Tuesday, July 11, 2006

PD Triathlon Try Out session

Mr. Chan was kinda enough to organise a tri-fulldress rehearsal. Complete with drink station, bike rack and police escort.

If not because of the missing numbers on the participants, it could very well be the real day's race itself.

The was a good mix of sprinter and olympic distance try-atheletes and triatheletes (me obviously in the first category, still TRY-ing)

Me and Amir drove down to PD Admiral Marina and reached the place. It was raining in the morning and there was alreadya good crowd of racers, some regular faces, some new faces. I guessed they must had said the same thing about us anyway.

There were only like 2 mountainbike in sight until Steve came along with his mud laden MTB. Apparently they had a wild time thrashing in Teratak on Saturday, only to come out at 4pm. Heavy undergrowth and trail wasn't maintained, showed sign that more bikers are turning to the *dark side* (ie road bikes).

Anyway, Bacin, Adilah, Steve, Azmar, Amir, me and Azman was in PD for this Try-out. Adilah's first open sea swim, where she will attempt the 1.5km swim as per real day. Bacin and Faie were also attempting their first ever proper open sea swim. Both survived and did well.

And Adilah too, with 3 others LnE members accompanying her, she definately felt safe. Thank you Azmar, Amir and Steve!

i did a slow 35 minutes for my 1.5km swim. As per what i usually does in the swimming pool. Nothing to shout about as i couldn't do proper freestyle (unlike Mr. Chan which were swiming like fish to water).

bacin panic
Bacin being comforted by Faie that there is no Jellyfish in the water. Pic also show that anyone can try to be a triathlete

Then, it was cycling time. Frankly, i've not been running and cyclign as much as i should. No, i'm not giving excuse not to do my best in PD Tri, but, somehow, i think it's too late to even rectify the running and cycling. What to do, just taruk la on that day.

Bacin feeling very safe ON LAND, very much different from the pic above.

stupebacinamir bike
while Amir takes off his shorts for the cycling league...

stupeamirbacin bike
Everyone listening with full attention to Mr. Chan, while Amir check Bacin's butt out.

The 40km cycling would be fun, rolling hills just like last year with some nice downhill which some roadie would use it to relax their quads; but not mountainbikers... my max speed for the day was 48km/h. I was happily cycling with Amir and Azmar when suddenly my front tyre had a punture.

damn it. It's at KM 14.5. Only anohter 5.5KM to go before completeling half the distance.

I did not have a spare tube, or pump, or tyre levers with me. Azmar lended me his pump and so, there goes a painfully slow 14.5km back to transition. Faie was with me, so i got some company.

My front tyre was leaking slowly as the km past by. I tried not putting too much weight on the front tyre and was ccyling almost upright at most of the time.

Girls, Dr. Amir is still single and very much available!

stupe faie
Faie accompanying Stupe on his front puntured tyre...thanks babe!

Suprisingly, the tyre held on pretty well and didn't fully went flat until i reached the transition. But poor Faie. She crashed 200meters from transition. Blame it on her Aerobars. She hit a manhole cover while on aerobar, got jittery and scraped her front whell on the sidewalk and crashed, unable to unclip fast enough from her SPDs. I could only watch helplessly and stopped to pick her up. Her left knee and thigh were bruised, but she held on well...

"Battle scar", she jested. What a strong babe!

Upon reaching transition, i noticed my rear tyre too had a punture! what luck! better go Uncle Ong to get it fix at a bargain before the race in less than 2 weeks time.

The run was painful. I only did a 3km run. Stopped at the first water station at km1.5 and turned back with Azmar, Azman and Amir. Apparently, Ajeep and Bacin too, turned back after the water station. Perhaps all so called listened to Mr. Chan that we are supposed to ONLY do our 80% today. LOL. Excuses!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the pictures, courtesy of KC, the Sunshine Runner.

KC's picture spread

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