Monday, August 28, 2006

Dances with Stupe

Inspired by mteekos' post of Dances with Wolves, i bring to you, my version of Dances with Stupe. As usual, more reason to cam whore.

trying to fly but ended up looking like that cartoon from Madagascar

or the monkey himself...

missus don't give a damn of what this crazy monkey is doing

or is afterall, the 7th Lunar month, all over again...

Later, i went to the gym on saturday afternoon. Nothing beats loading the muscle fiber and whoring at the same time.
note: this is absolutely my first time whoring in gym...

Lighting up incense sticks : Hero Worship

Trying to emulate what Arnie "i'll be bak" Susunegar did before in his movie called Pumping Iron, i bring to you, Pumping Stupe.

narcisist setting up the camera

so he could show how to do a press behind neck...

and also concentration curl...right...

...and left...

On Sunday morning, while the rain poured down heavily at 6.30am in the morning, i found myself driving to Putrajaya to join the gang for a run. Menu of the day was a 21km run.
Bacin, Azmar, Amir, Faie, Zabil were there with me. Felt good to be in the company of friends.

Bacin with his spanking new Adizero CS.

Nola, this is ori adidas, not abibas...

Azmar doing a sales talk...girls, he is still very much single and very avialable!!!

so is this one, single, available and grab him before he runs away!

Later in the afternoon, i joined my buddy Surin at the gym, did anohter 5km run plus anohter 30minutes on a cross trainer before hitting the weights section for some chesty action. And no, i did not bring my camera yesterday to the gym.

Happy Monday y'all!!!

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