteousness anymore.

Anyway, the same can be said about people that "stab you in the back". I've encountered just too many of these. They don't hurt me anymore, they are more of an annoyance in the butt. But got to be careful with them, as unchecked, they will cause haemorroids to form.

So, basically, what boss and boss' friend told the boss in JB is to cut away the rotting part. It's better to lose a limb and be painful for a while than to let the rot eats up the good flesh inside and ended up having to amputate the whole body. Sad but true. Who isn't loyal, we cut. cut. cut.

Just like trees growing out of building, thou shalt remain loyal and strong to thee provider

Back to work issues.

What happen in JB is not of my concern.

do i looked like i care? Hey hair is growing!!!

My concern lies within the scope of work at my yet-to-be-completed-but-should-be-completed-like-eons-ago job in Melaka. Easy as it sound as it only involve 2 pumping stations and 1 Sewage Treatment Plant. But some service provider has not been giving the proper supply, which incidently also caused some of the equipments supplied to malfunction. It's akin to be giving you 50sen and asking you to buy a pack of Maggi Mee, a can drink and Keep the Change (yes, it happen before, most RMC boys went through this strange peculiar request from seniors). Where can do???

This rancid blackish water is actually not sewage, but river/drain water from Melaka Town vicinity - any cleaner could be used as a state owned jacuzzi!!!

Anyway, most of the problem sorted at site yesterday. Here is some second hand view (first hand is me la!) of the pumping station. You could see what people throw into their houses' toilet!

the rattling sound is because one of the flanges are loose - need commando to enter this pool to tighten the nuts and bolts...

At the sewage treatment plant that i did

makes you wonder how i could still come back home and cook up these delicious looking meal eh?

French bean minus Zidane's headbutt - just a lot of chinese mushrooms and tonnes of garlic and salt for taste

I always felt i have a knack for cooking. Maybe it was inbuilt in me. Maybe i am afterall, my mum's son.

Cod fish, steamed with grated garlic, ginger and ..err...chinese mushrooms finished and added with dash of sesame oil

And so, i went to Tesco (some say it's owned by Jews, but what do i care???) which occasionally priced things wrongly, to get some Rendang, as wifey wanted to eat it. And so, it was one of the most expensive rendang i ever bought. It smelled so good and you could see the meat all mashed up...

RM12 for 300grams, that's almost daylight robbery. No one told me not to buy though...

I know, the last pic looked like something fresh out from the sewage tank. Trust me, it's not. If Singapore could drink their own recycled sewage water, i believe we, as Malaysia Boleh, one day, will be able to eat rendang fresh out from these plants as well. Then, IWK will be making millions and we don't need to pay our sewage fees anymore.

As i was gonna cook the rice, i noticed, much to my annoyance, there were actually worms in the rice. But i know they are harmless. Nothing a quick wash can't get rid of. I was infact smilling when i saw them. It reminded me of RMC, again. We've all eaten worms in rice, yes, fat succulent worms in the rice. We didn't care less back then, i don't see why i should now. But of course, Wifey doesn't know this ok! Thank God i'm the one cooking at home! LOL!!!!

well, eating worms are still safer than sticking your fingers onto those live wires anyday...

Also, yesterday, i was told by one fellow blogger(which i can't name to protect her privacy...) in Livejournal that i'm in this month's Galaxie magazine.

She's not dumb, if she is, she won't be making more money with what she's doing...and don't tell me you've not watch an episode of SIMPLE LIFE!!

I found myself scrambling to the nearest bookstore to look for the magazine. I didn't know that this magazine sells out so fast. I managed to get the last copy at the local mamak store. Sms-ed Azly to get his and he ran to MPH in Bangsar to try to get one but nada...and found one in 7-11 across the street.

There wasn't any article mentioning us specifically...but there it and Bandit, looking great in our yellow Makro RM19.90 cycling jersey cycling on the tandem bike.

The Jokers got more mention in the magazine. Damn.

