Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday's Musing

I didn't know yesterday's Explorace episode was such funny episode to watch. I mean, looking back, i could actually laugh at everything that TV3 made all the participants do.

The final 3 teams are already at location somewhere in the middle of the world (not middle earth la ok, there is no battle to fight there). I supposed they will be slogging it out in a foreign land tomorrow. There will be a lot of head shaking while talking kinda thingy la, if you get what i meant.

Also, yesterday's episode showed everyone where the semifinal destination was.

Me and Azly's guesses were right even before the round started. It was in Thailand(duh...i was there what!), Indonesia and Indo-China.

Should be fun to watch the semifinal races!!! The official website has pictures of what happened in Bangkok.

stupe angry face
"i tried really hard to stop myself from killing the taxi driver", Stupe tells Bandit.

On the same musing breathe, I skipped runing 10km two days ago. But i did it at 3pm yesterday! Boss wasn't around, so, i snaked my way to do my 10km. The gym was deserted! I did some leg extension and calf raises right after my run. Bukit Gasing Challenge should be fun this weekend, i hope.

Also, there were a report last 2 days about a minister saying and telling the "urban chinese to raise the national flag" as the urban chinese are falling behind the rural chinese when it comes to this practise.

Now, since when i became unpatriotic by not raising the Malaysian Flag? Didn't he know that draping the national flag on a car is a no-no? As much as it's a no-no to drape the flag over a naked model? There were specific guideline to fly a flag. Anything less than that are considered a flag desecration. Where's the etiquette?

It makes me wonder if this is some sort of money making opportunities where flag manufacturer will tender for the rights to provide the government with flags to be...err...distributed to urban chinese like me?

Every national day, i see cars with mini flags stuck to the screen and top of the car. Some mini flags flew off the plastic pole and ended up being rolled over by cars and traffics.

Every national day, i also see cars with flags draped over the car bonnet, supposedly to tell Malaysian that they are patriotic.

To me, that are plain bullshit. Read the bloody etiquette i googled here, here and here!

Then there were a play about Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat and who actually killed Jebat. Now what i read in Sejarah back in school are kinda shaken. You meant they didn't fight for 3 days and 3 nights before Jebat was killed by Tuah? where can?

Some forum even say that all the Hang's are chinese! Now, can anyone say King Arthur and his Oval table are real? They are mythical at best. So, what if they(the Hang Clans) are chinese?

Does that make Malaysia a part of China? I do not think so certainly.

Does that give the Malaysian Chinese an inherent right of sovereignty over the land that is Malaysia?

Why do Malaysian Chinese want to make such claims?

it is all about arrogance and ego!!!

If Chinese are so called righteous people, then, why not instead, admit that Hang Tuah has a role in welcoming the Chinese to Malacca?

And to the chinese, prove that you are worthy of Tuah's welcome, worthy of living in the land of your birth, but not your roots!

Everyone has their own agenda when they want to dispute these things. Why make it a racial issue, especially when Merdeka Day and Hari Malaysia are around the corner? We hear this year in year out...much alike the Haze that come visiting once a year, thanks to our friendly neighour!

Infact, place Tuah as worthy as Kuan Kong and Kuan Yin at the ancestral worhshipping altar as i believe Tuah has all the qualities much like both these two chinese deities! (fyi, my parent's home has both of these deities, they represent courage, righteousness, compassion and forgiveness).

Guan Gong, Peace be upon Him

Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy

I then chance upon this blog when i was searching for Tuah's story...check out the europeanised version of Hang Tuah, a prefectly welcomed satire when everyone is so penned up about racial sentiment.

On anohter note, my search to understand the background of Chinese Deities has actually brought me searching for them online. No better place than Wikipedia, really.

Check out these links:

Malaysian Chinese Deities
The Eight Immortals
Romance of the Three Kingdom

OKla, enough musing for today. It's weekend, almost.

Extra! Extra!
After gym yesterday, i found out a 3 series double parked infront of my car, making me unable to leave the parking lot and go on with my life. I noticed there were a phone number stuck to the screen, but i refused to call the number.

And so, i did the next best thing. I hit the horn. The first 10 seconds of honking, 3 person, which also double parked their cars came out to see if it was their car blocking.

The 10 seconds went on to 1 minute. And only after 3 minutes of honking (i kept count), the driver came out.

"Why never call the number?", she lambasted me.

"What if i don't have a phone?", i answered.

"This never happened before to me", she said, getting into her car.

Well, a sorry would be appropriate lady.

You double park your dumbass big car, but obviously your ego is too big for you to even say sorry for causing other's inconviniences.

It's an offence to double park, by the way, be it you placed your phone number or not!

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