Monday, August 07, 2006

MGC/TKCOGA Bowling 2006

Before i go on, just let me reiterate that RMC-OPA did not join the Bowling competition not because we have NO balls. To the contrary, we had too much balls that we don't think we need to prove anything by sending up till 3 teams (That school from somewhere in Perak la..) to show that we have balls.

It's a given that RMC boys has balls.

Anyway, It was a fun outing, organised by the Malay Girl College/TKC Old Girl Association yesterday at Mega Lane in Sunway Pyramid.

The organising OGA checking out the results before making it official

The champ was MCOBA 3 for the Men team and SMSS won the Women's Team. The best bowler for both men and women were from SMSS, heck, even the players with most strikes for both sexes came from SMSS.

At this point of writing, an independent unit has been set up to check if SMSS has any shares in Mega Lane Sunway. We suspected foul play. But that of course, was my own personal opinion. The organisers said since it's a friendly game, no complains or protest would be entertained and the results, final.

SMSS in red. Maybe they did some VooDoo on the lane the day before.

SSPOGA won the best cheering team award and Old Free Association won the Best Dressed Competition.

TKC, as usual, was a heap of fun and more fun. Their committee did a very good job in ensuring no balls were flung from one lane to the other and the girls had more fun out-bowling the male counterparts.

SSP came about and gave all participating teams a token of appreciation in a form of brownies nicely wrapped in box.

Old Free in matching baby blue polo T for their games

The next Bowling competition, trust us that RMC-OPA will send in enough team to show all the girls and boys that we have enough balls to conquer the lane.

Thank you TKCOGA for the wonderful evening of camariderie and fun!!!

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