I know, we looked good in the magazine. Don't need to tell us the obvious.

Also, it also suddenly strike me that i remembered during the race, i had trouble putting on those elbow guard. Well, for one, I do not use elbow guard while i cycle. Neither do i use knee guard. But we had to put it on for safety.

That is why, you will see me and azly, looking funny with the guard on our forearms in the show next week. (now, remember, it's on the 27th July at 9.30pm on TV3)

Me elbow is at me forearms...hear me roar...

This Explorace thingy has sorta make me looked like some chap out to get publicity and glamour. In anohter word, wanting to be celebrity. But me and bandit agree that this will be once in a lifetime chance to appear on national TV and show them we looked good. Well, we tried.

Of course, unless some TV producers or directors see me or him, and we have some high potential to be the next superstar like Paris Hilton...maybe a Malaysian version of Simple Life, aptly called...err...Hidup Senang? Then...that would be different, no?

Then set us out into kampung area like some dumb himbo on a road trip...hehe..sure will bring out the adventure spirit in us...and parangs from the locals.

The last bid is dedicated to both Anna, Ninie and Jaja. Three girls with biceps bigger than most guys i know.

And also, this was the reason why the elbow guard can't fit into my elbow...

blardy puny 15.5inch...i was 17 inch once!

Oh, i can't resist this...

here you are, One Night in Bangkok by Murray Head!!!

The sing song lyric:


Scene from the music video
Bangkok, Oriental setting
And the city don't know what the city is getting
The creme de la creme of the chess world in a
Show with everything but Yul Brynner

Time flies -- doesn't seem a minute
Since the Tirolean spa had the chess boys in it
All change -- don't you know that when you
Play at this level there's no ordinary venue

It's Iceland -- or the Philippines -- or Hastings -- or --
or this place!


One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster
The bars are temples but the pearls ain't free
You'll find a god in every golden cloister
And if you're lucky then the god's a she
I can feel an angel sliding up to me


One town's very like another
When your head's down over your pieces, brother


It's a drag, it's a bore, it's really such a pity
To be looking at the board, not looking at the city


I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine
Whaddya mean? Ya seen one crowded, polluted, stinking town --


Tea, girls, warm, sweet
Some are set up in the Somerset Maugham suite


Get Thai'd! You're talking to a tourist
Whose every move's among the purest
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine


One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble
Not much between despair and ecstasy
One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble
Can't be too careful with your company
I can feel the devil walking next to me


Siam's gonna be the witness
To the ultimate test of cerebral fitness
This grips me more than would a
Muddy old river or reclining Buddha

Scene from the music video
And thank God I'm only watching the game -- controlling it --

I don't see you guys rating
The kind of mate I'm contemplating
I'd let you watch, I would invite you
But the queens we use would not excite you

So you better go back to your bars, your temples, your massage
parlours --


One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster
The bars are temples but the pearls ain't free
You'll find a god in every golden cloister
A little flesh, a little history
I can feel an angel sliding up to me

One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble
Not much between despair and ecstasy
One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble
Can't be too careful with your company
I can feel the devil walking next to me

Explorace Episode 5: Taiping

it's the time of the week again... Don't forget to watch it tonight at 9.30pm on TV3!!!!

Excerpt from the official website:

Taiping, meaning town of everlasting peace provided Explorace with many exciting destinations to explore. Heritage and historic buildings, beautiful landscaping and friendly, smiling locals who were always more than happy to support the crew of Explorace. The fourth race of round one saw two teams very excited about experiencing their extreme journey of a lifetime. The two teams competing were Reezman & Azhari and Naresh & Guna. At the starting point in the Taiping Lake Gardens, the teams were nervous, excited and die hard determined to execute their best physical and mental performance ever! The Grand Prize of RM100,000 plus the Malaysia Airlines Golden Holiday Package was firmly engraved in their minds. After the horn was blown by Explorace’s host Sasha Bashir, the teams split up with Azhari and Naresh taking Route 1 and Reezman and Guna taking Route 2. After opening their first clue envelope, all of them realized that half of their clue was missing! Where was it?! A quick paddle boat ride to the middle of the Taiping Lake Gardens water fountain enabled them to collect the missing portion of their clue and proceed to take on the challenges waiting for them. This task gave all of them a wet start to Explorace Taiping!

