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Tribute to all things Malaysian

Teh Tarik shouldn't be the National Drink. MILO should be.

Milo was actually produced in 1934 by Thomas Mayne in Smithtown, New South Wales, Aussie. So, it's has been 72 years since this beverage existed. It has low Gylcemic Value of 33 and this mean it would provide a slow release energy throughout the day!

Milo took the name from a famous greek athelte by the name of Milo of Croton.

Milo being attacked by a Lion...Perhaps for the chocolicious butt???

It's also interesting to note that Milo differs from country to country. This is because of the chocolate used to produce this drink. Hence, it's no surprise to find Milo tasting differently in Malaysia and in Ghana.

I make my Milo by putting in 3 spoonful of Milo into a mug and melting them in hot water halfway. Then, i add ice in.

I have no idea why some people add condense milk inside, even sugar for taste! Milo is best drank as it is!

Milo is so versatile that you could even use it as spread. Just take a piece of bread and spread the powder on the surface!!! They make great Jelly as well! (i just ahd one plate of them, my mum makes them yesterday!)

Powerbar should really consider making MiloBar (or even DuraBar and Milo Durian....yummy!!!)!!!

Now, what would you do if you have a sudden craving and withdrawal syndrome of not drinking ice cold MILO???

Well, you buy a can of Milo and you strap it to the bus' aircond vent!!!

Just make sure you check it from time to time incase it drop down on your head

Now since we are talking about Milo and Teh Tarik, two very common staple diet of fellow Malaysian, i'm not so sure how many here still remember the Buku Tiga Lima...or the small 555 notebook.

Boley hutang ka???

I'm not talking about ciggie like State Express 555

I know my granma still swear by this book when she buys her groceries in good ol' Gombak. My late granpa too, uses this to remember who borrowed how much cash from him, he even made those who borrow it from him counter sign the book!

I used to remember this book to be really small by today's standard, the one you see in the pic above is about 3inch by 4 inch, which is large compared to the original 2 inch by 3 inch book! I fondly remembering using this to pen in all my friend's phone number. Back then, where got handphone, let alone PDA!?

I continue to use this to pen in notes when i was taking my SRP (yes, you younger cikus, we used to take SRP and not PMR!!!). One for each subject. With limited pages in each notebook, i found myself buying in bulk, it's only 15sen per book!!! Buyin in bulk could save me a good 50sen!

The good ol days...

How about the ice lollies that cost 10sen per stick? remember those that was actually just syrup or cordial put inside long plastic bag about 1 inch in diameter which looked like this???

Taken from Fairy Madzhan Mahdzan Blog -Thank you!!! and sorry(for spelling your name wrongly!)...

Heck, anyone remember ais kepal??? at 20sen a was suckinglicious!

Now, enough about food...but being Malaysian, we can't escape from this, right?

One more thing about being Malaysian could be found here. Popular to the writer's beliefs, this trend applies to all Malaysians. Not just Sarawakians.

Unofficial Highway Code

Excerpt from the article (with my comments in italic):

The Unofficial Highway Code - 15 Rules or Tips For Driving In Sarawak Malaysia

1. Traffic Lights
Slightly different rules apply.
Green = Go but as slow as possible.
Orange = Go as fast as possible
Red = Have a quick look and then go
Very true....

2. Yellow Lines
Contrary to popular belief these are not "No Parking" zones. They normally indicate the location of a particularly fine Sarawak Laksa stall. In Kuching, yellow lines, numerous parked cars and Sarawak laksa are found within meters of each other. If you don't believe me drive along Ban Hock Road one morning.
what lines???

3. Overtaking
Do this on the inside without using indicators (see below)
Better to do so...esp for the road hoggers.

4. Indicators
Never use them.
aren't these for decoration???

5. Sunday Drivers
Watch out for these slow movers. Every country has its Sunday drivers but Sarawak has a particularly large population of them, and what's more they drive everyday.
try doing item 3 and 4 above while following a pakcik driving at 40kmh on a trunk road...

