Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Phiten - Titanium Necklace

There is a lot of hype surrounding this item.

Phiten USA
The Original Site is in Japanese, hence, going for the next best url

A few athelete is now sponsored by Phiten in Malaysia. Great product placement i must say. What more, those were names that had made the country proud in more than one way.

But of course, they train in more than 10 ways that i did.

Anyway, back to the review.

I googled "titanium effect health" and the first match was the properties of the metal. Useful start to a understanding the benefit of what Phiten is all about.

At the website, Phiten is essentially carbonised titanium embeded into fabric(using phild processing) and other items that will give health benefits.

This Phild Process is actually patented!!!

Heck, it is even used in Profesional Hair Care!!!

Of course there are people that say that this is all a hoax.

I bought my Phiten Sports Necklace at their shop in 1 Utama for RM130. The Classic one, which is actually titanium embeded into the fabric are selling for RM105 each (irregardless of length).

And so...there i was, 2 days ago and bought a sports necklace for RM130...

What better way than to buy it and test it yourself and see if it really as good as it claimed to be, right???

More report soon. Stay Tuned.

I know, i do not have F1 driver's neck

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