On Route 1, Azhari and Naresh first went to Bukit Gantang where they experienced first hand what it was like to be involved in agricultural activities. Herding chickens for transportation proved to be unexpectedly difficult! They won’t forget this experience everytime they eat chicken now! The next task point on Route 2 was Tekah Airstrip. The task? A 10,000 feet tandem sky dive! AAAAARGH! For anyone afraid of heights, this task would have been extremely traumatic! Azhari and Naresh looked nervous and excited as they listened carefully to the instructors. Safety is a number one priority here on Explorace….. Final instruction were received from the sky diver the contestants were strapped to for their dive. Successful completion of the sky dive and refolding the parachute entitled the contestants to receive the Golden Key. They both put on a brave face and made themselves very proud when they accomplished this ambitious task. The certificate they received at the end will serve as a constant reminder of their escapade!

On Route 2, Reezman and Guna had to learn very quickly how to work on a palm oil plantation. It proved to be a very tiring task for both of them. Their next task point at the zoo tested their mental ability to memorise correctly the scientific names of various animals in the zoo. Reezman got every one right! To retrieve the Golden Box, they had to brave any fears they may have of reptiles because it was in the easily agitated Mangrove Snake’s cage. Reezman embraced the opportunity to enter a snake’s sanctuary, but Guna took a while to enter into the unknown.

The contestants met their respective partners at the Matang Mangrove Forest, recognized as the most well managed mangrove swamp in the world. After completing their task of planting seeds, they had to row a boat to a charcoal factory to perform various stages of the process of producing charcoal. It was a really hot, sweaty and burning task. The final dash to the ending point at the Taiping Golf and Country Resort really sucked any remaining energy out of the teams. The teams were struggling with crippling cramps and sunset was approaching and they had been on the move since sunrise. Hard feat for anyone….

Competition was tight from the very start. But only one team can walk away as winners. Was it Reezman and Azhari or Naresh and Guna?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Inconsiderate neighbours

there is rubbish bin in the lift's lobby you know?

I don't get it.

why must you throw rubbish from your car onto other's parking lot? Why bother taking the toll's reciept if you have every intention to throw it?

This is not the first time. I've found condom box thrown ONTO my car as well.

But you did the biggest mistake by throwing your own brake pad that state what car you were driving....

I know who you are

Also, to the othe neighbour staying on the 11th Floor. Why must you water your plant in such a way that you induce thunderstorm of your own whenever you does that? the water overflowing your pots will be flushed down to units below you.

I just did my laundry the other day and i had to re-do it again! No thanks to you, you inconsiderate son/daughter of a no good gun!

This isn't the first time and i've shouted from below before and the water miracilously stop the last time i did that! Do it again and i'll pee onto your unit.

Sad case of neighbourly love, no?

Perhaps you, the Black Perdana V6 driver that overtook me from the left at THE ROUNDABOUT was rushing back to see your team lose in the world cup, but that is not a reason to endanger my life and my wife's life by whizzing past us only to get into the lift 3 seconds before us (and thank you for not waiting for us eventhough you know we were coming!). I sure wish the team you were supporting will lose all the football matches from now on...or maybe i wish you lose in this world cup so badly that you had to sell your pathetic Perdana V6 which has a sticker of a club which i know the president!

Or how about you, the joker that decided that one way is your way and you come entirely from a differnt direction almost colliding into me as you exit your parking spot?

Bad neighbours aren't only found in highrise living, but also landed property.

