Monday, July 31, 2006

How does it felt like...

Explorace Johor Came and went, both the race and the TV show.

On the night of the airing, the turn up for from fellow Exploracer was awesome. Maybe because they wanted to see the cili padi eating competition.

Smses kept coming in and phone did not stop ringing.

Yes, i felt like some pseudo-celeb. :) What a whore!

The LnE gang actually stopped while cycling at a mamak stall in putrajaya to see me and Azly racing. So sweet.

Vicky and her merry band of friends made me feel as if i'm some Akademi Fantasia winner.

Soon called me Stupe-perstar.

Zailan kept cam whoring with me!(get well soon bro).

Client called me to pass their compliments and jested about me being a good dancer.

Family laughed at me and with me.

Online forum friends now know me by name and face.

Pipot's gang like Mary, Aini and Zailan was asking me about the race. Mary was interested in joining next year's Explorace.

"Go Ahead!" I told her.

No, i'm not a superstar and never will be. But, yes, i'm enjoying the attention, while it last. LOL. I still got my feet planted solidly on the ground.

So, to all that saw that episode and was there in spirit and in person, i thank you all very much.

Now, wait until the day i get free chicken rice from that uncle that say he say me on TV... ;-)

By the way, this morning, as i was lying in bed, i placed my hand on wifey's tummy. For the first time in my whole entire life, i felt Stupe Jr. doing some kickboxing in wifey's womb.

It was awesome, i swore i could cry if not because my calves were aching worse than yesterday.

He didn't kick/punch once, but he did it so many times i felt

i'm lost for words, really.

Don't worry Jr, you will be a triathlete/adventure racer/duathlete that your dad and mum isn't!

(how's that for pressuring him even before coming out to greet the world?)

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