Monday, August 07, 2006

Phiten Day 5 and beyond...

Been almost a week i've used and tested this stuff.

On saturday, i did a quick 1 hour workout purely on weight.

Did squat - 90lb warm up x 15reps to get the blood pumping in.

I then follow up with 140lb x 12 reps, 180lb x 10 reps, 230lb x 8 reps, 270lb x 6 reps and ended it with 320lb x 4 reps.

Did one last set of 90lb until failure.

Haven't puke but leg was almost jello by the time i placed the barbell on the squat rack. All weights above are plate weight, not incl of the 7 feet 2.5inch olympic bar which weight 20kg or 44lb.

I then moved on to 45 degree leg press. Using 270lb x 12 reps, 360lb x 10reps, 450lb x 8 reps and finishing it with a 540lb x 6 reps. I usually could go on until 1080lb for this exercise but decided that i shouldnt' after doing the squat in the first place.

I then lowered the weight back to 360lb for calf raise using the leg press machine. Doing 5 sets, each to failure of about 15 reps each.

After that, i went straight for the leg extension machine to work those vactus medialis. It's my archilles heels actually, giving up on me during PDIT and on a few duathlons i did.

I felt fine still. 45 Minutes into the work exercise and i'm still standing, though i was sweating like some pig. I love legs exercise. many weightlifter in the gym chose to shy away from it and this has resulted in most of them having chopstick legs with huge upper body.

Anyway, i spent the last 15 minutes in the gym doing bicep. Heavy sets. Went for 4 sets of dumbell curl. 20lb x 12 reps, 30lb x 10 reps, 40lbx 8 reps and 50lbs x 6 reps. I then did 4 sets of concentration curls of 20lb x 12 reps, 25lb x 10 reps, 30lb x 8 reps and the last set of 40lb for 6 reps was literally squeezing out every single muscle fiber i have.

That night, wifey complained of shoulder ache after ironing clothes. I gave her the Phiten to wear after and soon after, the aches were gone! Of course, she slept with the thing that night as well.

Then, on sunday, ie day 6, i woke up...legs were jello...slight ache on the quads and hamstrings. It actually felt good, i flexed my quads and i could feel the muscle separation, it's like when you found out you could move your boobs with your chest muscle!

It was a rest day for me yesterday.

So, what do i reckon?

I guess Phiten works to a certain extend.

Where cardio activities are concerned, it might had helped me pushed a bit harder and furhter. Then again, i also attributed this to the mind. So, in a way, both mind and Phiten did perhaps, work in their own strange ways.

Where upper muscle recovery is concerned, it works almost like magic, easing the soreness and speeding up recovery.

But where lower body are concerned...i think Phiten better give me some sample to try out so i could actually tell the public here what i find out. ( you hear me out guys at Phiten Malaysia?)

It did occur to me as well, why it worked well when i was doing cardio and my legs were still feeling fresh even after running a speedy run. I guess it was because the cardio workout, which was aerobic, compared to the weight lifting workout, which was anerobic was the reason. In Aerobic exercise, the blood, which i would assume *spiked* by Phiten's properties goes all over the body as my heart pumped at 90% Max HR.

But then again, all these do sound like rocket science to me, some people would say it's just like snake oil...

Whatever it is, i'm keeping my Phiten and the real test for races would be this coming weekend's Bukit Gasing Run. We'll see how it help me perform under duress.

This afternoon, boss was asking me about the Phiten, apparently, a few golfers that he knows are using them and according to them golfers, it helps with their pain management.

rocket science or snake oil???

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