I remember once, back in my old home in Ulu Kelang, the neighbour threw his Tv antenna onto my roof(his house has an extension with a huge balcony same level as my house's roof) and then you report to police that we took your antenna. Who you kidding, i sure hope you don't terrorise your new neighbour now that my family moved out from that home i grew up in.

Or even how, in my in law's house, this neighbour reported to MBPJ that the in law family's volkswagen are blocking your fengshui by parking opposite your house in a common area??? Isn't coming over and telling us to remove the car politely will do? We can't possibly improve your fengshui any better since now, there is many other cars parked at where the Volks were.

Let this be my Emo rant.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Over The Weekend and Eco-X revisited

Box to collect fund for Anti Smoking Campaign

Wifey was down with food poisoning on Wednesday and only recovered fully on Thursday.

Then it was my turn come Friday. And i was immobile until Sunday.

Not sure what causes it but i guess sharing a bottle of water when one is sick isn't a very good idea. The carer ended up being taken cared of. Now flustered and worried over the coming PD triathlon race, which i had no cardio training for the past 1 week except to walk/run to my car when the parking expire near the office (MBPJ are highly efficient here, late 5 minutes and you are slapped with a bad ass summon).

Anyway, went over to Nomad to return the North Face T-shirt and was told By Wye Yim and Pip that Ashley's team wrote about Eco-X and was published in the Star. Well done babes. I couldn't had written it any better.

Now, which brings me back to think, why didn't i send in the article in the first place to be published?

Anyway, here is a photo-capture of the article, the clearer nicer high resolution writting could be obtained online here or you better hope your mother at home didn't use last Saturday's paper to wrap the morning glory (Kangkung la!) that she bought from the market yesterday!

Saturday Star...Team Sweet Endorphin's write-ups

Page 2 of the article

I then received an SMS from Zabil that there was the article in the Star as per what Wye Yim said.

Gladly called up Budin, Doc and Bandit to inform them to get hold of Saturday's Star.

So, here it is, incase they didn't get to see it:

Budin on far left. Bandit smack in the middle, obviously the only one smiling for the camera...must be training from Explorace

Yuen Li helping some participant clearing a portion at the river. Her excuse to get down and dirty.

Doc (with back facing camera) and Ming hanging for dear life behind the 4Wd driven by Pip after they've decided they had enough for the day, Azmar was on the other side of the 4WD, hidden

The following pics were courtesy of Dr. Amir which came and accompany us pain seeker over the weekend.

much better, Ming and Azmar in sight..

Mark, Dilah and Terence waiting for their raft to arrive.

While Doc, Azmar and Ming sat down under the tree looking pretty

Well, doc are definately doubt!

Karo, Zabil and Bean hiding under the tree for some free SPF protection

3B on the way to rafting - still had time to stop and pose by the road, we know, we are that good looking.

reached the CP for rafting...

waiting for raft at the river

overly bored, Steve decided to beach himself

3B finished the race....ahead of the last female team!!! (Team Sweet Endorphin) And we did not suffer any injuries or leech bites!

Handling over the passport to race official...

Chopped, sign and verified passport of the 3B - the only team in LnE that legally and rightfully finished the race, 3 Blind Mice was DQ because of their raft incident..sigh...

Dilah, Mark and Terence finishing the race unranked...Mark was unfortunate as he had cramps..all over

Am still pretty bald at that point of time...but nevertheless, still unshamefully whoring the cam

Sunday ended with a short trip to Bangsar's pasar malam where i met an old friend, Sharon Anne Paul, which are currently lecturing in the International College of Music. By the way, this lass wrote and arranged music pieces for eading local artistes including Dayang Nurfaizah, Amy Mastura, Siti Nurhaliza, Naufara and many others. She has composed music for television commercials and background music for movies and radio in the United States. She has also developed the "Frenetic" expansion card for Alesis QS Series Keyboard and DM Pro.

Saw her in the TV2 program O-Mulala and had clippings of her interview in my phone. LOL...

And is the parting pic for today.

yes of course...Anti Smoking indeed...