6. Accidents 1
If you see an accident remember the Unofficial Highway Code dictates that drivers must slow down to a crawl, stare at the crash scene and do everything in their power to cause another accident. Knowledge of this rule helps significantly in avoiding participation in any knock-on crash. (Quick tip: Keep one eye on the rear mirror, when the driver behind you looks sideways to view the accident, get ready to hit the horn to stop him kissing your rear bumper)
Don't forget the car number to buy 4D

7. Accidents 2
So why do drivers in SarawakMalaysia behave so erratically upon seeing an accident? Simple. To obtain an auspicious 4D Lottery number. An understanding of Chinese culture helps explain this one away. If a car has been involved in an accident is has had its fair share of bad luck and should be in for some good luck soon. Therefore why not take down that number plate and head to the nearest 4D shop to buy a lotto ticket. Sounds crazy but I know many a stupid Ang Moh that follows this local practice. When in Rome...
I told you so...

8. Police Road Blocks
Don't be alarmed if you are driving along and come to a road block that looks like something out of Jackie Chan movie, i.e. a lot of police and a lot of guns. Malaysian police are armed and like policemen anywhere in the world they do like to work in big groups. A foreigner will probably just get waved through. If you are stopped, the policeman may ask for a quick look at your license and then quickly move on to asking you which football team you support. Seeing as 50% of Malaysians are Manchester United supporters there's no harm in sometimes becoming a temporary Man U fan. After a quick chat you'll be on your way.
Just make sure you put on those car plaque/sticker that has anything with POLIS written on them...

9. Pedestrian/Zebra Crossings
Good News here. Sarawak is the only place in Malaysia where motorists actually stop for pedestrians when the little green man says it's time to walk. Try that in Kuala Lumpur and you are likely to be rammed.
Good For you KL, you better pray you don't get mowed down by Mat Rempit!!!

10. Motorcyclists
Beware of these nutters. 99.99 % have a death wish and 100% have an annoying habit of performing death-defying slalom-type manoeuvres, weaving in and out of cars until one day they meet their maker.
They already got a movie made in honour of them...aptly named Remp It.

11. Cars With No Visible Driver
If you spot a car that is cruising along without a driver, don't be alarmed but do keep a safe distance. Look closely and you will actually see a pair of shrivelled, prune-like hands grasping the wheel and perhaps a tiny old lady sitting in the front seat. If she is wearing glasses then keep your distance, if not then change down a gear and give it 6,000 revs to get away from this blind midget who should not be allowed on the roads without an additional cushion on the seat and a good pair of strong specs.
Worse is when you see two adult driving while his/her kiddos holding the steering...

12. Hondas
If you spot a Honda in your rear window, watch out. These cars are popular with the local Boy Racers, perhaps the most reckless drivers in the world. Only relax after the young pup of a driver has gunned his engine, swerved past you and raced off. If the Honda has stripes, a body kit, the window down and cigarette-wielding tattooed hand poking out, then avoid direct eye-contact as half the samsengs (gangsters) in Kuching use jazzed up Hondas.
Not only Honda...also Wiralution and Kancilzilla.

13. Always Expect The Worse At Junctions
If you are approaching a junction and have the right of way, always bear in mind that the car waiting at the junction is only waiting there until you are 20 feet away. As you approach it will come charging into your path. Forward planning is the key. Always expect the worst.
See item 12.

14. Lizards, Snakes, Dogs & Assorted Wildlife
On a trip up country its wise to keep a look out for animals on the road. On one trip from Kuching to Sibu with a friend at the wheel we unintentionally managed to wipe out a range of wildlife. The body count including two stupid birds which flew into the windscreen, one snake, a jumbo-sized frog, the slowest moving monitor lizard in Borneo and two incredibly scabby dogs that were in the middle of the road bonking silly (what a way to go). The last collision was particularly sad or funny depending on how sick you are. A blast of the horn gave some advance warning but these two dogs were glued together and could not separate until my friend's Suzuki jeep ploughed into them.
Ah...road kilss are KL, human are included.

15. Purpose Built Car Parks
Always empty as most drivers prefer to save a couple of bucks and park illegally.
Yeap, see accompanying pictures below...

A short walk from my office to see wifey for lunch and these are what i caught on camera...

quick, got one more space there...

i'm patriotic, i put flag on car and i triple park!!!

And when i get summons, i just display it on my screen like medals!!! Malaysia Boleh!

What's great about being a Malaysian you ask me?'s a long story, but the above are just a few things that came into my mind today. :)
there you go...more reasons to give excuses not to write too long of a blog...

self potrait of a narcisist...

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