Wednesday, August 02, 2006

MMDS pics and worries

:) Enjoy.

Getting out from transition - thanks Azwar for the pic!

came back from Biking and both 130 and 132 not back yet! - thanks to Z's friend for the pic...

Leaving for the painful 5km run -thanks again to Z's friend...

why did i give the thumbs up??? - thank you Aini for the pic!

It's because i'm star strucked! it's Kimbeley Yap next to me!!! - Thanks Azwar, for the pic!

The doctor check up yesterday showed my baby boy growing well. He is now 600gram and 30cm long. Grew twice his size from the last visit. All hands and legs and facial features were fully develop and tummy, kidney and heart are all a-ok.

I keep telling myself that i felt surreal and it's a miracle life could be growing inside wifey's womb!

Only bad news is that her urine sample has 3X protien detected.

Immediately i went online and searched for the implication of this issue. Turned out, it could be something that we don't need to worry...or something that might contribute to a premature birth (because of pre-eclampsia).

We sure hope everything will be alright.

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