Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Field Report 1: Phiten Day 1 and 2.

Report (Duh!)

I bought the necklace with the notion that RM130 is not that expensive to spent on something that has the potential to heal/help/reduce pain. If it doesn't work, i'll end up RM130 poorer, which would usually be easily spent on race entry fee and getting to the race venue.

As you all know, i got the Black sports version that has yellow lines. Don't ask me why yellow, you can say i crave for attention and yellow is one way of showing it. You can say i'm a dirty fellow, but that won't change what i think about you as well.

With the cut out coupon, i managed to get one bracelet, which was supposed to be use and throw type, but the sales person was kind enough to give me a tip or two to actually turn the bracelet into something more permanent. This is so, since the bracelet does have the titanium on them, and taken care properly, might very well perform just like it's other siblings.

By the way, the use and throw Phiten i got cost RM90 for two, so, essentially, i got a discount of RM45 from my RM130 purchase.

OK. So, i went home, the intention was actually to ut the Phiten to good use, but since i was supposed to go home to my parent's place for dinner early, i scraped the idea. Excuse for me not to train and treat Monday as the rest day.

But i did put on the necklace when i reached home.

Some people tell me the effect is almost immediate.

"you will feel slightly dizzy/disorientated, it shows the thing is re-aligning your bio-electrical function"


30minutes on, i didn't feel a thing.

And so, that night, i let wifey use it to go to sleep. Some people that tried it actually tell me they sleep better with it.

So, the next day, as i claimed my Phiten back from wifey, i didn't ask her if she slept soundly.

Well, i for one know, she did sleep soundly that night. Unlike the other nights where she will toss and turn and find the right position and sigh and kick and stretch (this is not an attempt to discourage you future mothers that is reading this and these kung fu in bed is not gonna happen to every pregnant mother)

Actually, Wifey was spektical about it.

So, later in the evening, i use Phiten while i was in the gym. It's my Chest and Bicep day.

i was spektical as well, of course. I mean, if this necklace can perform miracle, athelete don't need to train so hard anymore, heck, might as well inject them with titanium (CAUTION: do this at your OWN RISK. Writer are not responsible for any death if you do inject yourself with these)

I lifted as usual. Doing my 5 sets. 1 warm up and 4 working sets. Weight started at 100lb for warm up for 15 reps and pyramid down to 150lb for 6 reps. For good luck, i did ONE extra set. I top up 160lb for 6 reps.

Bench Press - pics taken from

For the first time in years, i managed to touch this weight again (my PB was 220lb for 4 reps - that is history)

Ok. Feeling good, i went on to do incline press and dumbell fly. Both 4 working sets and i threw in an extra set of 6 reps for weight i never lifted for years. I breached 150lb for incline and i used the 60lb dumbell for fly.
Dumbell Fly - pics taken from

Feeling still good. Damn. I felt like i'm on some drugs.

So, i moved on to biceps.

I ran the rack up from 5lb to 40lb, each set in increment of 5lb for 10 reps. And then, i ran it down again from 40lb to 5lb with the same numbers of reps.

Bicep Curls - pic taken from

Feeling lucky, i did a final set of 6 reps on 45lb dumbell.

Shit - what happened, it seemed so easy!!!

I then moved on to barbell curl where i do the system 21. where i do 7 half reps(half way down) - 7 half reps(half way up) and 7 full reps. This is ONE set. I did 3 sets of these on a 20lb plate weight(not counting the olympic size EZ bar)

Barbell Curl - pic taken from

I'm still...err...strong.

So, i went on to do concentration curls. 5 sets of 10 reps each. Weight from 5lb till 25lb.

Concentration Curls - pic taken from

Total time spent, 1 hour. I always believe a workout should be "fast in and fast out". It's just me and the weight and other factor (incl Ninie walking past) should be shutted out. In the same note. I absolutely loath those that talk loud and talk a lot in gym, exercising their mouth more than their lungs or muscles.

Then later at night, i asked wifey is she slept soundly yesterday. She stopped and think, and then look at me and say...

"ya la...i didn't crack my head this morning like i usually do, shoulder also not stiff when i wake up", she said.

That to me is good enough for the money spent, if it did help her sleep that soundly. So, i let her use the necklace again yesterday.

This morning, i woke up thinking i'll get sore all over from my overly excited workout.

Truth is, the chest was a lil sore, but it wasn't as sore as usual! my bicep was 100% ok, it doesn't feel sore at all. Not at all.

And i'm writing this, i just got back from Gym, it's shoulder day today and i did shoulder after running 5km. It's interval running day. I shalt update on this tomorrow.

Lets see if i still feel the same like i did this morning tomorrow!

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