Friday, August 25, 2006

Congrats Mummy Aini!!!

Oh boy. Where had i been. I was anticipating Aini's delivery about 2 weeks ago and she finally gave birth on the day when i was away up north for the Explorace Finale.

Anyway, Congrats Aini and Hubby!

For all of you that could stomach pain and digest them like drinking water, here is an account, aptly called "My Race Report" written by Mummy in Delivery!

anybody there???

Congrats Babe and all the best with Baby Fahim!

Now, speaking of which, wifey is now almost 7 months to go, more precisely she is in her week 27th 5days as of today, 25th August and there is only 86 more days to go.


I know i am!

yeah, if it is only THAT easy....

baby been moving very very often and i could even see wifey's tummy move when she sits down to rest. But such is the joy to feel the baby moving, kicking, punching in the womb. It felt magical, something alive is inside. Something that is your flesh and blood.

I've been having rahter interesting cyber conversation aka comments with Shen in her pregnancy journal. She's about 4 weeks behind wifey. I do not see Zabil, or Azah often enough to exchange notes with them. Azah is due about the same time as wifey, which means all our babies will be growing up together, racing togehter, perhaps!

Now, for some totally incoherent pictures. All Taken by Zabil, over the past 1 year of us racing, riding and running together.

EcoX 2006 Hulu Langat

Racing with Adilah in GopengX in 2005 and more pics here!

Rode up Cameron via Simpang Pulai with the Gang. Who say Hilux can't fit in 7 adults, 1 kid and 5 bikes?

You guys and girls ROCK!

Sorry as i can't possibly join every race this year for i'm spending more time with Wifey and also saving for the baby!!!

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