Friday, August 04, 2006

Phiten Day 4 Gym

Was in gym yesterday, as usual and pushed for my best 5km time on treadmill.

This time, the incline was set to ZERO and no warm up.

Stepped on the machine and pressed GO.

Starting speed was set to 5:00pace(12kmh) for first 2km. At 2km mark, i set the pace to 4:48(12.5kmh) and ran it for the next 2km before firing a 4:36 pace for the home run.

I was still feeling good at the 4.5km mark and decided to try doing a 4:00 pace (15kmh) for the final 400meters when my sweat all confused the build in sensor for HR and refused to let me top my speed.

So...i ran the whole final stretch at 4:30 pace (13.3kmh - frantic pressing of the machine only allowed me a 0.1kmh increment and i managed to up it by 0.3)

I finished the 5km in 24:10.

HRmax was 175

and average was 159.

I know i could do better and sub 24mins on this 5km, but the machine wouldn't allow.

What i noticed is that i was not struggling at the 175HR which lasted for a good last 2 minutes. I was still breathing through my nose and every now and then through my mouth. I wasn't drinking any water the whole 5km.

Perhaps, Phiten did some work here, but then again, it might be the mind doing this magic. I know when i touch HR 175, i could not possibly sustain it for long. (175 is my 92% effort of my Max HR of 190 already).

Also, this is the second day i pushed myself this way on the threadmill.

I then moved on to do my back exercise. As i was short of time, i didn't fully torture my back. So, to compensate, i did 10 sets of 10 reps of Seated Cable Row.

Seated Cable Row - ppic from

I max out on the 5th set with my own body weight of 80kg, of which i only managed 4 reps. I usually does this until 60kg and feeling great at set 3, i went for 70kg on set 4, which i felt strong still and went for set 5 at 80kg, which i couldn't pull it anymore after my 4th rep. I should had settle for 75kg. But then again, it's good experimenting and pushing myself.

I then pyramid down on the last 5 sets.

I moved on to another variation of back exercise using machine, of which i did anohter 10 sets. I didn't carry heavy on this as i usually uses this machine to cut/define the back upper muscle.

Lastly, i did tricep pushdown. One of my fav tricep buster. Doing 5 sets, each sets to failure on 15kg weight, i replace the straight bar with rope, which forces the hand to straighten to the side of my thigh. Feel the burn!

Tricep pushdown with straight bar - pic from

This whole weight exercise thingy took up a good 20 minutes. I was out from the gym in less than 50 minutes i was there.

As usual, there were minimal rest between sets and exercise and only 5 minute of rest between cardio and weight.

Of course i was sweating profusely.

So, this morning, On day 5. I woke up. I have no ache. Legs felt strong and i feel like doing a good 10km run, only thing is, there is a dinner to attend tonite which i have to go. So, it's rest day today.

My back felt great, no ache despite doing the high sets of exercise. Actually, so is my whole body, i usually subject them to high reps once every 2 weeks cycle. Meaning, i'll do a 2 weeks of heavy lifting with low reps and set (max of 5 sets with max reps of 12) and 2 weeks of moderate weights with high sets and reps (max of 10sets with max reps of up to 15).

So, does Phiten works?

I think my mind is playing game with me.

I slept with Phiten on yesterday and this morning, i was refreshed. sore pain in chest gone but i was still grinding my teeth (have to look for magnesium supplement next) and surprise surprise...wife woke up this morning with lower back ache.

Hmm...will let her use Phiten to sleep tonight and see if the back pain goes off tomorrow morning.

As for me, the experiment continue. Tomorrow will be a hardcore day of leg exercise. I usually does legs until i nearly puke. Which makes me wonder why i'm still having cramps on the bike!

Damn You Stupe, You weakling!

I'll Go Heavy tomorrow...or I'll go HOME!

My bodyfat is now 20.7%. My weight as per today's lunch is 84.5kg. Take 2kg off from clothing, i'm still fat! damn!

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