Tuesday, August 08, 2006

End of 2nd trimester - 25th Weeks

How time flies.

When i found out that wifey was pregnant in March this year, we went to FMCG for the antenatal check up to verify that there is something growing indeed.

We chosed this place, though it was a little more pricey compared to other OB clinic was because of the location and also under Sis in Law's reccomendation. She did the Dumex 1-2-3 show and she told us to look for Dr. Raman in FMCG.

And so we did.

Here is the initial stage of the pregnancy.

Nothing but a dot at week 7. This is a 3-D Scan

Later, we found out that this particular doctor with his colleague penned a book called : Is My Baby Normal and that he is some celebrity's doctor.

Oh well, that explain the more expensive consultation anyway.

We were told to come in every other week for check up for the first trimester. So, in and out we went from week 7 onwards.

Fetus at 9 weeks old. Growing from a small dot to 1.9cm now!

At Week 9 too, Dr. Raman checked for fetal heartbeat which was beating at 171bpm! That would be like my 5km run at 5:00 pace! Looked like Jr will be very much a fit fella!

Everything was normal and Dr. Raman was very reassuring. Who won't when he has been an OB all his life? I spoke to him and he told me he wanted to be a Pilot. He told me he knows 33% of the plane's instrumental panel and where it was. But luck has it that he became an OB.

FMGC specialises in problem during pregnancy and they have the experience to deal with it, offering from A-Z of anything pregnant and gynae related.

After Week 12, we only need to check in once every month for check ups.

At week 16, blood sample were taken from wifey to check the content and for STD screening. The baby was also checked for Down Syndrome and also other birth defects such as cleft lips and also hole in heart.

Everything was fine and normal and we couldn't be happier. Wifey is one of those that do not go through any pregnancy symptom! She has no craving and no morning sickness! After the first 4 months, chances of those happening will be greatly reduced, if there is any of those symptoms.

Every visit was well anticipated and we look forward to it. It's our chance to see the baby!

Week 20 - check those feet out. Wifey is hoping it won't end up like my paternal side where everyone's feet is big!

Supposely at week 16, we could actually see if it's a boy or girl. But the doctor's explicit explanation is that "at this time, the penis and clitoris can't be differentiated as yet".

But the real reason was because the baby was actually being shy and covering his/her genital and do not want to show us at all!

And so, at 20 Weeks, before the check up, i whispered to wifey's womb and ask the baby to "spread it out wide".

And he/she(at that time la) did exactly that at week 20.

And so, it was a boy, as Dr. Raman then bluntly put it "there, it's a kukubird".

At 20 weeks, the baby was 300grams heavy and about 8 inches CRL. Constantly jumping and headbanging like how Shen would say it to be.

Me and wifey knows a girl or boy does not matter, for as long as the baby is healthy. Doctor checked for cleft lips and also hole in heart again and verified everything was a-ok.

You see, we did have a scare or two initially. While i was away in Bangkok for Explorace, wife called and told me she has some bleeding. I was worried of course, but she went to see Dr. Raman the next day and told me everything was ok. Nothing to worry as sometimes, polyp in the vagina burst or when the fetus push itself into the placenta, it will cause some bleeding, as long as the bleeding is not bright red, it's nothing to be worried about. Looking back, it's not bleeding that we all know, it was more of spotting.

Last week was the 24th week of the pregnancy and the urine test wasn't the best thing that happened actually, as i found myself googling for all the wrong reasons.

So, yesterday, Dr. Raman SMS us and told us everything is normal. There were like a huge heave of relief when we heard that.

And so, today, we went to see Dr. Raman again. Asked him about choices of pain relief for delivery and also admission procedure for labour. He reassured us everything will be ok and even offered to check see the baby to make sure everything is ok.

And so, his warning was "don't be scared ah, at 6 months, the baby looked like alien as the skin wasn't fully formed yet".

Alien it might be to him...but to us, me and wifey, it's the best thing that ever happen to us...well, apart from knowing and marrying each other la!

can see the eyes, nose and lips... so wonderful...

edited - silap...week 25th is still in 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester starts at week 27...silly me...title changed for this posting!

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